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Friday, June 30, 2006

Yes, now Saudara Anwar is talking...

As the second-after ex-PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad protagonist on the PWTC Stage has stepped out of the shadows, as I hoped he would.

And Saudara ANWAR IBRAHIM will raise the desibels as the Sandywar builds up to a crescendo while the ex-PM and current PM head in different ditrections for their vacations.

Meanwhile, the proxies of Camp1 and Camp2 will continue their acting/actions...
See Matthias Chang the lawyer is speaking up again...
And Nazri Aziz is continuing the "war" against the good doctor who promises to fight on to uncover the "worms" in the holes...

But it's the country's ECONOMY which will determine the people's future. As UMNO POLTICS has become so enmeshed with MALAYSIA'S ECONOMY & BUSINESS, THE CENTRAL ISSUE OFTEN BECOMES SECONDARY TOO THE POLITIKUS' VISION. So the people will pay a price -- the FDIs (Foreign Direct Investments) have declined progressively over the recent years. MNCs (multi-national corporations) are moving out to lower-cost centres of production -- Thailand, Vietnam and China await...

As big and little Napoleons keep acting their parts,
Will V2020 become V2050?

Let's see if the former DPM can play a better and more effective role back home than at the United Nasiones...

Friday, June 30, 2006

Malaysia's ex-Deputy PM weighs in on PM-Mahathir row

(AP)-- Opposition politician Anwar Ibrahim, a former Malaysian deputy prime minister, told reporters Thursday that former premier Mahathir Mohamad has a right to express his opinion and Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi must respond to allegations of policy mismanagement.

Mahathir, Malaysia's longest serving prime minister, has in the past few weeks mounted scathing attacks on Abdullah, a highly respected scholar, for reversing many policy decisions taken during Mahathir's tenure.

Anwar, a sworn political foe of the ex-premier, said Mahathir doesn't seem to be sincere in seeking reforms. The issues Mahathir raised are "peculiar to his personal interest" because he is demanding that his pet projects be implemented "without question," he said.

"But projects, mega or otherwise, that are dubious in nature should be shelved," said Anwar who was sacked by Mahathir in 1998 and subsequently jailed for corruption and sodomy. He was later acquitted of the sodomy charge.

Cabinet ministers decided at their weekly meeting on Wednesday that they would take personal responsibility for answering Mahathir's allegations, Nazri Aziz, the minister in charge of law, told reporters.

The decision helps allay fears that Mahathir will split the ruling United Malays National Organization over the rift and bring down the government.

"All the ministers must defend their position. These are Cabinet decisions and now they are being disputed" by Mahathir, Nazri told reporters.

"We can't keep quiet," Nazri said. "Every minister has to defend the decisions" taken by his or her ministry.

Mahathir's grievance is that Abdullah, the man he hand-picked to be his successor, is dismantling the legacy he built during 22 years in office.

Mahathir stepped down in October 2003 but continues to cast an imposing shadow on Malaysian politics and on UMNO, the party of the country's majority Malays.

Chief among Mahathir's complaints has been Abdullah's decision to scrap a project to build a second bridge between Malaysia and Singapore.

He is also furious over the suspension of other mega-infrastructure projects and by a new automobile policy that lowered tariffs on foreign car imports. Mahathir says the policy is damaging national car company Proton, which he started and nurtured.

DESIDERATA: Let's hope Saudara Anwar re-activates his REFORM movement for the nation's good.
I will give the man incarcerated for six, long years, a second chance.
mGf, will thee? Miss Helen, and FAshionistA and Anak Merdeka? Mr Mave SM and Howsy and Frank and Honest among thee, my EsteemedReaders?


One mGf who stays farawat from the Devil and the Deep Blue See sent Desi an UpDate, from which I partially extracted, for the foollook, please subscribe to; My FIRST PROMO for a place holding mixed memories for this scribe, spending a Springtime of Openness, and also A Winter of Discontent; You want to no deatils, make out a check for RM20million. There is no such thingy as a FLEA LUNCH! Oh, Desi is back with sum knotty DDC, and sum gals from eeeehPOH ain't gonna like IT. As IF I carrefool...lon-winded Desi like a former ex-PM. See the power of association! ex-PM and an axed-DPM! Sure bring millions of hits wan:(~~~

"Don't let Pak Lah-Dr M spat cloud real issues: Anwar

Malaysians should not be distracted by the on-going verbal battle between former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his successor Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) adviser Anwar Ibrahim said

He said the people should instead put priority on the reformation agenda to redress the country's 'sluggish' economic growth and strengthen the institutions of the civil society and governance.

"I strongly urge Malaysians not to be unduly distracted by these battles between the prime minister and Dr Mahathir. We need to focus our attention on the need for reform.

"The country's economic growth tends to be sluggish because we lacked the direction and the necessary push. We don't seem to be an attractive destination for foreign investments. This, to me, are issues of priority," he said.

However, this does not mean that Abdullah can continue to ignore Mahathir's criticisms which until now have remained unanswered, he said at a press conference at his home in Damansara, Kuala Lumpur (June 29, 2006).

"These issues must be put in perspective. Of course, this does not mean that there is no need to explain on other issues.

"A government leader cannot say I'm not going to talk about corruption, I'm not going to talk about what Dr Mahathir says because I am focusing on economic development. And at the same time the economy is not developing."

Anwar was commenting on the row between Mahathir and Abdullah, the latter who is now being defended by his cabinet ministers including Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Nazri Abdul Aziz who said he has 'declared war' on the former premier.

DESIDERATA: Ponder over the key sentences and phrases I have highlighted (as BOLDED thus), then you may see a ray of light at the end of the tunnel. Adieu, for now; It's NOT GOODBYE!

"Reformation" -- that is the Key Index to Malaysia's Political-Ecoinomic Progress Towards 2020.

Do you think Najib Tun Razak or Anwar Ibrahim is the man better equipped to lead us in the right direction?
A wrong decision of the majority of the Electorate come the next few GE will spell either success or disaster. Desi prays we have matrured sufficiently to discern what's in store, and what's on the Prime Mnisterial-2B plates.


This is an UPDATE, from the New Straits Times, which reports on a sllightly higher net profit achieved by the national oil corporation compared with Reuters' reoport yesterday.

Petronas pumps up record profit amid rising oil prices

June 30 2006

HIGHER crude oil prices pumped up Petroliam Nasional Bhd's (Petronas) net profit by 22 per cent to a record RM43.6 billion for the year-ended March 31 2006.

Revenue soared to an all-time high of RM166.9 billion.

The national oil corporation paid RM41.7 billion to the Government for the year, in the form of taxes, dividend, royalties and export duty.

Petronas president and chief executive officer Tan Sri Mohd Hassan Marican said the outstanding performance was achieved amid an increasingly competitive and challenging global oil and gas industry, filled with heightened volatility and uncertainties.

"This year's strong financial and operational achievements bear testimony to the group's determination and focus on its overall strategy to integrate, add value and globalise its operations," he said at a media conference in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

Mohd Hassan said while higher prices were a factor, sales of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and petrochemical products were the key contributors to Petronas' high revenue.

Petronas sold 23.6 million tonnes of LNG this year, supported by higher volume produced and sold from the Petronas LNG complex in Bintulu, Sarawak, as well as from the group's Egyptian LNG plant.

The group's petrochemical business achieved its best ever operational performance, with improved plant reliability and utilisation rates.

"(Petrochemical) sales volume increased by 9.4 per cent to 7 million tonnes and generated a revenue of RM12.7 billion, an increase of 5.8 per cent," Mohd Hassan said.

Revenue from manufacturing activities - comprising petroleum products, LNG, processed gas and petrochemicals - rose to RM97.4 billion from RM78.2 billion.

"Revenue from manufacturing activities continued to account for a higher proportion of group revenue at 58.4 per cent, compared with 57.1 per cent in the previous year," he added.

Malaysia's best known multinational, Petronas' international revenue grew 22.9 per cent to RM130.2 billion. This included RM73.6 billion in exports. The rest is from overseas operations.

Petronas has strong total reserves of 25.85 billion barrels of oil equivalent (boe), which include new discoveries of 754.3 million boe. International reserves account for 23 per cent of the group's total reserves.


Comments will follow later.

Some sarcastic Commenter took IT on himself to rebuke Desiderata for opicking on PETRONAS come every end-June to highlight PETRONAS performance.

Hey, what if I do, as a commoner but CITIZEN OF NEGARAKU, I have every right -- I deem it my duty -- to monitor on the the nation's LARGEST CORPORATE ENTITY, and it's supposed to be holding a national resource in the nation's trust.

What balrdy F***ing mind you have prefacing with a POTSHOT at mGf who are SOCIALIST by inlcination or by philosophical tendency, by thy insinuation that such attributes are negative. It is the ilk like you plus one V...... who pollute my Blogsite and I wish not to engage with the likes of you. I have better things to do than waste my precious time on scums like you.

A sum of net profit of RM43.6billion i.e. RM43,600,000,000 in one business entity that is equivalent to one year's Government budget allocation for the country under the 9th Malaysia Plan, and one F***ed up reader thinks Desi is over-spending time discussing the ISUUE.


What ex-PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad hinted at has been confirmed officially with yesterday's PETRONAS RESULTS -- minus the RM30billion paid as taxes to the Government, the national oil corporation has NET PROFIT OF RM43.6BILLION -- is it too much to expect that instead of raising OIL PRICES at the pump, they should be decreased?

I have argued on the same topic that every time the world oil prices head north, out local pump prices should head south ... because MALAYSIA IS A NET BENEFICIARY FROM THE UPWARD PRICE TREND WORLDWIDE AS WE GET MORE REVENUE.

IT's just that Petronas is not transparent nor accountable to the people (via Parliament) on how it spends its monies.

IF I DO ACTIVATE "WORD VERIFICATION" in Comments -- which I have considered several times but hesitated-- it's because of scums like you. Just go back to the hold where the sun don't shine.

To other ERR, I apologise for this rant -- which partly stems from the DELETED COMMENTS (2) in yesterday's Post (on Petronas pfrofit news break based on Reuters...).
I am on high blood pressure, so am taking a break now to seek out mGf Y&A, Theels,where is Miss AtenoLOL?


Thanks mate, HOWSY, A friend in need is a friend in deed.

UPDATED @8.30PM after visiting from a similar Post I extracted two RELEVANT COMMENTS in full, I hope Raja Petra Kamarudin and the guests Kim Quek and H J Anugus would not mind~~~

Kim Quek said...
'We have shown better margins and returns than the majors,' Tan Sri Hassan said.

This statement is blatantly dishonest, as the bulk of Petronas' so-called profits are derived from the the petroleum producers in this country through the "production-sharing" agreements signed between Petronas and these producers. For these incomes from crude oil and gas, Petronas need not have to spend a single dollar in the exploration, production and capital costs relating to these productions.

If Petronas and the Prime Minister have been honest to the people, such incomes derived from the "production-sharing" agreements should have been seprately stated in the accounts, and deducted from its total profits. Only then could we ascertain how profitable is Petronas' operation.

Friday, June 30, 2006 1:40:19 PM

"H J Angus said...

Make the PETRONAS' accounts public and we can all make a good analysis of how effective the government has been to take care of this vital asset of Malaysia.

At the moment it seems to be the personal fund of the PM as even our MPs are kept in ignorance.

Friday, June 30, 2006 3:57:31 PM "

"desiderata said...

I support Kim QWQuek and HJ Angus' viewpoints.
I have stated even last year when Petronas announced a NET PROFIT OF RM35.5billion that its performance is based on reaping a nation's natural resource (dwindling no doubt, but Lucky Country Malaysia gets new oil fields find every now and then, keeping Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's admin afloat!)

My conetntion here is EVERYTHING BEING EQUAL, there is a NET RISE IN REVENUE OF RM43.6billion MINUS RM35.5billion = RM8.1 billion for 2006 over last year, and this can easily absorb any world price rise and WE CONSUMERS SHOULD GET A DECREASE IN PUMP PRICEE, not a rise!

The Gomen and Petronas have been working hand-in-glove just disclosing the quantum rise in SUBSIDIES, but hide the fact of the extra RM8.1billion. On top of that, there is the RM30billion in taxes collected from Petronas, which is RISING EVERY YEAR, so the Gomen in fact SHOULD BE LOWERING PUMP PRICES everytime there is a wrold price rise because WE ARE A NETT BENEFICIARY!

(NOTE: What Malaysia produces is a higher grade crude called Sweets, fetching a PREMIUM over the imports which we use locally; so everytime the world price rises, the NATION'S COFFERS GET MORE, not less! TO SPEND!)

Petronas Chief, can you oplease explain the true nett position in the Income & Expenditure Columns as far as revenues from our oil production goes, as pointed out by Kim Quek, which are anyway jointly undertaken with MAJOR foreign oil companies like EXXON, SHELL, etc...

Friday, June 30, 2006 8:32:36 PM

Thursday, June 29, 2006


Breaking news -- GOOD for the National Oil Corporation, but I don't know about the RAKYAT!

DEAR READERS: PLEASE READ UPDATE on June 30, 2006 which reports a slightly higher net profit figure compared with Reuter's initial report, according to the NST~~~

"HIGHER crude oil prices pumped up Petroliam Nasional Bhd's (Petronas) net profit by 22 per cent to a record RM43.6 billion for the year-ended March 31 2006." (ends advisory)

Petronas net profit up 23% (Updated)
01:29PM (29-06-2006)

Petroliam Nasional Bhd (Petronas) reported on June 29 a 23% jump in 2006 full-year profit, fueled by soaring crude oil prices and strong demand.

The nation's biggest and most profitable company posted a record net profit of US$11.6 billion (RM42.79 billion) for the year ended March 31, after Malaysian crude prices surged 37% in the financial year.

Petronas said it expected oil prices to remain firm, given a volatile and uncertain global oil and gas industry and rising exploration and development costs.

But chief executive Tan Sri Hassan Marican declined to provide a clearer market outlook. "I don't have a crystal ball. I don't comment on prices," he told reporters.

Petronas said revenue grew 23% to an all-time high of US$44.3 billion. Malaysia is a major oil and gas exporter and is Southeast Asia's third largest economy, worth US$118 billion.

Less than a quarter of Petronas' revenue was derived from the Malaysian domestic market.

It said operating cash flow rose to US$16.2 billion in 2006 from US$12.4 billion a year earlier. Net cash surplus was US$1.8 billion, down from US$3.6 billion in 2005.

The firm, which operates in 30 countries and aims to become a major global player, will allot RM27.7 billion in capital expenditure in the current year, up 18.5% from a year earlier.

"We have a lot of cash," Hassan said. Total cash and fund investments surplus totalled RM93.1 billion in 2006, up from RM75.2 billion a year ago.

Minus the group's debt of RM43.9 billion, its net cash position stood at RM49.2 billion. Most of its debts will mature in five to 10 years.

Petronas said it produced 432,300 barrels of oil equivalent (boe) a day outside Malaysia in 2006, or 27% of its total output.

Total reserves stood at 25.85 billion boe. International reserves accounted for 23% of the company's total reserves. -- Reuters

--- end ---

DESIDERATA: Will comment on this after perusing the results, comparing with last financial year's, which I recall was net profit of RM35.5billion (that is IF my grey cells serve me right!)

Cherrio for now, and PRAY VERY HARD THE DECISION-MAKERS AT PETRONAS FLOW BACK SOME OIL MONEY INTO THE PEOPLE'S POCKETS, not just their management and staff. Afterall, oil is a national asset, RIGHT? Tell Desi what are your expectations? A round of pump price DECREASE?

I won't hold such FAT HOPES.

The Opposition: QUO VADIS?

Treat today's Post as a CONTINUATION of "A Springtime of Oppenness..." from yesterdie.

Bless one of the mainstream press -- theSUN -- which still offers some semblance of providing a "balanced" approacth to political news treatment. Foregt about the NST and The Star, heavily weighed down by the UMNO and MCA pools infested with crocodiles and sharks. Sometimes scribes like Desi wade into the waters unwittingly and got bitten -- suffered some MILD BRUISES ONLY! Hence, thanks to my Almighty I sirvive to tell this story. Okay, I pledge "sirvive" is the ONE and ONLY DDC you'd encounter today (othewise, it would have read 'encunter' and otherVICE'!:)

From Page 2, of theSun:

Don't be Mahathir
clone, Kit Siang
urges Pak Lah

Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang today urged Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi not to be a clone of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad by resorting to authoritarian methods to deal with political differences.

Lim said in a statement the country's ability to deal with the ongoing spat between Mahathir and the current government will be a test of Malaysia's democracy and nation building and Abdullah must demonstrate and dare to show his difference with the Mahathir administration.

"Abdullah must dismiss all possibility that the old Mahathirish methods of dealing with differences, particularly the abuse of arbitrary powers like the invocation of the Internal Security Act (ISA) such as the Operation Lalang mass arrests in 1987, could ever happen under his premiership," Lim said.

"In fact, Mahathir's spat with Abdullah has served to focus on what will be Abdullah's legacy as the fifth prime minister - whether to deliver his reform pledge in the 2004 General Election to create a clean, incorruptible, efficient, accountable, transparent, democratic and just administration or just be a clone of the previous Mahathir premiership."

He said the legitimate questions raised by Mahathir must be answered, if not by Abdullah himself, then by the government.

Lim added that the public differences between a former prime minister and the incumbent prime minister is not unprecedented in Malaysia, as it had happened before.

He said there were differences between the first and third prime ministers - Tunku Abdul Rahman and Tun Hussein Onn - with Mahathir as the fourth. (ends TheSun report)

DESIDERATA: After yesterday's intimations -- or isIT intimidation? -- by the Star with Dr Mahathir, Enough and the NST's refusal to publish Dr Mahathir's Right Of Reply letter as covered by his lotyal Press Secretary SUFI YUSOF (read Screenshots for the details!), expect mainstream presss to TONE DOWN words out of Camp1 -- maybe even complete obliteration! So my dear ER, complain not too mcu, and you have to bear with Desi's UNDERTONES.

Yesterday, I paid a visit to the cyberhome of ex-DPM Saudara Anwar Ibrahim @ and left this message:~~~

"ylchong June 28th, 2006 8:55 am

Saudara Anwar:
Greetings, maybe off-topic here, but WELCOME to blogosphere as I just learnt today that you’ve joined the club.

May question is to ask about the possibility of a quick return to “politics” by your goodself in view of the “challenging” situation the nation is facing.

In my blog today, among other things under “Springtime of openness…”, I have also referred to you status, and potential role in politics of NegaraKu, hope you care to read and comment?

“…Anwar represents the ONLY HOPE for the next generation. Hopefuilly, before the next GE due March 2009, the adviser to Parti Keadilan Rakyat would have come out robustly to revive the SPIRIT OF REFORMATION
that is so essential and vital for Malaysia making the NEXT QUANTUM JUMP IN MALAYSIAN POLITICS.



Here is a man who suffered six years of torment and imprisonment of now 50%-proven to be “trumped up” charges. If the other 50% “guilt” is given the benefit of the doubt by the MAJORITY of Malaysians quite fedup with the demolition of the JUDICIARY, there’s HOPE YET. An advantage is that he knows UMNO politics inside-out, and with time for rumination and reflection at Puchionmg Jail for six long years, he must surely want to address othe wrongs clearly deiomnstated before his eyes under the Olde Order of UMNO, and still very much unchanged under the present UMNO regime?


SAUDARA LIM KIT SIANG, as Opposition Leader, this same question is posed:


Translated into simple, straight forward English, as urged by brudder Mave SM and sisdar Helen~~~


For the politics of NegaraKu to move in the "right direction",in my humble opinion,
Malaysia must do away with RACE- and RELIGION-BASED POLITICS. Yes, as reiterated many times at this Blog, "IN MY HUMBLER POLITICS (should read as OPINION!)

Which must mean that Kit Siang and Anwar have to really sit down to work out the "alliance" with PAS. Can Hadi Awang and some of his Talibanist-leaning followers be PERSUADED by the suave horse-riding Anwar to wean the Islam-based party away from its core cause of RELIGION?

DAP found to its dismay its dalliance with PAS inthe 1999 GE that sleeping with an Islamic ally" even on an informal basis would cost it dearly.
DAP cannopt afford another second, similar experiment.

If the multi-racial subtexts of Opposition politics are not properly re-writ and polished as a viable, practical roadmap offering an ALTERNATIVE COALITION to the BN, I'm afraid this Golden Window of Opposition-favoured Opportunity will just slip or fade away.

Make hay while the Springtime of Openness is still shining on the Malaysian landscape.
In a MULTI-RELIGIOUIS, MULTI-RACUIAL and MULTI-CULTURAL COUNTRY that is NegaraKU, the greatest injustice, using Poetic licence granted by Shakespeare -- the "most greatest wrong" the former PM Dr Mahathir -- had imposed on us, the Rakyat, was in declaring Malaysia as an ISDLAMIC STATE.

No, dear Doctor, the last time I checked the Federal Consitution, no where does it say Malaysia was created as an Islamic state, but a SECULAR STATE.

A parlaimentray monarchy, with Islam as an official religion, but a guarantee for other religions and creeds to be feely practised and fostered.

There is nothing more explosive in the world than a concoction of Race and Religion in a bomb made by Politicians -- whether American British, MiddleEastern or Far Eastern or East European, Singaporean or Malaysian.
It always ends in BLOODSHED. And blood is commonly RED.

And I believe at this juncture of a nation just about 49 years old, we had better startr the road to nation building. Since Merdeka in 1957, we made some Baby Steps, but took a giant leap backwards when the New Economic Policy ended in 1990 was continued under the guise of the National Economic Policy, and just at the last UMNO General Assembly on the PWTC Stage, revived yet again led by its Youth chief Hishamuddin Hussein -- what a shamne! -- wielding a KERIS to demonstrate 15th/16th-century Malacca Sultanate fiefdom mentality.

I have averred several times at Desi's Place, Malaysia will not progress in its nation-building efforts so long as its policies are RACED BASED. Throw in the religion-centred, vote-winning antics of Young Politikus represented by the ilk of Hisham and his UMNO YOUTH deputy, Oxford-trained Khairy Jamaludin, the IMPatient yioung ciku who happened to be the PM's SON-IN-LAW, touted as the "second most powerful person in Malaysia at 28" a few yaers ago by an international newspaper. I'm mentioning Khairy's name for the first time discussing this topic since ex-PM Dr Mahathir had been hinting at an "invisible hand" influencing the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's major decisions affecting NegaraKu.

No need to Beat About the Bush. (And this is NOT AMERICANO BASHING!)

Khairy, in cahoots with newly minted corporate biggie, Kalimullah Hassan, who is BTW an ex-GEIC of the NST, of current PM-led Camp2, is engaged in another Proxy-Face-Off with the likes of Mukhkris Mahathir (UMNO Youth Council memeber aspiring to go higher...) and Abdul Kadir Jasin, yet another ex-GEIC of NST, of Camp1 siding with ex-PM.

Today I'm naming names because these are all the KEY PLAYERS on the Malaysian stage acting out the Sandywar now going on, in accordance with Da Bard's "All the world is a stage and Men and women the actors ..." , from yes, you Malaysian Rakyat, As You Like It!)

So my question to both Saudara Anwar and Kit Siang: Quo Vadis as far as being the Opposition leaders in Malaysia go?

On thy shoulders lie the fatye and destiny of current and future generations of Malaysians.
Can both of you start US on nation-building of NEGARA-KU now?


I just picked the following item from

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

‘Foreign leaders want me to take up UN top job'

Express India

Malaysian former Deputy Premier Anwar Ibrahim on Wednesday said he was being approached to throw his hat in the ring for the post of UN Secretary General, but he had yet to decide on running.

Anwar said foreign ministers and leaders had asked him in the past three months whether he would vie for the hotly contested post, which is expected to go to an Asian diplomat.

"Yes, there have been approaches and a series of discussions by many quarters, but I have not given any clear indication," he said in an interview.

The veteran politician said talks with leaders had been private and informal, with people sounding out his ideas about the post.

"People do ask. Even here and overseas, people do ask. Even governments, foreign ministers, heads of government have raised this, but my answer remains consistent. Firstly, it's premature, and number two, I've not given any serious thought to that," he said.

"Most of these questions are exploring, trying to explore the possibility," he added, declining to reveal which leaders had raised the idea with him. Asian countries have intensified campaigning in recent weeks, and top contenders include Thai Deputy Prime Minister Surakiart Sathirathai, Sri Lanka's Jayantha Dhanapala, a presidential adviser, and South Korean Foreign Minister Ban Ki-Moon.

Ramping up the heat, India also made a bid this month, putting forward Shashi Tharoor, an Under Secretary at the United Nations.

posted 8:37 PM


There is a cross-section of views on the issue at the Comments channel, GO FOR A FIRSTY-HAND READ! I spent some time with my views, which in gist is calling on Suadara Anwar to continue with a MISSION UNACCOMPLISHED since 1997 when he stood up to Dr Mahathir at the expebnse of his number 2 Post. For six long years his wife Datik Wan Aziozah held the fort, aided by their daughter Nurul, so the husband and father cannot let them down. Neither can the PKr Adviser let down the thousands who took to the strets to fight for the CAUSE FOOR JUSTICE against water cannons and acid gas raining on their faces and bodies. Many of the OKTs (what's this, you ask? GO, fuuind out-lah in my Posting last September 2, 2005!) are still fighting their cases at the courts, for what?

For a great wrong done to a ex-DPM at his prime. Including near death experience at the hands of an IGP, don't let that image escape the Malaysian landsscape.

It's Adieu, NOT GOODBYE!:)

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A Springtime of Openness ...


frontpage gave Desi great delight at the BF table this sunshine morn, with an arresting headline which surprises with its OPENNESS IN GOVERNANCE.
Nine years later, never mind, because it comes out from a mouth that normally spews Mafia language!

Matrade shame


The Works Ministry has revealed questionable procedures by the Finance Ministry in 1993 that led to Perangsang International Sdn Bhd (PISB)'s appointment as the main contractor of the much-delayed Matrade headquarters.

Works Minister Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said his ministry's recommendation, following an open tender process, to appoint Ireka Construction Sdn Bhd was overruled by the Finance Ministry.

He told Parliament (yesterday - June 27, 2006) that the Finance Ministry, then under Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, instead directed his ministry to negotiate directly with PISB.

To a question from Salahuddin Ayub (PAS-Kubang Kerian), Samy Vellu said 14 companies had submitted 23 tenders for the construction of the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (Matrade) headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, and succeeded in the initial qualifying process.

He said the Public Works Department (PWD)'s Tender Board, which met in June 1993, had recommended Ireka Construction, with its bid of RM157,721,431, to the Finance Minister on the following basis:

> the contractor's tender price was 15% lower than PWD's allocation, and was reasonable;

> the time frame for the project's implementation was acceptable; and

> the contractor's work load was not heavy.

"Perangsang International's bid was not accepted as the price quoted was too low, about 19% lower than the department's estimates," Samy Vellu said.

He said this was because the price of the wall cladding offered by PISB was RM3 million, much lower than PWD's estimate of RM15 million.

"In addition, PISB did not submit the design of the wall cladding," he said.

Despite PWD's recommendation, he said the Finance Ministry decided the 14 companies should re-bid their tenders, but later directed that the project's implementation be negotiated directly with PISB.

Samy Vellu said after negotiations were completed, the Finance Ministry approved the RM167 million project, and an offer letter to PISB was issued in 1994.

Construction on the Matrade building began that year but completion, originally scheduled for 1997, was delayed by nine years. As a result, the project cost escalated to RM287.5 million.

To a supplementary question from Salahuddin, Samy Vellu said it was the Works Ministry's responsibility to evaluate the submitted tenders and make recommendations to the Finance Ministry.

"If the Finance Ministry does not accept, then I cannot question it," he said.

"This is because we act as an agent to the Finance Ministry in calling for the tender, and the final decision to give or not is left 100% in the Finance Ministry's hands. It (the decision) was made by the then Finance Minister," Samy Vellu added.

***Anwar was Finance Minister from 1991 until he was sacked from government in 1997.

To a supplementary question from Mohd Alwi Che Ahmad (BN-Ketereh) on what action the government would take against PISB, Samy Vellu said the company would be brought to court.

"PISB has closed down now, it no longer exists. The directors are all smart, we do not know where they have disappeared to, but they cannot run away (from the law)," he said.

PISB was a subsidiary of Kumpulan Darul Ehsan Bhd which is the Selangor government's investment arm.

Samy Vellu said if they allowed PISB to get away, other contractors would take money for government projects and then close down.

"I give my word to the august Dewan that any directive I receive I will carry out," he said.


I have reproduced the whole item as it is, but the emphasis (as BOLDED LIKE THIS) is Desi's.

The most revealing sentence is the following, and from it, you can surmise -- okay a simpler word is GUESS, my ER favourite brand in hi-fashion, NOT Desi the pauper writer! -- the MOTIVATION behind the sudden OPENNESS.

This openness is selective, prompted mainly, or rather a development from a logical progression of events started by the former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's coming out from "retirement" to exercise his "rights" as common citizen like you and me to query the present Administration, the Cabinet members which Pak Lah largely inheritred from the good doctor from November 2003, with a few adjustments. Cosmetic. As in many things ala Malaysia the past few decades.

So Malaysians for the past month have witnessed what I would term THE SPRINGTIME OF FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND OPENNESS IN GOVERNANCE,
***Anwar was Finance Minister from 1991 until he was sacked from government in 1997.

By now if you are an informed citizen, you must have known -- some even dreamt! MY SURMISE2, ain! -- Dr Mahathir's four issues to the present Adminstration under Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. On the other hand, the PM and his team, and supporters, have countered with several questions of their own -- a good summary is contained ion the well publicised theEdge's P Gunasegaram's 22 Issues. If you have to ask Desi what's all about, my short answer is:
Get outa of here! OUTSIDE! OUTSIDE!
(In World Cup language (ah, my fave team Brazil won 3-0 over Ghana, but I salute the losers for a fine performance, and Brazil's score should be 2, cos one was clearly -- OUTSIDE! OUTSIDE!)

I had responded to several ERs here on the ongoing FACE-OFF between the ex-PM and current PM in bits and pieces because I TOLD THEM IN GIST,
the situation is diffiocult to read., mainly in a nutshell~~~

* It's a dilemma -- or a more likeabl;e term to Desi, a PRETTY CONUMDRUM.
Like Hobson's Choice, where you have two roads ahead, a situation commonly captured so well by Robert Frost in THE ROAD NOT TAKEN...

For Desi, it's choosing between THE CROCODILE IN THE POOL and THE GREAT WHITE AT SEA.
You guys know it well as Twist the Devil and the Deep, Blue Sea!
Same-lah, it's just that this scribe has a BIG EGO TO FEED, so coining his own metaphor, can or knot?

For example, the infamopus case of the cancelled Crooked Bridge, which is merely an excuse for the FACE-OFF, which camp benefits more from the cancellation decision, Dr Mahathir or Pak Lah's?

From, this information is culled~~~

"...From the list of the Board members of Gerbang Perdana, which allegedly is "rewarded" handsomely for work no need to be done following "cancellation of crooked bridge". I extract TWO familiar names, viz: tycoon Vincent Tan (Berjaya Group) and his close associate, Tengku Adnan Mansor, now FT Minister...."

The two mentioned, to my knowlddge, are "STRONG" supporters of Dr Mahathir unless they have since shifted loyalties (which nowadays is NOT a miracle, isit?)

I'm not able to read "proper inferences" from the long list of Board members, which include Johor royalty ...need to await further Raja Petra Kamarudin's gems. And "gems" here does not refer to any balls, you soccer mad readers reading much into what I 'rite!

Curio cats and kittens out there/dare -- esp eeehKAYpohCIK AllOfHelen who's yet to respond to my challenge! -- Miss Patience is Virtuous and Arresting!

The break was to enable Desi to finish his Official Work (you know to put B&B on the table, add some KAYA when I do some OT!), so here I'm back to do your bidding, are you hAPpy now? I'm here to serve thee, but pay-lah so that I can retire to OUR I-LAND with RM20million. One well-"mean"ing FAshionistA sugests the OPTION of marrying an Orang Assli in Kelantan. Oh, don't spoil the purity-lah! Furthermore, Desi's no Maverick or isIT Machiavellian? I dunno-lah, so confused nowadays, can't tell friends fom foes. Ask Dr Mahathir -- Nasri says he's no Hatchet boy, man! I salute him for challenging ex-PM to debate ... is there some minced meat for sale after that?...)

Sorry for the DIGRESSION, but I'm in a generous mood because during the break, FASHIONASIA informs that ex-DPM that I hinted about playing a
CRUCIAL ROLE IN THIS OLDE ORDE vs NEW ORDER opeates a blog too!; I had a peep, mostly in BM, but some in English, will re-visit after this:)

This media freedom we have been witnessing now to me is just a short springtime. Many Malaysians thought the 2-1/2-year-old Admin under Pak Lah has heralded in greater freedom of sppech and a freer environ for the media. When the kitchen gets hot, that's when the cooks (editors and pseudo journalists!) can't take the heat, and soon the summer heat exposed the same newshounds dressed for a short season returning to their sheep's clothing. Of course, they come out baying on the right conductor's baton dressed as Wolves, still in sheep's clothing.
They are so NAKED LIKE THE WORKS MINISTER NOW ACTING LIKE A HERO WHEN WE CAN SEE -- he's just playing balls with the current PM at the expense of a former DPM-cum-Finance Minister.


Here's why~~~
The sentence I referred to earlier indicates that the RIGHTFUL PROTAGONIST IN THE CURRENT POLITICS is now being FINGERED.
Desi has been waiting for this.

I wrote under COMMENTS in a fellow blogger's site (Howsy? Mave SM? Anak Merdeka?...I know it's one of these Three CUL...priks!), anway/s/z, the substance is this~~~~~~~

BIG GUNS ON BOTH SIDES, like Brazil vs Ghana-lah!

The current FACE-OFF between Dr Mahathir&camp1 and PakLah&camp2 is essentially a clash between the Olde Orde and the New Order, fought by the main protagonists -- one very vocal against the other elegantly silent. Or between their proxies -- like Tengku Mahaleel Arif and lawyer Matthias Chang (I'm still trying to figure out this guy's role plus motive/motivation) plus a former NST GEIC Abdul Kadir Jasin from Camp1; and from Camp2, Minister in PM's Department, Nasri Aziz, now one of semi-value, and a fomer NST GEIC Kalimullah Hassan, also a growing Corporate allied with the PM's son-in-law Khairy Jamaludin, touted by a foreign newspaper as the "second most powerful man in Malaysia at 28" a few years ago....soon to be joined by others aessing the RIGHT TMING, like trying to chance on an OFFSIDE goal (as Ghana found out in dismay against taking Brazeil lust night, or eraning a Penalty kick like Italia against Ozland when not justified. See, Desi also enjoys World Cup besides his teh-C cuppa!

Hey, the MOTIVATION will explain the RATIONALE. If you're a DDC fan, you must remember I always demand an EXPLANATION FOR ANY STAND. Good, excllent, Sytupi, Moronic reasons, never mind -- DEFEND YOUR STANDS/STANCES,
Be a man, have balls, as Nasrio urges.
Don't take one-liner potshots. That';s for IDIOTS, MORONS and like a BABOON (Sorry, Zoo Negara residents, if I offend thee with such metaphor...)

I've said essentially Dr Mahathir is "passe" in Malaysian politics. And he reaffirms it -- read his comments in today's papers...From The Star, page N4~~~"Dr Mahathir said he had nothing to gain from the criticisms he made against the Government, and he had no ambition to return to politics, not even as a Member of Parliament."

His former protege, Saudara Anwar Ibrahim -- now serving out a time bar of five years from active politics -- will be the more important player on the PWTC Stage.
By default really, because the PM waiting in line after Pak Lah is Defence Minister Najib Tun Razak. but he's now in the good books of current PM. Remember there was a "long inter-lude" before Pak Lah announced Najib's APpointment as nuumber 2? Hey, forgotten ah? Like so many Malaysians, SHORT, SHORT MEMORIES!

Anwar represents the ONLY HOPE for the next generation. Hopefuilly, before the next GE due March 2009, the adviser to Parti Keadilan Rakyat would have come out robustly to revive the SPIRIT OF REFORMATION
that is so essential and vital for Malaysia making the NEXT QUANTUM JUMP IN MALAYSIAN POLITICS.



Here is a man who suffered six years of torment and imprisonment of now 50%-proven to be "trumped up" charges. If the other 50% "guilt" is given the benefit of the doubt by the MAJORITY of Malaysians quite fedup with the demolition of the JUDICIARY, there's HOPE YET. An advantage is that he knows UMNO politics inside-out, and with time for rumination and reflection at Puchionmg Jail for six long years, he must surely want to address othe wrongs clearly deiomnstated before his eyes under the Olde Order of UMNO, and still very much unchanged under the present UMNO regime?


At JeffOoi's, I have writen several comments about the FOUR ESTATES, and my humble assessments. Bear with me if I recap, also doing some Politics 101 Edu for less informed ER here, because an oocasional comment shows some are still in the dark as if we are taliking PROPERTY:

(1) The Executive , or the First Estate, in Malaysia is overly dominant, mainly due to UNWITTING support gioven by the electorate resulting in 90% contriol of the Second Estate.

(2) The Legislature, dominated by 90% Barisan Nasional MPs, is a subservient one, mainly Yes, Mr OPM, Yes, Mr DPM; No, Minister, Yes nauseum, except for some Entertainment from the puur-ring Opposition benceh. Plus some demostrations of mental facility at work from the BBC. Ooops, under former Chair Sdr Sharir Samad, MP for Jor Baru (who should have joined PKR or Justice merged with Socialist blood, which Desi likes...

(3) The Third Estate ios THE JUDICIARY, which has recently shown some signs of fighting back for its Independence which it LOST 100% in the 1998 SACKING OF THE LORD PRESIDENT & OTHER SENIOR JUDGES.
And this the Citizenry must thank Dr Mahathir -- the total emasculation of the Third Estate. If you dont know what Emasculation means, please use da dickl-lah! This scribe is already over-worked writing this FIVE-FOLD ESSAY to helenic 300-word she's labouring on, due Feb 29, 2007!

(4) Okay, back to my favourite estate -- the FOURTH, which I have been a member for THREE SHORT DECADES, hence my predilection to ghold very passionate views on this terratry.

I reiterate that this current state of the Media demonstrating greater openness (when compared with Dr mahathir's 22-year regime...), boldness and tolerancce for dissenting views. To me it's an ILLUSION. REALITY will be demonstrated in the longer terms, and it would be as harsh as during the previous PM's time.
Dear ER, Always remember Operation Lallang 1987.

Today he mainstream press is still owned, and therefore dircetd, by the UMNO, MCA, MIC (and in Sabah, and Sarawak by other BN component parties) political masters and allied intetested parties. E.g. Utusan Melayu and NSTP Groups by UMNO, The Star and Nanyang by MCA, etc ad nauseum...? I have argued for a case to limit ownership to a maximum of 5% by any individual person or organisation and these parties must not have "common intetrests", or in BizSpeak, be able to
myGOoDfriend in the plural:Mave, Howsy,, Anak M, does this phrase ring a belle?

To Desi, it's good for the country, the present FACEOFF between Dr Mahathir and the Government -- bringing forth a SPRINGTIME OF OPENNESS.

Wait until the Circus becomes the Gladiators' Arena -- some "wolf" will be slaughtered, and I would gladly pay RM20 for his pound of flesh; no-lah, kae that DUA RINGGiiiiiiIT! It rhymes with GIGiiiiIt! See, Desi is able to write pomes in BM too!

I'VE AVERRED THAT IN THE LONGER TERM, the Fourth Estate under Pak Lah's regime is not going to be any better than during Dr Mahathir's iron-gripped regime, as can easily be prodicted when oldtimer like ZAM is appointed Minister of Information -- I had several times renamed it Ministry of Propaganda-ganda Wang Anda...

The "disappearing act" of The Star online report on Saturday's outing at the Kelab is like a magician's act ala "Then you saw it, now you don't" that screen-captured. Transient enjoyment of a shortlived springtime of media freedom -- the Chief Editors will now be united in chorus, again.
Let's Enjoy our blogosphere freedom while we can.

In another blog, I have writ, so Cut&Paste here~~~~~~~

"desiderata said...

maverick sm:

You are getting nearer the core issue -- at the end of IT ALL, it's the spoils of te victor, at the "retired" (retried?) victor's expense.

It's NOT over until that DFAT lady sings her swan song, at the sext UMNO General Assembly; if earlier, Pak Lah has to answer his Election pledges to the GE2004 4electorate, as urged by Anak M here. (And M is definitely not for Mahathir...:(

What follows is strictly from a newsman's lens ~~But along the way, I wish to see the Star's GEIC's head chopped OFF...about time. Then you saw the story, now you don't. Nasri's challenge -- Be a man! DO YOUR JOB!

If you can't or won't just step aside. OR jump ship. Watever, just don't call yourself a journo.

26/6/06 22:38"

Before I switch off, may I wish all the key players: MAY YOU LIVE IN INTERESTING TIMES!

To my dear ER, Look at the Big Picture for the LONG TERM.
You intend to die in NegaraKU, don't we? or Migrate is on your mind ...?
Never mind/e, another day, another dime/Daim...Yes, this name will soon APpear. Wanna take a bet?


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Some Whistles Blowing...

On World Cup fields
and further Afield
and in the air-field too!

Whistle1 Blowing

For mGf sssssspirit and other less acquainted fair-dinkum blokes, Tokki's injury-timed penalty right on leftist target must have sunk many a stout hearted Oz early this moUrn - but Desi can't offer a second bite at the Apple because the Referee holds the whistle. Yesterdie he ruled Desi "offside" -- though many of my chinoserie buds at roadside Mamak stalls would yell: Outside! Outside-lah! But the Referee rightly ignored damned. Luckily the game was not played in a Latin Americano cuntry, otherVICE, a gunshot could have struck the Referee for gioving that Penalty shot!

But I ofer some consolation from the (Nu'e?) Seekers from back when life was simpler, even the cinemascope was mainly in Black&White, and the cowboy always rode into the sunset with not a broken heart, but whistling a tune that says: I'll be back!

So in four years' time, the Oz will come storming back, and Car Hill will roll all over the opponents, uphill, down dale, even all over Italia, Sophia Loren and Mama-MIA not withstanding.

Welcome to another Whistle2 Blowing from an old, rugged horse:~~~~~~~

Morningtown Ride

Composed by: Malvina Reynolds

Train whistle blowing, makes a sleepy noise,
Underneath their blankets go all the girls and boys.
Heading from the station, out along the bay,
All bound for Morningtown, many miles away.
Sarah's at the engine, Tony rings the bell,
John swings the lantern to show that all is well.

Rocking, rolling, riding, out along the bay,
All bound for Morningtown, many miles away.

Maybe it is raining where our train will ride,
But all the little travelers are snug and warm inside.
Somewhere there is sunshine, somewhere there is day,
Somewhere there is Morningtown, many miles away.
And back home, another happy note blown by another type of whistle


I still ENJOY travelling by train; never fails to make my iMAgine go wilde, trying to recapture The Continental Express and having CON BF with bespectacled Herculene Poiru XXchanging klues on solving the latest Death on the moving irno-horse. Yes, hearing the romantic wind and whistle blowing...

Until the next heartbeat stops -- another elegant daeth, some Princess travelling alONE from some difficult to [pronounce cunty nnamed Sveltlanafana or somethin'...:)
I luckily politely turned down an invite to dinner lust night with her, but I suspected her eyes were too penetrating. Could see through my soul, which when naked, is not all glory; Gore maypahs.
Desi could have even become a Poiru suspect myself!

Let's proceed with Whistle Blowing3:~~~~~~~

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

MALAYSIA AIRLINE SYSTEM (MAS) has set up a four-member panel to look into some 30 complaints from its employees fllowing the national carrier's move to implement a Whistleblower Policy early this year.

According to a report in theSUN, June 27, 2006 page 23,

MAS managing director Idris Jala said the good response from its employees on its whistleblower policy stemmed from confidence that the identity of the whistleblower would be kept confidential.
MAS instituted the policy under its business turnaround plan unveiled last February for employees to alert management of malpractices, irregularities and negligence affecting the national carrier.

Speaking at MAS’s AGM in Petaling Jaya on June 26, Idris said only its senior general manager (turnaround management office) Mohd Izani Ashari would know the whistleblower's identity and would then inform the panel without identifying the informant.
THINKING ALLOWED, maybe Pak Lah's appointee plugged out from Catsville, Idris Jala, will pioneer the way for the Government to follow suit.

This is comfort for some of my imPAtient EsteemedReaders like Howsy, Mave and Anak Merdeka -- why are they ganging UP on Desi? Is there a CONspiracy I don't know about?
Others, please tell desi before the Referee blows his Whsitle saying I'm persona non-gratIS in their www. It's alright, there is a price on everyman's head. Desi may jest join the Establishment. Just you wait!

Chew on these, mGf, if you're still so dumb demanding I speak out, I ain't no Whistle Blowing4:~~~~~~~~

It's from a less-Establishment -- here, I did not say 'established', okay! -- nu'espaper theSun, frontpage, May 22, 2006~~~~~~~

Tajuddin sued
for RM589m

by R. Nadeswaran (whom I had the pleasure of interacting with
during his days at the NSTP:)

KUALA LUMPUR: Tan Sri Tajuddin Ramli,
a former substantial stakeholder in
Malaysia Airlines, is being sued
for over half a billion ringgit
in relation to a RM1.792 billion loan
which enabled him to buy a controlling
stake in the airline in 1994.

And from a more-Establishment newspaper,
not Whisitle Blowing5, still worth blowin'-lah!
the NST, June 24, 2006:~~~~~~~~~


'The public shouldn't be afraid to come forward
and lodge reports on corruption to the ACA.
The ACA can protect them.' - Najib

By Wan Hamidi Hamid
(whom I also have the privilege of sharing
some common work terratries!

SEREMBAN:Whistle blowers may receive protection soon.
The Government is considering an Anti-Corruption
Agency proposal to saet up a witness protection
programme to ensure total secrecy and safety for them.


Pak Lah and Najib: Please make "soon" like within 6 to 12 months?
Not wait until General Elections 2008/09 comes around-lah!
Desi is a very PAtient man, having weaned and brought up THREE
Malaysian children now Y&A youths, I hope and pray.

But my EsteemedReaders like Mave SM, Howsy(Papa nyet?)
and Anak Merdeka, oh Helen too!
might not be as Patient because the latter two are Mama MIA,(I know:), not Papa Mah!

IMPORTANT NOTE: I have challenged da sisdar abiding to write Desi a 300-word Essay on the Dr Mahathir-Pak Lah FaceOFF so I can respond with a five-fold Commentary. Gutsy lad', she also the policy on Monday, June 26, 2006, that "The Enemy of my Enemy Is my Friend". Luckily she roots for England so I'm on the same side, Sweets and Nicole notwithstanding. I really don't know the relevance of mentioning the lust two names. Soft spot for Da Losers from DU(h) who actually contributed for my B&B, some kaya thrown in, for 12-1/2 years. If you need to ask why or how, Get Out of the Field, "OUTSIDE! OUTSIDE!"

Monday, June 26, 2006

FFFF -- Again

Desi once titled a Post based on Tom Jones' ditty ~~~
So sad for love that's gone bad.

"With all those
Funny, Familiar, Forgotten Feelings,
Start walking all over my mind..

Monday, June 26, 2006
the Sun greets Desi with two similar heads, headings, hatings? Your pick~~~

Keng Yaik Samy: I'll go
to when time
quit next year is right


sometimes runs a contest for Readers to make out the word/s from scrambled letters; Today I offer Readers a contest2 to make out the Words (And Words Are All I Have, to take your heart away...) from the scrambled doublespeak.

I don't believe a single iota of the words of the present iKabinet members, except Pak Lah himself, which I still believe now only 50%.
The two joKers above quoted --- there's a phrase,
Go tell IT to the (US) Marines.

Brings back those Funny, Familiar, Forgotten Feelings ...
especially when ex-PM goes another round at the current PM.
Are we over-dosing/overdozed on Politics?

In a politician's vocabulary, THERE IS NEVER A RIGHT TIME TO QUIT.
There is only What's the time left, by the hand of God, which some of them also want to challenge...

MOst die standing.
The rest die sitting, on the President's chair.

Like writers-lah. They can't stop writing, riting, writHing.
It's in their blood.
For a Poet, it's worse/verse. Death cometh eraly should you ask him/her to stop his wordplay.
He'd rather forego the foreplay.
Like some men foregoing Sex for the World Cup.

mGf said in Comments in da stael of lust night:

"Football more important lah. How can you sacrifice it for some poem?

Hei, politics important too. Write something lah...siok siok sahaja.

By Maverick SM, at 5:12 PM "


What about Bloggers?
If your spouse/BoyF, GirlF, NoF, commands thee today: "I want you to stop Blogging, immediately!"
My dera EsteemedReaders, WHAT WOULD YOUR RESPONSE BE?

Tell Desi-lah, Frank&Honest. FRank&DIShonest also can.
Many of us blog for fun/pun/'un/run...Yes, No, Mayhaps?
Bulls*** alos can, provided you admit/cuntfess you're a politikus...


The city is abuzz with Saturday Night Fever -- Live from Paradise Club!
For those who MISS'd the action, vsit whose host was the chief organiser of the do. Just an inkling how extensively IT was covered, viz the heads/headings/ hatings agin~~~

Mahathir strikes again

Malaysia’s former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad made it clear that his battle with the government for a satisfactory response to his criticisms has just begun, and that he will pursue the matter to the very end.

Opposition now instant fans of former prime minister
His two-hour talk, during which he was dismissive of his handpicked successor, Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi, and mocking of his former Cabinet colleagues, was almost entirely ignored by local newspapers.

Swipe at Premier's advisers
It was his way of referring to the highly educated young advisers of Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi. They include the latter's son-in-law, Oxford-educated Khairy Jamaluddin, whom the former premier blames for his troubles.

'Can't negotiate or smile with S'pore'

'If you want to deal with Singapore, to the extent of playing golf and patting each other on the back, that is okay. But with Singapore, you cannot negotiate or smile.'

Malaysia’s rights record still poor

Malaysia's human rights record has not improved since Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi came to power three years ago, despite his promises of reform.

This blogger was speculated by some ER if he attended -- did anyopne spy a cartoon charater depicted at howsy/, except the vest was vested in biru, yes, so APT, Keadilan colour. If I did, if was 4Justice.

Just reprise one comment I left at Raja Petra Kamarudin's first cited Post, which was from Straits Times, SINGAPORE, from an ex-NST journalist. See -- healthy exchange of bilateral staff...Not everything is ruffled waters between nieghbours. Even Desi and JoePsc get on like 'twin bruddder'!:

"desiderata said...
"...I thought they supported me because of what I was doing for the country...Now, I know they supported me because I was the PM.'"

The most pathetic admisssion by a Malaysian leader who should know better. By the age of 40, any politician inthe BN knows he must play balls with his/her chief took Dr Mahathir Mohamad (of high IQ because he qualified for Medicine on merit, not via the later introduced Quota system...) at age 81 to realise a simple axiom of Barisan Nasional politiocs of survival. In fine language, it's toe the line, in day-to-day language, Nak Cari makan, in coarse lnigo that UMMNO poluiticians understand bestA-- "AMPU Boss' Punya Bola, not World Cup-lah, Pak Lah's."

Monday, June 26, 2006 1:05:02 PM "*******

Saturday, June 24, 2006

something HI, something LO

I was reminded by my sssssspirited friend about a happy event -- HI! -- tomorrow Down Under which I must record for the likes of mGf Howsy whom I always used as a punching bag -- he doesn't klnow what hits him sometimes! -- to bring him up to speed and keep his spirits flying.

Yes, one of my fave actors, NICOLE KIDMAN -- who knocked Desi off in such engagements as Moulin Rouge, The Hours, and Interpreter, oh, I need my AtenoLOL! -- has been won over by an urbanite who can swoon and sing, so who can blame her? To the lucky fellow, I say No Kidding! Keith.

June 23, 2006

Australia anticipates Nicole Kidman's wedding to Keith Urban

SYDNEY, Australia (AP) - Nicole Kidman returned to her native Australia to marry country crooner Keith Urban. If she hoped to be able to duck the spotlight Down Under, she'll have to think again.

The Oscar-winning actress' every move since she and Urban arrived in Sydney early this week has been followed by a flash-popping pack of photographers, TV crews and fans of the Hollywood-conquering hero they first saw as freckle-faced teenager performing bicycle stunts in a movie.

The couple have tried to keep the wedding low-key, and the fine points of the ceremony - expected Sunday night - remain top secret. But the Hollywood star has been gracious and obliging, visiting a children's hospital ward and even buying a case of beer for the paparazzi camped outside her Sydney harborside home.

"Embarrassing,'' is how a blushing Kidman described the out-of-tune rendition of "Happy Birthday'' sung through the intercom by the press pack to mark her 39th birthday this week, but she did emerge briefly to pose for photographs.

Kidman, who was born in Hawaii to Australian parents, and Urban, a Nashville-based Grammy-winner who was born in New Zealand and raised in Australia, ended months of speculation shortly after touching down in Sydney in private jets on Monday.

"We are very happy to be back in Australia,'' they said in a joint statement. "We have come home to celebrate our wedding with our family and friends.''

News of the nuptials sparked a media frenzy, with dozens of reporters and photographers following the couple's every move and staking out the waterfront mansion Kidman once shared with ex-husband Tom Cruise.

When she visited the Sydney Children's Hospital with the son and daughter she adopted with Cruise, the kerfuffle at the entrance briefly blocked traffic, and a car in her entourage almost hit a taxi. The driver swerved, then jumped out to snap a picture of Kidman on his mobile phone, television footage showed.

Kidman has not always been so relaxed with the press.

Last year she took out temporary restraining orders against two photographers in Australia who allegedly stalked her and tried to plant a listening device on the grounds of her home.

With the big event tipped for Sunday, the couple has kept to a traditional pre-wedding script. Kidman attended a bachelorette party at her sister Antonia's house on Wednesday night, while Urban reportedly tasted a bit of Sydney's nightlife with several friends on Thursday.

Kidman and Urban, 38, have also reportedly stayed apart in the lead up to the union - which is expected to take place at the Cardinal Cerretti Memorial Chapel, a gothic-style stone church overlooking Sydney's iconic Manly beach.

Local media have predicted an extravagant, black-tie affair with a guest list including several Hollywood A-listers with long-standing Australian ties: Fellow actors and longtime friends Naomi Watts, Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman, along with "Moulin Rouge'' director Baz Luhrmann. Australian-born media mogul Rupert Murdoch - who owns Fox Studios - is also reportedly attending.

For her dress, Kidman is expected to turn to her preferred design house, Balenciaga, which made the intricately beaded, strapless ivory gown she wore at the Academy Awards this year.

Kidman and Urban - who won a Grammy this year for best male country vocalist - were first seen together in 2005. The wedding news triggered speculation that Kidman is pregnant, a rumor her agents deny.

Kidman spokeswoman Catherine Olim told the New York Daily News this week. "This is a rumor that comes around every month. It has for past year or two. Believe me on this one. She is religious, and that would never do.''

After years of dabbling in Scientology - the faith espoused by former husband Cruise - Kidman is likely to be married in a Roman Catholic ceremony, a move some see as a return to her religious roots.

"For Nicole, you know this is a spiritual homecoming, coming back to the church and her faith,'' Father Paul Coleman, a longtime family friend and pastor told the Catholic News Service.

Coleman reportedly advised Kidman on the annulment of her marriage to Cruise, and is tipped to preside over Sunday's wedding. He met with the couple this week and said he was confident their marriage would be happy.

"You've got to rely on their maturity and knowledge of each other and I'm impressed,'' Coleman told Sydney's The Daily Telegraph.

Coleman said he would advise the couple to "make time for each other, do romantic things together and never part without kissing,'' the paper reported.


I thought this Saturday I'm goibng to report on something that would bring a HI to everyone's lips. The LO is to remind mGf to say Hi-Lo often enough so that Desi knows you are thriving somewhere -- with someone special, or with the specialself in thee, whatever. It's goode whether you're wisihing for that ride over the rainbow, bumming round the corners for thy hucklberry friend, planting some moon flowers among the snow, or dancing to Happy Birthday sung out of key, out of tune.

"Hello, I can still see you, hear you" though I am several thousand miles away,
Cos Desi has a Poet's third eye and second nosey journo's pear of ears.

And this Verse is specially sung for Theeeeee~~~~~~~

You with the silent elegance
of a seven-year-old even at twenty-one
mature converse at ten years whence
you still prefer moonbeams over diamonds
Wioth a glint in dreamy eyes and
angel dance in willowy sway
I can cook thee a CON BF, but not lunch
I have booked a chinoserie takeaway on a hunch
Every birthday is another coming of age
Of first discovery
Then knowledge
Next discernment
Finally immersion
Of twinning

two weary travellers
into one spirited soul

Out pop a rut bir and a necklace
Made of seven orchids stringed amid
blue morn glories on a vine
No need for sparkling jewel, or a goldchain
Just thy velvet hands
in laid with shy kisses
on mine

(A note to myself:
Yes, Today
Not Tomorrow
And Monday
Yes, ev'ry weak day
Never on Sunday
My day of Inter-Lude
I remain spiritually
and mentally nude:)

3.50pm June 24, 2006
Rainy a soothing cool
on a Moody day in June.
See you soon.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Tolerance for scandalous behaviour ...

Whether abroad or on the homefront, the moment the country's citizens resign themselves generally to a state of acceptance and tolerance for scandalous behaviour in the nation's public service, and especially among their national leaders, that's when we descend into the pathway to hell paved with well expressed, angelic sounding intentions.

I quoted one example yesterday~~~

"Daily Express

Kota Kinabalu: Allegations that a senior former government leader was behind an attempt to issue some 600,000 Identity Cards to illegal immigrants in Sabah makes it even more important for Sabahans to add their names in large numbers to the signature campaign seeking a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the matter.

Consumer Association of Sabah and Labuan (CASH) President Datuk Patrick Sindu said Sunday the allegation cannot be taken lightly because it involves the nation's sovereignty.

I draw your attention to two items in The People's Paper, one from a local, and the other from a visiting foreigner ~~ is there a thread among the two? You tell Desi!:

The Star, page N3, June 23, 2006

Probe into false tsunami claims charge completed

BUKIT MERTAJAM: The Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) has completed its investigation into allegations of false claims on the tsunami aid funds. Its director Ja'afar Mahad said the report on the investigation was submitted to the Deputy Public Prosecutor's (DPP) office last month.

The agency was now waiting for a directive from the DPP's office on whether the case would be brought to court.

He was speaking to reporters after attending a programme on integrity organised by Universiti Teknologi Mara and the ACA here yesterday.

In June last year, he said, former ACA state director Abu Kassim Mohamed had stated that he had received nine complaints of tsunami victims not receiving aid.

Four of the nine complaints were found to have some basis for investigation, he said.

The tsunami, which struck on Dec 26, 2004, resulted in loss of RM100mil worth of property in Perlis, Kedah, Penang and Perak.

Following the incident, the Government provided funds to assist those who had lost members of their family, homes and fishing boats. However, there were allegations that the names of some victims were not included in the list. – Bernama

'Stand up
against violence'

KUALA LUMPUR: People have the responsibility and obligation to stand up to their governments if they are guilty of great violence, said former UN assistant secretary-general Denis Haliday.

He was concerned that Americans had been hijacked by the system, and their “misplaced patriotism” made the United States one of the most dangerous countries in the world.

There was a mad dash, he said, to intrude and provide the so-called freedom and democracy “even if we have to kill you.”

By accepting the situation and keeping silent, he said, the people were in fact collaborating with their leader.

“That’s a very uncomfortable feeling. We have a duty to stop it,” he told the Perdana Global Peace Public Forum.

(STOP THE KILLING: Dr Mahathir delivering a speech at the Perdana Global Peace Public Forum while a projector screen shows pictures of the Middle East conflict. — APpic : Just iMAgine lah!)

Haliday’s former colleague at the UN Hans Von Sponeck said the “global blood pressure” had gone up.

The reason, he said, was “incredible double standards” that exist in the UN and the Security Council.

Citing an example, Von Sponeck said it was despicable to see how a powerful president of one of the permanent members of the Security Council (the US) could go to New Delhi to discuss a nuclear deal while at the same time condemn Iran
for its uranium enrichment programme.

“They said Iraq could launch weapons of mass destruction in 45 minutes (but there were none) and now they are saying that Iran could be a nuclear threat in three to four months,” he said.

He also pointed out that the US contributes 22% of the UN’s budget, and this made the organisation vulnerable to its demands.

Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad described the global arms race as “horrendous,” noting that it would cost US$200mil (RM730.8mil) just to keep one F-18 fighter plane flying.

“We don’t need killing machines which are more costly than the earlier ones. It is a waste of huge sums of money to buy an aircraft which we hope not to use,” he said.

To a question, Dr Mahathir admitted that it would be impractical at the moment to try US president George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair as war criminals for the lies they told to go to war in Iraq.

He said it was up to the “court of the people” to decide whether to re-elect such war-mongers.

In his speech earlier, he voiced his concern over war preparations on Iran, now under way. -- The Star (Ends Item2 for rumination, my dear ER, please Don't Switch Off, okay!)

Just reproduce a few paragraphs, my Thinking Allowed tells me I hear some ECHOES (softly, softly...the walls have ears!) of the foreign voices on the home front -- or isIT AFfront?

~~~He was concerned that Americans had been hijacked by the system, and their “misplaced patriotism” made the United States one of the most dangerous countries in the world.

~~~The reason, he said, was “incredible double standards” that exist in the UN and the Security Council.

In closing, just reprising a relevant quote, for its content only, not that I'm besotted with everything American!~~~

When there is a lack of honor in government, the morals of the whole people
are poisoned. There is no such thing as a no-man's land between honesty and
dishonesty. Our strength lies in spiritual concepts. It lies in public
sensitiveness to evil. Our greatest danger is not from invasion by foreign
armies. Our dangers are that we may commit suicide from within by
complaisance with evil, or by public tolerance of scandalous
-- Once US President Herbert Hoover


Ponder my EsteemedReaders, who are the leaders and countries leading us up the garden path.

Who are your National and State leaders leading you up the road to Hell, described as "...a path paved with good intentions".

Dera ER: Can you cite me one such good example ... no need leader's name, just his well expressed intentions!

Have a niCe die, if it's possIble~~~
A teh-C from Desi, plus Ha!lia! no more suGAR!
Make Sweet peAs, knot Whore!

Thursday, June 22, 2006


CASH is of supreme importance.
We slog like mad to earn CASH so that the Gomen can survive and develop NegaraKu with our taxes.
Some ladies even tax their bodies to the limit working like oxen (That's plural for Ox, it's not the feminine form, okay? I know, I know, it's long abandoned Desiderata.English... but why are some of you still sperring definAtely (correct: definiItely!) and it's property is selling like hot cakes! (Corect: its property, contrasted with it's being short for IT IS!) after I've pointed them out a 1,001 times. Now it's 1,002! Still c'unting...

CASH as in my fave The Man in Black was immortalised through a movie Walk The Line recently.
CASH as in the register is ringing less loudly nowadays because of a perceived slump in retail businesss -- ask your neighbourhood small&medium businessmen/women/lads&ladies -- nowadays, we must be politically correct, don wanna be bashed out by some modern feminists whose hemlines go DOWN when prices go UP:) Is there a co-relation there? Don't ask Desi,I'm merely reporting; seek out the FashionistA who always plies the malls ... what is in her shopping list, ah?Sugar, sugar...NONE even if you have got lots of cash!

Before I go into the Post proper, not properly, it's as in prim and proper!
Let me warn you today's CASH topic is XXplosive. So here's a Sweetener to cool thee down, equivalent to "lowering thy BP', equivalent to relieving your stress...
(especially for those men who sneaked in late this moUrn into bed after a dawn meet with the misSTRESS!:) I'm just commenting, not commending, okay!

From page 8, the freebie TheSUN,

... and, a little squirt in the nose
can lower stress, too

WASHINGTON: A little squirt of as hormone
that relaxes woemn during childbirth and
breastfeeding helped lower stress in both
men and women who were quarreling, a
researcher reported on Tuesday.

Levels of a stress hormone called Cortisol
dropped significantly in the men and
women given Oxytocin,Beate
Ditzen, a psychologist at Emory University
in Atlanta, told the International Congress
of Neuroendrocrinology at the University
of Pittsburg Medical Centre.

While there are nowhere close to developing
a marital harmony drug, the researchers
believe they may be on the trail of a way
to help battle stress, and possibly, reduce

Can you IMAGINE that in futture,
the US military dropping bubbles of Oxytocin
instead of bombs on Iran and Iraq?

PeAce, peAce, PEACE ``` the way the Beatles envisage via
a drug called iMAgine. The Power of the Human Mind/e.

Now, that would bring in LOTS of CASH,
wonder IF lundun-faced Howsy could be in that
Research teAm?
Donate-lah RM20million to Desi's I-LAND FUN-D,
a noble act what! V-irginal Nobel Prize winner for NegaraKu.

Okay, after long-winded Intro, where was I?
Annie drug to restore my memory glands, ah?

~~~~~~~ Malaysians, watch out, A-bombshell about to fall
on top of your heads!~~~~~~~

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

CASH sees even more signing up for probe

Daily Express

Kota Kinabalu: Allegations that a senior former government leader was behind an attempt to issue some 600,000 Identity Cards to illegal immigrants in Sabah makes it even more important for Sabahans to add their names in large numbers to the signature campaign seeking a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the matter.

Consumer Association of Sabah and Labuan (CASH) President Datuk Patrick Sindu said Sunday the allegation cannot be taken lightly because it involves the nation's sovereignty.

He also said that CASH would be lodging police reports as expected of loyal citizens on a matter of grave concern.

"We will ask police to conduct a through investigation into the truth behind the allegations as revealed during the Parliament Select Committee (PSC) hearing last week," Patrick told a press conference at Beverly Hotel.

He stressed that the report would include requesting police to charge the leader concerned with "treason" if investigations prove that he was, indeed, behind the issuance of the Ics.

"We have collected more than 10,000 signatures since the campaign was launched on March 15," he said, adding that Cash was confident of collecting enough signatures before submitting them to the King.

Patrick said the signature campaign was out of concern to ensure the rights and privileges of Sabahans were not compromised.

He said if the Government could act fast to set up a Royal Commission over the nude woman detainee controversy in the peninsula, there was no reason why one that involves the very sovereignty of the nation should be ignored.

He also expressed dissatisfaction over the Government's move to set up special court to handle and prosecute foreigners.

"We are talking about how foreigners could obtained ICs so easily and revoke all those that have been issued through falsified Statutory Declarations," Patrick said.
(ends Daily Express report alerted via Raja Petra Kamarudin!)

DESIDERATA: Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad had alleged that one component tied to the cancellation of the Crooked/Scenic/Cynic Bridge is the sale of sand by Johor to Singapore, and also the use of airspace over Johor by the republic's military aircraft. The esteemed ex-PM declared such "acts" amount to committing "treason" against NegaraKu, and I do quite agree if the two concessions were added on by some "late-cxomers" as sweeteners to fatten their already deep pockets.

Using that argument, I can safely say that it's indeed another ACT OF TREASON by those involved in the Sabah Immigration Department in selling the thousands of Identity Cards to foreigners -- whether from Indonesia, Togo or China or the Philippines, it does not matter!

I salute Patrick of CASH in his efforts to bring such "traitors" to face the penaltry not less than "hanging from the tallest tree" in TanahAirKu. Before the state warlords bring down all the trees in Our Beloved NegaraKu. What sayeth you, my dear EsteemedReaders?
Pak Lah and Sabah Barisan Nasional leaders:
Art thou having eyes, who do not see?
Art thou having ears, who do not hear?

Art thou having container loads of Cash, but do not share?
What's happening to the cas(h)e of a former CM who squandered millions at a London cas(h)ino?

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Half-past-6 is an over-rating for some!

When former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad ascribed the attribute of "half-past-six" to the current adminsitration under Pak Lah, I would tend to agree with the goode olde doctor of medicine with a qualifier -- there are some who are excellent, some good, and the rset, yes, half-past-6.

Undefortunately, there are among them to whom a half-past-6 rating is actually a compliment.

I believe here's one example, sighted buried somewhere (luckily) in the Star today ~~~ (the 'lucky' refers to the 'burial', not the subject, although I don't balme you IF you should deem that way!)~~~

men sought

PADANG BESAR: Perlis is inviting
bomohs, or medicine men, from the world over
to become counsellers for halway homes the state
government plans to build for drug addicts.

Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim said
"medicine men" from any part of the world, be it
Togo, India or elsewhere, were free to come to
Perlis to help out as counsellors.

He said they could use their skills to gyuide
the drug addicts back to the right path.

"They may have a different approach to help
drug addicts turn a new leaf," he said yesterday.

DESIDERATA: No wonder when the said subject offered to "mediate" between Dr Mahathir
and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, the Tun just dismissed him, adding on another barb that "that guy" was complaining back in the old days (words to this effect-lah).

I like a quote by Mark Twain -- mahpahs it's relevant here -- that says words to this effect~~~ It's better that one should keep his mouth shut that others think he's a fool, than to open the mouth to leave no doubt about the fact he's one!

Okay, let's see what Shahidan has said and implied.

That "bomohs" n some parts of the www had special skills Malaysia could adopt to rehabilitate our own addicts. Hey, if there were such experts-bomohs around, the whole wide world would have heard about it, the www would have recorded it, and that coiuntry would have a properous bomoh-ing industry, okay. Semuanya tak okay, MB?

And is the Perlis MB re-defining Human Resource and Immigration Department policies and priorites? Since when has a State been blessed with such authority -- or really has Pak Lah acknowledged his Federal administrators were half-past-6 and hence surrendered some jurisdiction and authority to the Perlis State Government?

I haven't read IT in the mainstream newspapers, who are all so obedient, and pliant, to the incumbent Gomen. My dear ER, have you?

PS: I reiterate that Pak Lah should do drastic surgery to remove those cancerous cells now affecting and infecting the main body politic of his Administration. The tradition that "old medicine" should now give rise to newer, more scientific minds just because of seniority and incumbenncy inherited from the olde regime should not remain an albatross around the people's government's neck.

Hey, each of us has only one neck, and we want to live to see Vision 20020 attained in our own lifetime. Hopefooly, with some bomohs help, we also can get to have a glimpse of V3030 on the horizon.

Hope spings eternal in the heart of an OPTIMIST.
And a half-past-7 poet is an enduring -- isIT spelt endearing? -- one...

PPS (No,, it's not Project Petaling Street, though I believe its anniversary is nigh, or isit over o'lady? No nu'es ... maybe someone is still dressing UP, or isIT down?)~~~

From The Star, page N4~~~

Wednesday June 21, 2006

Pak Lah: We don’t change policies indiscriminately

JAKARTA: The Malaysian Government does not change policies indiscriminately, says Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

“Whatever action we take, it is always rooted in facts and proper information,” he told a press conference yesterday. He said the issue of the Government “simply changing policies does not, and will not, arise”.

Abdullah was asked about Rengit assemblyman Ayub Jamil’s recent call to the Government to set up a commission on policy planning, implementation and strategy to prevent the country’s policies from being changed mid-stream.

The assemblyman cited agriculture as an example, where Majuternak was closed down at one time but now the emphasis was back on agriculture and rearing goats and cattle.

Abdullah was also asked if Petronas would increase the price of gas, but he declined to comment, saying he did not wish to speculate on the matter.

“What is important now is to ensure economic growth and that the economy runs smoothly,” he said.

DESIDERATA: I believ the Prime Minister means what he says, and says what he means, especially at an international forum. But when it comes to implementation, I don't know it's safe for the PM to assume those down the line observe the centre's policies -- in word and spirit!

Watch the State Warlords with their antics -- timber felled wantonly (Or isIT wandanly?), making nudist earlth colonies a doomsday delight for brother Landslides and Clifffalls burying lesser folks underneath tonnes of rubble, well extinguished, other than MB, CM and officals with mighty prefixes?

I don't know, me with my half-past-6 observations...

Pak Lah needs all our prayers, fellow citizens of NegaraKu, whetgher half-past 6, 7 or 8. And I'll stop at Eight because 8 is a lucky number. Also we'll leave 9 and 10 for the sext 14 yaers to aspire towards, yes?

Yours truly,
ever Optimistic Desi sinning off,
offering thee Teh-C minus the Su-gar, Sugar...
You're my Money gal...

Soly it's a short Post today because some of my ER
complained to some author-ities Desi is long-winded.
I'm rushing off for an AP to lower my BP
-- I hate Miss Ternomin! --
I'm CONsulting my SIN-seh:)

Bonus PPPS, can?

After a tip-off from mGf sssssspirits from Down Under, I offer thee a Rut Bir to go with this teAser, from one of my sweetest (no Sugar please, we art Oz!:) stars, who acted as my Interpreter at the United Nasiones~~~

Kidman, Urban
soothe paparazzi
with cold beer

SYDNET: Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman
and fiance Keith Urban used a very Australian
gift to soothe the paparazzi camped outside her
Sydney home yesterday ahaed of their expected
weekend wedding -- a case of cold beer.

Selfish is keeping the rest of the story for
himself, especially from the eyes of Howsy, mGf
based in lundun always on the lookout for SYTT.
(~~Saya Yang Tak Tahu~~):(

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

StressFool L'ving

Workplace POLITICS.
Homeplace STRESS.
needing ATTENTION.
And we all suffer SUGAR DEPRIVATION.

Modern L'ving is Truly StressFOOL. And all along we think we are WISE!

Here's a peep at for somemore tentative tension~~

Monday, June 19, 2006
Gimme Some Sugar That Won't Disintegrate

[This is a cuff bracelet from I think all Malaysians need to get this cool bracelet. Imagine, the Beatles anthem, a bracelet in front of thy eyes...:]

Its a domino effect I tell ya...
Be still my wallet......
First is the petrol......
Then came the electricity....
Soon after we suffer shortage of Sugar.....
Was told that Government to study Petronas’ plea for gas price increase
Rice is gonna be really dear too come october......

EVERYTHING going up!!!!! except for my measely salary lahh....

To top it up, shopping is not safe anymore. Here's WHY.

***Rapist seen on CCTV stalking stewardess
17 Jun 2006

The rapist who abducted a stewardess from a shopping centre’s basement car park in Damansara on Tuesday was captured on close-circuit television camera stalking the victim before pouncing on her.

He was seen hiding behind a pillar where the stewardess parked her car and waited for five minutes until the 24-year-old victim returned.

Footages then showed the suspect pushing the woman into the car and taking over the wheel. They were in the car for about 10 minutes before they left the car park, with the rapist driving.

The rapist drove around the car park for several minutes searching for an un-manned exit. Finding one, he drove through, shielding his face with a baseball cap from a CCTV at the exit.

The stewardess was spotted seated at the front passenger seat and her face was turned away from the rapist. Her hands were behind her back but it is not known if they were bound. (ends extract from NST)
The lust Desi heard, FA was complaining why the NST news report DID NOT mention the name of the mall (as was done with the femes case of Canny Ong at the Bangsar SC.)
I reieterate her complaint ~~ yes, mention the name so that women, ladies and Desi can take precaution, err when I go shopping for ...SU-gar.

The lust time I heard of DOMINO EFFECT, it was the fear of the Commies coming all the way down south springing from China and Big, B'd Ho Chi Min's North Vietnam in the 70s. Maybe FAshionistA is suffering a bout of NOSTALGIA -- longing for tension-free Flower Power days of Da Beetles (Strawbelly Fields Forever), Rolling Stones(Art thou stoned? Ooops, soly, I jest made this wan UP!) and MaryAin't Faithfool(Those were the days...) and of course,

As for that line "
[This is a cuff bracelet from I think all Malaysians need to get this cool bracelet.Desi's reading is that ALL MALAYSIANS WILL MAKER peace, NOT WAR< by wearing a bracelet each as an anthem promoted by Desi, FAshionAsia, and of course, The Beatles, in the spirit of IMAGINE...)

Lust, but NOT da list:

Desi has been led UP the garden path for decades, downing Thernomin ~~~ mGf based in lundun tells Desi: No "H", no haste! So i have been downing the wrong pill all night long; only weeks ago I got back to the right path, it's TERMOMIN, minus the H!-ella!

Betterr late than never, both the pill, and the nu'es:

theSUN page 25, May 29, 2006

headline: Don't blame the job!

By Anne Harding

NEW YORK -- The notion that being stressed out on the job causes high blood pressure doesn't hold up, according to a new analysis of studies involving more than 100,000 people.

"There's no doubt that in the moment stress raises blood pressure," the study's author, Dr. Samuel J. Mann of Weill Cornell Medical College in New York, told Reuters Health. But there's virtually no evidence, he said, that such stress leads to chronic high blood pressure, or hypertension. "They've been trying to prove that for 40 years."

While job stress can certainly affect health in some ways, he added, blood pressure isn't one of them. "There's a robust relationship between job stress and things like tension headaches, anxiety, depression," Mann said. "If somebody is having all that and having headaches every day, can't sleep and is anxious, then that's a person who should change his job."

Mann conducted his review after the 2003 publication of a well-designed study by French researchers that found no link between job stress and hypertension.

In the current analysis, he looked at 48 studies claiming to support such an association. Many, Mann found, had serious flaws --for example, only basing the findings on diastolic pressure (the lower number in a blood pressure reading) rather than systolic pressure.

Others only found a stress-hypertension association in a small subgroup of individuals studied, and such subgroups varied from study to study.
Still others looked at several variables measuring stress and found only one of them was linked, weakly, with hypertension, and played up this finding rather than the negative ones.

"After decades of research," Mann concludes in his report in Current Hypertension Reviews, "the evidence for a relationship between job stress and blood pressure is weak."

Studies have tied stress to heart disease, Mann noted, but hypertension is not likely to be the contributing link. Instead, he added, stress might boost high blood pressure risk by leading people to overeat, gain weight and abuse alcohol.

While Mann says he's not categorically denying that job stress could cause hypertension in some people, it's role is likely small. About 40 percent of hypertension is due to genetics, and another 40 percent to overweight, poor diet, salt intake and lack of exercise -- leaving about 20 percent available for other causes, he explained.

"If somebody has hypertension and they don't like their job, medically there's no reason to tell them to quit their job because it adversely affects their blood pressure."


Frankly, Desiderata has been stoically living ON THE EDGE (No, I'm NOT sponsored by the local weekly magazine, though I read IT often!) by not taking the compulsory daily dosage of Ternomin. Now -- after some sisdarly adVICE! -- Desi may forget sometimes his Ternomin, but he goes for Miss AtenoLOL

I gas there is less tension, for now, at UMNO.

You don't know WHY?
Then you're not a citizen of BOLEHLAND!
Get out of HERE!:(