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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Adam and 've Set the (s)Example

PROLOGUE/CONfess added at 8.13am:

Desi did NOT harbour any intention of blogging about this so-called ministerial sex scandal as I feel there are so many other more important issues that confront this nation after 50 years of Independence, yet our MSM, and politicians, can't tell what's truly IMPORTANT, what's of SECONDARY PRIORITY, and what's BANAL, and deserve a one liner like this:



Adam and 've Set the (s)Example
Chua Soi Lek followed.
Yes, adam and eve did it.
So did Dr Chua and his girlfriend. At least he had the decency to admit it.

*One blardy politician also did it with an under-aged gal and got away with statory rape -- just because he was from the "protected species" izzit?

You and your bF/gF also did it.
Your Dad did it. Your Mum did it.
Desi did it. So did my Significant Other.
(Otherwise, how did I beget Three children?)

Sometimes husband and wife did it with each other. Sometimes they it themselves. But they also sometimes changed partners, and it's lake placidity if the spouse did not catch them with the skirt/pants down. So was it the moral duty of the neighbours of Bolehland to "spy"on the neighbour because he was from the Opposition party to use as Ammo against him/her in the sext GE?

Shall the UMNO then bring back Mat Skoeng? Make angels out of them just like the blardy stubborn UMNO youth and putera want to saintify the marauding Mat Rempit?

So Dr Chua Soi Lek told a press conference he did it with his girlfriend, not with the wife. What's the "fatal" difference?

Ah, it's the Barisan Nasional politics, you dummies!

Don't you remember, a DPM and UMNO deputy was sacked because he allegedly did it too.
And the blardy UMNO colleagues thought by pointing fingers at DSAI they were Angels
and Moral Guardians of the Hihest Order ordained by Barisan Nasional to save our morals and souls.

But it's okay if an CM did it with a girl below the age of consent-- as long as he was not filmed on video, izzit?
So it's okay the PPM did it with someone else's wife for a consideration of 1million, izzit?

So it's OK for the idiots controlling the pursestrings in NS to "BUY OUT" DAP elected wakil rakyat for a song, or was it at least 1million -- to cross over from DAP to MCA?

Oh, yes, I hear Lim F**k Meng, Tigress Leee and Khoo Song Kok did it on CONVICTION switching parties like froggies. Or Toadies. Wow, the Seremban folks are so "LUCKY" that they had elected such principled representatives -- and it's OK to jump ship -- to hell with the constituencies' VOTES! What sacred votes are you Ignoramuses tokking 'bout?

So it's alright if politikus soul'd out for a "small house" only, izzit?
F**KING ****holes, how many of the BN, or for that matter from Opposition parties like PAS, DAP and PKR had been doing the same like Dr Chua except they could have been more lucky -- doing it overseas. Or luckily, the Mat Skodeng in their areas were not so gooder at their jobs than those in Muar, JOEhole?

So it is not okay if the blardy poor writHer did it in the KLCCC Park but got caught by the City Hall councilmen who had nothing "badder" to do but prowl the bushes?

So what the blardy hell did this item enjoy prominent display in the news pages in The Star and the blardy MCA-owned Chinese newspapersa day or two earlier? WHEN THEY NIGH TOTALLY IGNORED SOME 40,000-50,000 Ralliers demonstrated for Justice and Human Rights?
I won't even dignify that blardy paper by quoting from it, but okay, I reluctantly reprised just one para from its blardy UMNO-controlled rival, NST, its online edition:

Chua admits he was man in video
MCA vice-president and Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek today admitted that he was the person caught on video having sex with a woman, copies of which were widely distributed in Johor and elsewhere.

Both the papers IGNORED the BERSIH Rally of Nov 10,2007 as if it was NOT newsworthy of follow-up Commentary at all (Hey, double and single Datuk GGEIC, where did you hang your balls out to dry?) when 40,000 to 50,000 Malaysians marched in the streets of Kuala Lumpur. Both newspapers quoted the figure at only 4,000 on the first day coverage, matching an equal number of police personnle on duty!

And now The Star is featuring as "news" running down the skirt of a woman and its senior Minister, in charge of Health (turned into Hell?), caught wit' his pants down. It proves again many Bloggers were absolutely right in BOYCOTTING these mainstream papers.

Why should Chua be played up, played out, played from behind, played from the front by its own party-newshit?

Ah, Desi thinks -- NO, I'm SURE! -- Chua is being played out by his own party members. Maybe OKTing-a-ling, or CKChoy-fatt-choi-or-kunchoy, and their henchmen find it more CuntVenient to have Chua out of MCA centre-stage. UMNO stages its sandiwara, MCA its Chinese opera, MIC its Bollywood peacock danza -- who needs RTM dramas or TV3 kayu tiga soap opera?

The BN-controlled paper treated the sex scandal news with glee because te MCA ruling faction wants Chua out! That's the ONLY and SOLE -- or is it SOUL'D OUT? -- reason why Chua was given news coverage; otherVICE, te wise act would have been properly covered up, or izzit Zam-censored, or izzit double-datuk spun into an achievement rather than a defect? Dear ER, you tell Desi -- YOU KNOW MORE ABOUT MSM wat! -- Desi is only a self-claimed sexpert on Bloggin'/Blockheadin'!

But to these MSM, Zakaria's RM7-10million "small house" built without planning approvals was not being questioned.
His blardy wife being rewarded with an adjoining peice of land to follow was also not questioned.
A 27-year-old underling became a billionaire at 27 -- but no question was raised on how did he raise that "small' sum...Conscientious People's Paper made the young punk a Virtuous idiot -- and to hell with you Readers -- ently majority No? -- seeing your tax-dollars being used to bail out the banks who generously lent the monies to the dynamic young man from Wisma MCA. Desi sit's "badder" for all the "Chinese" register to become instant millionaires at Jalan Ampang than reporting for at the NS camp for duty. Who's this blardy Tan Si LeeLT to overlord over such young people telling them to be patriotic? Isn'tit not more patriotic to become an instant millionaire by the old age of 27, and make Malaysia super-rich, and proud?

At least "Badder than the kiasu Republic, wat!"

So why bother to play up/backside of Chua's do/did/deed in bed with obvious consent with a female adult?
Oh, Chua the only performing Minister from MCA (IMHO-lah!), and hence is upsetting the status quo because the other MCA miniOr other people's bedrooms. So Chua also performed at a hotel room -- now MCA hq captains mustmake a good (S)example of him!

This matter is a private affair between two consenting adults. May involving Chua's wife, okay, but that's for Chua and the wife to sort out.

WHAT THE BLARDY F**KS HAVE THE REST OF THE MCA B******DS-cum-Ministers done that they think they were of a higher moral plane?
You remained silent when Port Klang Free Zone taxed the citizens RM4.5billion in a blaiout.
You maintained "elegant silence" when Zak built his "small" house -- in fact, The blardy Star newspaper instead of questioning the delinquent and law-breaking SA, put up a defence for his "ill luck" by attributing it to "bad feng sui"!

One knotty ER whispered to Desi that "maintaining elegant silence" was the good example set by Uno Numero, or is it Numero Uno? Help Desi out/oouch, sometimes he's just as "blur" asthat CEO. But I get no pay for my writHes!:(

Double Datuk GEIC, why don't you and your senior journalists now go around every hotel room armed with CCTV to take pictures of all the Adams and Eves doing it since the Garden of Eden was budded.

You may find a good representation of leders from UMNO, MCA, Gerakan, DAP and PKR -- but what the blardy hell is that newsworthy when a Malaysian minister could get away with blary murder?

When the Rakyat's RM4.5billion could be syphoned off?

When BILLIONS of our tax-monies were spent to bail-out failed Mega projects.

And where did/do all the Petronas' rising profits running close to RM46billion for last finanvcial year go?

Ah, I remember, someone at 27-years-old MCA crony became the much touted ROLE MODEL Malaysian youths back in 1997/98... he was the YOUNGEST BILLIONAIRE!

Hey, Malaysia, what's wrong with thee?

Where is thy sense of Sense and Sensibility?

I've stopped shedding tears for NegaraKu heading towards The Abyss.

I can only say:

God help us.



Desi had been a card-carrying member of DAP at one time, switched membership to PKR the past one year because I believe that is the only "viable" political vehicle to ride under the present depressing political landscape NegaraKu faces because of mainly non-performing nincompoops from UMNO, MCA the two leadeing componets in the 14-party Barisan Nasional. SAnd giving Crdit where credit is due, I say for the objectyive record Dr Chua Soi Lek is the only "performing" (Hey, the pun or non-pun is there for thee,my ER, to decide!) minister from the MCA. The rest are at best ball-carriers to UMNO taiko, or at worst, hypocites of the highest order. And some of these idiots were playing "Brutus" in killing off a "Caesar"ite reflected in Chua.

How sad and tragic and ironic and low the Malaysian political tale can plunge into?

My dear EsteemedReaders, please tell Desi.


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i cannot agree with you more. he was sodomised politically. how the hell can you explain a CKC corrupt act of RM4.7 billion is covered up while DR Chua is hanged big time?