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Sunday, April 24, 2016

RUMINATION: My leading skill is ATTRACTING TALENT -- Obama

Yes, I enjoyed the particular segment of Q&A when visiting American President Barack Obama held a Town Hall session with Young British Leaders in UK last evening which I caught over CNN/(or is it BBC?)

Paraphrasing here/hear OK!:~~~~~

Asked about the "Leadership skills"  he relied on the most in his almost eight years at the White House, OBAMA SAID HE USES TWO OF HIS SKILLS -- ATTRACTING TALENTED PEOPLE TO MAKE UP HIS TEAM, to work together to achieve the GOAL the President has set, which is anchored on STRONG PRINCIPLES. Obama stressed that a GOOD LEADER Must ground his action plans on PRINCIPLES and he shared he has been able to TO SYNERGISE THEIR TALENTS TOWARDS THE GOALS HE HAS IDENTIFIED. Of course, Obama would  have covered the course of BRAINSTORMING and Ideas exchange with his specialist groups/advisersapping out his goals.

OBama in the "informal" address which I like as a BUMmer was truly speaking from his heart, pausing briefly to reflect on the three Qs asked of him, then giving answer that went to the CORE ISSUES.

HE said he can't do everything by himself as the President of the UNited States. He utilised his ability to SPOT TALENTED PEOPLE whom he recruited to be PART OF HIS TEAM. A good leader must be able to talk out the problem at hand with his team, then identify the solutions to the problem. BUT he stressed that as President he always must be able to convey the BIG PICTURE of where he wanted the team to go, and that it's important for the chief to set the RIGHT DIRECTION.
aketha national address, I make it a point to watch it LIVE.
He admitted that sometimes he had to "COMPROMISE", but it's just on the ways and means to arrive at the goal or destination. Many leaders  may not reach their goals because they did not have THE SET OF STRONG PRINCIPLES that is DOING RIGHT BY THE NATION, NOT JUST DOING THE RIGHT THINGS. OBama said he is proud in his talent of attracting the talented people to serve America, unlike other leaders who wish to control as much as possible what they want to achieve; this is compounded by some who  NOT ATTRACTING THE SYNERGESTIC TEAM MEMBERS TO BRING OUT THEIR BEST TALENTS TO ATTAIN THE GOALS set and desired by the chief.

That's WHY I OFTEN TELL MY BUDS That USA IS GREAT -- THEY ATTRACT THE BEST BRAINS AND TALENTS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD. And Prez Obama has edged his name among the BARRACKS and non-Barracks of the sole super-power of the w.w.w. The Russian republic has gone broken and stolen, mainland China has leap-frogged the last three decades, BUT......

DIGRESSING A byte, which is a privilege this Blogger occasionally abuses, DEsi believes MAlaysian leaders can learn from listening to the world leaders who have made their leadership count, making their countries great. I think the majority of the present national leaders should be thrown into the dustbin as they mainly parrot what their CEO HAS PRONOUNCED, even when deep in their hearts, they know it's all BULLSHIT!

But as the saying goes, THE FISH ROTS FROM THE TOP, ITS HEAD, and another pointer is: BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER. So what Malaysia today faces is a national crisis of confidence triggered by its CLUELESS CEO and the disaster that's his pet project, the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) has not just a national  problem, BUT has become an INTERNATIONAL SCANDAL, being investigated by at least SIX FOREIGN JURISDICTIONS for among others, MONEY LAUNDERING And CORRUPTION. 

INstead of attracting TALENTS from abroad, or just RETAINING LOCAL TALENTS WHICH ARE A-PLENTY, the present national leaders led by UMNO are driving away young talents. Many graduates are migrating to Singapore, the UK, USA and other western countries who they deem as appreciative of their talents. Even socalled talents imported from abroad like that German guy to turn-around MAS just upped before his three-year contract is up, you can extrapoltae WHY, don't you. He's bullshitting -- emulating many MalSian CEOs here, when he said he's resigning because of "personal reasons"!

Please pray for your country Malaysia. I've mostly migrated, taking on a topnotch tinkerer, but non-thinker Zahid's advice: tak suka cara kita, PINDAH -- so Desi can be found at RUMInation or spiritedDEStination across the se7en Cs! YL, Desi


Desi visited at lunch brea k for sum dimsome, enjoyed the RH COLUMN's summary of key milestones in Malaysia's politics which we MUST NEVER FORGET! TReat this as reminder of DR Mahathir's oft quoted advice: Rakayt, jagan MUDA' LUPA!

In case you didn't notice

"Do not be confused, the account is in my name, but it is not like a personal account," - Najib Tun Razak said in a TV3 interview on 1MDB.

'Malaysia On Top Of The World...
Thanks To Umno's Íntelligent Leadership' - Hishammuddin Hussein, Minister of Defence.

Marina makes a refreshing change

Marina makes a refreshing change
I will migrate if Hudud were implemented

The only way BN can keep him away

The only way BN can keep him away
Jailed again for sodomy... not political conspiracy?

Best prosecutor money can buy

Best prosecutor money can buy
Apparently he was paid only Rm1000! His hope to be next AG was dashed. New AG is just as partial.

We share her grief for the second time...

We share her grief for the second time...
“I never thought I would go through this ordeal again”.

I came and there was no record...

I came and there was no record...
I was blown up and there were 2 killers but no motive!


DESIDERATA: I've been working TOO HEart in recent weaks, so if I do take a HIATUS, part of the REASON is none of you ER responded to my invite to meet for T BRE KS _>>>> DEsi can't live on air, sunshine dan air alone! YL, Desi, knottyaSsusual

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