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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

RCI: Finally, a gentleman appears

YL Chong the journalist in me did not up till now post much on the Royal Commission of Inquiry as it mainly contains all the elements of a Sandiwara. That was until Yesterday -- when all our troubles seem'd so far away? -- when finally, a gentleman appeared to testify.

Desi's humble opinion is that we have seen thus far a comedy thrust upon the reluctant public, and the comical decibels became too loud and constant for any decent Malaysian to stomach because the show is mounted on tax-payers money. First the three-member Panel put on the Act 1.

Now Act 2 is in progress minus one from Panel One -- thanks goodness the Government realises one Face of NS was toomany to stomach, a saving grace of the Sleeping Beaut? --but two remaining members continue to poison the air at the Duta Court complex. As for three new members -- savbe for ONE, the other two might as well be acting in the circus as The Three Monkeys ala See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil -- and for once, I lost respect for a certain professor whom I have had held in high esteem to date. Poor association with Humpty Dumpty on the (crmbling) Wall.

Meanwhile, I reprise a report usually more independent than our MSM as an outsider journalist is often more inclined to be objective, the politics not wit'standing!:)


Ex-CJ calls his predecessor deceitful and a poor leader

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Dzaiddin's testimony at judge-fixing inquiry exposes deep rifts in top ranks of judiciary

By Carolyn Hong, The Straits Times

MALAYSIA'S former chief justice yesterday told a government inquiry that his predecessor had been deceitful and lacked leadership, exposing deep rifts in the top ranks of the judiciary.

Tun Dzaiddin Abdullah, who was the top judge from 2000 to 2003, said Tun Eusoff Chin had marginalised him and lacked direction in his leadership.

He also told the inquiry into a judge-fixing scandal that Tun Eusoff had failed to recommend him for state honours for years despite telling him that he had done so.

'He's not truthful to me, that's a fact,' he said.

The issue arose after he was asked about a lawyer's claim, as captured in a video clip, that he hated Tun Eusoff.

'I don't hate him but I dislike him,' said Tun Dzaiddin.

The former judge's testimony appeared to bear out the claims made by a man resembling lawyer V. K. Lingam in the video clip. The man claimed to be close to Tun Eusoff and was working with him to ensure that Tun Dzaiddin's recommendations for judicial posts were rejected, in an indication of rifts in the judiciary.

Tun Dzaiddin, who yesterday confirmed the perception of differences between top judges, also said then premier Mahathir Mohamad had rejected several of his recommendations for judicial posts. The former PM had instead recommended that Tun Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim be promoted.

In the video clip, the man was heard saying that Tun Ahmad Fairuz would be promoted.

Tun Ahmad Fairuz later became chief justice and retired last year.

The clip forced the government to set up the inquiry panel after it renewed suspicions of overly cosy ties between lawyers and judges.

In a twist to the saga, another segment of the video was released by the opposition on Monday in which the lawyer, said to be Datuk Lingam, is heard claiming that he had given a 'very expensive gift' to Tun Dzaiddin, and taken him out to dinner three times.

Tun Dzaiddin told The Straits Times yesterday that the allegations were false.

'I categorically state that all the allegations made regarding me are absolutely untrue,' he said.

The commission has yet to decide whether to hear evidence on this.

Tycoon Vincent Tan Chee Yioun also took the stand yesterday.

The businessman, who allegedly helped Datuk Lingam organise judicial promotions through his friendship with Tun Dr Mahathir, denied that he was ever involved.

He said he had never spoken to Tun Dr Mahathir about judicial appointments.

'It's ridiculous. You mean the PM calls me to talk about judges, it's a real joke,' said Tan Sri Tan, who was loquacious in his answers.

Asked how he knew Tun Dr Mahathir, he described the former premier as an 'excellent man, very good man, helpful and a visionary'.

He said he knew Datuk Lingam as a lawyer who did work for him.

'When I viewed the tape, I was disappointed with the things he said, talking rubbish, bragging so much, saying things like he can scold me. We pay a lot of his fees,' he said.

He added that he was now re-evaluating his professional relationship with Datuk Lingam after 'he has made a fool of himself'.


Got called at 11.09pm for a nigh-midnight randywoo -- wit' endless roundsof tehtarik as puller!:), hence I can't resist! -- so I stop here and I urge my ER to be Miss Patience, eh? IF you did not puke thus far at the goings-on at the RCI, I guess you have honed Miss Patience to a priceless Virtue. GOoD for you:)!

@11.51pm on a fool belly because mGf Mr Coww insisted I ate the lamb because, after losing sight of Mary, it entered the kitchen place next to Johnny Depp's barberBQ shop.

Before Tun Dzaiddin tok the witness stand, those who testified at the RCI either suffered from amnesia or pretended they could do a Ronald Reagan, both in his youthfool actor's daes as well as in his fading years victimised by Alzhemier's.

I can't remember,
I don't know...

were constant refrains ran for two blardy long weeks of the Malaysian Courtly Sandiwara where the Jesters and Joker reigned more supreme than the Commissioners.

I did not really know whether to laugh or cry.

An initial comedy of turning and churning and burning into a tragedy of gigantic proportions. Malaysia does not deserve this.

Mayhaps more witnesses akin to Tun Dzaiddin's class would also soon appear? Saudara Anwar and a former assitant governor of Bank Negara, Murad -- where art thou? I a Mister hope against MISS HOPE.

Oh I believe in Yesterday
Now I long for Yesterday...

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

In Blogswagon Camaraderie I Ride/Write/WritHe...

VVe at Blogosphere being infants in the media world much in flux since the dawn of te Internet just 15-20 years ago, must strive to be as democratic as possible. VVe must not fall into the same dark hole many claim the MSM (the 4th Estaters I call the inhabitants) has fallen -- because of an over-powering Executive (the First Estate). Relative to the 4th estaters, Bloggers are still staking a claim to be occupiers of the emergent 5th Estate.And luckily or unluckily, there are some species like Rockybru and YL Chong (who the hell is ths bugger? Never heard of Desiderata? Then please get the health our of hear!:)

LOL! normally is interpretated as Laughing Out Loud:), but sometimes Desi,knotty as usual, deems it more apt to stand in for Long on Louts!:( As I said, VVe are pretty(N)democratic in Blogsworld. And this week, a new wagoner vcalling himself mindfulmariner -- I believe he's trying to modernise his mate da ancient mariner? -- has sailed on board. Just a month earlier (mayhaps 2 moons o'lady?)a Moses Foo descended all the way from the mountains of Mantin to try to convert the faire maidens of Furong, full of burung who sometimes find the wrong way into the hot porridge selling like hot cakes in Jalan Temiang. If thou do not follow this vein, it's okay, you're no furongknight, jest seat, don't under-study or stand, the kind hosts will serve thee in no time. "No" can mean waiting forever, so it's good to acquire the attribute Ive always preached -- Miss Patience is also Virtuous. Although in olde England, they said "The Early Bird Catches The Worm!" I don't think Homo sapiens realy want to feed off worms, do you KL wolves?

What about the Camaraderie?

Okay, I'll lead off wit':


The Ancient Mariner said...

Hi Desi,

We have agreed on a paperless Tuesday...thats newspaperless i mean not the other. The PC announcing this will be held tomorrow Monday morning at the Blog House.

9:05 PM

Yes, for aMore, surf to, you lazy-bummers. Or say HiLo to catZjones (no touch1!:(at For a common bond as Desi's , go see (can touch wan!:)

as Desi joins Morrie -- still talking aloud and breathing allowed though s'x feet underground!, I believe someone's arithmetic is not so goode, it should read as two feet... -- every Tuesday. Join us if thou art not keen on the late SA of Ijok's company!

Paperless Tuesdays it is in the Blogswagon camaraderie.
VVe serve firey crackers and the se7en VVVVVVVirtues
and not the se7en deadly sins, Okay.

"V"irtual newspapers and citizens' journals, hence paperless
"V" for Victory over Propaganda delivered by ZAM-ala-Kazam's disciples
"V" for Vote Opposition
"V" for Veni, Vidi, Vici!
(VVe Came, VVe Saw, VVe Conquered!)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

I Stol' a B\'rick from De VVall!

Desi's not beyond wickedness cometh de weekend. Ye, what's GOoDe Olde Sabbathe Dae without standing in that corner of the church in Ipoh where the roof leaks?

mGf "A Voice" (midnight ke?), has built a wall from which I stole one brick. I like to peep to see what's happening in big, bad, wolfish city of KL from PeytonPlacesque Furng, where some of the burung land in the hot porridge that sells like hot cakes along Jalan Temiang. PS added @1.33pm Munda'e: I waited 10hours from midnight to get an AP to get wan stone-walls-icescream brick from this hoRst at Day Soon Desi will breAk down the 'hole wall ass I believe my 20million is burried somew'ear -- under -- dare!:)

Macabre tale -- I just came back from Berjaya Times Square GSC watching a barbaric barber teaming up wit' a pau maker tappau boys and gals as the last supper. I won't be a spoiler telling ye what that wicked Johnny Depp was doing besides digging nose as the Demon Barber on Fleet Street.(Come back for More tomorrow, Gd willing/InsyaAllah...) I believe someone stole my story about the best tasting pau shoppe in the holyground where Desi was knottily born one silent night eon years ago when Christmas Trees Were Tall, and giants then were just as small as fish balls. I am using crazy metaphors today because writers sometimes, lie actors, like to "aksi" in lieu of misbehave.

No, it won't collapse. Oops, "it" refers to that wall "A Voice" was building to keep the wolves away from my serenne hometown. Just because I removed one brick doesn't mean it would collapse soon like the Bursaa Malaysiaa CI rocketing from 1,550 to 1,350.

If I don'tseem to be using the right words like collapsing instead of rocketing,just blame IT on aMore Pu-erh tea and ayam kari cooked minus the coconut milk they call suntan ... I guess as long as the sun tans the mat sally it's okay, leave out Desi!
This Sundae's sharing is courtesy fo ...... -- like peanut butter in several layers be spread around.

As Desi's still on semi-"V"acation, he plucks wan little brick:)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008
Musical Interlude: Flirtin' With Disaster

I’m travelin’ down the road,
I’m flirtin’ with disaster.
I’ve got the pedal to the floor,
My life is running faster.
I’m out of money, I’m out of hope,
It looks like self destruction.
Well how much more can we take,
With all of this corruption.

Been flirtin’ with disaster,
Y’all know what I mean.
And the way we run our lives,
It makes no sense to me.
I don’t know about yourself or,
What you want to be - yeah.
When we gamble with our time,
We choose our destiny.


I’m travelin’ down that lonesome road.
Feel like I’m dragging a heavy load.
Yeah! I’ve tried to turn my head away,
Feels about the same most every day.
Speeding down the fast lane,
Playin’ from town to town.
The boys and I have been burnin’ it up,
Can’t seem to slow it down.
I’ve got the pedal to the floor,
Our lives are runnin’ faster,
Got our sights set straight ahead,
But ain’t sure what we’re after.

Flirtin’ with disaster,
Y’all know what I mean.
You know the way we run our lives,
It makes no sense to me.
I don’t know about yourself or,
What you plan to be - yea!!
When we gamble with our time,
We choose our destiny.


Yeah!! we’re travelin’ down that lonesome road.
Feel like I’m dragging a heavy load.
Don’t try to turn my head away,
I’m flirtin’ with disaster every day.
Flirtin’ with disaster, baby,
Y’all know what I mean.
You know the way we run our lives,
It makes no sense to me.
I don’t know about yourself or,
What you plan to be - yea!!
When we gamble with our time,
We choose our destiny.


Yeah!! we’re travelin’ down that lonesome road.
Feel like I’m dragging a heavy load.
Don’t try to turn my head away,
I’m flirtin’ with disaster every day.

-- Molly Hatchet

"Sacrifice and struggle only out of one's own freewill. Ain't nobody tellin' ye anythin'. Don't expect nuthin' 'coz nobody owe you anythin'. Don't load it on nobody. There ain't nobody to blame.

Gone thru' a similar road with a certain type before. Uh uh... not gonna go thru' it again, ever! No more a hostage of threats! No more emotional blackmail! No more dragged in by responsibility on others! No more! No more! No more of those bullshit again!

I'm now a free soul, guided by own conscience and reasons, and answerable only to my God. I've earned this humble but valuable privacy of space, freedom to move, and independence to think and decide. It's too precious and nobody gonna deny me of it.

Am movin' on. Ain't waitin' for nobody. Ain't nobody gonna hold me back.

In this life, we made our choice and consequently, it unfolds a chosen path. It could be the common crowded road or the less traveled one.

We took our own risk and seek our own indulgence. Flirtin' with disaster. If we've inflicted pain and problems on ourselves, we gotta help ourself to resolve it. Nobody gonna do it for us. We've got to be responsible to ourselves. Remember we can't have it all if we have none.

Everyone is strugglin' with their own. There is so much we can lay it on others. Others can't be givin' when they ain't have much to share. And, many have heard and given more than they could.

Steady ourselves and strive thru' it. Take in stride without prejudice on others and possibly laugh at it. The humour relaxes our uptight nerves to provide sustainance and stamina.

We are movin' on to destruction ... and I don't wanna no distractions."

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Did I just come back from a VK-tion?

mGf "V" aka mindful mariner, de newly minted Blogger of a few daes, noted the flowing~~~~~~~~ by Ujong Ribber:)


mindful mariner

Hi Desi,
Thanks so much for your very kind introduction.
Just noticed you have returned from your minuscule vacation.
Rejuvenated and fit as a fiddle I sincerely hope.
VVelcome back.

9:06 PM

Frankly I was pulled away from the VK-tion because I must not miss a fellow Blogger "kambing" on board to Blogswagon. Further, the DPM came a visiting and so Desi checked out the TV visuals last night and what did you know? Hey, NS is my state OK! And Furong is my state Capital, OK2! And I am a proud Furongknight; mGf Anak Merdeka is another wan, but aweways in hyde-ing in some mazey, hazey crazey korner at Ulu Temiang, or a riche Felda scheme, scheming the kambing of the revolusi? Nov 5, 2008 anywan?I know one "V" and Desi maketh up VVe!

The state visit to Negri Sembilan was in his capacity of Deputy Prime Minister, but for all I sighted on TV, he was as good as addressing a State comprising almost 100% of Malaysians of one ethnic group, OR WAS IT AN UMNO NEGRI SEMBILAN GATHERING?t tax-payers' expense including PKR and DAP members'. I did NOT see even one Chinoserie- or Indiana-looking species among the two huge audiences he addressed in his capacity of DPM.

So here's to 50 years of Independence -- now I hop off to my Vacation, no, not VK-tion in New Zealand, my pocketfool of lies won't permit it. Lake wakaTIPU, anywan?
For Desi, it's mimaLAND, mama MIA, Now you see it:), Then you don't!:(

potSHORT2: For a civil sevice HI-ly bloated...
and bursting at the seams for 80% of which are damned good at Goyang Kaki...

from page 4, the New Straits Times Jan 26, 2008:

Najib is all praise for
world-class civil service

DESI: I am not reproducing any parts other than the headline
because I want you to invest RM1.20 for the BN propaganda-ganda wang anda.
Further, as a former newshound, I want the MSM, despite its shortcomings, and goings, to survive, because I know most (like 80%?) of the journalists are trying/striving to earn a decent living while their Editors and GEIC play politics and Golf, and claim they are doing their bit for de environment. Like Zak of that RM7-10million "small house" fame-lah, planting some trees. After suffering some woes and bad luck due to poor feng shui -- that's what the tar Editors would want the readers to believe!

Furthermore, as mGf Ancient Mariner says, the other half called the Advertising fraternity, provides jobs for thousands of Malaysians. Hence Desi's and Capt Yusof Ahmad's reluctance to join in a 100% boy/galcott of the MSM print media. VVe believe we can highlight their SHORTcomings-n-goings. It's the ISSUES, man, LET's FOCUS ON THE ISSUES and look beyond the far horizon.

potSHORT3: UMNO gate-keepers -- including a prosperous ex-railway gate-keeper! -- are still bolting the stable gates ...
after all the horses -- plus the best brains -- have bolted.

From yesterday's NST Online » Local News (page 5 of Print edition)

Top civil service jobs to be opened to all
By : Deborah Loh

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak chatting with nurses attending the Public Services Commission’s 50th anniversary celebrations yesterday. — NST picture by David Khoo (Visualise-lah, like some national leaders, you ER have a rich imagiNation yes?)

PUTRAJAYA: Appointments to the cream of the civil service - officers of administrative and diplomatic rank (PTD) - will soon be opened to candidates from other sectors and disciplines.

The move will widen the talent pool in the civil service which the government wants to strengthen in order for Malaysia to remain competitive, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said yesterday.

No longer will promotions to PTD rank be limited to direct appointments from within the civil service. Officers of other disciplines, from other agencies, and even professionals from the private sector, can apply to join the civil service.

"It is now appropriate for us to introduce a new entry system into the civil service with a commensurating salary scheme.

"It is in line with the government's desire to recruit the best talent and best brains," Najib said at the Public Services Commission's 50th anniversary celebrations.

"This means that appointments will also be opened to, for example, officers from the police and army, technical officers and teachers... they can apply to become PTD officers."

PTD officers include assistant directors and heads of department, with the highest position being the chief secretary to the government.

At a press conference later, Najib said a circular would be issued soon on the new recruitment system.

On perks and benefits, he said these would be offered at a level which the government could sustain.

He added that Malaysians overseas were welcomed to apply.

Najib also proposed that the PSC conduct a study on the public sector's manpower needs for the next 50 years.

The study would be used to determine requirements in training, service schemes and recruitment strategies to make the civil service more dynamic and able to keep up with global changes.

Last week, the Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry announced that it was opening 72 positions in its upper ranks to private sector candidates, besides considering internal promotions.

Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Seri Dr Jamaludin Jarjis had said that the move was part of a restructuring plan to bring private sector and industry talent into the ministry.

Najib said the government would consider offering more scholarships to non-Malays as an incentive to join the civil service.

"Attracting more non-Malays to the civil service is one of the Public Services Commission's biggest challenges," he said.

"We will consider offering more scholarships at local universities and ensure that they are considered for promotion.

"With more non-Malays, we can have a better picture in the civil service of Malaysia's multiracial population."

DESI: To the last FOUR paragraphs which Desi has highlighted (BOLDED THUS), only one word-comment suffices:


As RTM/TV3 cameras faded ...
Desi Tokking to myself, steal allowed: Where have all the horses -- and top brains -- bolted?)

Friday, January 25, 2008

Two CSM for mGf who deserted Desi in Subang Jaya...

for Sarawak:(!

Sdr Din Merican, jest a reminder you pick up the tabs for sext G7 meet in awe
when another mGf Sdr IMRANA is expected to bring along a few' Y&A battalions
To fight BN led by sleeping beaut and all his minions
VVe VVill come, VVe VVill See, VVe VVill Conquer

__________________________ CSM 1 ___________________________

Salam sejahtera chong

Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim is traveling to Sarawak for events in Kuching and Miri on Saturday January 26 and Sunday January 27. Please try and attend and share this schedule with your friends and colleagues.

Best regards,
Office of Anwar Ibrahim

Program Kuching (Sabtu - 26/1/08)

2.00pm Program Perjumpaan Rakyat
Tempat: Kg Serpan, Asa Jaya, Kota Samarahan
Untuk Dihubungi: Sdr Husin Apok 014 698 3237

3.30pm Penyerahan Kutipan Tabung SRJKC Sg. Tapang
Tempat: Hotel Grand Continental
Untuk Dihubungi: Sdr Chee How 019 888 6509

5.00pm Sidang Akhbar untuk Pilihanraya Negeri Sarawak
Tempat: Hotel Grand Continental
Untuk Dihubungi: Sdr Chee How 019 888 6509

6.40pm Sembahyang Maghrib dan Tazkirah
Tempat: Masjid Kg Landeh

08.00pm Ceramah Perdana
Tempat: Kg. Bako
Untuk Dihubungi: Sdr Saidan 016 882 8422

9.00pm Cramah Perdana di Petra Jaya
Tempat:Jln Hj Hashim Jaafar, Kpg Lintang
Untuk Dihubungi: Hj Baharuddin 019 8660 358

Program Miri (Ahad 27-1-08)

Untuk Dihubungi: Daniel Gerinang 019 8916060 Zulhaida 013 8337662 Chong 016 8501628

11.00am Program Perjumpaan Rakyat
Tempat: Pekan Batu Niah

1.30pm Program Perjumpaan Rakyat
Tempat: Bekenu

4.00Program Bersama Rakyat
Tempat: Emart, Tudan

4.30pm Program Perjumpaan Rakyat
Tempat: RPR, Tudan

6.30pm Sembah Maghrib dan Tazkirah
Tempat: Masjid Besar Miri

8.30pm Sidang Akhbar untuk Pilihanraya Negeri Sarawak
Untuk Dihubungi: Daniel Gerinang 019 8916060 Zulhaida 013 8337662 Chong 016 8501628

9.00pm Ceramah Perdana
Tempat: Klinik Dr. Teo

__________________________ CSM 2 ___________________________

Malaysia losing investment over pro-Malay policies: Anwar
1 day ago

HONG KONG (AFP) — One of Malaysia's leading opposition figures said Thursday the country was losing out economically to regional rivals because of long-running policies favouring ethnic Malays.

Former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim said Malaysia's ability to attract foreign investment had been compromised by keeping the country's affirmative action policies in favour of the Malay majority.

"That policy is obsolete... We are losing our competitiveness. Malaysia is less competitive than the 1990s," Anwar, whose Keadilan party is formally led by his wife, told reporters in Hong Kong.

"Foreign investments, we have lost. Growth, we have lost. Attractiveness, which is key to an emerging market, is lost.

"Not to China and India, but to Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia because of our obsolete policies. If you persist in pursuing this agenda, you do it not only at the expense of the Chinese and the Indians, but also of the Malays."

Malaysia has pursued the policies for Malays and indigenous groups known as "bumiputras" since the 1970s to close a wealth gap with the minority Chinese community.

In recent months, the government has been shaken by rare public demonstrations which erupted last November, including against alleged discrimination against Malaysia's ethnic Indians.

Anwar added that Malaysia's creeping "Islamisation" was also turning away foreign investors.

Malaysia has experienced a string of religious controversies in recent months.

A Catholic newspaper was banned from using the word "Allah", or "God", in its Malay language section, while a Hindu woman lost her bid to stop the conversion of her child to Islam after Malaysia's highest court ruled that her now-Muslim husband can convert their elder son.

Anwar was sacked from the former government of Mahathir Mohamad in 1998 after being jailed for six years following sodomy and corruption charges.

The sodomy charge was later overturned and Anwar was released but he is barred from public office or holding any position with a political party until April because of the corruption conviction. ~~ AFP

Anwar added that an upcoming election, expected to be held in March, would be crucial in determining Malaysia's future.

"Given free and fair elections, these elections will be a defining moment for the country," said Anwar, at a press conference organised by the Hong Kong-based Asian Human Rights Commission.

He added he thought his opposition Keadilan party would damage Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) in the vote. UMNO has ruled the country for 50 years.

Anwar said about 20 potential legislators running for his party were prepared to stand down once he is able to take part in a by-election after his ban expires.
Hosted by Copyright © 2008 AFP. All rights reserved. More »

potSHORT1: fishy holidie @wakaTIPU

Desi was pulled out of holidying at New Zealand by "V" making his virginal AP (Sorry folks, not the RM20k-generating kind!:), so I might as well give thee another LONGshort, where the axiom is proven once again that "Fact sometimes is stranger than Fiction".

From the NST, frontpage:

First subhead:


IN big bold red, second subhead:


The header:


Promptus Arriveth In the Midnight Clear

one "V" descended at Desi's Place in the midnight clear about s'x months ago when NegaraKu
was darkened and dulled by ministers who turned robbers at night and daytime too
he did not subty suggest that VVe light a bonfire at that mansion in disgrace
desi's awed by de arrival of such a soulmate of great faith and amazing grace

so VVe exchange s-mile-s and rumour and humour amidst tehtari', laffter and banter
oh, it's another mariner
so VVe told tales ala "tell it to the sailors"
indeed he brought a'long a newbie ancient mariner as enforcers

todie i tell ye "V" is prompting us
those who work wit' one eye open or just two eyes closed
in honeymoon fever by the swanny or ujong ribber
be carefool, mariners and blardy writhers can make wonder
they 7-10million mansion VV break asunder
and thee and SIL and daughter outlawed VV stop their plunder

so fear no more
faire and l'ving malaysians
come on board wit' us prompters
mariners, poets and frighters
we are One and awe are VVe
wit' heads held up high
VV shalt march to Vict'ry
as robert burns rode for scotland
mariners of various hues and desi write for thee

dedicated to Mr Stuart Russell aka Captain Abdul Karim
and his luv'ly wife chic Fasidah,
on this day of 25th in January
etch'd in singin' harmony and memory
Ol'e matey, first or second, ENJOY thy JOURNEY

Dear Esteemed Readers, now be an obedient gal oh boy!
pay a virginal visit to "mindful mariner" at don't be coy!:)

From the gracious host's virginal post, the closing stanza of a poet who gave thee
Auld Lang Syne, don;t you remember!

But mark the Rustic, haggis-fed,
The trembling earth resounds his tread,
Clap in his walie nieve a blade,
He'll mak it whissle;
An' legs, an' arms, an' heads will sned,
Like taps o' thrissle.

Ye Pow'rs, wha mak mankind your care,
And dish them out their bill o' fare,
Auld Scotland wants nae skinking ware
That jaups in luggies;
But, if you wish her gratefu' pray'r,
Gie her a Haggis!

Robert Burns 1759-1796

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


The iconic model of NegaraKu
VVe thought coud stand for something called prime ministerial dignity of past office
Seemingly suffers amnesia, or chooses selective memory
Some fears of his hidden weaknesses now laid bare
I can only pity him

The iconic model of justice
VVe thought could stand for something called judicial dignity of past office
Seemingly descends into kindergarten ramblings
Some fears of his ill gotten office now laid bare
I can only scorn him

The iconic model of a powerful lawyer
VVe thought this species could stand for something called courtly dignity
He scorns the commissioners
He scorns the People
VVe can only treat him as that species called Snakes

Oh for the five commissioners
Iconic models for inquiry
Only one performs his duty
The rest maintain elegant silence as sacred duty
The blardy head hides his behind the slithering snake and more

And the People just stand by haplessly
They don't know whether to laught or cry
For their beloved NegaraKu
I can only pen a sigh, or prayer too
May God/Allah open up the skies
Strike dead those who betray te People's faith
Finally VVe can only learn the truth
Within our laments whispered at midnight
Only in God VVe Can Trust.
~~ Amen/Amin

3.57pm Tuesday
Jan 22, 2007

PS: Desiderata-YLChong will take an indefinite break
My spirit, my soul and body I'll not let them shake
So I'd rather see the moon, the stars and listen to the birds and the bees
Shining for Man to see and singing for Men yet to be.

Monday, January 21, 2008

CSM for mGf Sdr Din Merican

Hopefully, as Programme Director at the Office of ANWAR IBRAHIM,

he will pick up the tabs

for Desi's sext G7 Bloggers' Meet

I understand from back from MIA, brudder IMRAN AHMAD, he's briniging a 'hole battalion of Y&A supporters along. Trumpets sound and bugles blow please:)(CHECK him out at; Desi hears from his Sri Lankan friends he blogs in his birddae suit:)when Zam i s not lookin'. Hey, GOoD Looking, what's a-cha cooking?

I promise the sext meet will happen in an Air-Con Environment because SE7EN out of 8 at the last G7 plus wan participants complained against the host's poor choice of
Venue -- it was blistering hot. Actually I was doing it outa love -- most Malaysians are over-weight -- and Bloggers are mostly patrotic Malaysians too, so they don't veer too far from the norm! -- and hence need to burn off body fats, esp Desi's.

Now you see the wisdom of meeting at that Mamak Restron sext to the Pos Opis in Sextion 14, PJ? But PKR buddies -- NatTan, NikNazmi, DinM -- let Desi down wit' no-show. I'll excuse them -- in fact, I believe some of them "recused" themselves for fear of being caught in a conflict-of-interest situation. I believe they already heard the Others could be plotting to field some "Independents" in the coming *GE!

Why does this host abuse so often a Blogger's privilege of DIGRESSING, ah? That's a self-inflicted rhetorical Q, or could it be I also am a typical Malaysian norm suffering from MASOCHISM?I have opined sometimes that many Malaysians complain, and complain, and complain nauseum, against the Government of the day; yet when Polling Day cometh, they enter the station and cross against the Dacing.

Is that not how Masochism is medically defined? Doc Mave practising at, or Howsy, at, help Desi ooouch! (I got a pinch on the side by Sdr DinM that I am driving up the BN wall, so I shalt cease and desist hear!:(

****************** Here cometh the CSM ******************

Jan 21, 2008
From the
Office of Anwar Ibrahim

"Salam sejahtera chong

The UMNO-BN regime is desperate to win back Malaysian Indians who have defected to Parti KeADILan Rakyat in droves in the aftermath of the Hindraf protest late last year. It is now tossing carrots to the Indian community in hopes that the stinging memory of broken promises will be forgotten, at least long enough to survive the next general election.

The police brutality, which symbolised the attitude of the "act tough" Badawi government which was endorsed by the Samy Vellu and Gang-led MIC and was seen on national television and published in the mainstream media, revived the spirit and desire for justice among the generally stoic Indians. This was followed by the arrest of Hindraf leaders and some of their key supporters.

The five Hindraf leaders remain under detention, languishing in Kamunting, Perak under the draconian ISA. In the meantime, the MIC continues to divert the attention of its members and supporters away from the real issues like the status of Indian temples throughout the nation, Tamil language, education, and culture, and economic and social problems faced by the Malaysian Indian community.

Samy Vellu and the MIC have been thoroughly discredited and any attempt in the eleventh hour by the UMNO-BN clique to prop them up can only be an exercise in futility. The Indian dilemma remains unresolved not because of a lack of will on the part of the Malaysian Indian community itself, but because of poor leadership.

Malaysian Indians have in the past entrusted their just cause -- that they should be given their rights as guaranteed under the Constitution -- to MIC, but now they have decided under no uncertain terms that they had enough of 50 years of neglect and discrimination, and MIC's crony politics. They bravely said that enough is enough and the time for change has come.

Yes, they deserve to have Thaipusam declared a public holiday. But why only for Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya? Why not make it a national holiday? Even in the case of this "concession", we are not sure that whether or not it is a one-off deal to appease the deeply spiritual Indians ahead of the elections, expected in March 2008. Usually public holidays are gazetted. It is, in my view, only a disingenuous ploy by Prime Minister Badawi and Samy Vellu to placate and pander to what was once a base of support.

I am reminded of my school days when our Headmaster declared a day after Sports Day a holiday. We, the school kids, were excited and most grateful as we were naive and did not know better. So, it is infantile to claim that only through MIC the Indians can now enjoy Thaipusam.

What has MIC been doing over the last 40 years? I have an answer to that -- an answer that every thinking Indian knows -- and that is, MIC leaders and their cronies in cahoots with UMNO and MCA have been making money at the expense of their own kind and have done very little for their community. It is sheer arrogance to think that the Malaysian Indian dignity and honour can be bought.

The New Straits Times (January 21, 2008) quoted Prime Minister Badawi as having said at the gathering of MIC members and BN supporters in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur that "it (hardcore poverty) does not exist only in the Indian community. It is also present in the Chinese and Malay communities...In our effort to alleviate poverty, we will ensure no race is excluded. This is my promise." In order to deal with this problem, a Cabinet Committee on the Hardcore Poor will be formed to lift people of all races out of dire poverty by 2010. Wow, a miracle is about to happen in Boleh Land.

At last. We now have a committee that will lift us out of poverty! No effort is required of any community. Sit back and relax. All our poverty problems will solved. All we need is to ask Royal Professor Ungku Aziz (he was Rural Economics Professor at University of Malaya in the 1960s) and he will tell you in his polite and thoughtful way and on the basis of many decades of research and reflection that the problem of poverty cannot be resolved if there is no political will to break down institutional, social and psychological barriers.

How credible is this caring national leader? Over the last 4 years, let us ask Prime Minister Badawi what he did with those promises he made in his manifesto for the 2004 elections. As far as I know, he has done nothing but talk.

Judge a man by actions, wise men say. Talk is cheap and the man who now is doing the talking is just not credible and the coalition he leads is running out of ideas to solve national problems, except when it comes to announcing projects and programmes which are at best reactive in nature.

I believe that the Malaysian Indian community cannot be hoodwinked to think that MIC and Samy Vellu can solve their problems. MIC led by Samy Vellu is, in fact, their problem.


Din Merican

One Reporter Digged and Digged...

Many inquirers must have also digged and digged,
and out came only NO, I CAN'T REMEMBER...sweet refrain, constantly.

Because it's only the month of January, it's not Nyet September
when lovers and friends, even acquaintances, only very hard:

"Try To Remember"

From the Sun dated Monday January 21, 2008, page 7 a knotty extract by Desi jest to lighten up/down a serious occasion at the RCI, which must have affected this poor Reporter's RSI-infected hands a byte:

"Mohamed Eusoff, on the recommendations of the commission, decided to engage a lawyer after Ranjit digged deeper into the New Zealand trip, which saw Lingam tagging along to all the places of interest the former Chief Justice visted."

(The word in italics is specially highlighted by Desi, but as a media hound, I sympathise wit' the Reporter and put the blame chieflly/squarely/roundly on the Sub-editors, News Desk and Copy Editors...even the Editor-in-Chief, as Reporters are always working against deadlines and even under non-editorial pressures while the blardy editors have leisurely walks in the park, sometimes could even bump into corporates for a VK-tion -- THIS IS BORROWED FROM A RIVAL PAPER TO theSun!)-- at the pub...but this ex-newshound digresses:o((. The ex- indicates I mainly now earn B&B doing some mercenary/missionary writes or writHes.

Now for some AfterwordPlay since I've finished the ForewordPlay.

This narrative that follows is suitable for only underaged readers like johnleemk, not for adults like Zorro, mariners like Kept Yusof Ahmad (not spelt Eusoff, K!) and Abdul Karim:(

A former Health Minister found his heaven turned into Hell when he also digged and dicked into a 'hole not of his officially-sanctioned pardner. The mis(S)take he admitted, was that he used the same hotel and the same room ( 1301 izzit? Had it come out in 3D+1 nyet?). And his pants on and off were caught by TV cam -- Thanks to the IT age, Blearh, blearh! so swears Peanuts' Charlie Brown.

But a VVIP miniSTER also digged and dicked into another 'hole not of his officially-sanctioned pardner, of all the places, out of town from Kuantan, yes, in port DICKson where all the fathers and sons are taught to walk sideways because the crabs rule by the Beaches/Bitches of Berahi transferred from Kelantan, or was it Terengganu?

I'm sorry for the Hell Minister that unforunately he was not from UMNO-oh-NO! He was only a yes-man from MCA-oh-Yes!
So that VVIP not caught wit'his pants on or off because the Religious Department did not carry a TV cam and the obliging state CM was also well trained by a "Super-Bumi" from MCA-on-Yes! is now dispensing to the likes/ilks of Chua SL this model advice (paraphrase hear!): Be responsible and show leadership, show you are of high morals, as BN leaders have to win the people's support and respect!
(DESI's quarter-past six translation: If you wanna dig and dig, make sure you check into 4****-starred hotels away from home-ground-lah! Why so stewpid wan, same hotel, same room? Desi now reading this VVIP's lips -- That's ARROGANCE OF THE +*Hai-est ORDER!

*When pronounced wryly/shyly/hi-ly -- as Desi did once-upon-a-dime when conducting an inquiry of the chef if his Restron in Taman Cheras served Sri Lanka crabs? -- can bring the whole house down. Englsih equivalent, for the likes of +++Twisted Heels who dareth to ask for a proper explanation of Kantonis wisecracks -- it's something like a story I told a certain sister from Ipoh, and it ends with:

"Pandemonium broke loose and the tailor's shop was akin to an asylum wit' an elephant running amok in a china shop:)"

#2. "In China, there is a saying which Malaysian Chinese also like to say in Kantonis, put into English the best I can: "Want to paint a person's portrait, don't have to paint out the intestines also!"

Today, in response to a brave soul running or horsing at, I invite Kantonis sexperts to properly explain this inquiry:


+++Twisted Heels said...

I don't think I've heard before the phrase about painting the person's intestines too. Sounds scary. What does it mean actually?

6:28 AM


THeels, be Ms Patience okay! She is also Ms Virtuous!:)
Ms AweOfHelen of EeeehPoh, can Thee oblige wit' the Sexplanation, plus also that +*Hai talltail?

Sunday, January 20, 2008

I'm Telling You, Traffic Was Bumper2Bumper

Yesterday at Section 14, Petaling Jaya because a big welcome was prepared by the "awethorities" -- Okay, I assure you this will be the only DDC blown by Jalan Duta wind here today when Desi pledged there would be Da Desi Code-free writes on blessed Sundaes -- and I happened to bump into some interesting friends. SE7EN to be exact. I think we were all in Section 17 for an inspired "VK-tion" -- away from all the hustle-and-bustle of Seremban, and the madding crowd of wolfish Kuala Lumpur.


"Sundae" thus spelt is not DDC as in olde England, many words ending in "y" did not sound rhythmic enough, so the Poets of those daes took some liberties (like Desi today) to add some Ooomph! to their prose to sound poetic. Like we add some ikan bilis dan sambal belacan to our Maggie Mee, don't you? If Maggie is not spelled this way, please indulge me for I have a sister named Margaret (I seldom call her by her Chinese nama because most times, the surrounding audience would just stop whatever they were doing and look at Me as if I was brought up in unciviised Jinjang when it was PeytnPlacesque Furong I claim as my holy abode - There was a Convent school, there is still St Paul's primary and scondary and two Methodically-Christian-linked schols -- Anglo-Chinese and Methodist High -- are, to my knowledge, still around. BTW, sister Maggie spends half-the-time in the kitchen, so you have an inkling where Desi's stomach and abdomen overflows come in trickles/came tsunami-magnitude from!

Now, Duta was much on my mind mainly because for the past week, I learnt some useful language use from Very Important/Impotent People, including a former PM, a former CJ, and several former "journalists". I classify myself as one of the last group. Now I pen on the PC screen mostly as a semi-employed or foolly unemployable Blogger (I believe a former Corporate Bigwig now a Bigger Tourism Minister would in his mind think a better description would be BlockheadWriter, but that's Desi's Thinking Aloud, allowed by Jeff Ooi though I did NOT bump into him yesterday, when all my troubles seemed so far away...

But I did BUMP into the following, who made It a G7 plus One meet at that Mamak Restron *sext to the Pos Opis (not DDC, just spely Indon style to irritate a non-VIP but often speaking like he is Mentor miniSTER:( *is also not DDC because it is a phenonomenon that crops up whenever one zorro is around this host (See, there is no 'R'!), and inevitably his pardner catZjones for short and sassy, comes into the picture, follow me?

Okay, the roll-call:

Seniors n the bench

YL Chong aka Desi as instigated organiser
Cheam TL as instigator
Bernard Khoo aka Zorro (catZjones hovering in the air)
Ancient Mariner aka Kept Eusoffe Ahmad
"V"ictorious Mariner aka Kept Abdul Karim aka Stu Russel
"V"'s second mate aka Mrs Stu Russel

Under-aged Attendees as Observers:
Ms Liew HM, Veronica
Master Imran Ahmad

Oops, I think the minuter (defined as someone who takes down
the minutes and counting the seconds each was allowed to speak...)
spelt Ancient Mariner's other name wrongly -- blardy hell, can be sued for negligence!-- Yusof, not Eusoffe! -- now duly correct! CORrect! CORRECTed!)

Since the rest were coming from various occuptaional hazardous backgrounds, the agenda was chiefly guided by the two mariners, so from henceforth, take the following report with two pinches of salt:):)

As I was saying at the opening -- in my self-assumed role as chairman/woman/person as I believe in democracy and gender equality in body, soul and spirit always hovering in the background on blessed Sundays -- sorry I seem to digress, but that's Blogger's privilege to abuse!:( -- there was bumper-to-bumper traffic wherever Desi arranged for his G7 Bloggers' Meets, and the other participants all complained, so the next round is to be arranged by zorro. He even promised to transport us to the Venue by his steeds!

The same thing -- bumper2bumper, I mean -- happened in Furong, where I have not altruistically promoted one Lingam's Curry House. Out-stationers have read so much of my praises that people all the way from Jalan Duta during lunch breaks would head for infamous Paul Street's famous Lingam CH for a "VK-tion" as the People's Paper would report it. BTW, I think now the Lingam's CH boss has quietly cut in a 30% discount for my bills. CH does not stand for the two letters in my surname, oh no! It's for Curry House, okay. I'm not able to afford the 20millon stake, but 30% keeps me energised to entertain thee wit' my writes. THAT apostrophe stands for 'h' which is allowed under Poetic Licence -- if you don't know what it means, please ask DSAI, or Sdr Din Merican who I must mention because he failed to make the quorum because of an "emergency"! (An ER episode, in deed! Saudara from PKR, you come wit' thy plastic and pay for the sext round of G7!)

I'm going to bore my Esteemed Readers wit' just one point I expertly pontificated at yesterday's august G7-plus or G8 or G9 gathering -- called as an Emergency Meeting, by a former EIC Cheam TL (he requested less promo, hence the TL which can translate as 'Too Long' as is wont of this boastful writer!) to discuss the do-or-die ***GE coming soon at the school nearest thee. (*** can be defined in two versions, GO read my earlier notification on the Meet, lazy-bummers!)

The thrust of the key point (did I hear one cheeky alert reader whisper from Ipoh: that's being redundant?) is as follows:

A few attendees' common Observation:

The Star and The NST in the past few days covering the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) -- which must have made some scribes, including Desi a byte, suffer RSI!) -- have been going out of the way to highlight the former PM's and former CJ's memory lapses and negative answers.



on frontage Friday

and inside pages:

I can't remember,
I can't remember,
I can't remember...

on frontpage Saturday (yesterday).

amplified by a photograph showing Yusof Chin's (Oops,the Ancient Mariner corrected Desi: the spelling is different! -- so I re-write Eusoff's Chin's hand over VK's shoulders, contrasted with the judicial topdog's testimony that it was the other way round (you figure what this means, okay! In China, there is a saying which Malaysian Chinese also like to say in Kantonis, put into English the best I can: "Want to paint a person's portrait, don't have to paint out the intestines also!"

Desi's articulation:

All these demonstrations of boldness and bravery in reportage and commentary at The Star in the current RCI's coverage are not of the paper's editors' accord. It's a false springtime of press freedom. IMHO, it shows the 4th Floor boys from Putrajaya have directed them to go out to kill off an ageing politician who has been a constant "irritant" I am using a mild adjective like describing a mosquito's bite, so you may want to use words like Venom, Menace, or Moron, do I care? --around the four-year-old Prime Minister's bed to wake him up from his slumber. Oh boy, these bold&brash MSM did not pick up that photo showning our nation's CEO achieving what should make an entry into The Malaysia Book of Records -- CATCHING 40 WINKS WHILE POSING WITH A COTERIE OF INTERNATIONAL HEADS OF GOVERNMENT. I'm sure fellow Blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin (my apologies if Desi took liberty of reading thy mind, open host of!) would generously oblige with a free copy if these totally-blind-during-BERSIH-demo EIC and Editors were to make a request, but would they stick their brave necks out?:(

I kind of pity Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad -- for the record, I have written often I am no fan of this PM famed for his iron-fisted 22-year rule/misrule -- that finally he got a taste of the false medicine bandied about by the MSM print-wise. How the EICs -- many disciples of another VK - have written grovelling odes to Dr M's Initiatives and Renowned Projects that put Malaysia on the world map. This motley herd of mercenary scribes included a former GEIC whose name sounded Malay yet is reluctant to use his Chinoserie original, and now a worthy successor who writes such bold and brave words -- four years after the olde topdog had retired, and after two heart operations.

Don't follow me?

One recall: All the Opposition parties, Bloggers and NGO activists -- minus the Face of NS-lah -- had urged the Government to release the names of all the beneficiaries of the MITI's Approved Permits largesse for months, and the MSM GEICS remained dumb and maintained "elegant silence".

Then one day the PM decided, and directed MITI minister Rafidah Aziz to publish the list. And one soon-to-be-APpointed GEIC wrote a brave ON THE 'EAT column clamouring for immediate release of the AP recipients' list for the public good. I am just paraphrasing here -- he sounded as loud and free-thinking as myGOoDfriend hosting and

TODAY the same media topdog is taking a bite of the Other ex-topdog.
What goes around comes around.
And will still come around, just remember. "Tien Yau Ngan!" as mGf at would translate into Kantonis!

Go read The Sunday Star's column today, from which I throw thee some morsels, lazy bummers all:

Titled The things that matter most

that starts with:

While many recent scandals, trials and demonstrations have made the headlines, it is the three main issues of inflation, crime and foreigners that affect ordinary voters the most.

DESI: The columnist goes on to recap several porblems besieging NegaraKu -- but these were the vey issues many socio-polical Bloggers were writing about TWO YEARS AGO but the MSM had mainly ignored.

Yes, it's again that defining moment when many Malaysians would say:


which drives home my point when narrating the AP episode.

So this Media TopDog will continue to grovel at the current Prime Minister's feet -- as he did as a senior Editor for the latter part of Dr Mahathir's 22-year tenure as CEO of Malaysia -- so we have a gallant effort of double-Datuk glorification which I was quite familiar when I once worked at a diplomatic mission and one Korea's media would always sing such eulogies ahead of time. This Editor even had once been a fan, and grovelled at te feet of temporarily off-the-pedestal "Rennaisance" leader -- se7en gueses, who is He?:):):):):):):) Right answerer gets free copy of Midnight Voices and ...

When PKR's de factor leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (Desi did not use IF but "When" because I must state, for the record, I am a PKR-card=carrying member after supporting the party's cause for almost a decade... hence the optimism, another writer-poet's desiderata.trait.) becometh the next CEO of NegaraKu, just substutite DSAI for what the MSM keep selling as forever endearing "Pak Lah" in the following extract, and that would be the most best example of re-cyling one would get in Malaysia. Desi does not know whether to laugh or cry for my former Fourth Estate aboders.God help those still escounced uneasy in the estate. Perhaps move on to the 5th, Saudara Cheam TL, and "V". You have many privileges to abuse, like Digressing!:)

___________________ WCW's words, not YL Chong's ____________

Seemingly non-issues have created discontentment among some section of Malaysians and the result is that our leaders have to put out these fires, taking away their precious time, which should be devoted to more pressing concerns of the nation.

Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is a good man. The Prime Minister deserves our support and even as he takes time to meet our expectations, we cannot deny that he has allowed greater democratic space, after 20 years of authoritative and uncompromising rule.

It is an experiment which has led to more debates and, in the process, more controversies, as a result of which some may erroneously perceive the leadership as being too accommodating while some, including politicians and bureaucrats, seem tempted to test, even challenge, the leadership. But they shouldn’t under-estimate the leadership.


PS by Desi:

Another Editor who is a good student of the GEIC who ovbviously knows Klang very well, could be GEIC-waiting-in-the-ewings, to one day become a worthy successor because he's also pretty heated on the Klang's beat, writing of State Assemblyman Zakaria Mad Deros' controversial issues, not problems! -- IT WAS ALL DUE TO THE MILLLION-DOLLAR MANSION'S BAD 'FENG SHUI'!
Not, it was never about one good man's greed. Oh no, Barisan Nasional's wakil(L) rakyat and all the MSM Grroup-Editor-in-Chiefs are all honourable men -- they all have a preix DATUK to their name, no?

Being Optimistic I Hope To Bump Into Ye at Lingam's later at 4.00pm, Desi will gift thee tehtari' or Pu-erh tea if you sing my praises longly (I believe under PL the adverb for long needs an "ly"!) ! It's a Sunday of nice going and kambing:)


whihc means in Blogspeak
-- if you aren't yet a Blogger, please come on board! --



Come on, Let's Eat!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

It Gets Badder and Badder...

Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah
Hey JUD(g)E...

I like The Star frontpage header todie:

Kiwi 'VK-tion'

Normally the subs or headline writers dare hardly make efforts to
spice up wit' any arrestig headline,
but I must give credit where credit is due to that Sub who
wrote this one. Makes amends for the many misstakes I spy
-- even grammar which would makeS my grandma's hair standS on end -- in
The People's Paper which runs a regular Mind Our English column.
(Silly challengiA: Spot 3 asses and you get an autograpghed kopi
of wan Midnight Voices and ...:(
To claim, you have to meet Desi at 4pm this afternoon at that Restron in S14 sext to Pos Opis!:)

And the sext best courtroom drama was provided by
ex-MP of Bukit Bintang of whom Rose Chan would have been mighty
proud, especially if VK's brother could come back from his VoCATION
as bagman to the BG brother!:)

Frankly, Desi won't mind being the bagman to one ex-MB carrying RM2.4million in AUD and USD (he did not even trust his own country's currency!:(
into Queensland wan dae and got caught wit' his pants on. I could even fill in the Immigerasi forma for him correct! CORrect! CORRECTly!
Saturday January 19, 2008

Brother wants to testify

Datuk V.K. Lingam's brother is serious about testifying before the Royal Commission of Inquiry about the close relationship the lawyer had with former Chief Justice Tun Eusoff Chin.

Counsel Wee Choo Keong yesterday made a formal application for V. Thirunama Karasu, who offered himself as a witness for the inquiry.

This was done shortly before Eusoff took the witness stand.

Commission chairman Tan Sri Haidar Mohd Noor asked Wee if his client had given his statement to the Anti-Corruption Agency, to which the lawyer replied that he had done so in November last year.

DPP Datuk Nordin Hassan, however, pointed out that the statement Thirunama Karasu given was not pertaining to the video clip investigation.

“It pertains to allegations of corruption,” he said.

Wee, however, argued that what his client wanted to testify on was relevant.

He said his client would provide full details of several events which include Lingam’s holiday to New Zealand with Eusoff in December 1994 and a dinner party Lingam threw for Eusoff and former President of the Court of Appeal Tan Sri Lamin Yunus in 1995.

***Wee also presented the commission with an 8R-size photograph showing Eusoff, Lingam and their spouses in New Zealand.

(This photograph was later produced again by Ranjit Singh, counsel for Malaysian Bar, during Eusoff’s testimony).

Initially, Haidar was apprehensive about viewing the picture but Wee insisted that the commissioners had a look at it as it “shows closeness.”

Commissioner Datuk Mahadev Shankar, however, pointed out that Wee’s application might be premature as Eusoff was about to testify.

“If he (Eusoff) denies the close relationship, then your client’s evidence will be material,” he said, suggesting Eusoff be allowed to testify first before deciding on the application.

When Wee insisted his application be recorded, commissioner Tan Sri Steve Shim said: “We’ve taken note of what you’ve submitted and we'll decide later.”

DESI: I have highlighted (THUS BOLDED) the key players (hopefoolly this is no sandiwara or else more taxpayers' oney will go down the drain, just like the three-man outing which included wan Face of NS(I don't think he hails from my Negeri whose kapitol is Furong?) fellow who prides himself as the most famous Social Activist! (Desi: my kaki!) Tan Sri, dan si...

Referencing the 3-starred line (NO, not gifted by The Star, it's Desi's in a generous mood today -- as I am looking forward to meeting an awesome former EIC!:) for Hi-tea, join us? --

***Wee also presented the commission with an 8R-size photograph showing Eusoff, Lingam and their spouses in New Zealand.

-- Go Google BOWMAN'S PAPERS and you have aMore. I would like to "tag along" wit' thee
when you sext to VK-tioning at MacQuarie Bay, King'sHomeMinisterland, as long as you allow me to carry that bag containing USD and/or/both AUD20millllllion. I wanna that I-LAND called


off-MacQ Bay!

Friday, January 18, 2008

zorro showeth desi the way around the bend/ban:)

Desiderata has not reported a single word about the RCI hearing.
That is because since the Bersih Rally, I have told my ER I'm boycotting the 2 MSM -- The Star and NST -- except for occasional peeps into their online editions, but I still subscribe to The Sun which IMHO, does try very hard to deliver us the news without the establishment slant and embellishment, and I particularly wish to support the investigative reporting by Citizen Nades and his teAm...

I decided to follow mGf Bernard Khoo's example after reading his post that led off:


Zorro breaks his promise about blogging on things positive this week....but national interest prompts this post:

Yes it is 3.53am 17 January but the only way to get Hantu off my back is to blog about the story he threw into my face. I told him I was not going to write about the RCI because I was not there. He shot back at me: "I was there".
For the rest of the report, please surf to CONfess hear: I am doing promo for zorro mainly with a peep at his pardner catZjones in mind; also a semi-atonement for not bringing the couple to SL (No, not Soi Lek agin!:( to taste Pu-erh tea, deferred till April/May, InsyaAllah or Godwilling whichever you prefer to use in thy prayer as Desi's Place has not engaged any Superintendent as Language Policing Officer. NYET!

Today I invested on a copy each of The Star and NST, hence lifting my guycott as I heard there was an interesting byte - No, it was TWO, one BIG and one small, and it's not ekor I am talking about, that's for Saturday and Sunday, and wedNURSEday's draw numbers have been out 48! -- in The People's Paper version which I could not find in The Sun and NST.

Page N10, top headline reads:

Lawyer: Duo
keen to assist
'But they will only talk to the commission'

Second lead headline follows:

Anwar volunteers to fill in gaps

While I go search the online version to Cut&Paste for you lazy-bummers/or kedekut readers (See I omitted the Esteemed!), can you make out a free subscription for Desi for the durians/duration of RCI hearing?

I don't know why I'm doing this, providing news updates formy ER gratis,
while the original three-man panel on the VK LINGAM video clip spent months to study the authenticity, paid for the time and efforts I presume, and they offered NOTHING, and I'm still pleasing my kedekut readers who don't evn ring up to say: Thank Q You!

But a promise is a promise, so I'll keep, like mGf zorro, my date wit' thee,
humour or rumour, it's offically recorded by The Star online 2 besides its print edition, how lucky can my KReaders get!

______________ C&P1 ____________________

Friday January 18, 2008

Duo keen to assist

KUALA LUMPUR: Two mysterious persons, codenamed X and Y, want to assist the inquiry with information on alleged corruption in the judiciary.

Their lawyer M. Puravalen, who is also acting for Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, told the Royal Commission the duo were, however, not prepared to give any statement to the Anti-Corruption Agency.

“They want to give their statements direct to the commission. They don’t trust the ACA,” said Puravalen.

The panel then suggested that Puravalen obtain the statements and present them to the commission today. Puravalen said he would have that organised overnight.

Outside the proceedings, Parti Keadilan Rakyat treasurer William Leong hinted that the witnesses were connected to an event which took place in 1999.

This event, he said, had been included in questions posed by Puravalen to former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, who both testified yesterday.

In his question to Tengku Adnan, Puravalen led the minister back to an event which allegedly took place in the minister’s house in 1999.

“There was a meeting in your house in Taman Duta here in 1999 with Tan Sri Vincent Tan and former assistant governor of Bank Negara Datuk Abdul Murad Khalid wherein Abdul Murad was asked to cooperate to produce evidence against Anwar.

“I am putting this in because the participation in the meeting led to corruption in the judiciary, fixing of cases and fixing of appointment of judges,” said Puravalen.

Tengku Adnan refuted that such a discussion had taken place.

The question posed to Dr Mahathir was about an alleged meeting he had with Abdul Murad at 10pm on one night in August 1999 at the Palace of the Golden Horses which led to another one with Tan, Tengku Adnan and lawyer Datuk V.K. Lingam.

Puravalen said that subsequently, a press conference was held in which Abdul Murad said he was the “secret banker” of Anwar.

DESI: I have highlighted the key players in this ongoing episode which speaks of many uneasy things and happenings -- past and present and future -- going on in NegaraKu.

I will juest pause and reserve my Comments to see how the hell is Haidar going to stop "willing witnesses" from coming forward to testify.

Haidar's blatant reluctance to entertain a key witness offered earlier by Wee Choo Keong's counsel to testify raises great ire and outrage in Desi (and my ER too,I'm sure, except they don't want to tesftify before Desi either in case I write it down word for word...)

________________________ C&P 2 _______________________

Friday January 18, 2008

Anwar volunteers to fill in gaps

KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has volunteered to testify on matters that former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad could not recall on or remember during his testimony yesterday.

M. Puravalen
, counsel for Anwar, told the Royal Commission: “He (Anwar) said the former prime minister might not be able to recall certain things in the Cabinet because of his age but he is younger and can be of some assistance.”

Puravalen also said that Anwar would like to testify before Wednesday as he would be going abroad. “He is leaving for Hong Kong on that day and would prefer to testify either tomorrow (today) or on Monday,” he said.

Commission chairman Tan Sri Haidar Mohd Noor replied that the commission would take note of the request and would make its decision today.

Former chief justice Tun Eusoff Chin, who is the 11th witness, is scheduled to take the witness stand at 10am today.

DESI: All the key players have been highlighted by Desi so that my KReaders aka lazy-bummers' job is made easier, but I know none would rush out to write that cheque for20million! Nah Mind, just this one line maketh up Desi's day out of Duta court:

M. Puravalen
, counsel for Anwar, told the Royal Commission: “He (Anwar) said the former prime minister might not be able to recall certain things in the Cabinet because of his age but he is younger and can be of some assistance.”

As for the restof comments, I reserve them until I feel the mood for it, okay!
I don't get paid for Blogging and I am not a servant of the court to act as Steno.

Jest an aside:
Will Wee Choo Keong have his MPship reinstated? -- revived WakilL Rakyat for Bukit Bintang! Rose Chan would be mighty pleased to be represented not by a doktor ayam but by a distant relative of NegaraKuKu composer if she had lived to share her tael. You forget easily don't you? asking who was that Kompo-sir?
Nah mind, most Malaysians have very short memories, including members of a certain cabinet.

NO! NO! NO! resounding refrain to Correct! Correct! Correct!

G7 Bloggers Call for Emergency Meet

Venue: Mamak Restron in Section 14, Petaling Jaya
Date and time: Saturdae, Jan 19, 2008 from 4.00pm
Agenda: A former Editor-in-Chief Sdr Cheam Toon Lee "telexed" Desi the Other dae
and he thinks Bloggers are such a Power to contend wit' nowadays, he asks us to hold
an EMERGENCY MEETING to discuss the impending ...
You guess right! ....... General Erections -- Oops, GENERAL ELECTIONS.

Wan Dr Chua Soi Lek was very much steal on my mind,
And Prime Minister is not speaking to Cheam, to Desi and to everyone else. Maybe jest Jeanne. Of course they do mush aMore than talk, Raja Petra hinted often enough.

Okay, back to the meeting, which is scheduled for tomorrow,
Desi APologises for such lust-minute notice, but
Bloggers like to do things on the run!:)

(CONfess: it's actually my killing-wit'-one-stone two birds --
no, not JeffOoi's "litle bird", JetSparrow 3.0, eh?) --
that not-so-altruistic YL Chong had scheduled a cari-makan-makan AP in SJ tomorrow
moUrn, no, you cannot gatecrash!, so he quickly arranges this G7 meet, got it!?


The Venue is somewhere near the Jaya Supermarket, along the block adjacent to the Other block holding Public Bank and all the cash. You can gatecrash this one!
The Mamak Restron is just sext to the Pos Opis. This PO is spelt Indon-style because this is one little effort by wan little Blockhead writHer to promote neighbourly ties. If one stewpid UMNO A***hole feels that the term is demeaning, arsehim to see Desi, and we will trash it out.I jest HATE language police officers, Superintendent or SIL or Jesse Jamie the outlawed fugitive from the 19th century of WWW!
Cheers, CHOW!

which means


COME ON, Let's Eat!

PS: On the lust meeting referenced:

Wednesday, December 26, 2007
G7 Bloggers Meet Moves Out of Wolfish KL!

the Happy HoRst wished to report that
five brave soldiers turned up,including one
Moses Foo who came awe the way from Beranang after
swimming out from Mantin, now swamped with some Big
Bad Wolves like Ancient Mariner from KL!

"V" and pardner and I'm/are/will/would/shalt -- my Ingeeris geting limp todie
after reading about some biscuits at one gardnern at BBWish Taman
Supreme, but its hoRst is as serene as a lamb(Jest don't take her into your kitchen!)
let her water the flowers at
keeping these BBW at bay from
swamping PeytonPlacesque Furong! I'm an olde-fesyened bloke
at ''art!:)
Yes, I have two hearts, one to keep me going, and ,
the Other is for ...anyone wit' 20Million?

PS: ALL ER and Blogers who are somebody in town and are quite unemployed, hence have the time minus the dime, are self INVITED to attend the meeting. You can also table any resolution on the table IMPrompt2 on one proviso: You buy the sext round of tehtarik, or badder steal, bring some Pu-erh tea for the hoRsts at and his matey, kitty CatZJones.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

VVe Can-can Danze Awe Night!

You may swirl you can tap
You can swing you can toss her on your lap

Feeling airy and fairie
Two souls merged as One
Body moving as lithe as a gymnast
Hips swinging or winging fast

Latin music to raise the temperature
Two pairs of tender feet moving as One
Quick step to tempo
All of human cares held in limbo
Yes, it's time to do the can-can
Waltze or cha-cha Mama mia
Or tango the sexual energies to heat
It's time for the Latin beat

Dear ER:

Following is a Community Service Message for a friend
doing her beat for Malaysian dance fraternity promoting an awesome night
If you can't detour to South Americas to savour Samba delight
She and comrades bring the Latin beat to heat up Kuala Lumpur's scent and sight.


If you can't go the South Americas to enjoy the Rumba
and Samba, some promoters are bringing the Latin beat
and dance to you come March 9.

The Professional Dancers (M) Bhd (PDMB) will host the
PDMB Malaysian Asian Open Dance Championship 2008 in
Kuala Lumpur which will see at least 57 world's
top-ranked competitors dance away the night at a
banquet at the Shangri-La Hotel.

Josephine Seow
, co-chairperson of the
Championship,told a press briefing here (Jan 16, 2008)
that this would mark the first time ever such a
world-ranking dance competition featuring Standard and
Latin dancers is held in Malaysia.

The event will see prizes totalling USD100,000 on
contest -- which will be recorded as another
achievement by the Malaysia Book of Records.

She added that the Championship will create a greater
appreciation of Latin dances promoted via "freedom of
choice" spirit, and it is hoped Malaysian standards
will be raised with the inspiration provided by
finalists from World Dance Council member-countries --
England, USA, France, Poland, Ukraine, Italy, Germany,
Russia, Australia, China, Japan, Korea, Chinese
Taipei, Macao, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sri Lanka and
host Malaysia.

John Lim, also co-chairman, said the event, which is
also flagged off as a Visit Malaysia Year event, is
also to help raise RM150,000 for the Alzheimer's
Disease Foundation.
He admitted that the Malaysian
dancers' standard still lags behind the Western and
other Asian countries, but he believed PDMB's efforts
will see more young Malaysians take to the Latin beat
to steadily improve their standing.

The Standards like Waltz and Fox-Trot and the Latin
dances like Samba, Rumba and Tango, will see a
raising of local interest with foreign particiapnts
descending ion Kuala Lumpur in March to lend their
international expertise and encouragement of an event
the country will be proud to host, Lim added.

Two Malaysian couples -- Yong Chun Wai and Ms Yeap Yen
from Ipoh, and teengaers Johnston Lim and Ms
Soh Ju Wern
-- demonstrated several of the dance
movements that are expected to be showcased at the
March 9 do.

The Ipoh dancers said in an interview that they could
earn a decent living performing and teaching back in
Ipoh, where competition is not as keen as in the
capital city. But it is mainly a love, or passion for
dancing, that motivates them in this vocation, Yeap

Seow noted that Lim and Soh are both under the age of
16, and it is with greater participation by young
Malaysians at such international competitions, that
the country would surely see a rise in standards in
coming years.

According to the ADF chief Jack Tan, the 10-year-old
non-governmental organisation does not get any
Government aid, and it appreciates the efforts of PDMB
to create greater awareness among the public about the
disease, which is geneerally marked by "memory loss",
especially those advanced in age, although now people
younger than 50 are reported to have become victim.

At present, ADF has facilities to only tend to eight
Alzheimer's patients, and it hoped with more public
support, it can take care of at least 50 by end-2008.

The PDMB Championship 2008 represents the 6th leg of
the 2008 Asian Open Dance Tour, which will culminate
in Singapore on March 11, two days after the Malaysian
event. The Series starts in Japan (Feb 24), followed
by Chinese Taipei (Feb 28), Korea (March 5), Indonesia
(March 7).

The day-long event on March 9 at the Shangri-La Hotel
Kuala Lumpur will see 150 local competitors competing
in the heats, quarter-finals and semi-finals starting
at 9.00am, taking throughthe day till 6.00pm. This
will climax with the world finals at the Banquet where
tables are sold are RM5,000 each and RM3,000 each,
while tables at RM2,500 each have already been sold

Those interested to attend may contact their nearest
dance studios, and contact persons for enquiries
regarding sponsorship and ticket sales are Ms
Josephine Seow at 012-2781263 and Mr John Lim at

______________ CSM Ends:) ___________

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Little Boyz Blue

Little Boy Blue
woke up early today
Ah, it's heavenly Tuesday

Not like Dad's Connie Dog dies
It's little boyz' runaway tuesdaes

Democracy has bloomed
Although Mummy brought him B&Butter
Blue wanted wan tan mee and some room
and poor Mum had to suffer
the long walk to pasar sentral

But Blue is a childe of golde
He doesn't neeed to do ev'rything he's told
No instruct "to not mix wit' the gals in school"
It's bad for moral or morale, the Hate Teacher'd scold

And Heaven forbid, don't sue "Allah" in your prayer
No Amin soon enough either, that's only for Maslims
So Blue does like most children do
Prayer he'd rather not do
He does not need to do as he's told

Ah, today is a blessed dae
Blue heard the nu'es one ore SA was shot to Death Hey Hae
His brothren all sang His praises like He was an Angel on earth
When just last week at Him they swore and curs'd
That blardy hound dog riches he'd not wit' us share
Now Blue laughs and wonders why all these adults
Only of the late SA's greAT philanthropy a'e now aware

So Little Bloy Blue did not attend school today
He told his Mum
"The wan tan tastes exquisite todie!"
Can I say home with Morrie?
It's blardy independence gained
on sunny Tuesdays when at home I'd stay
Morrie's my teacher, it's horny,corny dog
Hurray hurray!
For a Mother who likes Ritch Appom's
Mum, you surely maketh a Man's dae!

Dedicated to my many/several/only one miserable ER fans indoors today,
especially Moses Foo(L?) who gets caught in the traffic much in disarray
Desi says it's okay,just gostan back home
wit' thy wife and Morrie you maketh a happy triosum

Monday, January 14, 2008

klangite's special immunity

when you are a zakaria wit' a licence to steal
king of a mansion to behold
and headman of all Klang minions

everyday is Hari Raya, Christmas and Deepavali combined
the folks love thee for throwing them a party
food that's left-overs from the banquet
for cronies and VVips

you enjoy immunity
for wearing the VVip-badge from
the Party chief
who preaches such integrity
and honesty
even kindie kids can recite
as mantras to gain entree into the partee

today i plan to migrate
from furong to port klang
and gatecrash the partee
then i'll add some arsenic to the teh-see
and ev'ry VVips woud be beholden to Desi
they wake up from the long slumber
from plain encik they are elevated
to Datuk, Tan Sri, a rare Tun e'en

everyone will Dan Si
as Desi dancez like a wolfe
in glee he he
a mousey blogger enjoying
the partee
and Im'm immune to the Vermin
descended from umno pedigree

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Arrogance of It Awes

Last Sunday almost SE7EN days ago I promised that I would ruminate on:
Two eye-opening extracts from Raja Petra Kamarudin's latest post:


Warlords and heavyweights: two peas in a pod

WHY "almost"?
Just being a stickler for the Scientific Method -- which requires us to use our critical mind and use LOGIC to put forth or rebut a case or view of point. Or point of view. Strangely English is quirky enough sometimes both instances are correct -- just don't ask Desiderata WHY!
There are certain things one does not ask.

You can ask your teacher why 1+1+1 = 3.
He/she then proves to thee by laying out first 1 matchstick on the desk
Then he pulls out another stick, a 2nd one, from the matchbox and lays it side by side with the first.
Finally he takes out a 3rd stick and lays it alongside the first two.
Then he asks you to count the number laid side by side.
"One, two, three!" you cried out loud triumphantly.

But you won't be able to conduct such demonstrable experiments when it comes to the matter of the heart or soul.
You can't ask a question like:
Pastor, how do you know GOD exists?
OR, Priest, how can I meet my (late) Mother in heaven when I'm not even sure such a Place exists?
(She may even add when I'm not even sure she has arrived at Heaven's gate assuming there is such a Place...
OR, heaven forbids, Mum had led such a bad life on earth she could have arrived at the Other Place called HELL...)

Now, there is NO DEFINITIVE ANSWER to the above second class/cluster/clutter of questions.

TODAY on the GOoD Sabbath -- for Christians refer to this last day of the week, or is it the first? as the Sabbath day -- I promised my ER last Sunday I would ruminate on something I go forth with trepidation.
But go forth I must, occasionallly, for one really need to do some SOUL-SEARHING
to clean up the cobwebs that clutter/cluster/class thy mind. Yes, the human suffers all sorts of pollution, but none so terrifying than that which visits the mind.

Dear EsteemedReaders, Can you tell me quickly why do you think MURDER takes place?

In summary, THREE MOTIVATORS as I've learnt reading Agatha Christie, Sir Arthur Conon Doyle and Fyodor Dostoevesky (must check full name and spelling, remember "Crime and Punishment"?)Thanks to Moses Foo who sms-ed Desi at dinner-time the correct spelling!:)


You beg to disagree? Then tell me aMore.

And here I quote from the past some cases of arrogance that awes (involving chiefly local politicians-lah!):


MIC chief of diminishing value from half when commenting on the slaying of Tenggarah State Assemblyman, said that Krishnasamy had told him he had received death threats weeks before the murder (according to The Star of 13 Jan 2008).

The minister said he, too, had received 10 to 13 such calls a day from people making alll sorts of accusations and threats.

Desi: All I can say if that the semi-valued head had been receiving such frequency of threats, how come he never made any police reports to date? How come he continues to avow that the majority of Malaysian Indians still support him?
All he could state categorically was that "There are a lot of problems created by people in the Indian community and this is through instigation."

My fleeting thought was that politicians should be reminded there is an English saying (I did not invent this, I'm just parroting OK!): "People who live by the sword die by the sword."

On Hell -- oops, Health -- Minister's resignation after being caught, metaphorically and physically, with his pants down making it out wit' someone not his wife, one UMNO leader advised his BN colleagues holding public office that " members must exercise discipline and abide by the code of conduct of the party."

The context is seen from this news report:

Barisan Nasional leaders and members have been told to learn a lesson from the resignation of health minister Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek.

They have also been told to behave themselves so as not to embarrass the party.

Desi: Did I say it was like a Port DICKson crab teaching a Furongknight how to walk straight? Ah,it doesn't apply to UMNOputras who have clout wit' the State Religious Department, whose eyes are closed and won't get sexcited even if a nude Madonanna paid them a visit on the Beach of Berahi during a blue moon... The gall of it all. OR the arrogance of it awes!


This one doesn't go away -- a RM7-10million four-storey mansion stands out like a sore thumb among a cluster of kampong low-cost houses, and Datuk Zakaria Mad Deros has not embarassed anyone in Pak Lah's Cabinet at all?

"It's only a small house," the SA has the gall to say it all. And he trumpeted his charity by hosting some sycopahntic media nd orphans to a Hari Raya Open House -- and the People's Paper offered that his "problem" did not stem from "breaking the law" like no planning approvals from the mousey-lousey Klang Local Council. It was just due to bad "feng shui" whch was easily fixed with enagaging a sifu-Chinakui to advise him on another million-smallbucks feng shui adaptation. And it's now all hunky-dory at the Zak's family front.

The selangor government was so charitable it approved an adjacent piece of land to that "small house" to the Zak's wife -- hey, the whole family is a basket charity case. YL Chong may even start a Zak Charity Fund this new year to spread awe the goodwill this wakil(L) rakyat has started. Dear moo_t, can you negoatiate wit' this moron and his amsters like Khir Toyol and DPM who has BIG eyes but cannot see the "small house" to be embarassed-- if they would like to patronise th fun-D launch on Feb 7, 2008?

The Arrogance of It Truly Awes!

May God/Allah save us awe from such charitable leaders.
~~ Amen/Amin.

Earlier, I extracted from two of my favourite readers' recent inputs for thee, my most esteemed readers, to reflect on while I take a break for CON BF, didn't I? (I also sent out: Join me if you knoweth where Men Kee is, even if thou be a woman/lady or othervice, for this public place is not restricted to "Men" only. It's for Homo sapiens of all keys. For the record: None accepted my invite.)

Interlude 1

"Judging from the issues that were brought up and talked about during various ceramahs-issues ranging from the rising crime rate, prices of basic household items and petrol, toll charges, corruption and blatant abuses of power, quality and cost of education, healthcare, jobs, social problems, and business opportunities to national competitiveness and the state of the economy and public administration, and the moral conduct of ministers and politicians - it is clear to thousands of eager Malaysians we met that the forthcoming 12th General Elections is not about Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim per se...

The present UMNO-led coalition government is like a huge tree trunk infested with termites: the outside looks good whilst the inside is rotten to the core. It is now only a matter of time before it will implode.. One cannot sweep dirt under the carpet all the time, sooner or later, it will show and tragedy befalls our country.

We have begun to see evidence of systemic breakdown, more so in recent months with the government flip flopping on many issues and policy decisions. Prices of essential food items are spiraling out of control. The worse is yet to come and this discredited government is waiting to approve another round of price increases after the elections. Fuel cost and toll charges are expected to rise. There is a shortage cooking oil because of our failed energy policy. Last year (2007), serious crime rate rose by 13.4%. Because the Prime Minister is weak and incompetent, there is serious infighting within UMNO and its component partners. This list keeps growing. Yet the government spinners, and the controlled media say that Malaysia is in great shape.

50 years of UMNO-BN rule should be enough. What (we) have seen is corruption and abuse of power on the rise, sheer incompetence, a corrupt Judiciary, and total disregard for the rule of law and civil liberties, and a dysfunctional public administration, especially in the once much respected civil service and dignified Police Force.

A new dawn awaits us if we dare to make the change and vote in favour of an alternative government which is committed to good governance, the rule of law, and justice for all led by Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim, former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance.

Malaysia will then be an abode of peace and harmony, where all Malaysians can live and prosper together. There will be justice for all. So, the time for change has come."

Din Merican and Ibrahim Yaacob

Posted by desiderata at 11:02 AM



Stu said...

FFrom T. S. Eliot’s Four Quartets:

Do not let me hear

Of the wisdom of old men, but rather of their folly,

Their fear of fear and frenzy, their fear of possession,

Of belonging to another, or to others, or to God.

The only wisdom we can hope to acquire

Is the wisdom of humility: humility is endless.

A new dawn awaits, be humble, and daring. Be brave and make the change.
Vote in favour of an alternative government which is committed to good governance, the rule of law, and justice for all, and above is full of the wisdom of humility.

11:23 PM


DESI: Note the highlights (THUS BOLDED) in Sdr Din's writing, and also reflect on Stu's musings, Desi is comforted he has such fine mates for company. There's HOPE on the horizon for Malaysia yet. No,it's NOT 'nyet'!

Please turn to my Post dated 9 Jan 2008 on "Moral and Language Policing" in which I indicated I'd embark early on Rumination on a subject (Religion) normally reserved for the blessed day,and even then with reluctance. So consider this week as consisting of two hepings of Sundaes -- how lucky can Malaysians get! I also must thank Raja Petra Kamarudin for his in-your-face thoughts of a Muslim which I find pretty forward and "rare", and assisting him are fellow authors like Farish Noor and Dr Bakri Musa, which give me a non-Muslim much delight because I feel so at ease with members of other faiths when it's not DOGMA they mouth -- it's walking the faith.

Quoting from "The Little Prince", by Saint-Exupéry, which reveals much about the follies of mankind and the simple truths that people seem to forget as they grow older. Desi will always remember this line uttered by the fox to the Little Prince: "On ne voit bien qu'avec le cœur, l'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux." (It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye).

DESIDERATA must admit there are some"deliberate" gaps in my writing today as this peice was interrupted by my runing around -- in circles, squares, or oblongs? -- and on resuming my write, I decided to leave those gaps gaping because my intelligent readers will find the answers even if I don't paint the portrait compleatly.

I shan't lend too much more than what I touched on on Wednesday, I especially like the short tale sent Desi via email by one mGf -- you do get Gems of wisdom via blogosphere, and these are priceless, okay as good as red label French wine or blue chip pu-erh tea!:)

An elder Cherokee Native American was teaching his grandchildren about life. He said to them, “A fight is going on inside me...It is a terrible fight, and it is between two wolves. One wolf represents fear, anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, pride and superiority. The other wolf stands for joy, peace, love, hope, sharing, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, friendship, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. This same fight is going on inside of you and every other person too.”

They thought about it for a minute and then one child asked his grandfather,
“Which wolf will win?” The old Cherokee simply replied… “The one I feed.”

And for us humans not born into wealth and privilege and some are facing lots of trials and tribulations in everyday life or at the workplace, here's a nugget of a quote I stole from fellowBlogger Mei, for sharing, for there is indeed wisdom in believing that GOoD things when shared multiply in value because of the sender's goodwill. Dollars and sen can be quantified,not friendship and goodwill.

***"God allows life to be rocky. His challenge is not to let the rocks grind us into dust, but to polish us to become a diamond. Stay precious as always."****

This message doesn't hold at 11.11PM as I typed this last line in my Update! "Article still-in-progress, hence not polished. Bear with Desi, K!"