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Thursday, January 03, 2008

For a Few Goode Men

like Dr Chua Soi Lek, your failing is that you got caught up in ecstasy, like almost all human beings (including Desi-lah!), but forgot sometimes Technology has caught up wit' thee:( Your pants were not up,unfortunately.

I stole a cettain poem from pages 106 and 107 of one stupid buku which spoke of similar circumstances, but the difference is that Dr Chua, you were not of the "protected species". The average Joe, or Tom, Dick and Harry, would be hauled to Syariah caught for just mooching in the park at night because self-righteous Mat Skodeng -- well supported by a certain Malacca CM (how come Melaka always features in such epicsode/escapades?) -- believe they scored points for every couple caught for public misbehaviourif one was a Muslim...

I was informed the poem was written in 2003, but it is still relevant, so for Chua's consolation, hear's anENCORE!

If Truth Be Told

In a land not far, far away
So near you hear its heartbeat every day
Once the minister of television declared
“We’ll manufacture a local series to outclass Dallas!”

After decades and much murky water
Had flowed under the Bridge of Scandals
Leaders continue to exhort of the populace:
Don’t watch blue movies or VCDs, it’s a social evil.

Meanwhile, they yumseng till the break of dawn
And under the cover of darkness chieftains plundered
Yet others plucked the flowers
Off under-aged virgin girls.

Politicians and court jesters are so creative
This land needs no fiction writers
‘Stead of soap operas, TV offers wayang and sandiwara
Their juiciness surpassing the Collins’ wildest imagination.

There’s the saga of one with millions headed Down Under
Apparently he’d not heard of cheques or Amex
Poor chap – onetime a graduate teacher - he landed up in court
He hardly understood “that darn’d bastard immigration form” in Inggeris.

Then another made a girl full of body
Claimed the fruit was donated by a best friend
Well, in typical Asian cheer, the reluctant host must not decline
The guest’s bosomy generosity in any kind.

Live episodes entertain the people more than Hollywood’s Dynasty
Proving true blue that “Fact is stranger than fiction”
When naked Truth is revealed, sometimes ingenuously concealed,
Of under-cover trails and trysts in KL’s penthouses.

When lesser souls are caught in similar bind with their pants down
In cheap lodging houses, or even just holding hands in public parks
They charge the poor blighters with khalwat (close proximity)
While upper classes continue to frolic with impunity cum immunity.

The above was prompted by the many instances of “public scandals” involving leading Malaysians which hogged both local and international media headlines at the time of occurrence; any decent Malaysian must at one time or another have bowed his/her head in “shame” for the graphic details of the “homosexual or sodomy” acts being described in public. And a semen-stained mattress being hauled to court as an “exhibit” – what a way to progress sex education! If I were to write in prose about the politics of my home country, and the shenanigans of the players of those “interesting” times, it will be certainly going into territory “where angels fear to tread”. I’d rather be with angelic company than risk spending solitary confinement in a cold, dank cell (with most likely other political animals for cell-mates to boot!). Putting down in verse some of these episodes allows for some freedom of speech, and the release of pent-up outrage and indignation at the goings-on. Poetry provides writers with a medium to test greater “intellectual” latitude. May we be blessed with leaders who can appreciate poetic communication, especially of the satirical kind.


UPDATEd from 2003 to 2008:

Dr Chua, weep not for thy fellow comrades in MC*AA
Weep for the common fellowmen called Rakyat Malaysia, yes pray
Juiue Casesar by his best friend Brutus decades back experienced similar betray
Bless a Chinaman whose word is still his bond
I join thee thy comrades' souls curse
For their politics of soul'd out mind and the fattening purse

Dr Chua, it's not only thy comrades within, in Oppo camp thrive also such vermin
Furongknights like Desi saw it at first hand and lust byte
Do Tigress Leee, Khoo Song Kok and a few-months-old Lee F**k Meng ring a belle?
Ah, also a Dan Si Lee Fatt Thigh's clone called kowboi Whose Soul'd Pong?
Brave fighting men in Rockets hailing hearty from Furong

I'd rather trust my life on other burung-burung
Than such men of honour welcomed wit' relish and fanfare by MCA*A

So weep not ex-Health Minister Dr Chua Soi Lek
Down dare is H'aven, Up there is Hell
All will be well, back to earth, than linger wit' angelic Mat Rempek
Mat Skodeng and Mat Mohamad s/O another Muhammad,
Drop that title too, "Datuk Ser" Chua
For prefixes such as this bring thee fengsui sia-sial

It's "badder" to be plain encik/cik ancient mariner, "V",
anakmerdeka and furongGOoDnight puisi-ass.pirant Desi!

Keyhole : One *A represents thus, for those keen to expend thy vocab: arsehole


Anonymous said...

The old goat got what he deserved for breaking his marriage vows.

desiderata said...

daer ANN:

how daoes that li'lgoat contrast with the elephant living in a RM7-10million "small house" in a shanty neighourhood?

How dooes that olde lamb contrast wit' RM4.5BILLION (some from the likes of law-abiding citizens like you and me)used to bailout Port Klang Free Zone, and the PM and MB says:

"Semuanya Okay!" ???????

Dear Anon, I hope you use more of God's gifted unique brain to
Then comment.
I know it's fredom of speech,
but the ISSUE hear is not beind the TV cameras in a hotel room,
There are stillin FULL VIEW and BLOOM
In a royal neighbourhood called Port KLang
and there stand soem BN strong men:

Zak Mad Deros; Ling-a-Ding; ChanKoonChoi:

Please Wake Up,
smell some Pong wit' Desi
Down Furong way
I won't let up be like CEO
Another Rip van Winkle:(

moo_t said...

Desi, you should check out the Anil Netton the grave sin of CSL

For the apology part, at first, I say, bravo. But think about it, I say WTF, he should have apology to his family only, wtf it is to do with us? So I take back the praise. Because his sin to rakyat are something more serious. He "rob" the job of his lower rank and take it as his credit.

Looking at thestar paper, I keep shaking my head on his "performance", is this the best he can do? Isn't all those can be done by his lower rank executive? Where is the big picture. I write this in my blog : If Citibank CEO take the credit of "reduce teller counter queue time", the shareholder will kick his ass and fire him. Because with correct method, even a citibank branch manager in Timbuktu can do it.