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Thursday, November 29, 2007

CSM for WAMI and CPI on Hindraf Issue

This Community Service Message for WAMI and CPI comes a little "late", but the issue is still hot, so it's better late than never!--Desi

Condemnation of Crackdown on Hindraf Leaders and Planned Hindraf Rally

Joint Press Statement by Dr. Lim Teck Ghee, Director of Centre for
Policy Initiatives (CPI) and Mr. Wong Chin Huat
, Chairperson of
Writers Alliance Media Independence (WAMI)

The Centre for Policy Initiatives (CPI) and Writers Alliance for Media
Independence (WAMI) condemn the arrest of Hindu Rights Action Front
(Hindraf) leaders under the Sedition Act and the police prohibition of
the planned Hindraf rally on Sunday. Both actions are a clear
violation of key civil liberties and basic freedoms guaranteed by the
Federal Constitution.

We are strongly of the opinion that Hindraf's objectives aimed at
highlighting the socio-economic and political marginalization of a
large segment of the Malaysian Indian community deserve the serious
attention of all Malaysians. The Hindraf cause reflects key flaws in
our political-economic and social system and its unresponsiveness and
insensitivity towards a community that has been historically exploited
and marginalized.

HINDRAF's efforts to secure fairness and justice for poor Indians
should not be met with fear, intolerance and a mailed fist. Rather
they should lead to deep soul-searching within the Government and
swift changes in policies and programs so that marginalized Malaysian
Indians can fully and truly have an equal place in the country's

Finally, we call on the judicial system to be vigilant and not to stay
silent in efforts to have two or more standards of rule and justice
imposed on Malaysians. Should Hindraf leaders be found guilty of
sedition, the same verdict needs to be extended to others that have
engaged in similar utterances and action.

CPI and WAMI believe that the ultimate solution to the marginalization
of any community is coalition-building for reform and the forging of a
common struggle and solidarity against injustice that cuts across
communal lines.

CPI and WAMI champion and will continue to speak out on the need for
peaceful and democratic political reform which can benefit all
Malaysians regardless of creed and class.

Kuala Lumpur
24 November 2007

CPI is an independent non-partisan think-tank and policy reform
organization which aims to improve the level of discourse and
awareness on key national issues. It was formed in mid 2007 by a
multi-racial group of social activists. The CPI is shortly unveiling
its website:

is a group of writers for the Chinese media in Malaysia, which
aims to defend and promote media independence for freer public
discussion and wider democratic space. It was formed by about 90
writers who quit writing for the mainstream Chinese media in May 2001,
in protest of the coerced takeover of the non-partisan Nanyang Press
by the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA), a ruling coalition member
party. For further information please visit


MG said...


I am a Malaysian citizen, and I am a subscriber of ASTRO Satellite TV Broadcast here in Malaysia. Recently I have subscribed to the ASTRO News Package which contains Al Jazeera and other foreign news media.

I was highly looking forward for the international news broadcast on all of the stations provided by the package when I had shocking news from our local news station claiming that the foreign news broadcasters are lying and making stories without properly acquiring the real facts and they are very good actors !!! Furthermore these claims were also made by our government's politicians.

Now, this is rather disturbing and disappointing for me as I have only subscribed for the service for just a few days and I'm being bombarded with such claims. This eventually made me to think:

Am I an IDIOT to subscribe, pay and end up watching acts and lies
Is there is any conspiracy going on here????

I clearly understand the fact that Al Jazeera has a strong principal called the Code of Ethics and you strictly follow it. But the claims by the politicians and local media here make me to think otherwise.

The claims below were broadcasted on 27-November-2007 in TV3 news station. Similar claims were also made in other local newscasters. This is just a few of the claims.

1. TV3 news station claimed that the foreign media cannot be trusted as they do not report the actual news.

2. YAB Datuk Sri Samy Velu claims that there were only 4,600 demonstrators on 25-November-2007 and NOT 50,000 or any other number as claimed by the foreign media.

3. TV3 news station said that the questions thrown at the Information Minister of Malaysia by Al Jazeera (Al Jazeera's name was mentioned) was to purposely create a scene to show that Malaysia is in kiosk situation and Al Jazeera purposely built up the story from the real one. They also mentioned the criticism made by the Information Minister to Al Jazeera.

(Prior to sending the mail, I did some research on the net and actually found the video clip of the above Interview in Youtube. And I actually laughed myself out listening to the reply given by our Minister. Pity him for his language. But in the Malaysian news channel TV3, they only provided the "CLEAN" version of the transcript and the actual call was not aired. This makes me even more confused!!! Who is telling the truth here???)

Now, if Al Jazeera is telling lies,

It is high time for Al Jazeera to review back their Code of Ethics and provide the truth for the people. If you can't do it then don't cheat the entire world. And don't broadcast your news at all. I am not a fool to keep paying for acts and lies.

And if Al Jazeera is NOT lying,

Well, what the heck. The damage has already been done. No one in Malaysia is going to listen to your news anyway due to the "VERY GOOD" publicity done by the Malaysian politicians and the local media. By the way, did I mention that our local media could also be received by our neighboring countries like Singapore and Thailand?


It is not my intension to insult Al Jazeera, other foreign media, our local media or the politicians. If you feel offended by this email, I sincerely apologize to you. Whatever the scenario is, all that I want (and the rest of Malaysian citizens who are in my situation want) is the truth. Since Al Jazeera's and other foreign media's names have been badly damaged here in Malaysia, Al Jazeera and the other foreign media's SHOULD do something to fix it back or you may start losing your viewer in Malaysia.(and its surrounding countries too)

I hope you could keep my details confidential and properly investigate on this issue (just in case if you don't trust me) and find out the real truth behind such a drastic claims made by our local media. That is if you still follow your Code of Ethics.

Yours truly,
A concerned viewer.

1. i am also forwarding this mail to other foreign media for their response.
2. i will be posting this transcript in the internet via blogs so that the viewers around the world will be aware that this matter has been brought to your attention and for them to express their views.

Anonymous said...

In Malaysia the foreign news broadcasts are 'sanitised' that is the main reason that there is a time delay of 3 or 4 minutes for these supposedly 'live' news broadcasts.
Sometime items of news are cut short, or replaced by advertisements.
Foreign adverts are also cut out.
I watch and listen to the news both on ASTRO and, in order to get the 'lost' items, also on SW radio and via the Internet.
The local free to air TV news is not worth watching, and the local newspapers are full of propaganda, lies and misinformation, if anyone reads them any more, please learn to 'read between the lines'.

desiderata said...

Dear mg n Anon:

I ap:0 for this (SL)lo response.
With these media covering the "V" Rallies recently, some have descended to the level of Prostitutes (I also ap:O to members of the oldest profession for such a compare -- the former have a choice, but most of you dont, I know...)

So Readers of MSM from now must be dscerning, support only those who dare tell the truth, or at least try -- like theSun. Others, let damed slide into the hole 6 feet under:(