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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Rumour of a Humour

The humour grapewine is sweeter than usual this nude year,oops, new year.

To late comers who celebrated from Christmas Eve till Yesterday because your Company paid you a handsome/pretty bonus -- ah, that covers the feminist loby and the chauvinist wan! -- Welcome Back for bountifool nu'e year! May 2008 increase thy wealth SE7EN fold, whether you wear pants or skirts, the modern world has become truly "equalised". I just certian parties were not too happy wit' one dr deputy minister -- wit' on efoot in Autralalala and another 6feet (5plus 1 equals s'x, rite?) in negarkukku -- because she adviced her compatriots to dress up sexily in nighties at night. Okay, take out at night and replace wit' anytime she spies her Significant Other's eyes wandering/wondering.

Early today I am in a rumourous mood -- in my DDC,it means in te modd to spread some rumours.

So I sms-ed a cople of buddies/birdies because some play Golf and they are aweways yrying to shoot hole-in-want!

"Sdr, tks 2thee n ... 4greating cards. latest news is mar 8 is GE n dr chua is History Wit'Herstory 2TELL.:)"

Those who know some Swiss history or folklaw wouldno one William Told had to aimhis arrow at an apple placed on a boy's head.I heard the rumourit's awe propaganda he managed to split the apple into two wit' "a lovely shot but a narrow miss".

That was why one Swiss lady came away wit' two cleavages to tell how she saved Will Told's head from goin' under the guillotine (and an waiting pot...) The rumour goes during tose hard times this race was not beyong eating human meat cooked properly wit' Apple juice and served wit'out the pie -- because the split nipples tasted jest as goode, if not gooder. (This is knot anEnglish lesson, you blary under-aged readers peeping in okay! Don't blame Desi if you did not get 10 straight As and a miserable "B" in English!:( And cry like a wolfe in the B'g B'd Apple Sillyunisity of Koala Lumpuh!

Now, where was I?
Ah, I lust night read a knotty post at my Blogger matey RPK's wetsite:

I began 2008 with asking lots of rhetorical Qs. It'sno longer safe to blog making sweeping statements, so you pose -- whether outside or inside a hotel rom, whether it's five-star or one-star or no-star, but don't select wan in Muar, JOEhole!:(
One minister did and despite his honourable adMISSion and brave front (for which I congragulated him yesterday when all is troubles seemed so faraway the die before Yesterdae!), his colleagues did a Brutus on him. They refused to accet the goode hnest doctor's AP because it was not the 20-30k-generous/generating kind.

"I never even deny the fact that I was the man in the video. I never said it's adocyored tape..."

For once I liked an MCA bloke -- he had a fine sense of humour even in the darkest hour, confronted by a herd of hounds/journalists? half of which came from MCA pounds...Minta maaf, I stray, like a dog is wont to do.Note that "wont" is spelt with no Apostrophe like "won't" -- yes, this is proper Englishjust in case one MB wit' a nama Muhhammad so of another Muhammad (hey, that was how RPK desribed it, not Desi OK!) peeked in to try to raise his English standard. desi would have done his share of NS, frutherAmore, I hail heartily from NS. If you have to ask what NS means, you're a nudely born ass.It's alrite for we are vely forgiving, and taking want, at Desi's Place now going for a song,or lark, at 20mill. I hear that one oil plam mill nowadays costs another USD20million.

Now, where was I2?I no U2 is performing in Alaska.

YES, Ah, I lust night read a knotty post at my Blogger matey RPK's wetsite:

(There is a gre8 rumour around town that 2008 is going to be a fantastic year. Another qualifier is it is going to be a supercalifragialistically sexxxxxxxy year. So Malaysians can celebrate!--Desi's Intro before C&P from RPK's, can, so I won't be hauled to court to face praygiarhythm charges...I am only a Sundae church-mousey writHer!:(~~ DESIDERATA)

Sex, DVD and Mega Projects Ushered in the New Year

Posted by Raja Petra
Wednesday, 02 January 2008

TWO “interesting” pieces of news were featured in The Star newspaper on the (Christian) New Year day.

(I deliberately used the term “Christian New Year” because in Malaysia we celebrate several new years each year. On Jan. 10 we will celebrate the Awal Muharam Muslim New Year and Feb. 7 the Chinese Lunar New Year.)

The first interesting news was an un-sourced banner headline entitled “Mega projects and new plans to improve lives of people.”

In appears from the front-page report that the MCA-owned newspaper has taken upon itself to come up with “the good news.”


READ MORE THERE -- at RPK's lah, you lazy-bummers, Desi's not hear to serve thee like a slave!

(Desi just hints hear that the second "interesting" piece relates to my own rambling before we accidently go diverted to RPK, who incidently got diverted to "the Scribe's" wetsite: wit' just one para extract:)

"...Then there was the admission by the Health Minister, Dr Chua Soi Lek, that he was the man – or shall we call it “the actor”? – in a sex DVD now making the rounds in Johor."

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