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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Desi admits he's sometimes a Flighty WritHer, a DieDreAmer2

So when I need to get out the "Here out of Hell"! translated in Desi's downtimes, e'en in the dietimes, especially without those (ERRATA: that....) shiny thingy they call a dime, rime wit' thine! ~~ I will sing to meself:

"Fly Me to the Moon"

Here/hear's Matt MO(o)nro's version via:


Fly Me to the Moon 

Matt Monro

Last update on October 2, 2014

Fly me to the moon 
Let me play among the stars 
Let me see what spring is like 
On Jupiter and Mars 

 In other words, hold my hand 
In other words, baby kiss me 
 Fill my heart with song 
and let me sing for evermore 
you are all I long for 
all I worship and adore 

In other words, please be true 
In other words, I love you 

(----- instrumental break ----) 

Fill my heart with song
 let me sing for evermore 
you are all I long for 
all I worship and adore 
In other words, please be true
 In other words, In other words
 I... I love... I love you!

Friday, April 29, 2016

MATT MONRO cometh wit' 50 songs, learn one every day, you will thank Desi for IT!

VIA this LINK:

I click to YOuTube for my fave singer to reflect that day's MOOD, I do that every time I surf the Net , and today I emphasise on FRIDAY's CHILD, for if I think I was born on that day, I'm truly blessed!


Matt Monro – Wednesday's Child Lyrics

Wednesday's child is a child of woe.
Wednesday's child cries alone, I know.
When you smiled, just for me you smiled,
For a while I forgot I was Wednesday's child.

Friday's child wins at love, they say.
In your arms Friday was my day.

Now you're gone, well I should have known,
I am Wednesday's child, born to be alone.

Now you're gone, well I should have known,
I am Wednesday's child, born to be alone.

Wednesday's child, born to be alone. 
Wednesday's Child lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

DESIDERATA: As I wrote on Monday, I ENJOY Matt Monro's songs for his EXQUISITE ENUNCIATION, and by memorising the lyics as you sing-along-with Matt (YES, v v are on First Nama basis....) your proficiency will rise and rise, and One Fine Day, you will hit the roof. Just don't do it at Furong's Butterfry Varrey karaoke centre, you don't wanna shorten this ckoboi and his matey Kbois&kgals' lives, do you! 

Don't ever be wicked, that's the musical for another die.

Today, let's awe Make Peace, Make Love
Leave the War to the Politikuses! 
God save us awe from 'em/damned all! ~~ Amen

Thursday, April 28, 2016

On Da Desi Code (DDC), and aMore...

In YESTERDAY's post, I promised to elaborate on DDC, a moniker gifted by a BCbody named IpohLang aka AweOfHelen... 

So here's firstwan (wan is DDC for one...), REPRISE1,

or should it read REPRISAL1?:~~~~


Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Publishing Experience, or Lack Of...

YL CHONG-- aka Desiderata when he first used publicly as a creative writer to earn pocket money -- has been living in a semi state of retirement since BUM2011. I believe some of you know I landed up in the 5-star Seremban General that faeful die day in July, 2012, and well treated for a weAk:). Okay, be warned that DDC is again used in this post -- ****DDC is Da Desi Code, gifted me by an Ipohlang I nick AweOfHelen.

I will reprise a section to help ye understand what DDC is**** from my inaugural Anthology (see-lah at the TOP, Midnight Voices & Other Poems, Now rush to email me and place an order of 10copies or more, which will enjoy a 15percent discount OK! Wella, it's surmised that after I move on from this gOod Earth, a copy autographed by YL, Desi, would be worth something like 1,500 -- remember Vincent van Gogh's SUNFLOWER? He died a pauper, his works fetch many millions post Death, how sad, I'm glad I'm not dead. Nyet.

My Email:

Handphone: 012-9702285

SomeEsteemedReaders who have not met Desi but emailed would address me as a Ms -- I don't blame them because I think they fell in love with some of my "beguiling" poems, right? Leftist or Centrist?

Hence, I started off flagging the marketing of my First Print i 2007 with INTIMATIONS. Writers by nature do not speak to your face, they converse, and if your are physically around, they may reach of point of "holding thy hands", my dear!


My book was SELF-PUBLISHED and the first edition was limited 1,000copies. I sold 900copies and gifted the remaining 99, keeping ONE kopi with penned-over TYPOS spotted after the fact!

Then about "six" months ago (I was tempted to say "sex", but shall refrain in case some below-age-of-16 gals from Malaka visit Midnight Voices -- hey,, now kids grow up pretty fast,and my friends from abroad infrom Desi they even have started to "do it" in secondary school! Please don't ask-lah what "do it" means OK, I'm not a qualified sex-educationist; and there is a Chinese saying: "When painting a portrait, don't need to paint even the intestines!" (something to this effect-lah!:)

Back from digression, which is a BUMmer's privilege to abuse -- that's WHY I urge my readers to get o board the Bloggers' bandwagon! -- I had wanted to publish my second book consisting my Best Socio-Political Essays; No, I was not modest to it by myself. I approached a publisher I had acquainted with through my Blogging and Political activities, sent him samples of the writings I had in mind; for reaons not to be disclosed -- hey publisher-writer relationship is akin to a doctor-patient one/wan OK -- the project did not take off.

I then approached another publisher nj KL, the initial talks did NOT even take off. He cited the case of mGf/myGOoDfriend KimQ -- March to Putrajaya, does that ring some DESIbelles? -- where Bukit Aman called up both parties for some sweetheart talks, and confiscated their books for safekeeping as sweeteners. See, Malaysian's PDRM boasts of keeping "threats to national security" of their own nationals at bay, BUT THERE IS ON RECORD GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS STATING THAT INDONESIAN ILLEGALS IN MALAYSIA TOTALLED SOME TWO MILLION!

Heeding the advice of former Singapore Prime Minister LKY that someone reaching 65 must not retire, for once he/she gives up an active mind-based activity on a regulat basis, he/she will head for that tombstone much earlier, Desi had to think of a way to keep bee-sy.

The past few years, when I became acquainted with some new contacts with whom I wished to get-to-know-better, I had given PHOTSTATE COPIES, gratis of cpourse, for Desi is knot a scrooge OK!


(To be continued...I have to adjourn to an early capitalistic dinner, a visitor from outstation is treating, and an olde horse like Desi knows the meaning of "MAKE HAY W'ILE THE SUN SHINES", especially during this raining seAson:) ~~ YL, Desi, knottyaSsusual



It's awe (DDC4all) in RED because you boys&gals aRsEkd for more&aMore, like ORPHANS Oliver Twist & Olivia TWISTEDheels!:) or ::(


Sunday, June 10, 2007


Sundaes for Desi are for reflection on the meaning and/or unmeaning of life, Homo sapiens mainly, but sometimes of the Animal Kingdom too. And it surprises me that often the four-legged friends behave more decently than the so-called two-legged walking tall type.

Sunday of course is the last day, or first day, of the seven-day cycle called a week.
I change to read as sundae because in my childhood days, I often passed the Wah Tung coffee house looking at the colourfool pictures of mouth-watering ice-creams that would have cost me a whole seven days plus a half-weak's pocket money to taste just a cuppa. What more you add in a half-a-bana and a double scoop they entice with western sounding nomenclature like Queen's float and King's fool-banaNA split and heavenly sundae. Th lust is my mod day's creation just using Poetic Licence, hence the lower case.

I thou art LOST with some of the references, it is Da Desi Code or DDC(c) which you blame on for gifting It to Desi in XXchange for some past&PRESENTries.

On Sundays I sometimes, affected by Helen, whoelsee?, get a li'l kapypohchic, throwing caution to the wind, and pen on funny things, fanny somethin', and fonny things. Fonny is a combo of fond and deny -- meaning that I write of subjects whioch I am fond of but am denied -- for one reason or no reasons at all -- from writHing on normal times. That "H" is added to show you how snaky a writer can be. Take it from me, it's Okay if it's of a non-poisonous category -- but some can kill you if you ate it as SpecialBrunch.Even gifted FREE, please taste, don't swallow 'hole, you may die of toxins worse than Desi's famed arSENice laced in his tehtarik... Yes, sometimes I blow my own cover -- naked glory at midnight becomes havenly delight, jest don't peep, at that hour, you're supposed to have both eyes closed. And other orifices shut except for the nostrils. But I digress, which is a Blogger's privilege to abuse -- THAT'S ANOTHER UNSTATED REASON WHY YOU SHOULD START BLOGGING.

MINSIERS too. Othervice someone wouldn't have committed this fatalistic sin of Cut&Paste without adding. AweOfHelen yesterday led me to herGOoDfriend LinPeh's abode

"Friday, June 08, 2007

Samy Write Poem ?

Today, bernama reported that work minister Samy Vellu has penned a poem for the wedding of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Jeanne Abdullah and the Poem goes like this:

From this day forward,
You shall not walk alone.
Her heart will be your shelter,
And her arms will be your home.

A mountain needs a valley to be complete;
the valley does not make
the mountain less, but more;
and the valley is more a valley because
it has a mountain towering over it.

For the rest of the story, please-lah, don't be lazy on Sunday, though yo're excused for being Hazy on Langkawi Beach where you got to rely on "stolen" with periit Internet access, bitching about the fine weather and whether Desi's guilty of Playgiarising up to this point, Mouse on the "here" connect at generous Lin Peh. I understand he like Desi is capable of Versifying and Werse!

TO MY DEAR ER, I declare thus:

If you copy one of my lines,
Like till the earth touches the sky
and awe the writHings in my Anthology
but attribute-lah Desi for using his Thingy
It's okay, I won't sue thee, just pay the fines
RM20million, and Jest don't ask why!

We Bloggers also use other people's works
We also Cut&Paste and with our 2sen worth add aMore value
With Google robber barons can't run and hyde
But this BIG-made-in-Malaysia guy so used to and worse
He just reprised 2-into-1, and out came babe of semi-value

Oh, PM, our beloved Prime Minister
You've been gifted with stolen goods
From midnight steal can you lead us out of the woods
Excise this delinquent quite sin-ister
Cut the crap and get us Rakyat from his foul moods!


fishtail said...
That crap of a man is as phony as the words spewing from his mouth.
Twisted Heels said...
He got away without any charges for plagiarism?

On another note, I went travelling and came across this shop named Desi Aroma. I didn't manage to snap a picture of it since I was on the bus, but just so you know..there is a smell of you lingering in the air!
desiderata said...

A crabby miniSTER only walks sideways;
Pak Lah must call an end to that bu'ger's ways:(
desiderata said...

No response from dat fellow nyet...

Let's see how he twists and turns --Don't break thy plastik-lo-heels!:( -- to get of this wan!

PS: hey, is that shoppe a Listed company -- buy Desi some shares 'stead of WITSgifter chocs, can? Bye...and by.
Helen said...
Dear Desi,

I'm so glad you followed the trail to Lin Peh's blog. lol I wasn't checking the net when on holidays, but Lin Peh SmSed me. What a laugh.

BTW, I dun think semi should be charged with plagiarism. His machai who furnished him with the poem ought to be shot. lol
desiderata said...

thou art always the kind wan -- let off samy with tap on the wrist;
Butt you made Desi stand in that Korner, just, unfair!

DID he offer you semi-value for dat HolidaeInLangkawee, ah?
Twisted Heels said...
The shop is an indian take-away. Hehe. I think you'll have to stay put with chocs :)
desiderata said...

A choc a dae brings the dentist my way
art thou promo-ing for Sabbie downer DU?
And he refers all farmers' need thy path
that's called A*"monopoly" PenangBath:)
desiderata said...
Oops, add "s" somewhere to "he" Sabbie, he, he...

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

VISION College, One of Malaysia's Premium COLLEGE...

For two agonising long weeks (I won't use 'weaks' for weeks, because this piece won't feature ****DDC --****MORE ON THIS LATER, CUN? NOW GO SEE NEW POST 28 APRIL 2016...YL, Desi:)-- as we are into studying English again) DEsi has been HOWLING out loud when watching AXN from 10PM every day -- that's when my favourite programmes like The Black List and Quantico appear.  WHY HOWLing?

No, I wasn't referring to viewing re-runs of The Omen or Frankenstein or Werewolf movies. IT's because a supposedly leading College promoting education in English has committed a fundamental English breach in its expensive advertising, and occasionally interrupting my enjoyment when its PROMO AD came on. THE HOWLER is so JARRING I thought I would wait for two weeks before I write about it to give a chance to those people at VISION COLLEGE to wake up to the Howler and take remedial action. Silence.

THis Howler -- a mistake in English that makes one yell out in pain, so jarring to the ears when spoken! It may even make Desi hit the roof but I can't afford the repair! IT's bearable for ordinary folks, but in DEsi's vocabulary, not so for a tertiary institution (and Desi I'd humbly add...) as it would have many experts (and a paid Advertising/Public RElations Agency) oversighting such matters, and that HOWLER should have been detected by now. Don't the staff view their own advertisements aired over TV? Hey, it's an expensive affair, and THIS WRITE UP BY DESI IS A SORT OF CSM (COmmunity Service Message) to improve English proficiency in NegaraKu..

I won't tell you now what that Howler is, will leave thee alone to detect it before I come back to the subject,  alright? That's a rhetorical question, but if you want to answer it, I don't mind because if you are keen to improve on this language, I'm thy fRiend.

As I mentioned in my last two posts, I am taking a break from socio-political writes, so it's back to desiderata.english. I teased by stating I would go to Haiti -- which is a play of word -- as I meant it to be the PLURAL FORM of Hiatus (some prefer Hiatuses, I won't disagree...), got it?

Now digressing a bit or a byte, but there's RELEVANCE which you will also detect later:~~~


Nursery Rhymes Lyrics and Origins

Mondays Child Rhyme
Nursery Rhyme & History
Traditional poem - Mondays child The words and lyrics of Mondays child poem are used to associate children with the pattern and different names to the days of week. Mondays child is a very popular poem but the actual words of Mondays child are not well known! We have all learnt the days of the week as Mondays child intended but we cannot seem to remember the qualities of being being born on individual days! Sunday was traditionally referred to as the 'Sabbath day' so there is no specific reference to Sundays child. "Mondays child is fair of face".

Mondays child poem
Mondays child is fair of face,
Tuesdays child is full of grace,
Wednesdays child is full of woe,
Thursdays child has far to go,
Fridays child is loving and giving,
Saturdays child works hard for his living,
And the child that is born on the Sabbath day
Is bonny and blithe, and good and gay.
Mondays child poem

Those of my Esteemed Readers who know Desi well, could have guessed I like to sing, so you could have bumped into him at the Karaoke joint near the Temiang Corner, also adjoining a KFC outlet in SEremban, known as Furong in Mandarin.

Digressing further, let me reproduce from my first week's writes a sort of Background piece of my intentions/aims of starting this Blog on The Ides of March way back when... 

Back to my stated Objectives as revealed in my first three Posts from March 15, 2005, to date they are, in gist:


I shall be touching on subjects broadly categorised as
desiderata.english; desiderata.civilsociety; desiderata.truth -- generally with the ultimate objective of promoting the love and appreciation of outstanding writings in English; the cultivation and promotion of human traits and endeavours to build a civil Malaysian society, and finally, if possible, embark with fellow travellers in this journey called Life in the pursuit of Truth, that undefinable yet essential and desiderable, in my opinion, ingredient in the civilization process so that the human race continues to uplift itself beyond and above the banal, the demeaning and the destructive actvities that now pervade, and in some societies, even dominate human activities worldwide.

DESIDERATA will take another bre k here as he woke up at 5.15AM to do this piece; I have to hit the hay again as I have an important BF date to keep....YL, Desi @6.10AM

I have HIGHLIGHTED in red this line in the nursery rime
Wednesdays child is full of woe,
BECAUSE yes, today, someone out dare, sorry it's mainly folks associated with VISION COLLEGE, will feel AWFUL (If ****DDC is used here, I'd spell as Awefool, see?) 
After airing for weeks, none of its staff (Hey you bright sparks among the student community, similarly Ignoramus like cows?) detected that the last word in my Post's title up there should be in the PLURAL FORM, that is, COLLEGES, with an "s" that was clearly missing in its advertising message (If DDC were to be used here, that missing letter "s" would be spelt as "ass", sorry I digressed again!)
Similar examples, correct here, to compare with:
One of the BOYS had gone missing in the woods.
One of the CHILDREN is absent from class today. 
IF you left out the "s" in BOYS,or substitute CHILD for CHILDREN and read aloud by the unknowing lecturer, the sentences would be so "JARRING" it would make the language purist at the British Council scream, no? 
To my mind, HAD there been a bright spark among the VC studentS  detected the MISTAKE and brought it to the attention of the College authorities, they could have rewarded him with a Scholarship. So if you are a student there, and now bring Desi's CSM to their attention, they may yet gift thee a "minor" scholarship!
NOW, going back to the nursery rhyme/rime, I suggest you catch Desi at the Butterfly Valley karaoke tonight from 8.00PM and I will try my best to entertain you with Wednesday's Child, indeed a "child of woe", Matt Monro's version. There was this movie I saw way back when this was featured as the theme song in "Quiller's Memorandum", haunting and exquisite. I like Matt's singing for HIS ENUNCIATION of the WORDS, and Desi shalt end his write today with quoting from one of Bee Gees' hitS, and "Words are all I have to take your heart away! " ~~ YL, Desi

Monday, April 25, 2016

CITIZEN NADES' Commentary on 1MDB: Desi compleatly ENDORSES his views! II

As I indicated yesterday, I planned to take a Hiatus from socio-political writes for an indefinite period. I feel tired and overworked just tracking the 1MDB issue, and it really saps a writer's energies. I have been recalcitrant on that "novel" I was supposed to make into an international best-...., but it's again being distracted by the greatest MalSian SCANDAL OF THE DECADE -- the 1MDB.


Reading again the SUN daily at BF this morn, I liked Citizen Nades' column, so it's just retitling a Post from two weeks back as PART II; it's just C&PAstry, so I'm not really doing a socio-political post of my own. 


IF TOMORROW, I post somethin', I may revisit my BLog's initial specialised subject: desiderata.english. -- YL, Desi


Citizen Nades - Answers first, closure next

A WEEK is a long time in politics because a lot can happen in a short time. The Liberal politician Joseph Chamberlain is recorded in 1886 as having said: "In politics, there is no use in looking beyond the next fortnight."
How true! Although it is only indirectly related to politics, within a fortnight of the release of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) report on 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), there have been so many twists and turns.
Claims by certain parties made in the report have been found to be unfounded; the PAC chairman chose to delete certain key elements without the consent of its members; a bogus company registered in the British Virgin Islands ended up being recipient of billions of ringgit from 1MDB; and the mother of it all is 1MDB head honcho claiming that the company could have been a victim of fraud.
In between, the statement made by the Saudi foreign minister that "he was aware of the donation" was interpreted in different ways.
This saga will never see its end in the near future and suggestions by leaders to "put it behind and move forward" are increasingly difficult to accept.
What appeared to be "expurgation" of a few lines in the report has now turned out to be a complete omission of crucial facts which would have presented the affairs of 1MDB in a totally different perspective.
The edited lines concern Bank Negara's information that Good Star Ltd, in which US$1.03 billion from 1MDB's joint venture with PetroSaudi International was diverted to, was owned by an individual and not linked to the PetroSaudi group as claimed.
"This finding is crucial to the entire investigations of 1MDB because the company and its executives have testified to PAC that Good Star is a subsidiary of PetroSaudi.
But more importantly, the MP for Petaling Jaya Utara and PAC member Tony Pua has made a stark and serious accusation against the PAC chairman saying that the latter was adamant in his refusal to call up Bank Negara officials for clarification during the PAC proceedings.
Further, Pua made a damning denunciation of the PAC boss, he charged that at the final meeting of the PAC, all members approved the final draft that included the information. So, does the chairman have arbitrary powers to remove crucial information which was agreed by the committee?
"If he is questioning the findings of Bank Negara, then why did he persistently, as recorded in the Hansard on at least five occasions, refuse our request to call Bank Negara to testify?" asked Pua in a media statement.
Why did the PAC chairman reject the requests which would have resulted in the central bank's officials testifying the flow of money from 1MDB to various sources?
The PAC is supposed to be a bi-partisan body made up of members from both sides of Parliament. But Pua's indictment of his own chairman now shows otherwise.
The chairman's response was that the deletion of two sentences in no way affects the final report and justified it by saying that the sentences were deleted because of their unclear status or being investigated and were not for public consumption.
Malaysians, especially those who have closely followed the ups and downs of 1MDB, will certainly find similarity in the lyrics of the Vengaboys' hit song – Up and Down:
Your words, your face, they confuse me;
You leave traces (shake shake shake shake);
Pretending it's not there;
Pretending you don't know, playing games with me.
The fact that Malaysians were not provided adequate and accurate information on the 1MDB to make an educated judgment is an understatement. The PAC report offers several glimpses.
For example, the second finance minister told us last year that the company's auditors were rotated as it is normal practice. But we now know they were sacked.
Right-thinking Malaysians want to see a closure to this saga which has been in the news for far too long. To do so, they need answers. The contradictory answers from our leaders make it even more difficult.
So many questions have been asked and the answers have not been helpful. Instead, they raise even more doubts. Like I said earlier, we need closure so that we can concentrate our efforts in other areas especially in containing the spiralling prices of consumables and the economy. We cannot go on with disclosures on a daily basis which distract us.
We need the people involved to put all the cards on the table and clear the air once and for all. There may be dire consequences as a result of such a move but the bullet has to be bitten. This is the only way we can put these issues behind and move on as suggested by our leaders. If we continue dragging our feet on this matter, it will be a long and winding road to come out of the woods.
R. Nadeswaran says that there has been an ****overdose of 1MDB matters and only the truth will put an end to the speculations, conjectures and assumptions. Comments:

PS: I feel the same  about this **** marked above, but we can't not write about 1MDB because we love our country; yes, we care enough to want to build a BETTER MALAYSIA for ourselves and our children and their children to follow. O LOrd, help us "Save Malaysia" from UM-oh-No and the Clueless Ones! -- Amen

Sunday, April 24, 2016

RUMINATION: My leading skill is ATTRACTING TALENT -- Obama

Yes, I enjoyed the particular segment of Q&A when visiting American President Barack Obama held a Town Hall session with Young British Leaders in UK last evening which I caught over CNN/(or is it BBC?)

Paraphrasing here/hear OK!:~~~~~

Asked about the "Leadership skills"  he relied on the most in his almost eight years at the White House, OBAMA SAID HE USES TWO OF HIS SKILLS -- ATTRACTING TALENTED PEOPLE TO MAKE UP HIS TEAM, to work together to achieve the GOAL the President has set, which is anchored on STRONG PRINCIPLES. Obama stressed that a GOOD LEADER Must ground his action plans on PRINCIPLES and he shared he has been able to TO SYNERGISE THEIR TALENTS TOWARDS THE GOALS HE HAS IDENTIFIED. Of course, Obama would  have covered the course of BRAINSTORMING and Ideas exchange with his specialist groups/advisersapping out his goals.

OBama in the "informal" address which I like as a BUMmer was truly speaking from his heart, pausing briefly to reflect on the three Qs asked of him, then giving answer that went to the CORE ISSUES.

HE said he can't do everything by himself as the President of the UNited States. He utilised his ability to SPOT TALENTED PEOPLE whom he recruited to be PART OF HIS TEAM. A good leader must be able to talk out the problem at hand with his team, then identify the solutions to the problem. BUT he stressed that as President he always must be able to convey the BIG PICTURE of where he wanted the team to go, and that it's important for the chief to set the RIGHT DIRECTION.
aketha national address, I make it a point to watch it LIVE.
He admitted that sometimes he had to "COMPROMISE", but it's just on the ways and means to arrive at the goal or destination. Many leaders  may not reach their goals because they did not have THE SET OF STRONG PRINCIPLES that is DOING RIGHT BY THE NATION, NOT JUST DOING THE RIGHT THINGS. OBama said he is proud in his talent of attracting the talented people to serve America, unlike other leaders who wish to control as much as possible what they want to achieve; this is compounded by some who  NOT ATTRACTING THE SYNERGESTIC TEAM MEMBERS TO BRING OUT THEIR BEST TALENTS TO ATTAIN THE GOALS set and desired by the chief.

That's WHY I OFTEN TELL MY BUDS That USA IS GREAT -- THEY ATTRACT THE BEST BRAINS AND TALENTS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD. And Prez Obama has edged his name among the BARRACKS and non-Barracks of the sole super-power of the w.w.w. The Russian republic has gone broken and stolen, mainland China has leap-frogged the last three decades, BUT......

DIGRESSING A byte, which is a privilege this Blogger occasionally abuses, DEsi believes MAlaysian leaders can learn from listening to the world leaders who have made their leadership count, making their countries great. I think the majority of the present national leaders should be thrown into the dustbin as they mainly parrot what their CEO HAS PRONOUNCED, even when deep in their hearts, they know it's all BULLSHIT!

But as the saying goes, THE FISH ROTS FROM THE TOP, ITS HEAD, and another pointer is: BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER. So what Malaysia today faces is a national crisis of confidence triggered by its CLUELESS CEO and the disaster that's his pet project, the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) has not just a national  problem, BUT has become an INTERNATIONAL SCANDAL, being investigated by at least SIX FOREIGN JURISDICTIONS for among others, MONEY LAUNDERING And CORRUPTION. 

INstead of attracting TALENTS from abroad, or just RETAINING LOCAL TALENTS WHICH ARE A-PLENTY, the present national leaders led by UMNO are driving away young talents. Many graduates are migrating to Singapore, the UK, USA and other western countries who they deem as appreciative of their talents. Even socalled talents imported from abroad like that German guy to turn-around MAS just upped before his three-year contract is up, you can extrapoltae WHY, don't you. He's bullshitting -- emulating many MalSian CEOs here, when he said he's resigning because of "personal reasons"!

Please pray for your country Malaysia. I've mostly migrated, taking on a topnotch tinkerer, but non-thinker Zahid's advice: tak suka cara kita, PINDAH -- so Desi can be found at RUMInation or spiritedDEStination across the se7en Cs! YL, Desi


Desi visited at lunch brea k for sum dimsome, enjoyed the RH COLUMN's summary of key milestones in Malaysia's politics which we MUST NEVER FORGET! TReat this as reminder of DR Mahathir's oft quoted advice: Rakayt, jagan MUDA' LUPA!

In case you didn't notice

"Do not be confused, the account is in my name, but it is not like a personal account," - Najib Tun Razak said in a TV3 interview on 1MDB.

'Malaysia On Top Of The World...
Thanks To Umno's Íntelligent Leadership' - Hishammuddin Hussein, Minister of Defence.

Marina makes a refreshing change

Marina makes a refreshing change
I will migrate if Hudud were implemented

The only way BN can keep him away

The only way BN can keep him away
Jailed again for sodomy... not political conspiracy?

Best prosecutor money can buy

Best prosecutor money can buy
Apparently he was paid only Rm1000! His hope to be next AG was dashed. New AG is just as partial.

We share her grief for the second time...

We share her grief for the second time...
“I never thought I would go through this ordeal again”.

I came and there was no record...

I came and there was no record...
I was blown up and there were 2 killers but no motive!


DESIDERATA: I've been working TOO HEart in recent weaks, so if I do take a HIATUS, part of the REASON is none of you ER responded to my invite to meet for T BRE KS _>>>> DEsi can't live on air, sunshine dan air alone! YL, Desi, knottyaSsusual

The 1MDB affair could become an important test of how the world deals with Cross-Border Corruption.

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The 1MDB affair

Turning the screw

Investigators focus on the mystery of the missing billion

AS IF being investigated by seven countries wasn’t enough, 1MDB is also flirting with default. Government gumshoes in Switzerland, America and elsewhere are said to be close to mapping the full money trail in a suspected multi-billion-dollar scam centred on the heavily indebted Malaysian state investment fund. As their probes intensify, 1MDB’s relationship with a big backer is unravelling: IPIC, an Abu Dhabi sovereign fund, has declared 1MDB to be in breach of an important financial contract between the two—and has duly terminated it. The move complicates an already tricky debt restructuring at 1MDB. It also fans the flames of a scandal that touches the upper reaches of Malaysian politics and international finance.
IPIC bailed out 1MDB last year with a $1 billion loan and an agreement to take responsibility for interest payments on some of 1MDB’s bonds; in return 1MDB was to transfer undisclosed assets to IPIC. But on April 18th the Gulf fund said 1MDB was “in default” on the deal, and stopped making payments to bondholders, including $50m due this week. That kicked off a five-day grace period. 1MDB says it has “ample liquidity” to cover the obligations.

The reason for IPIC’s ire is $1.1 billion that appears to have gone missing. 1MDB was supposed to transfer this to IPIC as part of their deal, but IPIC says it was never received. Investigators believe this was part of a larger sum—perhaps $3.5 billion—that was siphoned off from 1MDB to a shell company in the British Virgin Islands which had an almost identical name to one of IPIC’s subsidiaries, Aabar, but was unconnected to it.
Investigators think some of the diverted money ended up in the personal bank accounts of Najib Razak, Malaysia’s prime minister (pictured). Bank records seen by the Wall Street Journal show that $15m was spent on personal items such as jewellery, with a larger amount funnelled into the ruling coalition’s 2013 election campaign. Mr Najib denies ever having taken public money for personal gain. Malaysia’s attorney-general says a $681m payment into the prime minister’s accounts was a legal personal donation from a Saudi royal.
The investigators believe much of the cash that flowed into Mr Najib’s accounts came via an offshore firm whose beneficial owner was a business partner of a Malaysian financier called Jho Low, a member of Mr Najib’s inner circle at the time, according to the Wall Street Journal. Mr Low is thought to have played a key role in the transfers. He has denied wrongdoing.
Some $150m is also believed to have flowed from 1MDB to Red Granite Pictures, a film-production firm co-founded by Mr Najib’s stepson. This outfit subsequently financed “The Wolf of Wall Street”, a Hollywood film about a hedonistic crook. Red Granite denies wrongdoing. Mr Najib’s younger brother may also be caught up in the affair: Nazir Razak has taken a voluntary leave of absence from CIMB, the Malaysian bank he chairs, while a review is conducted into a $7m transfer into his personal account from the prime minister.
Investigations within Malaysia have been timid or stymied. Last year the attorney-general was replaced—supposedly on health grounds, though leaked documents appear to show he was about to bring criminal charges against Mr Najib. His successor has rebuffed calls by the central bank for 1MDB to face charges. A parliamentary report into the fund’s affairs identified irregularities but stopped short of alleging outright fraud.
That leaves other countries to make the running. On April 12th the Swiss said the scope of their enquiries was widening, and that they were now investigating two former public officials from the United Arab Emirates—understood to be former bigwigs at IPIC and Aabar. The statement, unusually blunt for an ongoing probe, talked of suspected “embezzlement”, “criminal mismanagement”, “forgery” and “money-laundering”.
The Swiss earlier estimated the amount possibly misappropriated through 1MDB to be $4 billion. Some investigators now reckon it could be as much as $6 billion. Switzerland’s top financial regulator calls it a “clear” case of corruption, with “concrete indications” of “inadequate” anti-money-laundering measures by banks that handled 1MDB’s cash, among them some of the biggest names in finance. America’s FBI is believed to be looking at bank transactions, property deals and much else besides. With graft and dodgy offshore manoeuvres high up political agendas after the leaking of the “Panama papers”, investigators have an added incentive to dig deep. The 1MDB affair could become an important test of how the world deals with cross-border corruption.