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Monday, April 30, 2007

Eve of May -- A Poet Aspires for ...

Freedom, Truth and Space, May I?

I suddenly realised at supper time (No, not summer-time, for Malysia does not have the four seasons), there was just about 30 minutes to go on this Eve of May and I had not made an annual dedeication to mark the ticking of the clock to welcome my favourite month.

I also turned back the clock 365 times 24 hours to peek at what I wrote last year's eve of crazy month for that group of writers who mostly thrive in verse. But many have moved beyond verse and writ what is termed prose poetry. I am trying to get there and soon I will disrobe my bones leaning towards this high sense of achievement -- I belive cometh May 20, I would see many bones of contention. I may be over-estimating myself, but there is a possibility IF thiongs don't work out, I may join 2020freelunc. CLOSE SHOP.

But one last check with mGf sweets, helen --one other MIA Fashionista -- and more recent recruit, moo_t, iuf there ws any half-offer for Desi's Place at 20million.
Yes, CHEAPskate Desi -- or is it Desperate Dan-dy? -- Rupians also can

No DDC today (otherwise, it would read as todie and othervice...:(

Now, where was I? Digression, my habit for two yaers, and don't get Desi wrong, he was no where near an abbey. Or nunnery, to be precise.

Back to May, I reprise, unashamedly, a fave poem of mine:

Eve of May

Do you remember when
The "First of May" dawned for us
With a blessing of an
Unblemished bond
Between two people on an academic journey

Of life for me
Of strictly scholarly studies for you

But never mind the details
Or differences

We just enjoy the journey
I look forward to the next one

On this Eve
of a special month called "Mei"

You know it in our dictionary
The special meaning of now
The fourth anniversary of
Out own first of may.

Chong Yen Long

Just a year minus 15 minutes ago, I was on a high. Tonight, I am at a low. Lo and behold, TIME is a transformer. It's not you or I who control your or my destiny.
It is the various forces impacting us day by day, and in the accumulation of 365 passing days, you see a turning point. Even several points of no return.

Friendships lost. Acquaintanceships gained.
You get acquainted and graduate the relationship to friendship by unseen, unknown parameters acting sub-consciously on your inner self.

Then you make certain assumptions on the "new" friends.
But then all hell can break loose.
You realise certain assumptions you made were wrong.
That means you had been presumptious.


Actually I meant "I" -- yes, the First Person.

Writing about me named Desi, I view as a sort of Third Person, giving it a different take from the Person I see when I look into the mirror. Why do I do it?

DO YOU -- as a Blogger -- ALSO DO IT?

Tell me. I need to know.
I have an idea WHY I do it. But I am not 100% sure.
Do you? (that is, if you are like me ...doing this, writing about yourself in the Third Person...)

It will be another new day in five minutes.
My thoughts are still being processed.
Maybe the month of May I'll be clearer, more precise.
One of my good friends says: Succinct.

I like the last descriptive word.
It zeroes in at the heart of the matter.
And the core of every Poet-As(s)pirant's is his heart.
Writing from the depths of his inner-self.
His strongest feelings. His emotions count
more than his intellect. And tha I feel is tending towards feminity.
And so poets do tend towards the fairer sex?
I don't know, but I have readers telling me based on my writes
I would be addressed as a Miss/Ms Chong when solely trying to unmask me
based on my creative writes.

But it also works with the opposite gender.
When I first read Jed Yoong -- known among bloggers as 2020freelunch -- I thought the writer was a he.
When I heard "her" maiden phone call, I almost choked on my tehtarik!:)

Now she even asked of Desi: art thou an SB?
Is that a compliment?
I don't know -- go ask her. She's making herself scrace.
I think Desi -- male of female -- is one of the factors.
Shaw Brothers. Or Special Brunch at 10 minutes past midnight.
That's where I am now headed.
Sorry I left thee "hanging".

That's what the month of May maketh some people.
They are lunatic, oir they write nonSENse,
smiling at the moon thinking "it" is female,
dedicating all sorts of love songs to "her",
when the round thing is just an IT,
you nimcompoop of a nit!:(

May 1, 2007

Two Songs and an Infernal Rambling!

Early on this bright nu'e day THE EVE OF MAY -- I'm leaving IJOK buried under s's feeeeeet with the past SA.

Early too mGf at alerted friends via Email, and the story is at his olde --oops, young, blog. The slip is deliberate, I am jeless:

Incontrovertible Proof: Vote-buying in Ijok

A conversation which shows a Barisan Nasional official offering to buy votes has been recorded; there is incontrovertible proof of vote-buying. But hope remains, and the struggle for change must continue.

Written by johnleemk on 1:51:01 pm Apr 29, 2007.

I can't say I'm surprised. Everyone knows our elections are, to some extent, dirty. One only hopes this abhorrent display cannot be repeated in the general election because of the impracticality of vote-buying in so many constituencies:

Does this mean our electoral system is so fraudulent, so screwed up, that it's not worth contesting elections? That it's not worth casting our vote? Should we all go home and boycott the elections?

The answer has to be a firm no. Boycotts are pointless as long as the elections still (in some twisted way) reflect the will of the people. The opposition regularly takes home about 40% of the popular vote, and it certainly does seem to accurately reflect how the rakyat feel (though I am surprised that only 60% of the rakyat are swayed by BN propaganda).

The opposition must first convince a majority to support it, and oppose BN, before it can credibly claim that our electoral system is so warped as to render it undemocratic and unreflective of popular sentiment. Otherwise, individual instances of vote-buying and phantom voting aside, an election boycott just will not work.

We must continue to work to reform our institutions, not overthrow them. A boycott is as good as saying that things are so hopeless, we might as well start anew and throw out our old institutions.

I don't think things are that bad yet. The potential for change within our current warped institutions remains. It's up to us to make it happen. Don't sell your vote. Make your vote count, and vote for the right candidate.


"Caught on video:

The best part is near the end, when he picks his nose. "--------------------------------------------------------------------------------


DESI: mGf who prermaturely left freelunch2020 (for SBRunch in Peyton Placesque Kamunting or Furong?), has described johnleemk a "genius" at awe of 17, maketh Desi quite monsterish greenie. And I'm net e'en a fan of mosterballs:(

NO, john I spied did not pick his nose:(
Desi did. That bugger did!


Back to my Songs:

, one lust time for olde times' s(H)akes!

I Started A Joke
Bee Gees

I started a joke, which started the whole world crying,
but I didn't see that the joke was on me, oh no.

I started to cry, which started the whole world laughing,
oh, if I'd only seen that the joke was on me.

I looked at the skies, running my hands over my eyes,
and I fell out of bed, hurting my head from things that I'd said.

Til I finally died, which started the whole world living,
oh, if I'd only seen that the joke was on me.

I looked at the skies, running my hands over my eyes,
and I fell out of bed, hurting my head from things that I'd said.

'Til I finally died, which started the whole world living,
oh, if I'd only seen that the joke was one me.


And from that Special SomeOne, @17 like johnleemk, a genie (fair gender to mail genius? Desi's definition!:) who besotted Desi at last week's American Idol Gives Back special:

a A*DEDICATION to Sdr Khalid Ibrahim and Awe PKR comrades:

You'll Never Walk Alone

When you walk through a storm
Hold your chin up high
And don't be afraid of the dark.
At the end of a storm
Is a golden sky
And the sweet, silver song of a lark.

Walk on, through the wind,
Walk on, through the rain,
Though your dreams be tossed and blown.

Walk on, walk on with hope in your heart,
And you'll never walk alone,
You'll never walk alone.

************** A COMMERCIAL BREAK **********************

DESI: See, Mondaes need not be blue
If I can find a rainbow in You!

CHOW -- at That May 19 Bloggers Gathering, can!
Don't let Desi and Howsy and Freelunch and Lucia and Mob1900
and Nat Tan and Polytikucs
walk alone.

************* Your RM30 please to listen to Dish Jingle:) *****************

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Under Siege and Peer Pressure

Different groups in different countries are Under Siege for different reasons.
Some for not fitting in -- Peer Pressure. All societies experience this.
Some for religious beliefs -- Some countries suffer more than others. As long as Man plays God, this will linger.
Some for being God's unique creation. Or being a child born under unlucky stars -- condemned to a Dog's life. Whatever.

Desiderata is being overly productive today, this being my Third Post -- am I trying to fill the void, or vacuum, or whatever! left behind by my Blogger crony? She calls me crazyDesi, I call her the same2! No, not crazyDesi! crazyfreelunch:). She has established a reputation of publishing close to a dozen entries in wan day at her cyber-abode which is vanishing, as I pen this, into thin air.

I am sure over the sext few days, or daes, or dies, there will be loud desibelles calling on the hoRst of to come back from the ... I was goin' to use "dead", better subs with "wilde side of blogosphere", become wilder!:)

Did she quit due to pressure -- peer, political, media, or Desi's? -- I sighted this thinking allowed at several weblogs.
I ask of my ER: just don't speculate. You may be all headed up the garden path.

I have an idea, but I am not telling! Mayhaps for 20million..., I can be Almost Persuaded, like any C&W bumpkin:(
They say There's a price/prize (? -- take thy pick!:) on every human's head. And I am no saint to refute that.

Meanwhile, it takes such a long time for me to introduce this Under Siege episode from Down Under, where not everything is up like Ijok, Bursa Malaysia (KLSE) and Petronas, soon to announce another year of breath-taking profits;
except Desi's down, Jed Yoong may be downer, and the downest of damn awe must be Sdr Khalid Ibrahim. His mistake was having a Tan Sri in front of his nama. Jest Desi's knotty take, don't mind me; go mind him, especially PKR members.


Mormon mum defends teetotaller

April 29, 2007 12:20am

Daughter 'under seige' for not drinking
Shocked to learn of Big Brother audition
Rebecca wanted 'change of direction'

THE parents of Big Brother 's Mormon contestant, Rebecca Dent, are upset their daughter is under siege from fellow housemates over her decision not to join in their party antics.

Rebecca's mother, Rosemary Dent, has spoken exclusively to The Sunday Mail about her concerns for her daughter, who is finding it hard to bond with housemates.

"She should not be criticised for her belief," Mrs Dent said of Rebecca, 23.

"We have the right to worship God and we accord all the same privilege.

"The housemates are giving her a hard time because she is not participating in their drinking games.

"They have said some hurtful things.

"They are really focusing on her religion. People need to accept her as she is."

She said members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints "follow the Ten Commandments and we don't drink, don't smoke, we try to live a healthy lifestyle".

The 60-year-old mother of nine said she was shocked when she learnt Rebecca had auditioned for the reality TV show.

"But it was a choice she made for herself."

She said she and her husband Colin had counselled Rebecca, discussing the possible fallout.

Mrs Dent isn't worried about Rebecca succumbing to peer pressure from the housemates.

"I have complete confidence in her. She knows she's going to be watched and her parents are watching because she's asked us to tape every episode.

"She's not going to do anything that's going to embarrass her family."

The Gold Coast hinterland resident said seeing her daughter struggle was heartbreaking.

"It's hard seeing her on TV sad when she's such an upbeat person. And I've seen her sad a couple of times now."

Mrs Dent said she refused to read the "nasty comments" left on the Big Brother website.

"I'll get really angry and you don't want to see me mad.

"If you haven't got something nice to say, don't say anything at all."

The family have watched Big Brother previously and said Rebecca "went into BB to have time out".

"She wanted to change the direction of her life".

Tonight, Andrew and Hayley will be revealed to the house as a couple; Billy will be revealed as Hayley's ex; and one person will leave the white room with cash in hand.


Uncanny Alicar...Desi calling thee for May 19 date!

I visted Raja Petra's this moUrning, and it was uncanny hearing a Voice from the Past catching up with Desi.

"ylchong wrote:

WRT alicar, who wrote:

"By the way i think its Rahmaan..not rahman...hence is it

H - H. Onn
M - Mahathir
A - A. Badawi
A - Anwar Ibrahim
N - ?

28/04 15:20:27 "

I wrote that EXACTLY about a year ago (?) at Ktemoc's (I stand corrected:) -- is it deja vu OR Great Minds Think Alie OR Fools Seldom D.....?

PS: Dear Alicar...see you at Bloggers Gathering May 19? (REF:
29/04 12:51:23

All is fair in love and war

From Sunday Star, April 29, 2007

Barisan won fair and square

IJOK: The by-election here was a fiercely fought campaign but Barisan Nasional won it fairly, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said.

“We faced everything that they could throw at us but in the end we prevailed. That is the most important thing and we were sensible.

“The victory is a good precursor for us for the next general election, especially because this is the last by-election that can be held,” said a smiling Najib at a press conference last night.

He blamed the opposition for the fracas between supporters of both camps during campaigning.

“But it goes to show that underhand tactics do not work because people are better educated and discerning.

“They (opposition) tried to create trouble but at the end of the day, the voters rejected them,” he said.

When asked about the opposition’s allegations that Barisan had used “dirty tactics,” including bringing in phantom voters to certain grey areas, Najib said: “There are no phantom voters here.”

“We never use underhand tactics. We’ve always followed the rules.”

Najib said the increased majority showed Barisan was popular with the people despite PKR assuming it could pose a threat in the by-election.

“Our victory today is significant because PKR launched an aggressive campaign and made many allegations against Barisan leaders. But in the end it did not work,” said Najib.

On whether PKR's defeat reflected on the leadership of its adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Najib replied: “You can make your own conclusions. Although they had camped out in Ijok, our majority still increased.”

He said there had been five by-elections and Barisan had performed well in all.

“Barisan stood firmly by its principles of power-sharing and placed an MIC candidate (here) although it is a Malay majority area.

“This is because we appreciate the strong support of Indians in Barisan and we will ensure that the Malays, Indians and Chinese in Ijok will be served well,” he said.

On his expectations of K. Parthiban, he said he hoped the new state assemblyman would fulfil the voters’ aspirations.

“We want saudara cikgu Parthiban to be a good, hardworking and responsible representative. We are confident he will do his job,” he said.

DESI: I agree with DPM's words that "...Barisan Nasional won it fairly," ONLY BECAUSE I BELIEVE THE TRUISM OF THE ADAGE THAT "All is fair in love and war".

And a BUY-ELECTION like the jest-ended IJOK and recently-ended MACHAP were indeed "wars". Political battles between david-DAP and david-PKR against GOLIATH-BN-MCA and GOLIATH-BN-MIC, led by warriors-in-disguise UMNO. They maketh Mat Rempit look like heroes from out of the Arabian knights.

A rose by any name would smell just as sweet ...
I wonder who said that?

has its corollary:

That which emits from the orifice through whatever processing of rectoral or sartoral procession via the human oesophagus, stomach and anal canal would always smell -- like sh*t!

I wonder WHO said that, and WHO it refers too.
Maybe xpyre aka ... Or Bernard Khoo aka Zorro
can answer YOU -- my elegant Persons of the
Year 2006
who went missing at Ijok Yesterday,
when all my troubles were there to stay.

(wit' AP to NSTman's fave groupie...
Desi's too, xpyre's3 and many aMore4...)

I told WhatALulu
(she saw through Desi!)
... the satay partee will now take place
on First of May...

When I was small
and Christmas trees were tall

PKR supporters,
one battle ends
Many more await
Awe mGf too

~~ Desi



There is a latent traitor in all of us!
The late Americano Prez Nixon would have been damed proud of the Barisan Nasional for pulling out all stops and dirty tricks. Watergate is peanuts com pared with IJOK. Not syiok at awe!
People's -- the Rakyat's, the taxpayers' - monies dispensed at the MB's, DPM's and all idiotic BN leaders' names using our name, at least MY nama, without our/my expressed permit or permission. Nixon did it surreptitiously (FL: Sperr check please!:) in the still of the night.
The BN nimcompoops did it openly, blatantly and nincompooply in the steal of daylight.

GB or SOS! ~~

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Desi will celebrate with satay outing tonight

My prediction is that PKR wll win about 55% of the votes at IJOK (if the BUY-election did not work!) -- that is, garnering about 6,600 ballots of the 12,272 registered voters in the 51-percent Malay-majority constituency.

Electors are smarter nowadays -- some may be seduced all the time by Bigshots' goodies; all may be seduced some of the time, but not all of them all the time.
THat's my reading of seven years into the new millennium while one party still plays olde millennium money politics.

Less pollution in the air please -- I want to enjoy my satay with Mr Coww my philosopher friend -- tonight.
JOIN DESI and mGf in Furong, dear ER awe? Track me down at Temiang Korner after 9.00pm, will you? I pay for thetarik, you buy the Satay! Yes, sometimes Desi can be a CHEAPskate, damed wan too!:)

PS: IF you got LOST on the way through the mist or maze of Peyton Place-Furong, call 012-9702285! Or the nearest Balai Polis...Don't tuan or tabik them, jest Encik or offer one satay stick ...wilt do, will do.Kekeke...that's how I sound when I choke on the satay kambing coming. Because Sanyaja purportedly from "Melaka" was unloaded from Americano Idola, I've invited wan AnakMerdeka to lift her spirits with tehtarik to join me -- smoke her/him/IT out of Hydeing.

Dear ER: Play Sherlock Holmes and SEE if you detect the Politics of INTIMIDATION hear?

I am sorry to admit I started my Journalism career at Bernama , and I am NOT proud of the following copy.
I pray this trend does not continue with upcoming General Elections.
Othervice, may the Almighty help my country NegaraKu from sliding towards that Abyss!
S: say
A: men.

General April 27, 2007 20:11 PM

Khir Reminds Opposition Not To Repeat Chaos Of Lunas

KUALA SELANGOR, April 27 (Bernama) -- Selangor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo today reminded opposition political parties not to repeat during polling in Ijok tomorrow the chaos they had allegedly caused during the by-election in Lunas, Kedah, six years ago.

He said Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) should assume more responsibility and avert any confrontation so as to enable polling to proceed smoothly.

"The authorities should take firm action against anyone trying to cause problems. The people should report any problem or dissatisfaction with the election process to the Election Commission or police," he told reporters after a house-to-house campaign in the Ijok state constituency for the by-election, which sees polling tomorrow.

Newspapers had reported yesterday that PKR Information Bureau Chief Tian Chua wanted to personally apprehend individuals suspected to be phantom voters.

During the Lunas by-election, opposition political parties had allegedly set up road blocks and stopped buses and other vehicles entering the constituency to prevent what they claimed to be phantom voters out to ensure a Barisan Nasional (BN) victory.

Dr Mohamad Khir also said that it was difficult to implement development in a constituency where the elected representative was not from the BN.

"If the elected representative is not aligned to us (BN), it is difficult for us to implement development. The matter is similar to that in Kelantan where PAS is in power; the BN elected representatives who are in the opposition there have difficulty obtaining financial allocations.

"In Selangor, the BN is in power. (Therefore) development will be implemented according to our rules," he said.

As such, he said, the Ijok voters had to elect the candidate who could bring development to their area.

K. Parthiban, 38, of the BN is involved in a straight fight with Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, 61, of PKR in the Ijok by-election, necessitated by the death of BN Assemblyman Datuk K. Sivalingam, 59, on April 4. Sivalingam had garnered a 1,649-vote majority to beat Abdol Rahman Moharam of PKR and an independent candidate in the general election in 2004.

Tomorrow, 12,272 voters will go to the polls in Ijok.


PS: Blardy hella, Mr MB of self-styled developed state of DSelangor, give up thy undeveloiped mentality. The tax-payers pay thy salary, also for the development funds of Any State in NegaraKu. Not thy father, hear on earth or in h'aven.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Political expediency among writers...

Drives many to Desperation -- to the extent that they compromise their principles, or nigh to selling their souls?
WritHe in ways quite common in a species called S....s,
but that would defame God's creatures without a human brain
that's supposed to be capable of thinking and thoughtful processing.

Desi is a writer most times, also a writHer sometimes, in order to survive this animal-infested world of politics and socio-political 'rites. Especially Malaysian politics where principles are in short supply, and selling even one's Mother's soul is much in fashion.

Don't believe me? Go ask UMNO General Assembly VICE-president contestants like former MB of NS?

Don't talk to me anymore about UMNO, MCA and MIC. Neither DAP. Same mindset. To rule their little kingdoms. Feudal chiefs. little Napoleons. BIG Napoleons. CHIEF Napoleon.

Service to the Rakyat? Sadly, too true when the Grim Reaper reaps the harvest early. More useful six feeeeeet under ground than on or above.

Don't believe me? Ask the late State Assemblymen of Machap and Ijok.

But my subject is about political expediency among writers, so why such a long Intro on politics?

SEE the first qualifier? "Political" No?
Sometimes the Adjective plays a more important role than the Subject, which is of course a Noun.
Now that I have rambled a little about the English language, let's see what challenges or ails this sub-species called WRITERS.

I lay claim to earn B&B from writing.
First journalistic, sometimes, PR-ish, sometimes outlandish.
"Outlandish" means to humour the paying clients.
I have to shut my mind for expediency. In other words, we are "mercenary" by degrees. No angel in Desi either.
A normal Homo sapiens member can not survive on air, sunshine and rain water alone.
He needs BREAD, manna from heaven; also that singing group called Bread, for Music
is the food of Love, No? And Love maketh the world go round.

Am I writing a Sundae Inter:Lude peice two dies early? I dunno, I don't care. This is my blardy Blog. This defence is borrowed; I plead guilty to Plagiarism, but who's the blardy Ori? You tell me, so I can tender my AP. I don't know if MITI is so generous as to hand me a couple. RM30,000 X 2.

If you LOST me on the foregoing, it's Okay. Jest stay with Desi with the Aftgoing. Be carefool, don't step on the writHer's toes when you go-stan!

Desiderata2000 -- YOU can own it if you pay Desi 20million okay!
SO THAT I can re-tire to that spiriteDEStination.
I'm coming back from digression NOW, so sorry for my indulgence. So sorry you have short fuse for patience. But I'm trying darn'd hard for thee to hone that Virtue. Miss Patience I mean.I also apologise if this last line suggests discrimination against the fairer sex. I actually don't agree WHY they label the female as the "fairer" gender. Fair I can accept. "Fairer?"
Have you heard how much Miss Nina Wang left to her fortune-teller, yes, female2. Desi the MCP is mighty jealous.


I wonder how much the R, R and R got paid for writing such Sh*t...

Page 23, Opinion, The NST of April 27, 2007:

Exuberant energy at the North Pole

Comment By : Rehman Rashid

WHAT was the point of Putera Umno’s distinctly under-celebrated North Pole jump? I guess you had to be there.

They should all be safely home today, whereupon the rest of us might get a sense of what it’s like to jump out of a Russian military helicopter a couple of kilometres over the North Pole, into the whipping down draught of rotors whirling through thin air at minus 18 degrees Celsius, to plunge down through the Arctic ether and land at the Pole with enough breath left for a lusty rendition of Negara Ku.

Not the sort of thing normal people normally do. But that was the point of the exercise: These were not normal people. They were adventurers. Risk-takers. Daredevils; brave enough to tempt fate, laugh in the face of danger, ride the razor’s edge, and push the limits. They were Mat Rempit.


DESI: Since I used the four-letter word, I shan't pollute my ER (X-steamed or EsteemedReaders-lah in +++DDC) by offering more than 4 paras, inclduding the topic's title because I like the word "Exuberant" -- so dainty and dandy... (By now you should know-lah, what +++Da Desi Code is; othervice, get the hellA outa hear!:( An "4" in Kantonis sounds like "Sei" which means the Grim Reaper cometh; paras is short for "paragraghs", yes. it has an Ass in the plural form. But not "pariah" Cos that's also an inherited word which has no asses for plural forms. Correct Desi -- for he's a humble student of Linguistics, or izzit Gymnastics? -- if he's wlong!:(

I similarly wrote a *CRITIQUE when the UMNO Youth Deputy Chief and his lackey UMNO Putera Chief tried to make a Rose of cow-dung, a more polite term for BullShit. BS for shorties. (*I will track it down from my ARCHIVES and Reprise hear later...)GWilling.) G stands for Goodwill, for I'm no holy/holey man.

I quoted Shakespeare, from Romeo and Juliet no less. A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet...somethin' like that. My arugment was applied to somethin' less fragrant, the groupies now popularised as mat Rempit. (NOTE: I have argued why the plural form has NO Ass as in Bahasa Malaysia words, there is no Ass, only donket like Madcap Roadies who endanger other roadusers' lives more than their own. And some politicians, and mercenary writers, think they can make Crows look like Nightingales. Or Devils angels.

But I enjoyed RRR's "EXUBERANT ENERGY" in his ballistical abuse of Queen's English: twists and turns, somersaults and backflips, and Wow, that subtle turn of face, s-miling at Rempit. Ooops, at the Ringgit.
But as a fellow writer, I can understand.
We need our three square, or round, meals a day.
Throw in a CON BF over the wickedend.

And a free trip round the world once a semester break.
Or a trip to the North or South, or East or West Pole once a holydie.
Sponsored off course.
Pray that I sirvive that landing.
Just don't let that Grim Reaper reap another early harvest.
Two SAs in two months is already a bonanza.
At the rate people kicked the bucket, Petronas' oild fields may run dry in SE7EN. Knot 17 years.
But look forward to at least RM50-billion net profit cometh end-April declaration of financial results for FYE March 2007.
Write some PR stuff for the National Oil Company (as churned out weakly?) one "Brit" woman long standing in NegaraKu she's sounding most times more patriotic than most Malaysians -- and you can taste the frangrance of the Blak Gold that the Almight blesses this Lucky Country with in abundance. To Spend In Abandonby Some Lucky Blokes/Blondies? US Dollars or in Ringgit, it's still Money what! Now blardy hella, where's my 20million?

UPDATEd Saturday April 28 @3.23pm:

Because one Commenter -- first-timer welcome with teharik!:)--Dek Mat dared ars(e)k for It!

"Dek Mat said...

desiderata: how about quoting a couple more paragraphs in the article:

"In the two years since its establishment, there has been no noticeable diminution in Mat Rempit numbers on the midnight roads, nor of their exuberant energies."


"But let there also be no doubt that a great many of their fellow roadusers in this country would still have no qualms about sending the whole lot of them there."

now that would make ur review on the article a little fairer as how the original article is ;)

3:15 PM "

4 Someone XXpecial:)

Lust evenin', someone special from Down Under dropped me a Hi! note. Short and sweet, just how I like it!:)"1 comment(s):

"Hi Desi
Just logging by to Say hi " Hi n smiles , how are you ? Life is kinda hectic n long nights i'm not going to bed b4 4am .But i'm sure things will improve , it's just overload .
Drop me a line when ya free okz.
cheerz tcz

By sweetspirits, at 9:31 PM "

I'm taking the liberty to go public with my Reply -- typos and awe! -- via Email:

"Hi sweets:

Thanks for your Comment, and I am thankful for Blogger
friends like you.

I wish you are here to attend May 19, 2007 gathering
which I am org as Chairman.:) See the rea' "DEsi"
behind the mask eh? Seriously, I have had org several
meets called G& (Desi: Correction 'ear to G7!) for small groups of 2 to 8; this
latest is the most ambitious -- aiming for 100!
KLeeping my fingers crossed, also having sleepless
nights, for reasons different from yours!

I always remember mGf down under for being that
"unique" visitor sharing the name for
spiriteDEStination with me.

Hey, now for some relaxation, visit, to read my Short Story
(THIRD one there at Jason Evans', nice bloke as
Ozwould say!:) -- my entry is number 44.

Cheers, God bless thee and afmily. Pray for Desi too

YL, Desi

9.46pm April 26, 2007"

PS: YES, "Anyways faith will keep us together ..."

And we both love singing and listenin' to songs, especially from the 60s for Desi (NSTman, art thou voyearing 'ear?), so here's

Joan Baez's

Diamonds and Rust

Well I'll be damned
Here comes your ghost again

But that's not unusual
It's just that the moon is full
And you happened to call
And here I sit
Hand on the telephone
Hearing a voice I'd known
A couple of light years ago
Heading straight for a fall

As I remember your eyes
Were bluer than robin's eggs

My poetry was lousy you said
Where are you calling from?
A booth in the midwest
Ten years ago
I bought you some cufflinks
You brought me something
We both know what memories can bring
They bring diamonds and rust

Well you burst on the scene
Already a legend
The unwashed phenomenon
The original vagabond
You strayed into my arms
And there you stayed
Temporarily lost at sea
The Madonna was yours for free
Yes the girl on the half-shell
Would keep you unharmed

Now I see you standing
With brown leaves falling around
And snow in your hair
Now you're smiling out the window
Of that crummy hotel
Over Washington Square
Our breath comes out white clouds
Mingles and hangs in the air
Speaking strictly for me
We both could have died then and there

Now you're telling me
You're not nostalgic

Then give me another word for it
You who are so good with words
And at keeping things vague
Because I need some of that vagueness now
It's all come back too clearly
Yes I loved you dearly
And if you're offering me diamonds and rust
I've already paid

NOTE: I understand Joan of Both Sides Now fame composed the Song above for her temporal-love Bob Dylan. Are we all like Blowin' In The Wind...?

Thursday, April 26, 2007

KTemoc -- sometimes we agree

I was asked by mGf who is host of what I thought of Ktemoc's writings, especially the regular anti-Anwar takes.

I generally responded that I would have engaged KTemoc more had I gotten to know WHO HE IS AS A PERSON in blogosphere who writes quite fervently on politics. Just as I do engage her regularly because I have got to know in reality, that she's trained in Journalism and known in media as JED YOONG.

I would have ENGAGED KTemoc more if I could pin a PERSON'S NAME to the "KTemoc" mask. We may have our differences about partisan politics. I left some Comments on certain occasions when I had "begged to differ"...but today, I must say I agree mostly with today's extract that follows.

I share much common grounds with KTemoc's concern, and those expressed by a Commenter his Post on Saturday, April 21, 2007 titled: Ijok - praying pollies' piety?

______________________ EXTRACT from KTemoc's_______________________


There has been a clarion call (or prayer?) by Susan Loone for all bloggers to rush down to Ijok. She had suggested to The Alliance of Bloggers that all-Blogs must go to Ijok and present a petition to the two candidates, Parthiban and Khalid.

She wants the candidates to support the bloggers' right to freedom of expression, and to respect their blogging. And, for her, the candidate who supports the petition should receive the bloggers’ support. Many bloggers agreed to her call.

If this is taken up, it'll effectively rope in The Alliance of Bloggers as a political lobby rather than a federation with the sole issue of protecting bloggers' right to free speech on the Web.

However, Jun-E of June x 2 has disagreed. He (or she) has been alarmed by the comments on Loone’s blog, which had strayed from Loone’s point on free speech to attacking people with political affiliations different to the commentators'.

June-E reckoned we bloggers ought to be neutral (and seen to be so). Our balanced and fair (most times anyway) comments would more effectively bring about the desired change in the authority's attitude towards bloggers and their right to free speech on the Web.

He (or she) advised that “strategically speaking, it is suicide, for All-Blogs to campaign, during the clash of the titans. To be there, to be waving the (not yet existent) flag of All-Blogs, will just increase the government’s apparent paranoia towards bloggers”.

__________________________ ENDS EXTRACT___________________________

As a Blogger, Desi has from the beginning of starting this Blog, that I have been a supporter of the Opposition, mainly because I believe in REFORM and CHANGE for a BETTER GOVERNMENT TRULY PROMOTING TRANSPARENCY, ACCOUNTABILITY and CLEAN GOVERNMENT. (Which implies that the present BN Governmnet falls very short in these areas I have stressed.)

Being a Journalist/Writer, I also strive for OPENNESS IN THE MEDIA OPERATIONS and ENVIRONMENT, including a consistent call for the repudiation of the repressive Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984.Since March 15, 2007, second anniversary of Desiderata2000's founding, I've also reminded EsteemedReaders that I am a supporter of Parti Keadilan Rakyat, having hinted in earlier writings where my political sympathies lie.

But as Blogoisphere is Malaysia is in its "infancy" as the emerging Fifth Estate, Desi feels it's premature for fellow Bloggers like Susan Loone to call on ALL BLOGS (a short for the newly-formed NATIONAL ALLIANCE OF BLOGGERS (NAB) headed by RockyBru in the recxently elected Interim Exco) to descend on IJOK tomake any political statements.

I am speaking in MY PERSONAL CAPACITY TODAY, and I believe that NAB is trying to recruit as many Bloggers into its membership as possible, and therefor it's imperative that it is open to all comers regardles of their political ideologies and affiliations and beliefs, or even non-beliefs. It must be stated that Bloggers come from a wide spectrum of fields of writings, not just Socio-Political writers -- who I believe are the most vocal and high-profile by the very nature of this field -- so any particular leanings of the Players would be more negative than positive. I share Jun-E's concerns, in her own words taken from KTemoc's "(she)... has been alarmed by the comments on Loone’s blog, which had strayed from Loone’s point on free speech to attacking people with political affiliations different to the commentators'.

I hope my ER would share their views on this subject.

Better still, look to TOP OF PAGE (aMore come to share your esteemed views VOCALLY at a Bloggers Gathering on May 19, 2007 aimed at networking so that we know more of our fellow Bloggers as well as learn about the Challenges and Journeys travelled by the more experienced ones as highlighted by the Panel of Speakers.

As Chair of the seven-member Org Com, I can safely say we have put in lots of time and efforts on our part to ensure an interesting outing. But fellow Bloggers and friends interested in this new Estate must also lend their support. Hey, please register early by paying that RM30; better still, pay RM60 and bring a mate. Spread the cheer of the Blogging experience around!

Thank You for bearing with Desi on the commercial break I owe thee a cuppa or tehtarik; may not be at Lake View Club but we have time for a Midnight Rendezvous at the Asia Cafe, Yes!:)

Another Short Story to Post

Wednesday, April 25, 2007
Entry #44

Kak Left With the Postman

by YL Chong

"Boys and girl, we are back!" both Caron and her husband announced as they tiptoed into the living room, expecting to be greeted by two lads and their four-year-old sister they had missed for seven days. Perhaps, it's good to see the maid, Kak, too, as absence makes the heart fonder.

There was a distinctive "stink" of stale food in the air. Dad eyed the remnants of some fried chicken and hamburger left on a plate near the television.

The couple peeped into the master bedroom, the boys', then Abigail's rooms, and finally, Kak's.

Not a soul, and Caron's voice now hinted some alarm. "I'm afraid, Gary, there's no one around!"

"What a mess!" Caron let out a shout as she entered the kitchen -- eyeing in dismay unwashed dishes, stale food on the plates that emitted such stench that Gary had to hold a handkerchief to his nose.

"I'm gonna fire that blardy maid!" his voice was raised, but the only sound answering back was some running water from a tap at the sink.

Just then the front door burst open. In rushed three kids as they ran to embrace their parents.

"Now where have you been?" demanded Mum.

"We went to KFC for our dinner plate," explained the eldest child.

"And where's Kak?" Dad's voice was still stern.

"Kak left the morning after you people left for your vacation," chirped in the second boy.

"She left the second morning, riding pillion with the postman," said Abigail.

posted by jason evans at 11:44 AM

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

It Was a Red-Letter Day Yesterday

My sext project planned for sexy June has been brought forward to May,
when poets go crazy and pen all sorts of verses, inspired, expyred,
top-rate and low-down, outside loking in and inside looking out. Byting too.

The Beatles were true to Desi
All my troubles seeemed so far away

It started with a friendship port of call
Just a few minutes of sharing
A Saudara gave me a cheque for RM450
An advance payment for 40 coies of my maiden *book

He, like Desi, is a lover of literature
Mine is English, his is Chinese
But we are both bi-lingual
So he quotes Li Bai
I quote Shakespeare

Suadara, you make my day
God bless all thy expanding way
You say: There's always karma following us
I reply: Yes, it's like:
You reap what you sow
What goes around comes around
In Chinoserie Kantonis: Tin Yau Ngan

So folks drink a tehtarik on Desi today
Claim from me the tab that Glowing Day of Delight
At Lake View Club on May 19 night+++
Pay-lah that RM19+11 to take flight
With Bloggers awe, madcaps on a journey
full of fright

+++ Look at TOP OGF PAGE,
OR surf to:

* Fun-D Challenge:

Guess one try only what the Book's topic is.
First five nearest correct answers get an AUTOGRAPHED COPY!
(I hear the rumour it's worth some 2million after the greAt author passeth on -- more wordwhile --
like kind and generous State Assemblymen --
six feeeeeet underground
than found
Dead or Alive

NOTE: Half-correct answrrs get half the book.
Two answerers share a copy!:(
Desi's sometimes a CHEAPskate.

PS: THREE SPECIAL people are disqualified from taking part in the challenge! I have already reserved a signed half-kopi for each of YOU!:):):)
YOU -- Time's Person of The Year lust 'ear -- knoweth who thou art!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Anti-Corruption Drive -- Too Much Talk

And hardly any observable action.
Especially against the BIG FISH.
Especially against political crocodiles.

Also, against their Corporate Cronies.

Two items from The People's Paper, but this MSM is reluctantn to raise related issues and ask the right questions of the DPM or Minister in the PM's Department, like:

(1) WHAT has happened to the 18 high-profilre cases broadcast by Minister Rais Yatim before his portfolio was taken away from him and shunted into obscurity -- or is it oblivion for being too bold for his own good?

(2) WHAT's happening to the complaints lodged by former Sabah ACA director Mohd Ramli Manan against just retired ACA director-general, Datuk Zulkipli Mat Noor, of graft and sexual misconduct?

(3) WHY is the Government so reluctant to place the Anti-Corruption Agency under Parliament so that it's truly independent and can do its job without fear or favour?

THREE questions
are enough for now so that the DPM and his obedient Ministers won't get a headache, or suffer memory loss, or conveniently take sick leave. But should they follow the paths trodden by the late SAs from Machap and Ijok, you think any clear-headed and thinking Malaysians will lament their departure? Honestly speaking, Desi won't.

Tuesday April 24, 2007

Government all out to fight corruption, says Najib

KUALA LUMPUR: Fighting corruption remains a national mission and the Government is all out to eradicate graft.

“Some people might be quick to say that the Government is not serious in fighting corruption or that the Prime Minister is the only person speaking on this subject,” said Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

“But let me remind every one that this is not just the agenda of the Prime Minister. The Cabinet is firmly behind him on this,” Najib said in his keynote address on the third anniversary of the National Integrity Plan (NIP) and Integrity Institute of Malaysia.

He said corruption and bribery were a menace to the healthy development of a democratic society and that the public have shown greater concern over corruption cases in the country, especially in the public sector, since the NIP was implemented.

“The NIP is slowly changing the people’s values. For a start they are already asking for greater transparency within the public service.”

Najib said he believed that the future was bright for Malaysia to continue to be an island of integrity for years to come, given the Prime Minister’s sense of honesty and the political mandate the Cabinet enjoyed.

Book launch: Najib launching a book entitled Good Governance for Development after delivering his keynote address at the event while McKinnon looks on.
Earlier, an Integrity Forum featured Johor Baru MP Datuk Shahrir Samad and International Institute of Public Ethics director Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim as panellists.

Shahrir held that corruption would never truly be stamped out unless a definite timeline was set and real action was taken to eradicate the menace.

He said a definite date for zero tolerance to corrupt practice must be set for the NIP to have a real impact.

“We know that certain Cabinet ministers or deputy ministers are very rich and have made money from such practices in the past.

“Setting a timeline means they must now stop accumulating their wealth in such a way. It means no more excuses,” said Shahrir, who is also the Public Accounts Committee chairman.

Shahrir was responding to a question by Transparency International-Malaysia president Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam who asked why there was no urgency in dealing with corruption since corruption or the perception of corruption was so widespread.

Earlier in his speech, Shahrir said the NIP should not cease to exist after its five-year target and in fact be built upon and strengthened whenever a new Parliament is formed after a general election.

“Parliament is at the level to effect change as outlined in the plan and it should not be done just to fulfil expectations but much more than that. The real issue here is public confidence.”

DESI: Deputy Prime Minister, my only comment to first statement (THUS BOLDED): REALLY?

My comment to your second statement: PRECISELY, That's what we the Rakyat have been saying!

Corruption causes poverty, says McKinnon

Get rid of corruption and bad leadership and poverty will become history, Commonwealth Secretary-General Don McKinnon said yesterday.

Noting the obvious link between poverty and corruption, he said:

“Corruption is public enemy No.1 to the two things we hold dearest in the Commonwealth – democracy and development.”

“It tends to be the poor who suffer most, it leads to children without adequate schooling, and to people of all ages without adequate healthcare.”

McKinnon was speaking at the third anniversary of the launch of the National Integrity Plan and the establishment of the Malaysian Institute of Integrity.

In his speech titled The Cancer of Corruption: The Ideal Integrity, he referred to the expressions duit kopi (coffee money) in Malaysia and du the (some tea) in Mauritius, saying they implied that corruption “doesn’t really matter, its only small change, no one gets hurt”.

“But corruption is much more. Amongst other things, it is bribery, nepotism, kickbacks, shady dealings, cartels and rigged elections,” he said.

During the question-and-answer session, fellow panellist Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz said he would be looking at the Attorney-General’s Chamber’s study on having a Whistleblower’s Act soon.

Asked whether the Anti-Corruption Agency could be placed under a Parliamentary Select Committee, the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department said it would be not be fair.

“In an all-party parliamentary committee, the Barisan Nasional would get 13 seats, one for each of its coalition parties. Also, as we are strongly affiliated to our party and we tend to make decisions along party lines.

“I want to be frank, if a matter is raised in Parliament and the Opposition says they want a minister brought before a committee, I would say ‘yes’ because I know I would be acquitted because of the majority we have.”

Earlier, in his paper, Nazri said Malaysia aimed to improve on its score of 5.0 (in TI’s Corruption Perception Index) last year to 6.5 next year.

DESI: to Nazri's first statement (partly bolded, italicised))

Just go ahead to legislate on The Whistle-blower's Act, don't talk till the cows come home.

On Nazri's second statement that it would NOT be fair to have the ACA under Parliament, Desi's comment is:

"Not fair" to Barisan Nasional politicians and cronies, is it?

I rest. My case.
Too many cases will cause my BP to rise.
Also tension headache.

I may not blog for sext few days. Same, sama.
Quoting mGf Maverick again: CAKAP TAK SERUPA BIKIN!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Ijok Is Now BN Biggie's Joke

Monday blues's no more in Ijok
All the country's biggies in branded motors
are descending like suitors
to keep AP with the headmen, headladies too
for a coy kampong bride's hands
every Ijok elector is a bridesmaid
the groom cometh with gold, bangle and jade
escorted by Biggies in Mercedes Benz

but the bridegroom must have a magic wand
one MIC VIP sings a song of sixpense
and the people got pockets full of fry
and new roads and halls spring up
you wonder where were the builders the last decade?

Another VIP sings a song of woe
He can't deliver no mosque, can't patch up your pothole
can't even chase away the Aedes mosquito
"He's from the useless PKR," I told you so
wht can you do, what can he do?

So MIC Prez rules like a demi-God for 10 days
And poor Ijok sleepy hollow occupies the headlines
for yestaday, todie and tomolo
the farmers are hapy, they sell more pomelo

the housewives are happy
because their children now have got candy
the husbands are also happy
their pockets are now filled up
maybe I'll have that toddy

The Voters are advised: Vote for BN
Biggie's pledge he will deliver more goodies
Biggies will serve you forever and a day
Pray hard the new SA kicks the bucket fast
you will come back smiling
another goode Barisan Nasional die

Desi's advice
Ijok folks, make it a Biggie's Joke
Take the BN angpow
Cross the ballot paper for PKR
Then Life in more Syiok
It's a big, bigger, biggest WoW!

Who says it's Monday woes
What Desi advises, Ijok does
The bridegrrom ars(e)ks: Will you?
The coy bride whispers: I do, I do!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Holy and holey tithes

On this good Sabbath day, believers of the Christian faith are mostly aware of the holy duty of paying TITHES.
I believe it's customary of certain churches on Sundays to remind their flock of paying 10% (YES, 10 PERCENT OF GROSS MONTHLY WAGES!) to the church so that ...
(YOU, the regular and dutiful paying members fill in the bla nks, Desi refrains as he's no dutiful member. Like mGf, recently unmasked Bernard Khoo (@zorro-zorro-unmasked., Desiderata has stopped the ritual of church-going for a decade or aMore. (Hence, my knotty thoughts on going to the Lavatory/Purgatory on April 1 with Campbell, no, not Campbell soup, you dumbbell, it's pretty Naomi!:).

Some churches I knoweth of stress the duty of payiing tithes several times during one Sundae service so much so if thou art a government servant or mere blue collar worker, you would be made to feel hot under the collar. I would -- even when I was a corporqate employee earning decent wages of some 4k-5k, what more for those earning less than half of what I earned! -- so this is one of the contributing factors of why I stopeed. If you feel uncomfortable at visiting a certian place or in certain company, why be so masochistic, or unkind to thyself, yes?

As I was saying, it's compulsory to pay that 10% tithes at some establishments.
The collections would enable the Pastor to pray for thy salvation, the prayerers live in posh mansions, and they drive in posh cars so they bring prestige to their houses of prayers, to earn a greater following, and to earn more tithes ... so the cycle and story goes.

When a topdog from a Listed Company donates RM1million to the Church, as procaimed by the smiling Pastor, the 'hole congregation will let out resounding Allelujah, a thousand times, and Amore. But I also know that the CEO in the stael of the night the year before almost brought the lsited company down on its knees when the head put his hands into the (s)till, taking out 10million. Yes, mathematics would tell thee RM1mil is 10% of RM10mil -- so he goes down on his knees to pray for salvation, much aided -- accessoried? Is dare such a word, mGf brudder zorro or sisdar freelunch? -- by the smiling Pastor.

So that poor church mouses (yes, not spelt mice, because that refers to animal species) like Desi sleeping in late in his rat hole, or having long drawn CON BF at Min Kee Hawker Centre. Two courses at RM5 each, such capitalistic indulgences I shy from my socialtit mates ... one day in SE7EN or Eight. (Eight Days a Week for mGf like NSTmanUnmask thyself on May 19, Yes, like "zorro"!)

Okay, sometimes the chuirch leaders of 10-%, or more acceptable (butt less may eran thee di(r)e warnings of Brimstone and fire!:(, will invite some SPEAKERS from overseas like the US, such as a former spaceman, to add ghlamour to the service.
Yes, a speacman has seen inklings of what Heaven is like (Saw the movie SUNSHINE nyet?), and poor Malaysians through Blood, Sweat and Tears paid in RM had to cough out (Like blood of TB victims) USD paying for five- or six-star hotels in b'g, b'd Koala Lumpuh, throw in limousin(e) chauffeured service -- for their mighty, holy words of wisdom.
(In fact the above is being sarcastic, for those Ignoramuses who don't know Desi's r(H)umour of being quite wilde Oscar winner...I digress, but NO AP! I harbour ambitions to graduate to Simon Cowell's ascerbicism, or witticism to earn BIG, BAD Bucks, but that's quite cocoky of this hoRst, so Dream the American Idol, Dream on...:)

I'm sorry for mGf Anak Merdeka that her fave Sanjaya from "Melaka" I heard, was finally booted, or izzit butted, out last week; Curse Simon the pieman, that Coww!:(

Back to Tithes, fellow Malysians must rue the fact that the Gomen of the Die also collects lots of tithes, more than 10%. In fact, if you believed some UMNO kakis -- yes, I will give thee names if YOU care to track Desi down in the mazey Korner of Furong, near Temiang Korner most nights, and at the Central Market at an Indian curry house -- jest shout-lah, DESI, and without any Errata, I'll come running, Tom Jonah stylo!) YOu bribe me with whisky in exchange for my teh-See.

The tithes that Gomen taketh are in the form of the WASTAGES and SEEPAGES that the fast-tracked and mega projects it implements like it's their fathers' moneies, viz:

* That RM600milliuon the UMNO Prez immediately allocated to ALL THE UMNO DIVISION heads, each receiving durian runtuh of RM3million, to be expened within THREE MONTHS!(NONE for Sarawak because you won't let UMNO in, Yes/No?Mayhaps next time!)

** RM36million given out by the Menteri Besar of Selangor to IJOK RESIDENTS (damn lucky their SA died!) because there is a BUY-election currently in progress.
I think PKR's candidate TAN SRI KHALID IBRAHIM, a former corporate bigwig -- ex-CEO of Kumpulan Guthire and PNB! -- can confirm for us Malaysians the degree of SEEPAGES of the contract values of Gomen projects. Up to 50%, less or more?

Well, if IJOK voters are smart, take the money, the new mosque, the new school hall, the well-tarred roads and covered-up potholes as blessings from God. You finally receive some retuirns on THY TITHES, didn't you?
A long-time coming.
Now, go to your Prayer House and pray for more such goodies.
If only another Gomen SA or MP will doing the Rakyat a favour.
Bring us that buckt of water, or GO KICK A BUCKET!:)

PS: I just lust weak DHL-ed me church a check for 20million that Moo_t courierred Desi from KakarttTA; wonder if it sailed through smoothly, OR bounced like a kangaRUE?
"God save our souls."

PPS: Just checked Email to Pimp to PPS and saw the latest email from: Winners@ Please Confirm that you are (!) of Seremban...

If I can ghet a Lawyer to claim that PRIZE< I well donate 90% as Tithe to the long-suffering church. I romise like the good BN candidate of IJOK, now quite a A*Joke.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Lottery scam, Investment scam...

Political scam,

It's just breaking the victim's or victims' trust. An individual, or Group, or Party NOT KEEPING ITS WORD.
A man's word is his bond -- this credo is a dyiing commodity, especially in the corporate and political arenas.
Well, the spiritual arena too, if I learnt right. Maybe 'not right', cause I'm a "leftist"!

First it may be one individual, next may be a group, finally it's a whole constituency.
Just before reaching the ABYSS, it's the blardy Whole Country of Malaysia.

God save NegaraKu,

From The Star, 2 items refer:

From Da Sien daily in the blardy sleepy townof Rasah where a buy-erection is keenly awaited -- will someone go off for a heavenly ride a li'l early for the constituents, and People's S(H)akes?

Like the kind hearted Machap, Ijok wakil apa itu, I sudah lupa! I ingat masa saye pun sudah lewat...



Saturday April 21, 2007

Student falls victim to Net scam

A student lost all her college fees totalling RM148,000 to a syndicate which told her that she had won RM3.3mil in two Internet lucky draws.

The 20-year-old student first received a call on March 20 from a woman telling her that she had won RM120,000 in a Hong Kong Turf Club online draw.

But in order to collect her winnings, she was told to deposit RM46,000 as insurance and processing fees.

She then transferred the amount into an overseas bank account on March 30.

George Town OCPD Asst Comm Azam Abd Hamid said that later the same day, she received another call from a man informing her that she had won an extra RM3.2mil in a bonus draw.

“She managed to raise a further RM102,000. The money was then deposited into the same account on Wednesday.

“After not hearing anything from the callers, she realised she had been cheated and made a police report the next day,” he said yesterday.

ACP Azam said a check showed that the phone number used to call the victim was registered in China, adding that the case had been classified as cheating.

“This was not the first time that such a thing had occurred. We have issued several warnings through the media but such cases continue to occur.

“The syndicate could also be behind several cases reported in the state over the past several months,” he said.



Millions lost in e-invest scam

PENANG: Thousands of people nationwide are believed to have lost several million ringgit in an Internet “investment” scheme known as buy-e-barrel which has closed down abruptly.

Investors have been unable to log onto their online accounts over the past two weeks.

An investor, who declined to be named, said he managed to “escape” before the US-based pyramid scheme collapsed.

“I made a few thousand ringgit from the scheme which offered daily interest of between 2% and 3% for an investment of between US$100 (RM345) and US$2,000 (RM6,900),” he said.

He believed that many of those who lost their money were government servants, adding that they took part in the scheme at the tailend.

George Town OCPD Asst Comm Azam Abd Hamid said the police were aware of such a scheme but had yet to receive any report from those who lost money.

He advised victims to lodge police reports if they had been cheated so that they could investigate the case as cheating.

The Securities Commission has issued an alert on more than 50 websites which

promised quick returns with minimum investments and urged the public not to invest in them.

“These websites are not authorised or approved under the country's securities laws to deal in securities or whatever investments,” ACP Azam said.

A check by The Star found that buy-e-barrel was among the websites mentioned in the SC list at: investors/Alert_list.html.

The SC recently froze two bank accounts with RM1.6mil and closed two websites

said to be connected to a global Internet investment scam run by Cambridge Capital Trading.

Last week, the National Fatwa Council passed a fatwa forbidding Muslims from investing in shares on the Internet.

Related Stories:
There’s no short cut to wealth
Student falls victim to Net scam



There’s no short cut to wealth

KUANTAN: There is no short cut to wealth, not even via the Internet, advised Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak yesterday.

He urged the public not to put their earnings and savings in cyber get-rich-quick schemes which he likened to similar scams popular some 20 years ago.

“There are severe and dangerous effects to the schemes offered through the Internet. Your entire life savings can go up in smoke and when this happens, your retirement days will not look that rosy,” he told reporters after officially launching the Malaysian Unit Trust Week (MSAM) organised by Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB) at Padang MPK 2 here.

Najib said the Internet investment schemes were similar to previous get-rich-quick scams that were so popular during the 1980s such as Pak Man Telo.


DESI: Why do you think I say this is a SCAM, preaching holy, holy stuff by national leaders?

Machap's folks saw development funds pouring in after its late SA (from MCA) died.

Now, IJOK folks are seeing a tsunami of funds pouring in (RM36million alone promised by the MB!) after its SA (from MIC) also died.
Do you blame the constituents from Rasah or Bachok or Miri or Timbucktree praying that the next "Kicker of the bucket" cometh from their constituency? Who doesn't want DURIAN RUNTUH? Oops, mGf AweOfHelen says there's no constituency by the name of Timbucktree. Okay, make it Pu-chong, part bearing nama Desi wat!

Well, the Rakyat has been CONNED again, and again, by the country's/party leaders, who say one thing, do another. mGf blogger Maverick SM says" CAKAP TAK SERUPA BIKIN.

Remember Lim Fui Ming, State Assemblyman of Hahau, Negri Sembilan. He won on DAP ticket; resigned, then joined MCA a few months later. No, MCA leaders said that LIM DID NOT BARGAIN FOR ANYTHING TO JOIN THE MCA PARTY.

You believe these rascals? Tell it to the marines, mGf Mave adds -- I can read his mind though he did NOT open his mouth.

Isn't this commission of jumping party a breach of Bahau's constituents' trust.
If you are of any dignity and integrity, DO WHAT DATUK SHARIR SAMAD OINCE DID.

Another so-called maverick, Sharir at least had his principles s in tact by resigning the Johor Baru parliament seat he won on BN-UMNO ticket after falling out with then PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Sharir then re-contested as an Independent and he still won.
Mavericky, yes, but a principled on. A Blogger too -- too bad he turned down our INVITE to speak at that May 10, 2007 Bloggers Gathering. JB constituents call. YB. another time, we have time. But we have no time for the ilks of Lim Fui Ming -- Tiger Lee, Khoo Seng Hock also of Negri Sembilan, remember? -- and I hope the Bahau electors will send him next time into Oblivion. I wanted to use a four-letter word, but that's "most unkindest of all".

So DPM, accepting trash of the ilks of Lim, Lee and Khoo kind -- and oh, don't forget, your UMNO cronies -- Zakaria M(a)d Deros, Said Yusof -- are they NOT IN BREACH OF THE RAKYAT's TRUST?

POLITICAL SCAMMERS ALL -- maybe it's leadership by example in BN?


As an Aside, which means Digresssing a byte, a Blogger's privilege to abuse: A GOODE REASON FOR YOU TO STAR BLOGGING!:)

I just received by Email, UNSOLICITED, this:

" Attention: (Recipient's name-lah). Your careful attention is required. Over 81,112 prizes to be awarded in amounts up to $10,000,000.00 USD, guaranteed to be issued to winners in Award Series IV this month. To confirm prizes you have pending click on the prize next to your name below. Checks are guaranteed to be issued and over has already been awarded!

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Just look at some of the prizes we've already awarded in Award Series I through IV - Over $76,000,000.00 and we expect to award 81,112 more prizes this month, over $337,800,000 available to be won.
(etc, et al, ad nauseum ...YOu know, I know, enuf-lah ...Poor girl student did NOT no! )

DESI: Like Desperate Dan this is an Urgetn APpeal -- Can any lawyer advise how I can calim the Prize I purported have won? I'll split thee, 30% enuf? OKay, 90%-lah, Beggars can't be choosers!

UPDATEd @1.55PM:

Dear ER, as for that Da Sien story, I'm waiting for an Ipohlang Dr Say YH to revert. Patience, can? Miss P is also virtuous!
Bye, go back to that Ijok Buy-election!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Always there's the First Time...

Like a coy bride on the wedding night, someone has emerged to finally taste the sunshine -- or misty dust! -- of going public with a Comment.

From within the safe borders of NegaraKu, the New Straits Times, April 20, 2007 page 6:

Najib to respond to accusations

BATANG BERJUNTAI: Deputy Prime Minister
Datuk Seri Najib Razak said that he would not
take lying down accustions hurled against him
by the opposition in the Ijok buy-erection -- Oops, Desi's typo! by-election -- campaign.

He said he would respond to the personal
attacks to the fullest extent possible.

"However, I will only do what I think is right in
the context of the law as we don't want to do
something against the law."


The highlights and any typos (THUS BOLDED)
are awe Desi's, not NST's, not yours, all mine. But the comments that follow are mine, knotty Desi's.

Wow, the DPM is actually emphasising "the law".
How about MB of Selangor Khir Toyo announcing big bucks for
Ijok residents just tailored to the Ijok buy-election. Not
infringment of the Elections law?
Also at the recently-ended Machap buy-election, BN leaders handing out goodies, including media reported/recorded of angpows of RM100-200 given out to "voters"-- Not infringing any Law, Mr DPM?
Also MCA leaders giving out RM20 for each Karaoke song belted out,
and angpowed in, not breaking the Spirit of The Law, Mr DPM?

Ah, mGf from Ipoh aweOfhelen says it's two sets of laws -- one for Barisan leaders, another for you folks out there, somewhere, so LOST, CONFUSED, MASOCHISTIC?


Take the blardy money!

(it's actually the Rakyat's anyway via our tax dollars!);


Desi giveth thee another version, the full extract, from across the border:

The Straits Times

FOR months, Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak had kept mum while rumours flew over his alleged links to the case of a Mongolian model who was killed in Malaysia.

But for the second time in the past two days, he has said he has nothing to do with the case and has no fear because he has nothing to hide.

The gruesome murder of part-time model Altantuya Shaariibuu is still the talk of the town. Razak Baginda, her former lover and an adviser to Datuk Seri Najib, has been charged with abetting in the murder. Two policemen face murder charges. The case will be heard in June.

Opposition politician Anwar Ibrahim has alleged a political cover-up.

Asked about this, Datuk Seri Najib said yesterday: 'It is okay...We are not afraid.'

He said he retained the option to sue Datuk Seri Anwar, but wanted to let the law take its course in the courts first. He also said he could not give a more detailed answer as the case had not been heard yet.

He said on Wednesday that he was not afraid because the police, the Attorney-General and Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi all knew the truth about the case.

He also warned Datuk Seri Anwar: 'Do not try to lie to the public on this issue. Do not play dirty politics.'

Speaking to Barisan Nasional party workers, he said he had never before touched on Datuk Seri Anwar's personal matters. 'If I want to talk, I can. However, I do not want to embarrass him.'

An aide said the minister broke his long silence after weighing carefully what he could and could not say, as the case was pending in the courts.

The opposition had harped on the Altantuya case in the Machap by-election in Malacca that ended last week, and is expected to continue pursuing the issue in the upcoming Ijok by-election in Selangor.


UPDATEd @3.55PM:

At lunch-break, I had more leisure time to digest the news -- also the capitalistic food-lah, consisting of Ngau-yook Hor Fun!-- and a commentary in the NST caught my eyes.

Sahre some morsels with thee jest to whet thy APpetite; for aMore, please don't be kedekut-lah -- invest RM1.20 to help the MSM once a w'ile won't kill thee-what! -- page 7:

Tough task for BN as
Lunas memories loom

* Comment by
Wan Hamidi Hamid

SOME Parti Keadilan Rakyat
leaders are hoping to turn Ijok
into another Lunas, a rural
town constituency in Kedah
that witnessed a shocking by-
election defeat for Barisan Nasionl
six years ago.

The problem for PKR is that
Ijok does not seem to have all
the characteristics of Lunas.
Yes, BN leaders fear a repeat of
the debacle. particularly in
facing the emotional Malay

Ijok with 12, 272 voters is
made up of 51 per cent Malay
voters, Indians, 28 per cent
and Chinese, 20 per cent.

In Lunas six yewars ago,
Malays made up 43 per cent of
26,746 voters, Chinese 37 per cent and Indians, 19 per cent.

DESI: Ifd you want to get a cheapo c opy of the paper, track Desi down at midnight and I'd part my kopi for 60sen. I am partially a greennie though Blue is my fave colour, butt for the Environ's Sake, I'll practise RE-CYLING for a blogger-matey's economic practice. Spread the news but don't spread any RUMOURS, OK!
The latter can win your readers, but you can also get a Lawyer's Letter for an Apology.Worse, pay RM10million in compensation.

Desi is knot of that multi-million RM leaque, but Moo_t says he can bloker my Blog for 20million, Rs! Beggars can't be choosers, I may jest take it by sext Ides of March. I think someone offered my crazy crony Jed Yoong much aMore to Close Down her blog after Ijok, that's NOT SYIOK! -- Where is Desi going to get his Freelunches till 2020?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

An odd ode to Ijok

thy wakil rakyat left thee
but kind man that he's
gifted thee with
a train of goodies

they MB at thy service like butler, waiter
at Renaissance Motel
like a chambermaid too
at thy peck and gall

Work Minister really works his hard out
by thy side day and night
isn't that such delight

potholes disappear by star light
new tar for the sad-looking-neglected roads
like abnadoned wives gi'en Nip & Tuck

a new mosque in 10-year abeyance cometh to Life
can Christians arse for a new chapel
and Hindus for a temple
and atheists a don't-pray-play-ground

for instant gratificatrion at Kentucky Fright
can collect thy RM200 angpow at that mamak-me-thee korner

WoW, such heavenly politikus
may the Gods bless thy kind
multiply such Dream team
blow my mind, pollute my mind
I don't mind, how can I
Mr Menteri, Thou Art Kind!

sing to the Gods,
thankful or masochistic Malaysians
Vote for BN!
a buy-election is a durian runtuh
or is it a windfall
blowing north, south, east
or west
e'en the Sun may arise from the West
IF Semi-Vellu like in Lunas doeth A*pledge
"I won't return to KL if BN loses"

Butt if The Mouth opens freely
it takes back sh t also double quickly
And Putrajaya wilt cometh to one of Semi-Value
He's Gawd of awe things
BIG or small
rare medium welldone

Now folks
go down on thy knees and pray
they constituency like Machap
and IJOK
will triply be

Another SA or MP doeth thee A*favour
he/passeth on with a smile on the people-oriented face
to Eternity, for the s(H)akes of the Rakyat
Bless his/her/its soul

to be politically korect
or Call Kolek from My Blue H'aven

(NOTE: TReat this Post as my H(R)umour that Datuk Khalid Ibrahim is the new SA-designate April 28 knight)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Leading Bloggers to Share Thoughts

at the forthcoming May 19, 2007 forum at the Lake View Club, Subang Jaya, discussing, among others: "THAT the media environment under the present Administration is more open than under the previous Administration." (See TOP OF THIS PAGE, surf to

The Confirmed Speakers at the Gala Bloggers Gathering are:

Jeff Ooi
Marina Mahathir
Tony Pua
Tian Chua and
R. Nadeswaran .

The Brief to the Speakers is:

"...sharing your thoughts based on your field of
activity and expertise and experience.

Please also touch on stating if you agree OR disagree with the
following statement:

"THAT the media environment under the present
Prime Minister Pak Lah's Administration is more open
and liberal than under the previous Administration
underDr Mahathir Mohamad."

One Special Speaker Ahirudin Attan aka Rockybru will speak on The National Alliance of Bloggers.

The Blogospheric Explosion is upon us.
And some donkeys know not it's a borderless world.
Terrestrial. Cyber.
Please grow up.
Please get out form that Katak dibawah tempurong mentality.

Embrace and Engage.

Yes, pay RM30 for May 19 Do at the Lake View Club and learn somethin' from some more informed parties.
You can contribute your 3sen worth too, like Desi:)
If you arse Desi what's awe about, how about LOOKING TO TOP OF THIS PAGE,
you webbog ignoramus ... okay, pay RM30 to sign up-lah, I'm stop my rant hear!

Come one, come all to the gala Bloggers United Malaysia 2007 Gathering of the year. For detaels how to get dare, surf to

"The seven-member Org Com promise thee an exciting
FUN evening, with confirmed HI-profile speakers
to prick thy mind, and you pick theirs.

Dear EsteemedReaders -- Your role is to be an active participant!

Jest be there sharp at 6.00pm on May 19, 2007 or you
may have to stand throughout (kidding!:)
Okay, be punctual to maximise mileage for
a rare Forum targeted mainly for Malaysian Bloggers.

After working out thy precious brains --just don't throw
chairs-lah!:) -- we replenish thy wickedly tired bodies
with KampongKu Buffet Dinner.
And thanks to the supportive Lake View Club boss, Datuk Soh
Chee Wen, he's generously thrown in TWO ROAST LAMBS

LVC's contact Sdr Lee Chai Huat -- my Chinese ex-Press kaki,or my ex-Chinese Press kaki, or more patriotically, my ex-Malaysian Chinese press kaki, hey Cronies everywhere, usefool eh? -- also assured that the
management will do up the decor to make the event a "Grand" affair!"

Okay after the commercial break, back to the Blogospehre much in the nu'es these days.

***It's stolen from Raja Petra's, but steal, it's worth your bedtime -- or badtime? -- read. Mind explosion, or expansion, for 10 minutes, the max, it's actually up to YOU.

YOU -- Time's Person of the Year 2006 -- I'd nominate thee again for the same title in the good year of our lord awe, 2ohohSE7EN, if you just click on PAYMENT at Othervice, I no give thee Roast Lamb!

***starts now:

18/04: Malaysia’s Mahathir defends bloggers

Category: General Posted by: Raja Petra
Agence France-Presse

Malaysia's former premier Mahathir Mohamad Wednesday emerged as an unlikely champion for the country's bloggers, arguing they provide a valuable source of news.

Mahathir, who in recent months has complained he was being censored by mainstream media, said people were turning to blogs and online news journals because of Malaysia's tightly controlled media.

"There is no doubt that bloggers have provided us with an alternative source of news. By and large, they have been responsible," Mahathir said after speaking at a conference on the media and national development.

"At the moment, with the atmosphere prevailing in the country, many people are turning to the bloggers for news," he said.

"That is what the government should learn, if you suppress news then the alternative source will gain credence," said the former leader, whose daughter Marina has her own blog.

The comments from Mahathir, criticized for suppressing press freedoms during his 22-year tenure, come amid unprecedented defamation suits against two well-known bloggers by the government-linked New Straits Times Press.

Malaysian bloggers have also come under fire from Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his ministers, who accused them of spreading lies and have threatened punishment and tighter controls on Internet use.

Mahathir said certain measures were still needed to control press freedom, but they should not be abused just to stop criticism of the government.

"In Malaysia, when I talk about the press, people keep saying 'in your time you were worse', but I say I wasn't that bad," said Mahathir.

"As far as I'm concerned, it is worse [now]. If I say certain things that are critical, it may not get published. This is unhealthy," he said.

Steven Gan, the co-founder and editor of, Malaysia's first online news journal, lauded Mahathir's realization of the value of alternative news sources.

Malaysiakini was banned from government press functions and had its offices raided during Mahathir's administration.

"I just wished that he would have said the same thing when he was prime minister," Gan said.


DESI (Thinking Allowed): The highlights (THUS BOLDED) in the AFP report are mine.
Frankly, I just hope and pray that both Dr Mahathir and Steven Gan believe in and practise what they preach. Okay, that applies to this blardy Blogger -- and awe other Bloggers -- too. -- Amen.

PS: I don't know if I will have sweet dreams or nightmare tonight. IT's now 11.13pm.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

To the cleaners

all humans suffer wear and tear
we shed tears
in joy
and in sorrow

we have dirty laundry
some we take to the cleaners
and then leave all to dry
super clean
with Glo or Fab inducement

maybe on the next trip to the laundarette
instead of thy clothes and dirty shoes
put ty body into the cleaners

see if YOU
TIME's Person of the Year 2006
come out shining
with that super Glow

that will be the best trip
to the Cleaners
for me and YOU.

Desi's Hyding Place:
with a s-mile in a nook
that travels some
40 miles or 40 winks from FuRong
Peyton Place still stuck in the 60s
where you still find a friendly
or crrok

Monday, April 16, 2007

Blogospheric explosion ... and May 19 expansion

The Blogospheric Explosion is upon us.
And some donkeys know not it's a borderless world.
Terrestrial. Cyber.
Please grow up.
Please get out form that Katak dibawah tempurong mentality.

Embrace and Engage.

Yes, pay RM30 for May 19 Do at the Lake View Club and learn somethin' from some more informed parties.
You can contribute your 3sen worth too, like Desi:)
If you arse Desi what's awe about, how about LOOKING TO TOP OF THIS PAGE,
you webbog ignoramus ... okay, pay RM30 to sign up-lah, I'm stop my rant hear!

As Chair of Org Com, I promise thee an exciting FUN evening, with confirmed HI-profile speakers to prick thy mind, and you pick theirs. Jest be dare sharp at 6.00pm or you may have to sit on the floor. Okay, carpeted then.

After working thy grains, we replenish thy wickedly tired bodies with KampongKu Buffet Dinner. An thanks to the supportive Lake View Club boss, he's generously thrown in TWO ROAST LAMBS gratis. And we may have some pleasant surprises for thee, like unmasking some Bloggers' Personae behind those femes names. Do you know that Dr Say's actually not a Mimi as Desi has awe along suspected, and that Desi's knot a socialist as this blardy writHer has long promo-ed?

Come one, come all to the gala Bloggers United Malaysia 2007 Gathering of the year. For detaels how to get dare, surf to

Okay after the commercial break, back to the Blogospehre much in the nu'es these days.

Most important of all, all progressive Malaysians must learn to change with changing times.
As all my wise Esteemed Readers know by heart, the two constants in Life are Death and Change.

If we do not adapt to the fast changing environments in Science and Technology, impacting all media and our daily lives. we will never get to Developed Nation status come 2020. Maybe in 2057, and we can't wait that long, can we?

You don't even want to start "regulating" blogosphere, Minister of Information or other related Ministries.
You can't even maintain up-to-date Goivernment department websites, you want to start to patrol the "infinite" world that is the exploding Fifth Estate? Dear Minister, concentrate on making more RM... running Soup Operas in line with Ministry of Propaganda-ganda Wang Anda.

No wonder former Prime Minister has described the present Cabinet as half-past-six. Ministers like Tengku Adnan, Shaziman, Zainuddin and Fu AK et al, etc, ad nauseum just go on to provide grounds of justification for Dr Mahathir's assessment.

BUt there is HOPE yet. The right authority tasked with oversighting this key and fast expanding area of activity -- including the Blogosphere now under much officialdom notice -- still makes common sense obsevations and public updates. Thanks in now small byte to the premierish still Tun who has the wisdom to pledge there will be NO CENSORSHIP of the www. Thanks a million, and I mean it, though Desi's been known to be quite a critic of the semi-retired doctor. "Semi-" because a politician, like a writHer, like s soldier -- he never retires, he only fades away.

From The NST April 16, 2007, TECH and U section, page C4 (No, sloone, knot that C4!)

My ER, You better ENJOY this as I'm typing it out in LONG (living partially down my name!:( HAND that You lazy bummers, also some Stingy Pokers, want to save RM1.20, mumbling about da sien nasty paper, what's that all about? ~~~~~~~

Rise in blog content complaints

THERE were several concerns on content published in the local
newspapers as well as those raised in the Parlaiment last year. Most of
the concerns were related to Internet content, particularly the increasingly
popular blogs.

The complaints against blogs are mainly related to to seditious,
or defamatory content, some of which are offences under other legislation.

For last year, the number of complaints related to Internet
content rose to 26. The majority of the complaints (59 per cent) were
about offensive content, mainly those against the sensitivities of the
Islamic religion, while some were regarding racist content.

Offences under sectoiosn 211 and 233 relatre to content that is
indecent, obscene, false and menacing with intent to annoy, abuse, harass
or threaten another person.

In realtion to this, over 95 per cent of the complaints were against
foreign Web sites. As such, the Malaysian Communications and
Multimedia Commission (MCMC) was unable to identify the person(s)
responsible for the content nor proceed further with such cases.

Section 3(3) of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998
states that "nothing in the Act shall be deemed as permitting censorship
of the Internet". In this regard, the MCMC does not have the power to direct Web sites to be blocked.

Furthermore, blocking Web sites is not available as a remedy or
punishment under the Communications and Multimedia Act.

Any suspected breaches must be investigated under the relevant
Act and with the recommendation of the attorney-general(s); office
or by court decision, sanctions or punishment as provided by the
relevant Act, which may be a fine and/or imprisonment.

It is also noted that the Communications and Multimedi Act
is not the sole law that deals with Internet content. Content
on the Internet may also be in breach of other laws such as the
Sedition Act, Official Secrets Act, Internal Security Act
and Penal Code. In such cases, upon report being made, the police
will carry out the investigations under the relevant statutes.

MCMC Industry Peformance Report 2006


It is most assuring to read this observation:

"Section 3(3) of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998
states that "nothing in the Act shall be deemed as permitting censorship
of the Internet". In this regard, the MCMC does not have the power to direct Web sites to be blocked.

However, Malaysian Bloggers must constantly bear in mind about the following:

"Content on the Internet may also be in breach of other laws such as the
Sedition Act, Official Secrets Act, Internal Security Act
and Penal Code."