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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I almost puked at BF...

this moUrn was truly wedNURSEdie's childelike, Full Of Woe.

mGf Mr Coww, also a spiritual counsellor, had a copy of the NST with him, and so I glanced quickly through it. Page 13 headline almsot threw out all the Mamak mee I had ingested the past five minutes before the b'st'rd from Port Klang spoiled it all, that is,if what the newspaper highlighted turned out to be accurate.
What a way to start the morning ... wonder if I could sue the idiot. Too mild, the land and money grabber. Still not critical enough. Okay, settle for b.....d! (You folks spell it out for him, cos I think he and the former MB couldn't fill in the Queenlsand immigersi forma, but they could carry bags of currencies worth millions, AUD or US or RM... also got.)

After mansion, now more land?

The first two paras will suffice:

"SHAH ALAM: Port Klang assemblyman Datuk Zakaria Md Deros is back in the limelight.

This time, an opposition leader has alleged that a piece of land adjacent to Zakaria'scontroversial mansion was recently gievn to the latter's wife."

GREED knows no bounds like an UMNO politikus allowed to act like a daylight robber and lord of all he surveys. What next? Annex the whole of Port Klang as his private property? Some could even now be motivated to commit murder next, and think they could get away with IT?

Maybe Menteri Khit Toyol handed the broom to the wrong councilof district office.Now he should use a INESWEEPER to demolish that blardy RM7-10million mansion and the blardy whole of 'holey Klang Municipal Council.

Long LiveSungai Pinang assemblyman TENG CHANG KIM.
Die-lah you blardy leeches, sonofbitches and daylight robbers. Join the late SA of IJOK as quickly as possible-lah!

I say SORRY to my ER, but not to these UMNO sonOF...... who openly commit acts of corruption and get away with it.

Pak Lah, Mr Clean, why don't you give Khir the golden broomstick and Zak the silver?
Keep the platinum for yourself -- the Rakayat are vely understanding wan!
Except for awe the "V" from Furong.
"V"eni, "V"idi, "V"ici!
"V"ote PKR!


Twisted Heels said...

At times, reading your blog is far more fascinating than reading the newspaper even though they're the same news :)

desiderata said...


Can I make thee the nu'e marketing/PR manager for my Weblog goin' at Eboy at 20million, ah? (4 Our I-Land, read my reply to "V" and Moses in earlier Post:)

My Chinoserie scholar Moo_t doesn't seem encouraged enuf to close a deal even after I promised him 30% CUT!


desiderata said...

Dear mGf Twisted Heels in UK --making sure the Malaysian Specialist Sports Centre did not APpear?

I APologise somehow the "TH" miss-APpears! earlier, knotty Desi!:(

I'd buy thee a 20mil mansion when you come back and I've got aMore APs of the 20k-generating kind!:)