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Monday, November 12, 2007

Verily, Three "VVV"-couraged Malaysians

Desi just came back from "", and knowing fellow Bloggers on the Yellow March on Nov 10 are Very "V"-minded, I reprise one photo worth 10,000 words (also please surf dare and view Youtube video...)of a "Trio" who make me Very Proud, and my MOnday now is not blue, still Very Yellow despite the heavy rain in Furongnow even as I write. A huge "Terima Kasih, mates!" to thee, thee, thee and thee.

"When I reached the LRT station infront of the Sime Darby Building, I took up the stairs of the overhead pedestrians bridge towards Sime Darby building so that I can shoot the video footages from the top of the bridge. Just when I was about to leave the bridge, I was emotionally moved by what I saw right in front of me. I saw a blind man. I stopped for a brief few seconds and looked at the man behind another man very carefully to verify what I just saw… take a look at the short video here….

The blind man who was in the light yellow shirt was holding very tight to the man in the grey shirt as he was bending down to tighten up his shoe lace I presumed.. I asked both of them where they had come from and the man in the grey shirt told me they were from Batu Tiga. In my awe, I thanked them for walking with the rest of the crowds and that it was good that they had played their roles in this effort to ensure clean and fair elections. By this time, there was no tear gas infront of Sime Darby LRT station but all of a sudden, I felt my tears were rushing to get out as I tried as hard as I could not to show how much I was emotionally moved by the courage of this blind man in joining the march to Istana Negara… I didn’t know whether this brave blind man ever reach the palace but the message to the power that be is as clear as crystal….. people from all walks of life want change in the election processes.

And today, as I hop on from blogs to blogs looking for what others had to say about the awesome march for clean and fair elections, I came across this awesome story of Amri at Harris Ibrahim’s blog:

Finally, before I forget, to all those who did not attend the rally and march yesterday because you thought that there would be no need to as you were sure there would be others to make up the numbers, you owe a big ‘Thank You’ to Amri of Shah Alam.

He bore your responsibility on his shoulders.

Peoples from all walks of life marched to Istana Negara for clean, free and fair elections

To those whom did not make it to the historic walk for whatever reasons…. please say a big “THANK YOU” in the comments area of this post to show your solidarity with these two less fortunate but brave- and couraged-citizens.

The rest of the journey to the Istana Negara went very smoothly along Jalan Mahameru, passing National Mosque and all the way to the palace. I however decided to make my way back to Masjid Jamek when I reached what used to be ex-UMBC building where I was told that the Bersih delegation had successfully delivered the memorandum to the King and that the crowds at the Istana Negara were already on their way back to the city centre of Kuala Lumpur. By this time, the battery of my Nikon camera also went dead.

Malaysiakini had reported that the organiser had hailed the banned rally a success.

Despite attempts to spook the public from participating in the Bersih rally, 40,000 people turned up today in the largest show of force since the reformasi protests a decade ago.

Relief was clearly written on the faces of Bersih leaders and the police for they have both avoided the potential of an ugly confrontation. But the rally ended too early for thousands more who were still marching from downtown Kuala Lumpur to Istana Negara.

I will always remember this day in my life for as long as I live. Malaysiaku Gemilang.


"V" said...

The Glorious Malaysian Tenth of NoVember 2007

Remember, remember the tenth of NoVember
VVater cannon vvithout reason and tear gas pops,
VVe see no reason why vvater cannon vvithout reason
Should eVer be forgot.

Guys and gals, ordinary folks, it was their intent
to go up to the King in peaceful procession
50 thousands citizens vvere on the road
Povver of the people vvas behold.

By God’s proVidence the message was delivered
Police in blue no match for Bersih yellovvs
Holloa boys, holla boys, make the bells ring
Holloa boys, holla boys, God saVe the King!
Hip hip hoorah, Malaysia truly shone that day.

Remember, remember the tenth of NoVember
VVater cannon vvithout reason and tear gas pops,
VVe see no reason why vvater cannon vvithout reason
Should eVer be forgot.

V for Non Violence
V for Vindication
V for Valour
V for Voters
V for Victory

“Behind this mask is a man, and behind this man is an idea. And ideas are bulletproof.”

“Verily, this Vichyssoise of Verbiage Veers most Verbose Vis-à-Vis an introduction, and so it is my very good honour to meet you and you may call me “V”.”

Anonymous said...

Hi Desi,
You went for a walk? Great
...along Jalan Mahmeru passsing the National Mosque on the Istana
Obviously you have not seen a Map of KL for some time.
Jalan Mahameru will lead you to Damansara way.
You have to pass thru Jalan Kinabalu (behind Dataran) then along Jalan Sultan Hiishamuddin and to Jalan Istana

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