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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

For the record -- Malaysia's Daylight Robbery Is Shining Badder than Olympic torch...

AND once again, PKR Strategy Director is proven right from weeks back. Just as he was proven right in exposing Wanita Chief Sharizat and company's robbery at the National Feedlot Centre -- of RM150million. Oh, the latest involving a mainly water company is given billion-dollar  railway project, WITH A LITTLE "tender" HELP FROM THE PM HIMSELF!

Oh Lord, please help us Malaysians VOTE4CHANGE at GE-13. We may drown under H2O if not run over by the Oh Georgie Can't railway trains, and Desi wanna live to a 101. Maybe even 1,001 if I can spin 1,001 nights' Malaysia Bulleh stories to entertian the UMNO goons, and Mrs chief guns, of course, and their cronies, OFF THE RAILWAY inter-COURSE! ~~ YL, Desi, knottyaSsusual (BUT I DON'T ROB THE PUB'IC BANK!::(

From The Malaysian Insider:)~~~~~

George Kent clinches lucrative Ampang LRT deal

UPDATED @ 08:32:04 PM 31-07-2012
July 31, 2012
KUALA LUMPUR, July 31 — A consortium led by George Kent, the company at the centre of repeated opposition allegations that it received preferential treatment from the government, was announced today as the winner of the lucrative deal to build the Ampang Line LRT extension, confirming earlier reports that it would be the recipient of the contract.
Syarikat Prasarana Negara Berhad (Prasarana), the project and asset owner for the LRT Line Extension Project (LEP), said in a statement today that the contract for “Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Testing and Commissioning of System Works” for the Ampang Line Extension Project has been awarded to a George Kent-Lion Pacific joint venture.
Prasarana did not say how much the George Kent deal was worth, but pointed out that the entire project would come in below the original budget of RM7 billion.
PKR’s strategy chief Rafizi Ramli has repeatedly accused the prime minister of allegedly interfering in the tender bid and granting the multimillion contract to George Kent, which he claimed was controlled by a “close associate” of the prime minister and which also scored one of the lowest points in the technical and commercial evaluation for the project.
Prasarana didn’t directly address PKR’s concerns over George Kent’s lack of a track record in rail projects and its allegedly higher costs but said in its statement that the winning joint venture (JV) “is well supported by reputable local and international multi-disciplinary technical partners all with proven track records in their respective field of systems implementation expertise.”
It added that some of the key sub-systems proposed also have synergy with Prasarana’s current operations, allowing it to reduce operating expenditure.
Little is known about George Kent’s JV partner, Lion Pacific.
A search using the Companies Commission of Malaysia’s online information service turns up two possible companies — Lion Pacific Sdn Bhd and Lion Pacific Engineering but it is unclear if these two are involved in the JV.
According to documents provided by the Companies Commission, Lion Pacific had a revenue of RM15.7 million for the 2010 financial year with a profit of RM100,279.
Lion Pacific Engineering, meanwhile, reported no revenue for the 2010 financial year and a loss of RM1,000.
According to George Kent’s annual report, its major shareholders are the husband-and-wife team of Tan Sri Tan Kay Hock and Puan Sri Tan Swee Bee, who together hold a combined direct and indirect stake of about 70 per cent in the company.
The annual report further states that it is an engineering company whose core expertise was in water infrastructure projects but that it was looking to expand into rail and green technology sectors in line with the Najib administration’s Economic Transformation Programme.
For the 2012 financial year ended January 31, the group reported a profit of RM19.3 million on the back of RM152.2 million in revenue.
Rail projects have increasingly come under the spotlight due to the billions of ringgit that are involved, as the country embarks on a rail expansion drive that not only includes the extension of KL’s LRT system but also the new Klang Valley MRT, the southern rail double-tracking project and a possible high-speed rail line to Singapore.
The MRT project tender process was also recently hit by criticism after several multi-national vendors reportedly decided not to participate in the bid to supply rolling stock for the project, citing concerns over favouritism.
Financial weekly, The Edge, also reported in April that the high financial stakes involved in the massive boom in rail infrastructure in the country could lead to a shift in the country’s political landscape and the carving up of the Transport Ministry with MCA losing control of the rail and road sectors.
Prasarana has now awarded all works contracts under the LEP, except for the access card system, which has yet to come up for tender.
Following the completion of the LEP, the Ampang Line will be extended by an additional 17.7-km elevated track; starting from the current Sri Petaling Station and serviced by 11 new stations and two future stations.
The project also includes the purchase of new six-car trains for Ampang Line.

Monday, July 30, 2012

LIGHTing Post -- Only for those BELOW 18!

From an old friend who thinks he is already over the hills .... His sharing below. :
As Desi sees it, IF YOU ARE AGED ABOVE 18, and YOU DON'T KNOW IT O'LADY, YOU aRsEk for IT! 

Don't  laugh.... It  is all true!
Perks of reaching  50
or  being over 60
And heading  towards
 70  or beyond!

 Kidnappers  are not very
interested  in you.

 In  a hostage situation,
you are likely to be  released first.

 No  one expects you to run  -- anywhere.

 People  call at 9 PM (or 9  A M) and  ask,
'Did  I wake you?

 People  no longer view you as a hypochondriac.

 There  is nothing left
to  learn the hard way.

 Things  you buy now
won't  wear out.

 You  can eat
supper  at 4 PM.

 You  can live without sex
but  not your glasses.

 You  get into heated arguments
about  pension plans.

 You  no longer think of speed limits as  a challenge.

 You  quit trying to hold
your stomach in no  matter
who  walks into the room.

 You  sing along
with  elevator music.

 Your  eyes won't get
much  worse.

Your  investment in health insurance
 is  finally beginning to pay  off.

 Your  joints are more  accurate
than  the national weather service.

 Your  secrets are safe with  your
  because  they can't
remember  them either.

 Your  supply of brain cells is  finally
down  to  a  manageable size.
 You  can't remember
who  sent you this  list.

And  you notice these are all
 in  big print
for  your convenience.

Forward  this to everyone
 you  can remember
right  now!

Malaysia in Asia most vulnerable to an economic 'perfect storm' collapse...

Predicts Dr Doom of world renown in a just released report whichMalaysians must take note of. Let the UMNO goons continue with their heads buried in the sand, badder than ransacking the public coffers in daylight!:( ~~ YL, Desi

From The Malaysian Insider:~~~~~~~

Malaysia most vulnerable to economic ‘perfect storm’, says Dr Doom’s consultancy

July 30, 2012
KUALA LUMPUR, July 30 — Malaysia is one of the most vulnerable Asian economies should a “perfect storm” of a disorderly debt default in Europe, a slowdown in China and the US, and rising tensions in the Middle East materialise, Roubini Global Economics (RGE) has said in a recent report.
The strategic research firm, best known for its founder “Dr Doom” Nouriel Roubini who predicted the collapse of the US housing market and the 2008 global financial crisis, said that Malaysia had the highest exposure to a pullout of capital as its eurozone and US bank claims amount to more than 25 per cent of GDP.
File photo of people buying fruit at a market in Kuala Lumpur. A consultancy said the Malaysian economy was very vulnerable and exposed to global forces. —Reuters pic
RGE added that Malaysia was the second most exposed in terms of a demand slowdown in the US, the eurozone and China, making it the most exposed Asian economy overall.
The report also said that the country was among the lowest ranked in terms of monetary and fiscal capacity to respond to a crisis, coming in ahead of only Thailand, Japan and Indonesia.
“Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea and Vietnam appear to be the most exposed to a perfect storm through their trade and financial linkages, while South Korea, Australia, Vietnam and the Philippines appear to have the most policy space to offset such an external shock,” said RGE.
“Taking these two factors together, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan and Thailand are the most vulnerable of the 10 economies considered in this analysis, while Australia, India, South Korea and the Philippines are the least.”
RGE said that while Malaysian government revenues have increased, the hole in its finances could grow due to “populist” spending and an expected cut in Petronas’ dividends.
“In the run-up to elections, the government is likely to offer more cash handouts in the 2013 Budget, leaving fewer resources for productive investment,” said the report.
“We see the debt-to-GDP ratio reaching 54.6 per cent next year, leaving little room to manoeuvre in the event of an external shock.”
RGE noted that in its most recent effort to boost its popularity ahead of an upcoming general election, the Malaysian government announced a supplementary budget of RM13.8 billion in June, some 80 per cent of which is allocated towards maintaining oil subsidies and raising civil servant wages.
It added that it expects Bank Negara to cut interest rates to 2.5 per cent by the end of 2013 to deal with slowing growth in Europe and China.
Economists and analysts had earlier said that Malaysia’s federal government debt, which nearly doubled since 2007 to RM421 billion, pose a fiscal risk to the country if not managed carefully as it impairs the country’s resilience to the increasing frequency of economic shocks.
They said that while government debt — currently at about 54 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP), and the second highest in Asia — has not significantly impacted the country and its credit standing so far, the volatile nature of global markets may cause sentiment to turn with little warning.
Figures from the Federal Treasury’s Economic Reports show that the federal government’s domestic debt almost doubled in the space of less than five years — from RM247 billion in 2007 to an estimated RM421 billion in 2011 — far outpacing its revenues which only grew 31 per cent or from RM140 billion to RM183 billion during the same period.
Government-backed loans rose rapidly as well between 1985 and 2010 — from RM11 billion to RM96 billion — representing a growth of 8.7 per cent per annum.
Investors in recent weeks have reportedly shown a preference for US and Singapore assets rather than Malaysia’s in times of uncertainty despite the 10-year MGS (Malaysian Government Securities) offering a yield of about 3.4 per cent compared to less than 1.5 per cent for both 10-year Singapore government bond and 10-year US Treasury bonds.
Roubini had in May reportedly predicted that four elements — economic slowdown in the US, the debt crisis in Europe, a slowdown in China and emerging markets, and military conflict in Iran — would combine to create a storm for the global economy in 2013.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

UMNO and MCA goons, it's all about the goldmine of Selangor in the "invented" water crisis!

UMNO deputy prez and MCA (Dr Chua Soil Lek's son) Chua Jnr are all misleading the public about the self-manufactured "crisis" situation in the nation's richest state, actring IN CAHOOTS WITH H2O CONCESSIONAIRE SYABAS. A pointer to the root cause of the fight with the Pakatn Rakyat state government led by PKR is the GIGANTIC salary Syabas chairman ROZALI  ISAMIL pays himself -- RM425,000 pe month! Mayhaps after GE13 when Najib Razak loses the premiership, he might want to take over this chairmanship, whose pay is for "superman" Malaysia which is a rare breed!

YES, Reuters report below via the Malaysian Insider gives a good look at what's behind all this battle, for at stake is not just overcoming the stayte's water problem -- it's whether UMNO warloards and their cronies can continue to plunder the state's riches at their whims and fancy! YL Chong as a journalist can never dream of saving that amount of Rozali's ONE -MONTH pay having worked for a whole lifetime spanning close to FOUR DECADES! Murderously indecent monthly pay, and this stupid company Syabas top executives think Selangor residents can't see through their GREED! That's why these UMNO goons dare NOT CALL FOR A REFERENDUM as proposed by Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim to let the Rakyat decide whether the State should take over the water concessionaire. I pray all Malaysian VOTERS will know what to do when GE13 cometh around soon. ~~ YL, Desi

Water ‘crisis’ signals fierce fight for richest state

July 29, 2012
KUALA LUMPUR, July 29 — The surprise statement came during a rainy spell and when the seven dams in Malaysia’s richest, most populous state were full. 
Reserves of treated water in the opposition-controlled state of Selangor were perilously low, said the water company supplying a population of 7 million in the country’s main industrial base. It was seeking approval to start immediate rationing. 
For many it looked like politics, not water, was behind the problem — a measure of how high tensions are running ahead of national elections that must be called by early next year and which may be the closest in Malaysia’s history. 
“Of course, it’s a political conspiracy,” said Teresa Kok, a member of the Selangor state executive council and opposition member of parliament. 
The July 14 announcement has set off an ill-tempered battle between the opposition-run state and the federal government that foreshadows an intense election struggle for the crucial swing state that is a base for multinationals including Panasonic Corp and British American Tobacco. 
The state leadership says the ruling coalition is using water supplier Syabas to manufacture a water crisis and sow doubts in voters’ minds over the opposition’s competence. 
Syabas, a unit of Puncak Niaga Bhd, has links with the Malaysia’s ruling United Malays National Organization (Umno). Rozali Ismail, the chairman of Puncak Niaga and executive chairman of Syabas, is treasurer for the party’s Selangor branch and was dubbed Malaysia’s “water king” by Forbes, which ranks him as the country’s 37th richest person. 
The federal government says the state has jeopardised its water supply by blocking the construction of a RM3.8 billion treatment plant. 
“If we can make Malaysia the global centre for IPOs, how can it be that we can’t resolve water issues,” Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak was quoted as saying this week by The Star newspaper, referring to several big stock debuts in Malaysia this year. 
The problem could be resolved, he said, once the people of Selangor “choose a government that can do it.” 
As Malaysia’s traditional engine of growth, the west-coast state was a prized, unprecedented win for the opposition in the last election in 2008, and the most potent symbol of the ruling coalition’s worst election performance. 
Wresting back the state would help lay to rest doubts about Najib’s leadership within his own party and help the coalition rebound nationwide. For the opposition, retaining Selangor is crucial if it is to have any chance of winning a parliamentary majority and forming a government for the first time. 
The state has been at the centre of concerns over voter fraud, with the opposition accusing the government of handing out voting rights to thousands of illegal immigrants. 
“The stakes are the highest in Selangor. The prime minister really needs to win it back,” said Ong Kian Ming, a political analyst and lecturer at Kuala Lumpur’s private UCSI university. 
The perceived performance of the four opposition-controlled states will be a crucial campaign issue as the three-party opposition alliance tries to convince voters it is capable of running the country. 
Penang, another opposition-held state, has set an enviable record, attracting the country’s highest level of investment in the manufacturing sector for two years running and slashing public debt levels by over 90 per cent in three years. 
Selangor’s record is less spectacular. The state government has been dogged by talk of infighting and Malaysia’s ruling coalition is presenting the water issue as exhibit A to show the state is being mismanaged. 
“They want to influence the course of the elections. They have a monopoly over water resources and are holding the people to ransom,” said opposition MP Tony Pua, adding that uncertainty over water supply was endangering investment in the state. 
Syabas’ shock warning of water rationing this month prompted indignant state officials to pose for pictures in front of dams brimming with water to show there was no shortage. Syabas hit back with images showing treatment plants at low reserve capacity, bolstering its case for the new plant. 
“The responsibility for ensuring that Selangor has enough water treatment plants lies with the Selangor state government,” it said in a statement released on Thursday. 
Selangor has threatened to take over the water company’s operations, a bid that was rejected by the government. The state government remains set on a takeover and is going ahead with plans to sack Rozali, aiming to use its 30 per cent stake in Syabas to trigger a vote of no-confidence. 
The federal government wants to open tenders for the new plant in a month, but it needs Selangor’s permission to proceed. 
The state government says the plant would lead to a steep rise in water tariffs and that projections for water consumption and population growth used to justify its construction are too high. Instead, it wants RM225 million from the federal government to upgrade two existing plants and is prepared to add RM200-300 million of its own funds. 
Selangor state sources say the level of non-revenue water — the volume lost before it reaches the customer — at Syabas is above 33 per cent. That measure of efficiency compares with Singapore’s 5 per cent, Denmark’s 6 per cent, and even falls short of Bangladesh’s 29 per cent, they say. 
Campaigners against Syabas are urging the company to open its books to show if there really is a shortage. 
“Failing to do so would only prove that the water crisis is manufactured,” said Charles Santiago, an opposition member of parliament and coordinator of the Coalition Against Water Privatisation group. — Reuters

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Water company Syabas chief caught lying, and UMNO deputy/DPM gives the proof...II

YESTERDAY, wrote a post which began with an INTRO that follows:

SYABAS to the deputy prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin for exposing the Selangor water company Syabas's CEO's crying "wolf, wolf!" just a week ago warnig that the PR-ruled state would have to start water rationing immediately as the situation in the state has reached a crisis point.

TODAY, Part II continues with more views and exposes:)

From Suara Keadilan of 24 JULAI 2012, which is in Bahasa Malaysia, so my versions 
(IN RED&BOLDED, THUS) that follow are my best translations/summaries of the items as reported by Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR)'s official newspaper, OK!

Frontpage,: the headlines say it all!

AIR PERCUMA muka 2,3

FREE WATER pages 2,3


"PMECATAN ini akan
menjimatkan kos operasi
kerana gaji Pengerusi
Eksekutif Syabas islah RM425,000

Menteri Besar Selangor

"THIS SACKING will save 
the operation cost because
the salary of the Executive Chairman 
of Syabas is RM425,000 per month"

Chief Minister of Selangor


DESIDERATA: Oh my God, the idiotic water company has deemed its Chairman a SUPERMAN, paying him RM425,000 monthly, translating into RM5.1million a year! NO wonder all the concessionaire's top executives, in cahoots with UMNO, are resisting the take-over of Syabas by the Selangor state government. A REFERENDUM as proposed by the State government (as outlined in yestewrday's post here) would help to end the impasse so that the will and wishes of the residents of Selangor will the primary determinant of this looming crisis if not remdied in time!

Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim in a page 2 report was also quoted as saying  said the State government it planned to increase the capacity of water treatment with a new dam under Mitigasi 2 costing RM225million. 

Before this, the government haad formed a Syabas Monitoring Committee (Jawatn Kuasa  Pemantauan SYABAS) chaired by the State Secretary to assess the efficiency of water services provided by Syabas. This was to snsure that the interets of the consumers in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur were protected and it had been shown Syabas had failed to provide adequate clean water as provided for in its concessionaire agreement, Khalid added.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Water company Syabas chief caught lying, and UMNO deputy/DPM gives the proof...

SYABAS to the deputy prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin for exposing the Selangor water company Syabas's CEO's crying "wolf, wolf!" just a week ago warnig that the PR-ruled state would have to start water rationing immediately as the situation in the state has reached a crisis point.

But YESTERDAY,(SEE POINT marked ** BELOW) the special Cabinet committee at its first meeting chaired by the DPM --also UMNO deputy president, and this is an important fact to note, as the parties involved are all playing politics ""first and placng the Selangor/FT residents "second" in the crisis situation of Syabas own making! Hence, the Selangor Menteri Besar's p[roposal to call for a REFERENDEN to decide once and for all is a GODD&TIMELY MOVE, and DEsi is confident the Selangorians will majority approve take over of Syabas by the State!

Okay, from the NST Online today (frontpage in its print edition, hey I can still afford RM1.20 to keep my MEDIA WATCH duty going for you, my dear ER's sHakes:( . Also Desi has lighlighted certain sections (BOLDED THUS) to comment further on the main points:) -- YL, Desi~~

Langat 2 must go on

NO RATIONING: Water woes causing anxiety among consumers, says DPM

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin speaking to the press after chairing the special cabinet committee meeting to tackle the imminent water crisis in the Klang Valley yesterday. at the Energy, Green Technology and Water Ministry. Bernama pic
PUTRAJAYA: A cabinet committee dealing with the imminent water crisis in the Klang Valley said yesterday the delayed Langat 2 water treatment plant project must go ahead as the water supply situation is critical and causing anxiety among consumers.
Also, water concessionaire Syabas has been asked to come up with a contingency plan as the water treatment plants in Sungai Langat, Sungai batu, Sungai Semenyih, Sungai Selangor and bukit tampoi were operating beyond their capacity and were at a risk of breaking
**The committee’s meeting, chaired by Deputy Prime Minister tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, also decided that there was no need for water rationing in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya. On Langat 2, Muhyiddin said the attorney-
general had been asked to look at legal provisions to start the project should the Selangor government disagree with the plan to build it.
“Ideally, we are looking to start the project this year so that it can be completed by 2015.” He said the Selangor government should give the go-ahead as soon as possible so that construction could begin.
The government would prepare, in a month’s time, the offer to several companies to build the plant.
Muhyiddin said: “We want to make sure there will be companies ready to start work as soon as the Selangor government gives permission and for the project to be completed in  3½ years.”
He said the committee decided that Langat 2 was the only solution to the water crisis, which was expected to hit Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya by 2014.
"Today, the committee discussed and felt that the Langat 2 project must be continued."
The meeting at the Energy, Green Technology and Water Ministry was attended  by its minister, Datuk Seri Peter Chin Fah Kui, and Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Idris Jala.
***As for the  Selangor government's  intentions  to take over Syabas' operations, Muhyiddin said the proposal could not be considered as Selangor had failed to comply with the concession agreement, including allowing a water tariff hike.
  "We will seek the advice of the attorney-general, who will have the final say."
He  said one of the issues standing in the way of the takeover was the state government's failure to compensate Syabas after refusing a scheduled increase in the  water tariff.
  "The matter is pending in court as Syabas is suing Selangor."

On the situation on the ground, he  said there had been complaints of water disruptions in several parts of the city and Selangor. Five areas, with 50,000 accounts with Syabas, have unsatisfactory water supply.
Syabas has been instructed to ensure enough water supply to  all areas,  including Pandan Indah, Pandan Perdana, Balakong, Kapar and Hulu Langat.

Read more: Langat 2 must go on - Top News - New Straits Times

AND BACKGROUNDING, from The Star Online a week earlier:~~~~

Sunday July 15, 2012

Syabas wants to start water rationing


PETALING JAYA: Water concessionaire Syabas will seek permission to start rationing immediately in Kuala Lumpur, Hulu Langat and Klang because of the worsening water supply shortage.
Syabas chief executive officer Datuk Ruslan Hassan said Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya were now facing a water crisis with reserve levels at 34 treatment plants down to an average of 2% way below the “safe mark” of at least 20% (see table).
The company asking for rationing approval from the National Water Services Commission listed 112 areas in Klang, Petaling, Hulu Langat and Kuala Lumpur as the worst hit by intermittent disruptions since April, affecting 209,678 premises and some one million residents.
Taps running dry: Ruslan (second from left) presenting drinking water to residents of Taman Sungai Besi Indah in Seri Kembangan who have been experiencing water shortage.
****“We can no longer supply adequate water to Kuala Lumpur, Hulu Langat and Klang because we do not have the needed reserves,” Ruslan said, adding that the situation could worsen because of the dry spell.
He was speaking to reporters during the distribution of water to residents of Taman Sungai Besi Indah in Seri Kembangan, one of the areas in Selangor hit by supply disruption.
The housing estate and its surrounding areas have been without water since Friday evening.
Ruslan said the company was preparing a list of neighbourhoods that would be affected by the rationing, with supply to be cut off either for several hours daily or on alternate days.
He said Syabas had received thousands of telephone calls from angry residents complaining of supply disruptions.

DESIDERATA: WRT ****Dry spell, Encik Ruslan?  In Negeri Sembilan where I reside -- but In regularly visit Selangor! -- we have been seeing rainy weather on most days -- I am sure Selangor could NOT be experiencing the opposite extreme?

And how Encik Ruslan, could you say RATIONING must start immediately and just a week later, the DPM said there is NO NEED TO DO SO? (Yes, point marked ** above again)  Is Desi guessing right Syabas is PLAYING POLITICS against the Selangor government because it is now under Pakatan Rakyat contro, NOT UNDER BN-UMNO-led federal government?

YES>>>>>>>> I completely support the Selangor government's proposal to conduct a REFERENDUM to base a decision ON THE RAKYAT'S VOICE!

As for the legal aspects,*** let the Selangor government argue its case in courts verusus Syabas in complicity with BN fedral government; but whatever it is, from experience we have learned that CONCESSIONAIRES --whether with roads and highways eg PLUS, or with other privatised entities, the concessionaires have been gifted with golden goose terms of contracts eg Highway concessions are "compensated" with payments if they were to lose money or their profits did not achieve a certain targets. WHERE IN THE WORLD A GOVERNMENT WOULD PRIVATISE UTILITIES WITH SUCH PROFIT GUARANTEES TO THE CONCESSIONAIRE? Yeah, only Malaysia Bulleh!

From NST, page 3, report headlined::

Selangor may hold
'water' referendum

Selangor may hold 'water' referendum

RESTRUCTURING: It wants people to decide on takeover of Syabas


  PUTRAJAYA: THE Selangor government is going ahead with its planned takeover of the water operations from concessionaire Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor Sdn Bhd,  state executive councillor Dr Xavier Jayakumar said yesterday.
He proposed a "referendum of the people", where the people of Selangor would decide.
"We are prepared to hold the referendum where the rakyat can vote to agree or reject the intention of the Selangor government to take over Syabas," he said after visiting the Sungai Semenyih water treatment plant.
The plant, owned and run by Abbas (Konsortium Abbas Sdn Bhd is 50 per cent owned by Kumpulan Perangsang Selangor Bhd of the Selangor government), has the capacity to produce 546 MLD (million litres per day) but is currently producing 665 MLD.
Jayakumar said the state government had requested RM225 million from the Federal Government to carry out water mitigation projects through the State Economic Planning Unit, but the approval was still pending.
The funds are to upgrade two water treatment plants, the Sungai Selangor Plant 1 and Sungai Selangor Plant 2, as they are running below their maximum capacity output because of infrastructure limitations to channel treated water out to the water supply network, he said.
"The Selangor government is prepared to spend its own funds to fulfil these mitigation projects, which are actually the responsibility of the Federal Government to ensure that the people of Selangor have enough water."
Jayakumar said the state government was prepared to spend an additional RM200 million to RM300 million to upgrade to membrane technology to supply treated water without disruption to the present supply.
He said the state water industry restructuring exercise should proceed immediately as Syabas, according to him, had failed to provide good service to consumers.
Earlier, about 100 Pakatan Rakyat supporters gathered in front of Syabas' office in Shah Alam to express support for the state government's planned takeover of the concessionaire.

Read more: Selangor may hold 'water' referendum - General - New Straits Times

RESTRUCTURING: It wants people to decide on takeover of Syabases