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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

MIC man souped, its Prez soaped...

And did the Prime Minister hear the people sing?

*theSUN front page today headlined -- yes, MosesF, I am boycotting the other English newspapers indefinitely until their slimy editors grew up from being errand boys --:

MIC man in the soup

FIRST-TERM MP for Cameron
Highlands S. K. Devamany
has found himself in the soup after
being accused of breaking ranks with
his statement in the Dewan Rakyat
on Monday pertaining to the Indian

Tacking an issue that is at the
very heart of the Hindu Rights Action
Force (Hindraf) rally on Sunday,
Devamany had in a supplementary
question questioned the government's
policies on Indians.

He had said the despite measures
promised by the government in its
2020 Visionpolicy and the Ninth
Malaysia Plan, the reaction on
Sunday showed there was frustration
in the lower rungs of the Indian

"What are the actions taken to show
proof of government's effort toovercome
poverty and the limited opportunities
fflicting the Indian community?" he had

Desi's immediate reaction: Well done BN-MIC Member of Parliament, finally you grew up to truly a Yang Berhormat wakil rakyat from being an errand boy!You have become a rare MP species in the league of Sharir Samad (MP for JB, remember? Stood as Independent and won against the BN!) Please stand steadfast with your principles! -- Desi

**An online report in today runs thus, jest some opening and closing paras:

WEB EDITION :: Local News

Samy Vellu unperturbed by Hindraf protest

KUALA LUMPUR (Nov 27, 2007): MIC president Datuk Seri S.Samy Vellu today dismissed his community's biggest anti-government protest as an opposition ploy and denied he was out of touch with the increasingly agitated Indians.

Sunday (Nov 25)'s Hindraf (Hindu Rights Action Force) rally by more than 10,000 people, who defied water cannon and tear gas to protest racial discrimination, could pose a headache for the government ahead of early polls as Indians are traditionally seen as a vote-bank for the ruling coalition.

In an interview with Reuters, Samy, the combative head of the main ethnic Indian party and Malaysia's longest-serving minister, branded protesters as "trouble makers" and said he was not losing sleep over the bloody demonstration.


"To me, I can throw the records on the floor on what I have done. I am not a man on the streets. I am a man on the job. There's always unfinished business." But he gave no hint when he would step down.

"I have been around for 29 years. At an appropriate time I will hand over." - Reuters

immediate reaction: You of the half-value to the Indian community, which is already over-rated, you never grew up compared with Devamany.

For 29 short years ('short' used in similar context as Zak's "small" house in royal city of Klang:(, you played within the UMNO closet, and still does, as an errand/errant boy.

Please join Ling Liong Sick (sic) in the queue for a Tun-ship next for thy yeoman's service to UMNO Prez and his crony lietenants. Thou art only a prebet!

***Another story in page 2 of theSun flagged off:

We won't rule out
use of ISA: PM

Desi's immediate reaction: Yes, Mr PM,
1,000 lawyers, now 5,000 Hindraf members,
two weeks ago 40,000 to 50,000 "Bersih" members
including wan humble Desi-lah! -- walked for

"Did you hear the people sing, Mr PM?"-- as PKR Treasurer-General Sdr William Leongand other concerned



NO, Mr Prime Minister, you bury thy head
in the sand in Bondi beach, or the beach by River Swan,
for way too long.

Concerned Malaysians are not scared of thy threat!
Ops Lallang second round -- in 2007
after first salvo in two decades ago in 1987?

Many of us, including a BN member of Parliament, have frown up.

Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Samy Vellu, you've grown old.

For now 100,000 Malaysians have Marched4Justice,
NEXT, another 1million will march4Change and Justice.

We are not running scared, Mr Prime Minister!
VVe VVill continue to march hand-in-hand4"V"ictory!

Above race, colour or creed, gender or age.


"V"eni, "V"idi, "V"ici.

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"V" said...

Listening to The VVind of Change in Malaysia

Four essential ingredients for the eVentual triumph of good oVer eVil are

1. VVidespread economic imbalance and thus great discontentment;
2. An increasingly oppressiVe and distatorial regime;
3. Enormous elite-based corruption, and;
4. EVer increasing mass calls for justice and freedom

- all four are novv clearly present in Malaysia.

Add to these, other factors that haVe surfaced recently, such as the crisis in the judiciary and recent positive democratic action by the legal fraternity, Bersih and Hindraf rallies, as vvell as understandable disgust at blatant abuses of povver, police brutality, and threats to use the ISA to suppress all opposition, one can thus logically conclude that the vvind of change is blovving stronger vvith each successiVe day and that positiVe change in Malaysia is ineVitable.
The momentum is irreVersible.
This change will occur sooner rather than later.

V for Victory