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Friday, April 01, 2016

May Day! May Day! Hey, knotty Desi Is Clueless About What Day 'tis!

(Can my dear EsteemedReader help Desi out
Help your NegaraKu out2!
Put Us Back On The RIGHT TRACK!
I do try, I do, I do! ) 

The May Day DITTY starts right now :) YL<,Desi~~~~

This country named Malaysia
My NegaraKu, Yours2
Was blessed by the Almighty
To be a land of milk and honey 

Until a bunch of more than 40 Arabian thieves
Came along, acting like Along

First the Clueless WAN said: What RM2.6 Billion?
Elegant silence was his ethos
Nothin' to do with me
Nothin' to do with 1MalaysiaDevelopmenBerhad money

Later, he bleated the monies entered into his account
From a HUGE fan in the Royal House of Arabia
"BUTt I didn't use any of it for my personal gain/benefit,"
He stressed, like pumping on his ..tress on the palatial mattr....


Where, you must recall
Dr Mahathir had advised: Jangan muda' lupa!
Desi recalls also: the goOd doctor also
did once remark, quoting The Bard,
The 40 THIEVES birthed, came to MalSia
To make disciples of Ah Li and Baba
and Nyonya and Muniandi and Muniamah
Yes, MalSians are indeed very multi-racial in our thieving
&Wining, Dining&Mistressing&Commissioning&ad nauseum....

BUTt the knotty press like big, bad wolfish Americano
WallStreetJournal and SarawakReport
and some local stringers
Flashed the news about that RM2.6billion all over the world
That "donation" is tracked and linked to 1MDB

The Arabian tale revolved around
A fishy, flashy guy called Jho Lo&Behold(e)!

He bleated: I don't know who's Jho
Kept "elegant silence" when American media reportedly detailed his wifey had "close" bizdeals with Him

His minions-underlings-from Minister-to-Whatever  
keep on chorusing, bleating like sheep
Their Boss
These Americanos and the Press are jealous
Of our riches, is the oft-repeated chorus
So the Clueless Wan sent his steppyson to invest dare in the US
With the help of -- U gas it!
JhoLo&Behole!  And Azizi is now a famous film-maker
And lavish spender in the big capital posh condominiums
Starlets and pretend-mistresses on the left, right and centre
Sipping wine, dining and Oh, Yes, bedding in posh Condominums
Downtown (woe)Manhattan and Nude York, New York!

Bodeker #1 bleated:
We used part of the money to help BN-UM-oh-No
Win the last 13th General Elections
(GE13 saw the Opposition led by DS Anwar Ibrahim win 52% ofthe votes
And BN led by UMNO-AhCheapGo
scored 48%, and the then Election Commission chief smiled a quiet smile:

 They both aRsEk: What can you Opposition do about it?

 lAs AWJ and other Western press continue to headline the
RM2.6billion donation, and the 1MDB money trails into AhChepGo's personal bank accounts
He threatened to sue the WSJ
Seven months later, he still maintains elegant silence

So, What can you Opposition do about it?

Another minion Bodeker #2bleated:

Some of the money is used to help MalSia

For the Exit?

And AhCheapGo still maintains "elegant silence"

Another CluelessCEO AruKandaGUnaGUndi?
Yes, Bodeker #3 bleated:

"I have done the job I am tasked with by the Boss
He jest said: I believe MY BOSS COMPLEATLY,
Innocent as a Lamb -- Not one sen of 1MDB was used by My Boss!
(As he begins to pack his Branded clothes
To prepare for a " Run, run" routine
"Back to Abu Dhabi here I come")

So what, what can you Opposition do about it?

The Clueless Wan carries on spinning the MalSian tale
Bleated through his Minion Bodeker4, newly minted AG:
(4 in Kantonis is SEI, oft to sigh as SEi Loh!, DIE-Lah!! Mati lah!!!

MACC (CC can also rime as SEI-sei) 
Has investigated all these allegations about 1MDB and RM2.6billion
The matter is now CLOSED as the Boss is found totally INNOCENT
So you Rakyat, take my word for it -- My Decision Is Final 
And Case closed! 

You guys roped in former PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad
Civil society leaders like ex-Bersih and current Bersih chiefs
Ah, also ex-Law Minister Zaid Ib, and former DPM Moohyiddin
Citizens' Declaration to remove me, the BIG BOSS
Elected by the Rakyat for another term in May 2013 to last FIVE YEARS

I am seating tight-lipped on my Putrajaya throne
Wifey LooMah dressed in awe her elegant splendour of branded clothes, jewellery hanging overweight over an overweighted bod
(No, I didn't use a single sen for my benefit, remember?!)

If you are suggesting Wifey did benefit -- So what, we were born into rich families...
What can you Opposition&Civil Society Activists do about it?

So the Malasian tale goes on and on...
That'd last likely more than a 1,001nights
While the UM-oh-No, MCCA&MICC cohorts
et al, ad nasueum
Danced through the HariRaya&Deepavali&ChineseNewYear
&HarvestFestivals in Sabah&SArawak

The Clueless Wan continues to exhort:
Let's unite! MalSia under our able leadership

The Clueless Wan lastly, lustly bleated:
I used part of the RM2.6donation
Of Arabia

Desi knot Bodeker dared aRsEk:
How much did you CLUELESS WAN  spend?
Give us the Rakyat a compleat breakdown of the MONIES spent and returned --

To who, where, why and when, and How?
Busybody journo-newshounds well-trained in the 4Ws +1H
The Clueless Wan maintains his elegant silence
Got ear, cannot hear, got eyes only for the beautiful ladies

So what, what can you Opposition and BUMmers do about it?

Finally in Parliament wan Bodeker #5
Resurrected minister AhZaLiNa who? bleated:
All along my Big Boss received the RM2.6billion 
So Why all the fuzz, jealous izzit?

(S)he thought the MPs from the Opposition -- leave out the BN sheep here/hear!--

And the Rakyat were all BORN YESTERDAY! (when all of Desi's troubles seem'd so far away...) 

DESIDERATA: I pre-wrote this entry (planning another HIATUS, Yes!>>>) and dated it May 11, writ thus:

11 V 2016, 
but my Both Eyes Closed sexcretary, wit' a Winkle in her Third Eye
Read it as: 1 IV 2016 
And so you are reading this Ditty 40Days early
Thank her, Xie Xie, Terima Kasih!
Knot Me.... I'm only a BUMmer
Also as Clueless as Can/Cun, Can't/Cunt Be!
~~ Hey, some1 tell me, What Day 'Tis? -- YL, Desi)


DEAR ER, I adjourn for my BF!

Story kat sini... HELLO ARUL KANDA !!! Tergesa2 mau cabut lari mau pi mana? Kerja apa YANG DAH SELESAI? HUTANG BERBILION2 RINGGIT sudah selesai kah? SKANDAL 1MDB sudah selesai kah? YB Rafizi Ramli buat laporan polis terhadap you semalam,hari ini mau cabut lari... Ada satu cerita, di negeri yang digelar Pulau Mutiara... penyangak berlakon seolah pejuang maruah bangsa.. terkedek kedek membuat laporan polis kononnya mahu jaga kebajikan rakyat semata...Tapi akhirnya terbongkar.. mereka adalah talibarut yang bermuka muka... bila diberi kuasa, mereka mengkhianatinya, bila dah hilang kuasa.. mereka meroyan histeria separuh gila... Hari minyak naik lagi. Yang masalahnya bila minyak naik harga barangan dipasaran pun ikut naik. Semasa harga minyak turun harga barang tak turun, sampai bila rakyat nak tanggung beban ini... cheers. Posted by ali allah ditta at 12:00:00 AM No comments: Post a Comment Older Post Home Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) just me My Photo ali allah ditta aku yang bengang dengan rasuah, kronisma,salah guna kuasa yang berleluasa dan dengan orang-orang yang cakap tak serupa bikin.. View my complete profile Today is... Waktu La Ni... Parlimen Live Parlimen Live Parlimen Live Parlimen Live March 2 Freedom March 2 Freedom ???... ???... JaNgAn LuPa Bersih 4.0 JaNgAn LuPa Bersih 4.0 sudah bersediakah? Buku Jingga Buku Jingga Program 100 hari PR Poem/Puisi Unggun-Bersih Semakin lara kita didera bara - kita laungkan juga pesan merdeka: Demokrasi sebenderang mentari sehasrat hajat semurni harga diri. Lama resah kita - demokrasi luka; lama duka kita - demokrasi lara. Demokrasi yang angkuh, kita cemuhi; suara bebas yang utuh, kita idami! Dua abad lalu Sam Adams berseru: (di Boston dijirus teh ke laut biru): Tak diperlu gempita sorak yang gebu, diperlu hanya unggun api yang syahdu. 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1MDB Probe Shows Malaysian Leader Najib Spent Millions on Luxury Goods... Bank documents show accounts of prime minister paid out $15 million for clothes, jewelry and a car. On Christmas Eve 2014, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak stepped onto Hawaii’s 18-hole Kaneohe Klipper course for a round of golf diplomacy with U.S. President Barack Obama. Off the fairways, another side of Mr. Najib’s time in office was on display. Two days earlier, the prime minister’s credit card was charged $130,625 to Chanel in Honolulu, according to Malaysian investigation documents. A person who works at a Chanel store in the upscale Ala Moana Center recalls Mr. Najib’s wife shopping there just before Christmas. The credit card was paid from one of several private bank accounts owned by Mr. Najib that global investigators believe received hundreds of millions of dollars diverted from a government investment fund set up by the prime minister in 2009. The fund, 1Malaysia Development Bhd., or 1MDB, today is at the center of corruption probes by authorities in Malaysia and at least five other nations. The Malaysian investigation documents, viewed by The Wall Street Journal, contain bank-transfer information that provides the most complete picture to date of the money that flowed through the prime minister’s accounts over a five-year period, the majority of it, investigators say, originating from 1MDB. They show for the first time how some of the money in Mr. Najib’s accounts allegedly was used for personal expenses. That included $15 million in spending on clothes, jewelry and a car, according to the bank-transfer information, involving stores in the U.S., Malaysia, Italy and elsewhere. The disclosures appear to undermine key claims Mr. Najib and his allies have made in his defense, including that none of the money went toward personal expenses. They also detail how Mr. Najib used the funds to operate a large political machine, with money flowing from his accounts to politicians, think tanks and lawyers during a close election in 2013. Mr. Najib, who was seen by Washington as a liberal, Western-friendly leader when he first came into power in 2009, didn’t respond to requests for comment. He has strenuously denied wrongdoing. A lawyer for Mr. Najib’s wife, Rosmah Mansor, declined to comment. The 1MDB fund also didn’t respond to questions. It has denied sending money to Mr. Najib’s accounts or other wrongdoing and said it is cooperating with probes. In all, the documents show over $1 billion entered five accounts belonging to Mr. Najib at AmBank Bhd., a Malaysian bank, between 2011 and 2015. As previously reported, $681 million was transferred via a web of entities in March 2013, money which investigators in two countries believe originated with 1MDB, the government fund. Malaysian investigators believe another set of transfers in 2014 and 2015, totaling $25 million, came from an entity known as SRC International Bhd., a company that originally was controlled by 1MDB but was transferred to the Finance Ministry in 2012. Mr. Najib also is the finance minister. After the Journal first reported those transfers last July, Mr. Najib wrote a post on Facebook saying: “Let me be very clear: I have never taken funds for personal gain as alleged by my political opponents—whether from 1MDB, SRC International or other entities, as these companies have confirmed.” Malaysia’s attorney general in January cleared Mr. Najib of wrongdoing, saying $681 million that entered his accounts in 2013 was a legal donation from the Saudi royal family, and that most of it was returned. Mr. Najib’s defenders have said any money spent in Malaysia went for political purposes, which they say is permissible. Malaysian authorities haven’t commented on the other money alleged to have entered Mr. Najib’s accounts. The latest Malaysian investigation documents reviewed by the Journal contradict the attorney general’s account. They show transfers from a person in Saudi Arabia and from the country’s finance ministry, but they occurred earlier, in 2011 and 2012, and are of smaller amounts, totaling $200 million. The finance ministry didn’t respond to requests for comment. The documents show the prime minister made more than 500 payments from his accounts, the bulk of them to political players. Tens of millions of dollars of such payments occurred ahead of the May 2013 elections, which Mr. Najib’s party risked losing for the first time since Malaysia’s independence from Britain in 1957. The payments from the prime minister’s accounts at this time included nearly $7 million to the private account of one of Mr. Najib’s four brothers, who is chairman of CIMB Group Holdings Bhd., a government-controlled bank. Nazir Razak, the brother, confirmed to the Journal in a written statement he received the money, which he said was disbursed by bank staff to ruling-party politicians according to the instructions of party leaders. He said he believed the money originated with donations he had helped raise from Malaysian corporations and individuals for the elections. “I had no knowledge whatsoever that these funds may have originated from any other source(s),” he said. “The entire amount was paid out in cash to various recipients according to the instructions of the party president and the account was closed with a zero balance.” A spokeswoman for CIMB declined to comment. Another transfer of almost $70,000, on July 4, 2014, went to the prime minister’s son, Nor Ashman Najib, according to the documents. Attempts to reach him were unsuccessful. The money flowing to Mr. Najib’s account is only part of a much larger amount that investigators believe was misappropriated from 1MDB, which raised over $11 billion in debt, much of it from global investors. Swiss authorities, who along with the U.S., Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi and Singapore are probing the fund, say 1MDB-related losses from misappropriation could reach $4 billion. Several investigations by Malaysia’s central bank, a parliamentary committee, the country’s auditor general, Malaysia’s antigraft agency and police, are continuing. The Malaysian investigation documents show that around $170 million entered the prime minister’s accounts from other offshore companies set up to look like bona-fide financial giants such as Blackstone Group LP. Investigators in two countries are probing the origin of the money that came from Blackstone Asia Real Estate Partners, a British Virgin Islands company, and whether any of it also originated from 1MDB. A spokeswoman for Blackstone Group said the U.S. company had no knowledge of this offshore entity. A report on Australian Broadcasting Corp.’s Four Corners program said that some of the money transfers into Mr. Najib’s accounts triggered internal money-laundering alarms inside AmBank. The bank didn’t respond to requests for comment. Some $44 million from Mr. Najib’s accounts was recorded as going to a company called Solar Shine Bhd. The firm was used by the ruling party to distribute small handouts like food and stationery to voters around elections, according to newspaper reports and a person familiar with the matter. Ruling-party organizations and think-tanks got large amounts, according to the documents. Attempts to locate Solar Shine weren’t successful. Of the apparent personal spending, one of the most regular recipients of funds from Mr. Najib’s accounts was Jakel Trading Bhd., a Malaysian luxury clothing retailer. Between 2011 and 2014, Mr. Najib transferred over $14 million to Jakel, according to the documents. The company specializes in traditional Malay formal wear, suits, wedding attire and home furnishings. Attempts to reach Jakel weren’t successful. There was a recorded expenditure on June 28, 2011, at Signature Exotic Cars, a car dealership in Kuala Lumpur, for $56,000. Signature’s managing director, Daniel Lim, didn’t respond to a request for comment. Mr. Najib’s credit card also incurred charges of €750,000 in August 2014 at an Italian branch of De Grisogono, a Swiss-owned jewelry store, again being financed from the same account as the expenses in Hawaii, according to bank-transfer information that forms part of the Malaysian government probe. A person who works for De Grisogono confirmed Ms. Rosmah, the prime minister’s wife, was a client of a branch of the jewelers in Porto Cervo, a tony Sardinian resort. De Grisogono declined to comment. She joined Mr. Najib for his 2014 trip to Hawaii, where Mr. Obama was vacationing, which was supposed to help cement Malaysia’s growing role on a global stage. The transaction in the Chanel store was paid for with a Visa card in Mr. Najib’s name, according to the Malaysian investigation documents. At first the transaction didn’t go through and Mr. Najib, who was present, had to call his bank to approve the charge, said one of the people aware of the shopping trip. A spokeswoman for Chanel declined to comment, citing customer privacy. The credit card was paid for by an account in Mr. Najib’s name, the documents show. That account had been credited with $9 million a few months earlier. The money came from SRC International, the former unit of 1MDB that is now part of the finance ministry, according to documents that form part of an investigation into 1MDB by Malaysia’s anticorruption body. On the day Mr. Najib played golf with Mr. Obama, SRC International transferred a further $9 million to the account via 1MDB’s corporate social responsibility arm. The money arrived the day after Christmas.- Tom Wright and Bradley Hope,wsj PM belanja AS$15 juta untuk cuti, barang kemas Story kat sini... HELLO ARUL KANDA !!! Tergesa2 mau cabut lari mau pi mana? Kerja apa YANG DAH SELESAI? HUTANG BERBILION2 RINGGIT sudah selesai kah? SKANDAL 1MDB sudah selesai kah? YB Rafizi Ramli buat laporan polis terhadap you semalam,hari ini mau cabut lari... Ada satu cerita, di negeri yang digelar Pulau Mutiara... penyangak berlakon seolah pejuang maruah bangsa.. terkedek kedek membuat laporan polis kononnya mahu jaga kebajikan rakyat semata...Tapi akhirnya terbongkar.. mereka adalah talibarut yang bermuka muka... bila diberi kuasa, mereka mengkhianatinya, bila dah hilang kuasa.. mereka meroyan histeria separuh gila... Hari minyak naik lagi. Yang masalahnya bila minyak naik harga barangan dipasaran pun ikut naik. Semasa harga minyak turun harga barang tak turun, sampai bila rakyat nak tanggung beban ini... cheers. Posted by ali allah ditta at 12:00:00 AM No comments: Copy the BEST Traders and Make Money :

Copy the BEST Traders and Make Money :

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