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Sunday, April 10, 2016

RUMINATION: Sweet Reflections at Midnight

LUst night I did knot go for "Our" usual SATURDAEniteFEVERED karaoke at BUtterfry VArrey for two reasons:l WON: MY KAjang bro KoBoiwon did not turn up, and TOO: BV was "closed", I don't know Y!

So lazily and hazily I surfed my own ARCHIVES of 11-years old+, at MidNight, and I caught my own attention to somethin' REMINDING DEsi of some fRiends DOwn UNder.  I have had a special connections with this land more than south-east of the border,  also known as THE LUCKY COUNTRY.

I somehow liked this poem/"pome" is how some blokes pronounce IT, and who's DEsi to disAGREEheeHEE, heeSHE2.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

We Sometimes Stray

Alley cats do it
Top and other dogs do it
Baboons do it

And someone claimed babs were our ancestors
So we can blame it on our genes
Humans sometimes -- or is it often? -- stray
Unless you strive to be a Saint, it's okay with Desi
Just remember to pray after play
Just don't become entrenched in that Ecstasy

Why do we stray?
Cos we are human
and some wise men say
Desi didn't
"To err is human..."
You've got thy rationale for thy wandering eye
I won't quote the second part
(To forgive divine)
It's such a burden
Let's today leave out the women
Just sing the song lifting
and taste the wine sublime

We sometimes stray
It's okay
Just assuring some ER who knoweth not Desi
He came back from that midnight moment of ecstasy
Was tempted to stay
No, it's a ***momentary stray

The dogs and cats do it
The monkeys and donkeys do it
Men and women are just like animals
on two legs
So we all stray
You're okay
I'm okay
Let's go karaoke.

PS: *** the poem above was inspired at another wandering following some
Thinking Allowed at midnight ... and Desi was a mite worried that some of my Esteemed Readers could be influenced by my knotty verses to "stray". As implied by Desi's wandering ways confess'd at
*midnight mindset for a price*

" me my 20million
to hell if
my mind's is no more free
at least i'd attain
a sort of kingdom come
and a capitalist's ecstasy

Fridae 12.31am Dec 21, 2007"


THen I hit he hay at 1.11AM -- hey, I cun't write wellA idf sleep-deprived OK! (plus I did not have my Krala.A.OK HI!)--resumed this RUMINATION piece at 7.00 AM as some hungry pangs started vibratin', maybe also An angry bird is also a Hungary Bird , Minta Maaf Ia, sorry I quoted wlongly!:~~~

PPS: Also coincidentally, I just heard via email from a nu'e(s) friend from Down Under whom I met at the recent Sunday stroll in the concrete Park wit' fellow Bloggers in the Big, Bad, Wolfish city that defines Koala Lumpuh -- to mark World Human Rights Day, remember?
I will write aMore about the "conversation"; meantime, I just intimate that he's a fair-dinkum bloke of a journalist, and he deemed it apt and appropriate to quote from YL Chong's ('Who the hell is this bloke?')Midnight Voices and Other Poems ...

Just to whet thy aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaPPPPPPPPPPPPPPetite,I shalt quote a little extract from the Oz bloke's latest write, which in my email reply, I told him:

"I like this, striking a chord wrt to NegaraKu (My

"Somewhere, right now, a child is being born that will
one day rise up and go toe to toe with an oppressor.
She or he will stand in the face of power and
challenge it to try and keep them silent. The
confrontation may not end well but in that one act of
defiance, others will be inspired. The revolution
proceeds slowly. We need to be patient.

Since humans first discovered that raw power overcomes
the limitations of the flesh, those who seek to create
a better world have struggled to do just that. For
millennia humans have engaged in a battle with their
base desires for sex, resources, shelter and food and
their higher moral and spiritual being.
The first is
based on the ‘quick fix’ response while the other
strives to negotiate and understand the eternal.

Somewhere, right now, that child who I mentioned a
moment ago, will also do battle with their base
instincts and the higher realms. Like all of us that
child will grow to adulthood and come to realise that
the ‘quick fix’ might be pleasurable for a short time,
but it, like a federal election, passes all to
quickly. That child will come to realise that the
legacy he or she leaves behind will be all that

"An extract from my poem -- whisper'd hope -- was used to conclude his piece (it's such a hi-honour, mate!) and I believe, we have a mutual wavelength coincidence with each other's composition, and I assure thee: that's a Heavenly High you don't achieve even Straying into a mistress' chamber!"

To show I've not soul'd out nyet -- cos nobody came forth with 20million offer for Desi's Place! -- I reprise that quote as intimation:

"then there is yet hope
in the midnight whispers of
a babe's cries
a young lass' smile
a young man's bosom void of guile".

A word that exudes a glow
Most times incorporate the "I luv you"
An Upper in Desi's vocabulary
Embracing and Engaging with bod language
that two souls just met can paint a landscape
wher actors dance and writers speak
and everybody feels young and gay
Yes, life's a stage and we awe have parts to play
Except that many bloggers want to have the lust say!
Desi does, that's why he avows he's socialist
Plays socialite, elitist and whate'er you tag him you may
Jest repay with a kind word
Admit we've grown intiMATE
Embrace, engage and let not our conversations abAte

From the

Also found in: Wikipedia

in·ti·mate 1play_w("I0201900")
adj.1. Marked by close acquaintance, association, or familiarity.
2. Relating to or indicative of one's deepest nature: intimate prayers.
3. Essential; innermost: the intimate structure of matter.
4. Marked by informality and privacy: an intimate nightclub.
5. Very personal; private: an intimate letter.
6. Of or involved in a sexual relationship.

A close friend or confidant.
[Latin intimtus, past participle of intimre, to make familiar with; see intimate2.]
inti·mate·ly adv.
inti·mate·ness n.

in·ti·mate 2
tr.v. in·ti·mat·ed, in·ti·mat·ing, in·ti·mates

1. To make known subtly and indirectly; hint. See Synonyms at suggest.
2. To announce; proclaim.
[Latin intimre, intimt-, to make known, from intimus, innermost; see en in Indo-European roots.]
inti·mater n.
inti·mation n.

ThesaurusLegend: Synonyms Related Words Antonyms
intimation - an indirect suggestion; "not a breath of scandal ever touched her"
hint, breath
proffer, proposition, suggestion - a proposal offered for acceptance or rejection; "it was a suggestion we couldn't refuse"
intimation - a slight suggestion or vague understanding; "he had no inkling what was about to happen"
glimmering, inkling, glimmer
suggestion - an idea that is suggested; "the picnic was her suggestion"


Midnight Voices

Familiar voices
With faint messages
Half communicated
They descend in my sleep
Beckoning welcome
To their bosomy fireplace
But I wasn't given directions
Just urges rising in my breast
And my restless soul striving to touch base
Will these authors of midnight voices
Please give me the complete signals
That I may truly hear and arrive?
I long to join your abode
And temporarily escape this insanity
As earthlings sleep
While my heart beats
In answer to half-perceived
Midnight voices

Copyright ©2007 Chong Yen Long


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After blogging for the past two years,

culminating with organising-chairing
May 19, 2007's bum2007 Bloggers Gathering
at Lake View Club, Subang Jaya

I am happy to report I thoroughly enjoy the cyber journey,
meeting many new friends and surprising companions. Two travellers
I find engaging are Dr. Bakri Musa, resident abroad, and his cohort-writer,
Din Merican, whom I often banter with, in the spirit promoted by
Voltaire's: "I may disagree with what you say but I will defend,
to the death, your right to say it."

I also enjoy the intellect-challenging company of several media
cronies, comprising Y.S. Loo, P.Y, Chin, Kerry Fong, K.N, Yap, Jed
Yoong and H.M. Liew, and the poem, Banter around the dinner table
(See page 14), was inspired by their presence.

In the writing process, I would like to record my appreciation to
academician Hendry Ng, for his guidance and timely reminder of
ethics in academic pursuit, and his wife, Catherine. I would also note
here the inspiration accorded by sister Mary Choong who attained
her University of LOndon's degree in English Literature via external
study through sheer hard work, discipline, and dogged determination.
Other friends in the education field whose sharing of life's lessons
surely enriches my writing deserve a record of my appreciation here,
including K.N. Kow, C.L. Loo, B.H. Quek, Michael Lim, S.C. Wong,
Michael Lee and R. Selvarajah.

My writing horizon expanded over the last two years after I started
my weblog -- -- on the Ides of Larch
2005, and the chief benefit flowing from this joyful journey still in
progress are the many new people I have become acquainted with.
The section of poems sub-headed Blogosphere -- Beauty and the Beast
-- is culled mainly from My Blue Haven. At this blogosphere abode, I
indulged a lot in wordsmithry, and myGOoDfriend (mGf) from Ipoh,
host of, termed it my DDC (Da Desi Code).
Should you not catch on this special licence of Blogspeak, don't be
afraid for you are not alone! Helen initially said she could understand
only 30 percent of what Desi wrote. Curio cat that she is -- or is she
an Olivia (sister of Oliver Twist)? -- she keeps coming back for more.
I was tempted to say aMore but I refrained. I felt pretty proud when
Helen intimated that I had won her over with some poetry, and she
repays with some past&PRESENTries. Note the words in italics are
some exasmples of DDC, hope you do see, even with one eye closed!

I must thank some of my cyber-conversationists -- several have
graduated to become firm terrestrial friends arising from some G7
Blogger-delegates meetings I initiated. Just an incomplete rollcal
follows, several I term Young&Articulates (Y&A): sabrina tan, kyels,
johnleemk, imran, primrose, theels, and meals like specialbrunch,
freelunch, maverick sm, anakmerdeka, howsy, mob 1900 and nat tan
(my fave palindrome) and polytikus.

A few came for a short ride, disembarked at the next station, and I
hope on whatever journey they are presently embarked on, remember
I once quoted from The Road Not Taken, and I pray they have had
taken their right turn. We certainly met for a reason, and I hope some
of my writings left an impression. Feed me back via -- that's only fair, even if there be brickbats.
Leave me your contact email for I may wish to throw some pies back,
at thy pretty face!

Desiderata-YL Chong
April 14, 2007

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