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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sweets Lifts Desi Up To the Heavens!:)

Thanks, that was Hi-heavens as heavenly as Sweet,
A Sundae I came back a hard-work in Koala Lumpur,
Like a cowboy's work is never done, I was beat,
Then this luvly dedication on Oz beach lifted me,
With such a soulmate here on Earth,
I don't need four or five people to meet,
In Heaven as Mitch Albom does promise,
I'll treasure with a throbbin' heArt this note from Ozsome Miss.

For voyeurs here, please surf to,
but don't get jeles!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Beach i love Redhead beach

I spent the afternoon at the beach , ar my second home .Well it's my fav place to be , well i guess i thoughtof my friend Desi and how he longs for his own island :) . Anyways heres a pic message for my dear friend Desi.
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DESIDERATA: Techie-non-savvy awaits nephew to fly back to his nest before he helps me reprise, slow grain by shiny grain,
the L've letter in the sand...


Mosesfoo said...

Hi Desi. Sorry for any irrelevancy to ur posting. Just thot i share that i hv just started on d adventures of huck finn by mark twain. Huck says that this twain guy tell da truth, most of da time. It is from a cheap, unabridge ed by Wordsmith, i think. Just reading it for the fun of it. Will let u know when i hv finished it.

"V" said...

V Verifies the words in sand
Message in the Aussie strand
It says "HI DESI" wrote on Redhead

desiderata said...

moses and "V":

No worries about "digressing" as I am quite fond of doin' that myself, as long as it is without malaice:)

Oh, Huck Finn, always twining with Tom Sawyer -- I learnt some trciks too from these knotty bois!:):)

Great English upgrading from Mark, and I aspire to be his Twain! aa few decades later:) Hope he alloweth me entry to his spoinning tales by MISSissipi Riber, where amny a lost soul'd gather, linger.

If you wonder why,
I don't dont know these souls sometimes pass Desi's Place by, and bye:) ~~ such as Sweets and a "V"4 Victory,

VVV: Veni, Vedi, Vici:):):)

PS: "V" obviously you know Redhead well; I've been only to Candberra, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. Hope to touch RH -- I assumed it's in Queensland? -- prelly soon.

"V" said...

Hi Desi,

For your Vacation planning, please check out this url:

Redhead Beach is in Nevv South VVales.

Veni, Vedi, Vici

sweetspirits said...

Hi Desi

V is correct REdhead in just nearby only a few kms from sweetspirits haven :) . I see the beach from upstairs ;) , so my dear friend i should let you know it's in NSW .

You'll have to visit oneday ;)

But anyways i'm glad you liked you pic message :) and i'm glad i have a friend in you .

cheerz tcz

desiderata said...


For yor informaion since you are a late bloomer (Moses!) at Desi's Place, I once ran a cuntest to name an I-LAND worth 20million to have all the Bloggers and ER get together like attending the "V" conVention.

The I-LAND's name came from a combo of





hence, Voilah!-tralala


See -- four I-I-I-I must see:)
And on isle, free flow of teh-SEE!


Thanks again for inVite -- one day soon "V" and Desi will make an APperance at RedHead and then borrow the captain's horn and yeeelllar ooouut for s-s-w-e-eeets!:)

OR you and family can steel by Furong in the steal of the nite -- can borrow thy gomen's Her Royal HighNURSE submarine ms Mara-Mara?:)
Butt be carefol, Msian gomen ootONsight" order, so wave te Jalur Gemilang when landing,K!:):)

Mosesfoo(Desi-I-I-I-land-latebloomer-er-er-er) said...