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Thursday, November 15, 2007



From the start, I assure my Esteemed Readers that this Post is DDC (Da Desi Code) or Desispeak-free, except for some slip showing, like that embarassing incident your zip was broke or one Dr Yeoh SM was highlighting to his students about one bigwig's "kemaluan" on display when he meant "shame". Where DDC appears, the normal equivalent is companion, to "placate" Moses Foo's request momentarily. (REFERENCE: Transported one of his comments here ~~ Mosesfoo said...
Dear Desi,

A suggestion:
why not "publish" or organize an organic growing glossary list of Desi-speak words, phrases, vocabulary and macam-macam pun ada for the benefit of ur ERs and newbies, ala elven-speak of tolkien world?

7:42 AM

One of my favourite authors, George Orwell, wrote about Big Brother watching over us 24/7 in his futuristic novel 1984. I have a dog-eared copy and I'll sell it for 20million now if you write Desi a cheque that doesn't hop-step-n-jump.

1984 does not refer to Orwell's date of birth, or even this writer YLChong's DOB. I use YLChong in my capacity as Journalist, then Desiderata when crafting creative pieces, so I sayDesi is much younger -- if you don't belive me, ask the host of , who is slightly younger, or, the most young and articulate of them all!

No doubt the tale was set in the US landscape, but modern tehnology development the past two decades has ensured that even third world countries like Malaysia (are we in 2-1/2th world league since one of us rode on a Russian space-craft weeks back? For several hundred million, I guess it's worth it so that our ministers can sing high praises that we have arrived at First World stage, PWTC-keris-waving notwithstanding) are keyed in on events that took place just a few hours ago, but right now being received via new media like online news and weblogs and YouTube.

For Ignoramuses, the spies are everywhere -- listening devices, phone taos, CTV cameras in the loos even as you pump out your morning BF and evening dinner overload, so you have been slowly surrendering, unwittingly for most -- that's why Desi calls thee Ignoramus! -- your privacy in the name of official "security" the Government says you need.

1984 is thus a must-read if you wish to avoid specimens like the CIA, KGB and our very own Special Branch. But lazy bummers like you (If you eat cili, you feel the pedasnurse/hot feeling), catch a few-years-old movie "ENEMY OF THE STATE" and you get an idea when I whsipered to the host of at kopitiam in Central Market recently "why one must never say anything" except while making love with your hubby/wife/mistress that "can be used against you by the STATE". Except in a country likened to Denmark, by a former Prime Minister no less, citizens like you and me feel very secure because we have First World leaders like Nazri and Zam and DPM Najib who constantly assure us that "we are very responsible people versus the Bloggers who are 'liars, biased, mostly unemployed and worst of all, pondan!'"

Even the Education Minister has assured us with his annual waving of the "keris" -- like his cousin several years ago in a public field/padang -- is to show his love for his countrymen as "it is a refuge for all". But myGOoDfriend Helen whispers: with friends like these, Malaysia does not need enemies.

So what's with the PHOBIA?

In an email to a buddy:

______________ C&P&Edited4Decency __________________

"When I logged onto Yahoo!mail yesterday at about 5.45pm,
I was advised when I clicked on "5mails" that I do not
"have access to this URL"!
It got me worried, tried several times after logging
out, then on again, for some 20 minutes, SAME

I became a little apprehensive :( as THIS WAS MY FIRST TIME experiencing this!

I spoke to my nephew and he "assured" me that "No,
the gomen did not hack in to stop you!", just log on
after a few hours -- the problem is with the SERVER!:)

So I did as advised, logged in at 7.30pm, Voila,
it's safe!

_______________________ Email extract ends ______________

DESIDERATA continues:

The phobia arose from some previous incidents when as an activist -- politically and journalistically speaking -- YL had been "followed" by some shady figures, including
at the KL-Seremban highway when I broke journey at rest sops and I could "see" same car and occupants making same stops. I guess we breathed the same air and drank the same "air" (this doesn't qualify for DDC as I use Bahasa Malaysia some times to show "off" my loyalty/patriotism/multilingual proficiency.) I could "see" these figures were from the Special Branch (if I were DDC-engaged, it would read SpecialBrunch!), even at a Book launch when NGO-figures were scheduled to speak.

I'll stop here for now and see if I can break free from this 1984 phobia to bring you more later. Amore!


A few of my Blogger friends were told specofically to use Desi's Pic only with an Einstein frontage, especially with white shocking hair as its closest crowning resemblance. These mateys graduated from conversing via cyber-space to terrestrial in person at several G7 meets I initiated, temporarily stopped because two rgulars deserted the party for the Land of the American Dream!

So I urge my Esteemed Readers to peep at today's theSUN, page 33 report headlined:

Einstein's spot on a century later

Just one openin para as tea-ser or AP-petiser:

TIME, as we all know it,is relative: good experiences seem to fly by, whereas bad ones seem to drag on forever. "After two hours, I looked at my watch," a reviewer of a Wagnerian opera is said to have written."I found that 17 minutes had gone by."


My limted understanding of my idol's THEORY OF RELATIVITY is that if Dr Say Yee How or would-be johnleemk could in a decade invent a machine that travels faster than c, the speed of light, then I can hitch a ride to rendezvoo with "Yes, Einstein!", if I could track him down in whatever joint he's hyding, or he cares to come down, or up, to Furong.


"V" said...

DDC underoverspeak cancan? cannot? maybe danced, cracked or hacked.
V can reVert and inVert it so CDD & Desispeak unraVels

The BB SB are eVeryvvhere, BigB of 1984 is aliVe an' vvell in eVri 'ill & dell
VVeed bitter caretake and be vvell avvake
The unseen are seen in eVery place

Camouflage can't conceal the unseen
from those who's Is are keen!!

For the studious, please refer to these frequently studied subject references on Malaysia, these include:-

'The theory of Unreal-levity'

'Pretending to be Democratic for Dummies'

'Get rich quick, the inside story'

'Insincere Sincerity, top to bottom'

'How to give a two hour speech and say nothing'

'Life is not Possible sans BN.'

All are authored by a select committee of Cabinet Ministers.

desiderata said...

Salute to "V":

Come, let's start some fireworks,
maybe wit' the house that Zak built...

"V"eni, "V"idi, "V"ici!:):)

VVe shall triumph over the eVil forces of the BN
VVe know United VVe stand, VVe can