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Thursday, November 22, 2007

You think your Government careth two hoots?

give up

is the arresting -- Or is it driving? -- headline
in theSUN todie (Oz slang still wit' Desi:) page 6.
Okay, for you blardy stingy pokers not willin' to pay 30sen
per copy after missin' ooouch the flee kopi at SE7EN11 cos
you woke up late, and not willing to pay RM1.20 for the alternative
English papers, which I won't blame you, 'stead I say "Bravo!";
and for being a Banana -- Yellow on the outside, white on the insight!,
Desi plays goode samariddance by reprising:

A totl of 106,000 Malaysians have
renounced (Desi: "given up", the simple wordfor 'renounced',okay, you Ignoramus ooouch dare!) their citizenship since independence , Home
Ministryparliamentary secretary Datuk Paduka Abdul
Rahman Ibrahim said.

Replying to a supplementary question from Datuk
Firdus Muhammad Rom Harun (BN-Rembau),
Abdul Rahman said the reasons for surrendering
citizenship included emigrating, employment abroad
and education abroad for one's children.

DESIDERATA: For another THREE paras, pay 15sen to Desi
at 7.00pm todie (hey,1/2-price for 1/-day's use, fairie?);
I copied the initial two paras and the headline (Oooh, my
lady's fingers are o'lady sore!:( in LONG hand for thy
interest, so please pay into my PayPal AC: 999-999-999-9
(Ooops, sisdar Helen whispers awe da way from Ipoh she
forgot to register, just like some parliamentary sexcretaries
forgot to enact the Weaknurse Protection Act...--
it's hard working under a miniSTER whose name rimes with Nazi
and expects you to read his mind and practise demo-crazee...

THINKING ALLOWED, still aloud:

Now, hey guys, where's my Tehtaarik and Lemak Nazi?

Wrt to "...Abdul Rahman said the reasons for surrendering
citizenship included emigrating, employment abroad
and education abroad for one's children."
my EsteemedReaders were spared the real reasons/motivations
behind such decisions to uproot at great cost and incovenience
to Self and Family.

1. After gaining a university degree internationally recognised, I could not land a job in the Government service.
Even for those "few" who could gain Government employment against all odds cos of "Racial Quotas" implemented from 1970 (NEP, don't remember oraedy ah?), you wait and wait for a Promotion, but even after the last Lembu came hime, you are still waiting like for Godot.Meanwhile, the Bumi juniors were promoted several rungs. Yes, those stuck at their jobs giving the best years of their life do the jobso=-for-3 or just join the bandwagon,learn to shake legs. Now you understand WHY the Malaysian government service is among highest ranked (Yeah, Malaysia Boleh!:) who boast the highest number of employees per capita (of population)...


If you think you can escape discrimination at the workplace in the PRivate Sector, please dream on. Most of the big businesses are tied to BN component parties' interests (UMNO, MCA, MIC --- as for the rest of 11 more mosquities, even PPP and Gerakan, please take a number at the UMNO counter!),including the Listed Companies (numbering 1,000-plus now at BURSAA MALAYSIAA, now rumoured to finally lis someLAUGHING STOCKS flagging off ZAM-ala-Kazam...).

BUT MEROTOCRACY STILL REIGNS IN THE PRIVATE SECTOR. But beware the encroaching greed of the UMNOputras, especially its Youth and its Putera chiefs! -- AND noteworthily, going by just-left Malaysian shore ex-EU Envo THIERY ROMMEL's farewell statements.the NEP will make inroads slowly but surely into the multinationals too.
Leave it to the second echelon leaders like Khairy Jamaluddin, who without any government seat of power, speaks like he's de facto DPM (Najib Razak, where art thou?) and his lackey, ... Azees somethin' caught with his pants down at some Subang Jaya joint, but one or two phone calls Kau Tim!

Alas, the things that are Rotten in Denmark-ala-NegaraKu, ex-PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, said it best. Maybe the Bloggers can be depended on to report better the realities after the MSM defaulted, or cooperated,or copulated ... I dunno, you tell me!

3. Mediocrity is appreciated, Excellence can fly out of the window.
Need proof? See how many of the local universities' professors and assoc prof can have in their resumes at least five jurnal publications in their field of endeavour.
Even some VCs came without academic credentials, and more likely they carry refixes like Datuk,Datuk Wira, Datuk Stengah... Tan Sri, Puan Sri, DanSi..

About a decade ago, the then Ministry of Science, etc to serve NegaraKu. The number (mabe from 100-plus) still let standing after 365 days was just ONE. Ia, SATU. Semua sudah cabut. Apa sebab?Your gas is as goode as Desi's.

4. Your children, despite obtaining straight As at SPM and STPM, could not enter the public universities for choice courses like Medical and Law, but were instead "gifted" to do Science or Vet Sc; so you opt to send the kid --one only can afford! -- to prvate university. Expense AC drops by RM500,000 or aMore. Some of parents even have to sell one and only bungalow house to move into single-story terraced. Meanwhile, *Zak the Mad 'eros ex-gatekeeper (for Manchester United, ah?) builds his RM7-10mil mansion and his wife gets the adjacent piece of low-cost land so they could build a connecting air-raid tunnel should some smartalek mount a "V" attack next Nov 5...
*He by way of being UMNO state assemblyman can break any law, and what the blardy F***s yu Rakyat komplen? Jeles wans only, you Opposition and unemplyable Bloggers!

So Desi leaves thee with jest FOUR real reasons the blardy parliamentray sec dared not reveal because it's such a SHAME. Four in Chinoseie, fullblown or half-baked, nah mind, sounds like Si in Mandarin, and dialectvice, Sie, especially in Kantonis, so it's often used as a phrase Siliau-liau, or Sie-loh! Desi doesn't owe the blardy BN any sen, so dare goes!

So dear ER, you want to give up your citizenship?

Well, I say -- GO with my blessingsahead, it's a Global Village anywhere, anyhow, anybody.

As for your Caring Government, I read its mind wella: IT COULDN'T CARE LESS!


moo_t said...

Desi, those are AGING news and redundant. Early of this year, the news already reveal that 100K people emigrated, and 60%++ are Malays. Now the old news-news repeat only the numbers, except the ethnic demography. I am not surprise since AAB bought tons of properties in Kangaroo land.

moo_t said...

And I notice this
1. After gaining a university degree internationally recognised, I could not land a job in the Government service.

Sounds familiar. The old China government system employing the academic employment system for the government. So every year, hundreds to thousand of "top scorer" churn out from the exams, however, there isn't enough job for them (and government are not interested on technical field as well), so many of them just wait for the "seat".

desiderata said...


I know there was one set of FIGURES -- butt my grey-going-white cells tell me the sets were different! Did you save it -- recopy hear can to comapre -- as I recall the first set showed Malays formed the largest group surrendering citizenship, which was surprising....maybe thses Hoemn people were using different recipes:):)

PS: I stand correcetd on this point -- other EsteemedReades, pls interVene! for accuracy s(H)ake, nto for Race!:(

sweetspirits said...

Hi Desi
:) smile eh ? I just logged by to share a poem with thee

Love and the seasons
by Ella Wheeler Wilcox


A sudden softness in the wind;
A glint of song, a-wing;
A fragrant sound that trails behind,
And joy in everything.

A sudden flush upon the cheek,
The teardrop quick to start;
A hope too delicate to speak,
And heaven within the heart.


A riotous dawn and the sea's great wonder;
The red, red heart of a rose uncurled;
And beauty tearing her veil asunder,
In sight of a swooning world.

A call of the soul, and the senses blended;
The Springtime lost in the glow of the sun,
And two lives rushing, as God intended,
To meet and mingle as one.


The world is out in gala dress;
And yet it is not gay.
Its splendour hides a loneliness
For something gone away.

(Laughter and music on the air;
A shower of rice and bloom.
Smiles for the fond departing pair---
And then the empty room.)


Two trees swayed in the winter wind; and dreamed
The snowflakes falling about them were bees
Singing among the leaves. And they were glad,
Knowing the dream would soon come true.

Beside the hearth an aged couple rocked,
And dozed; and dreamed the friends long passed from sight
Were with them once again. They woke and smiled, Knowing the dream would soon come true.

cheerz tcz

desiderata said...

hey sweets, thanks for another Uplifting pome!:):)

I got back late from KL yesterday 6pm (yes, moonlighting), popped off to zzzzzland for some 3 hours, then felt energised, wit' tehtraikoff course, to do some writes -- yes, Midnight Vice 2.35am now Saturdie!

I'll Post those verses from one of my fave poets on Sundae, so meanwhile, sleep tight and GBless:)

Anonymous said...

leave for jobs, kids education etc. just fucking telling us that things are breaking down. uni ranking is in free fall ( and chancellors are still in denial stage), government service is for one race only and crime rate is rising rapidly.