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Monday, November 23, 2015

In Daytime, Harsh Realities BURN...

assuming that you still having a caring, hearing HEArt

MY heart burns
as Malsia's CLUELESS CEO bask'd in the international gathering's spotlight
BASKING< salivating in the shadows of real giants like Obama, Xi JinPing
Showing Asian host willing to donate BIG sums
to make a success of such showoff meetings
AS 1MDB shenanigans are burried under luxury hotels' carpets
And FORGETTING THat a PM_in-WAitin'
that has been OPposition LEADer
Is lockedup in chains and tiny cell
AS the body withers in darkdaytimes

NNO doctor in the house to attend to his bodily ills

Malsians, I pity you if you belonged to that 48PERCENT
of voters who backed UMNO-backed BArisan Nasional

YOU are equally responsible riding thei slippery train down
that slippery slope to the ABYSS
WHen GE!4 cometh around, I pray you would've woken up
FRom thy CLueless STupour
IN this makebelieve land I renama MALsia.
O' LOrd, save us from CLueless CEOS all around
EXpanding their personal wealth
and making the citizens more and more clueless

MY only escape is to enter into the sweet embrace
WHEN my buddies who understand my language
ANswer my call
THAnk you, you knwo
WHO Thou art
MAy the GoOD LOrd bless us all
and gift us blissfull eight hours of sleep
AWay from falsehood and the charm of a Charlatan Clueless CEO

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Midnight Voice Softly Thinking Aloud About MUrder, what else!:) -- PART2

CONSIDER Todie4's writeup as a naturale followup to that of Wednesday, November 11, 2015, hence my breaking my HI(LO)atus break because I want to share wit' YOU my enjoyable sup'per lust midnitie wit' CYBILL SHEPHERD, in BLack&WHite sumAMore!! ALSO< lots of DDC, DaDEsiCOde -- if you wanna no more, go seekout MS HElen. a fiercely loyal disciple of my COde which she totled me as equivaliant to DaVInciCOode in its hiDaes!

YEs, don't you get jeles! -- I'm into CREATIVE WritHEs, away from sopo wwaannss becos the latter don't no pay my mountaining bills. When I kept a DATE wit' my fave detective MAddie HAyes, more delectable delicious and diabolical than Sherlock HOlmes and HErcule POisrot -- wit' warmest apologies to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha CHristieM -- as an  escapade even a dreAMywan, to B&W moviedom can be HEAvenly, especially when I imagine myself as a detective in another world!

IF  thou art a olde movie fan, go to Ch 720 HITS, at 10.00AM, an hour 29minutes from now, to watch MOOnlighting SEAson1 Epcsode 8(?) whihc I had a spesial preview lust midnight; only meself YL CHOng the newsdog, and DEsiderata, the writHEr sometimes Shylock HOme...:) OR :(


(a) INTRO by the "late" Orson WElles, then steal very much ALivE!

(b) B7W dreams sequence lusting 22(?)minutes -- you set you stop-watch FI YPOU WATCH IT LATER aT 10PAGe OK! -- themed "steAmy DREAmSEQuence -- always rings TWICE"

Lustly, COS it's MURDER, Again, DEja VU many times/dimes over ... as DEsi has got MAddie HAYes as companion-detective in mind since DR What'sOn has gone away for a HIATUS IN the CArryOnBean, joining dat fella PIrate JOhnnnnny Deeeeep LOST In the se7en CcccccC.

UPDATe finito 8.44AM, YL, DEsi, knotTYaSsusualTYaSsusual

Sunday, November 15, 2015

In the Arms of the Angel: A DED(S)Ication to ALL WHO BELIEVE.........

Amid the carnage and tragedy that befell PARIS THE past 48hours felt throughout the word, DESi would not pretend he could fathom the depths of anguish and despair of those who had LOST FAMILY MEMBERS or/and CLOSE  BUDDIES in the IS ATTACKS LAST FRIDAY NIGHT, with 129 reported dead and 99 critically injured and a few hundred more suffering less critical wounds. 

For those who survive to tell the tale, here's DEsi's belief expressed through a song to show that THEY HAD HAD BEEN ACCOMPANIED BY A GUARDIAN ANGEL. I pray all my friends and familities are also watched over by their angel, 25/7. Amen: YL, DEsi


In The Arms Of The Angel Lyrics

"In The Arms Of The Angel" was written by Sarah Mc Lachlan.
Send "In The Arms Of The …" Ringtone to your Mobile
Spend all your time waiting
For that second chance
For a break that would make it okay
There's always some reason
To feel not good enough
And it's hard at the end of the day
I need some distraction
Or a beautiful release
Memories seep from my veins
Let me be empty
Oh and weightless and maybe
I'll find some peace tonight
In the arms of the angel
Fly away from here
From this dark cold hotel room
And the endlessness that you fear
You are pulled from the wreckage
Of your silent reverie
You're in the arms of the angel
May you find some comfort here
So tired of the straight line
And everywhere you turn
There's vultures and thieves at your back
The storm keeps on twisting
Keep on building the lies
That you make up for all that you lack
It don't make no difference
Escaping one last time
It's easier to believe
In this sweet madness
Oh this glorious sadness
That brings me to my knees
In the arms of the angel
Fly away from here
From this dark cold hotel room
And the endlessness that you fear
You are pulled from the wreckage
Of your silent reverie
You're in the arms of the angel
May you find some comfort here
You're in the arms of the angel
May you find some comfort here

Read more: Sarah McLachlan - In The Arms Of The Angel Lyrics | MetroLyrics

DESIDERATA's  special note to dear ESteemedReaders: I am taking an indefinite HIATUS -- the third time in my 10years-plus of blogging - maybe I need to follow my POET-MENtor MAx Ehrmann's advice: "GO placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peAce there may be in SILENCE." JUst add that IT's just ADieu, and NOT GoodBYE. ~~ YL Desi
@11.37PM Sunday 15 November 2015

Do the Terrorist Attacks in PAris on Friday the 13th Show WW3 has started?

I watched CNN< BBC and Aljazeera break the news Saturday morning in NegaraKU on the IS ATTACKS AT six points in PARIS< and several FRench leaders had later declared WAR IS ON; and the Pope was reported to have stated that "WOrld WAr THree has started".

I too have the partially feeling that WWIII started in January when the IS attacked CHarlie Hebdo; now the present incident had witnessed a COORDINATED FRONT OF the ISlamic STAte in action by seven SUICIDE BOMBERS WITH SIMILAR EXPLOSIVE_LOADED VESTS. ANd the FRench PUblic Prosecutor aleady noted the concerted effort spanned possibly across a few European country borders, with three arrests already been made in ...... from where a "black car" found at one scene originated.  Six areas within the short span of ONE HOUR from about 9.10PM FRench time on FRiday, with the biggest number of fatalities of about 80 at the THEATRE featuring an AMErican band. It would have been  an unimaginable disaster of more bodies HAD ONE OF THE ATTACKERS ENTERED THE FOOTBALL STADIUM WHERE a game was going on, with the FRench PResident leaving the venue (obviously first informed of the initial bomb-attacks).

DESi hopes GOOD SENSE WIll prevail, and MUSlim brethren worldwide across race and political divides  value the humankind and humanity and can be relied on to influence the course of history by ingforces to SToP THE ISLAMIC STATE ThreAT In The LOng Haul.

FRom the


Published: Sunday November 15, 2015 MYT 11:30:00 AM
Updated: Sunday November 15, 2015 MYT 2:19:21 PM

World shows solidarity, tightens security after Paris attacks

LONDON (Reuters) - World leaders responded to deadly attacks in Paris with defiant pledges of solidarity and Europe tightened security after Islamic State said it was behind an assault by gunmen and bombers that left at least 129 dead in the French capital.
From Barack Obama to Vladimir Putin and across Europe and the Middle East, leaders expressed their condolences to French President Francois Hollande who said the attacks amounted to an act of war against France.
After the worst bloodshed in France since the end of World War Two, European neighbours including Britain, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and Italy increased security. France temporarily imposed border controls.
British Prime Minister David Cameron used French to express his solidarity after calling Hollande.
"Shocked, but resolute. In sorrow, but unbowed. My message to the French people is simple: Nous sommes solidaires avec vous. Nous sommes tous ensemble. We stand with you. United," Cameron said.
London monuments including the London Eye and Tower Bridge were lit up in the red, white and blue of the French tricolour, as were Sydney's Opera House, the Taipei 101 skyscraper in Taiwan, the Senate building in Mexico City, One World Trade Centre in New York and several other global landmarks.
The deadliest attack on Europe since the 2004 Madrid bombings laid bare Islamic State's capability to strike at the heart of Europe and the difficulty of monitoring the movements of militants intent on killing.
It also triggered a debate on Europe's refugee policies and the failures of Western policy in Syria.
"This is an attack not just on Paris, it’s an attack not just on the people of France, but this is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values that we share," Obama said.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel echoed Obama, saying "our free life is stronger than terror."
New York, Los Angeles, Boston and other cities in the United States bolstered security. Law enforcement officials said the beefed-up police presence was precautionary rather than a response to any specific threats.
On Saturday in New York, hundreds of people including Mayor Bill de Blasio gathered for a vigil at Washington Square Park. Some of the crowd held signs of a peace symbol with the Eiffel Tower at its centre.
At dusk, the city was planning to light the square's landmark arch in the blue, white and red of the French flag.
Roya Hegdahl, a 21-year-old Columbia University student from Seattle, stood with a French flag draped around herself and her French roommate.
"I have a lot of anxiety about how the world will react to the situation because in these moments it's easy to act out of fear and anger, which often doesn't lead to the best decision- and policy-making," Hegdahl said.
New York police marshalled about 200 officers and dozens of vehicles at Times Square in a show of force reminiscent of exercises staged in the months after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Centre.
In Los Angeles, the second-largest U.S. city, police stepped up patrols at concerts and other places with large crowds.
About three dozen people gathered outside the Islamic Centre of America in Dearborn, Michigan, to mourn the attack in Paris and bombings in Lebanon this week that killed 43 people. Dearborn has one of the highest concentrations of Muslims in the United States.
"I would encourage people to look more into Islam and what Islam is all about before they judge and say, that was a Muslim attack," said Nisreen Salame, one of those at the vigil.
Western security sources said the attack on Paris was one of the "nightmare" scenarios for police forces: several well-planned attacks with advanced weaponry on unarmed civilian revellers across a densely populated capital.
The attacks included explosions outside a stadium where the French and German men's national football teams were playing an international match.
The U.S. National Football League said it would increase security and beef up law enforcement presence at stadiums this weekend as a precaution.
Islamic State militants said the attack was designed "to teach France, and all nations following its path, that they will remain at the top of Islamic State’s list of targets".
Hollande said the attack was planned outside France but carried out with internal help.
Western security sources said the porous nature of Europe's internal borders allowed freer movement of advanced weaponry and potential attackers, including those who have travelled to Syria, across Europe.
Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said the Netherlands would tighten security at its borders and airports, and said the Dutch were "at war" with Islamic State.
Belgium imposed additional frontier controls on road, rail and air arrivals from France. Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel asked Belgians on Saturday not to travel to Paris unless necessary.
“Border control is absolutely critical,” said Anthony Glees, director of the Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies at the University of Buckingham.
“They can reinstate border controls so they know who is in their country, they know who leaves their country and they know where they’ve been if they leave their country.”
European Union leaders said that such attacks could not divide Europe.
But Poland's European affairs minister designate said after the attacks in Paris, Warsaw would not be able to accept migrants under European Union quotas.
In September, Poland backed a European Union plan to share out 120,000 refugees, many of them fleeing the war in Syria, across the 28-nation bloc.
The attacks have sparked a debate in Germany on Merkel's refugee policy and how to get a better overview of the people entering the country.
(Additional reporting by Alastair Macdonald in Brussels, Mark Hosenball in Washington, Lena Masri and Roselle Chen in New York and Alex Dobuzinskis in Los Angeles,; Editing by Sonya Hepinstall, Bernard Orr and David Gregorio)



Published: Sunday November 15, 2015 MYT 8:56:00 AM
Updated: Sunday November 15, 2015 MYT 10:22:43 AM

Paris attacks: KL Tower lights up in solidarity with France

The KL Tower was lit up in blue, red and white in solidarity with France.
The KL Tower was lit up in blue, red and white in solidarity with France.
PETALING JAYA: The blue, white and red colours of France's national flag were projected onto the Kuala Lumpur Tower on Saturday night, in the wake of a series of terror attacks in Paris that killed at least 129 people.
"To show our concern and support to France, KL Tower lights up with red, blue and white for one minute every hour," read the caption on MenaraKL Instagram's photo of the lit tower.
It said the colours would be projected from midnight to 7am, Sunday.
The KL Tower was among landmarks the world over which were lit up in solidarity with France.
Sydney's Opera House, The London Eye, Stockholm's Ericsson Globe Arena, Madrid City Hall, Shanghai's Oriental Pearl TV Tower and New York's One World Trade Center were among the structures lit up with the colours of France's flag.
On Friday night, militants and suicide bombers launched attacks at restaurants, a concert hall and a stadium in Paris.
The Islamic State terror group has claimed responsibility for the attack, saying bombers with bomb belts and machine guns targeted "carefully planned" locations in the city.


First run French newspaper front pages after Paris attack

"This time it's war," declared the Le Parisien daily, as France's media reacted with horror but determination after Friday's wave of attacks that left at least 120 people dead.
Centre-right daily Le Figaro took up a similar theme, splashing with the headline "War in central Paris" amid scenes of carnage at several locations in the French capital.
Sports daily L'Equipe splashed the one word "L'Horreur" — "Horror" — across a black front page.
Many papers called for unity in the country that is still reeling from jihadist attacks on Charlie Hebdo in January that claimed 17 lives.
"In the name of the true martyrs of yesterday, the innocent victims and in the name of the Republic, France will be able to stay united and stand together," said Le Parisien.
The "terrorist barbarism" has crossed a "historic line," said the head of the left-leaning Liberation daily, calling for France to stay resolute.
"It is impossible not to link these bloody events with the battles raging in the Middle East. France is playing its part there. It must continue to do so without blinking," wrote Laurent Joffrin in an editorial.
Papers immediately made the link between the attacks on the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine that claimed 17 lives in January, spawning an outpouring of solidarity around the Twitter hashtag #jesuischarlie (I am Charlie).
"We were Charlie. We are Paris!" wrote the Republique des Pyrenees regional daily.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

An observant writer at whom I have neglected to visit

     DESi hopes THOU ART KNOT OVERWHELMED By this topic of DEAth by foul means I have been spending mush time on with DPP, so todie, I divert my course to less dark alleys:~~~


     FIRST,  on a light-hearted note, OR In lighter vein, an item about my favourite scientist, ALbert Einstein:~~~


"If you're not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing." - Malcolm X

In Malaysia, if you don't watch television or read newspapers, you are uninformed; but if you do, you are misinformed!

Why we should be against censorship in a court of law: Publicity is the very soul of justice … it keeps the judge himself, while trying, under trial. - Jeremy Bentham

"Our government is like a baby's alimentary canal, with a happy appetite at one end and no responsibility at the other. " - Ronald Reagan

Government fed by the people
Career options
I suggest government... because nobody has ever been caught.
When there's too much dirt...
We need better tools
Prevent bullying now!
If you're not going to speak up, how is the world supposed to know you exist? “Orang boleh pandai setinggi langit, tapi selama ia tidak menulis, ia akan hilang di dalam masyarakat dan dari sejarah.” - Ananta Prameodya Toer (Your intellect may soar to the sky but if you do not write, you will be lost from society and to history.)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Einstein and his Theory of Relativ...

Einstein was born March 14, 1879. He would be 132, on his next birthday, if he were alive today. Few people remember that the Nobel Prize winner married his cousin, Elsa Lowenthal, after his first marriage dissolved in 1919. At the time he stated that he was attracted to Elsa because she was so well endowed.

He postulated that if you are attracted to women with large breasts, the attraction is even stronger if there is a DNA connection.

This came to be known as ...

Einstein's Theory of "Relative Titty."

Oh, quit groaning! I don't write this shit, I received it from my warped friend. Anyway, it beats the political crap.

SECOND, BAck to serious BIZNurse:~~~

AN to think once upon a time, MAlaysians were on par with the leading nations', including GReat BRitain now not so greAt, like MAnglish, DEsi sighs at 8AM In the moURnin', knot a good start:(~~~



Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Doctors with a poor grasp of English

I think sometimes, ignorance is bliss. Many years ago, in the 60s, we had faith in our local GP or any doctor in a hospital. We took their advice and prescriptions without any doubt about their qualifications or experience. I can still remember being told by our local GP that I was anaemic and given iron tablets, without any blood test, certainly not those comprehensive ones which we have today.

With the internet, everybody seems to know more than their doctors, or at least they appear to be so when they question them on specific opinions given. With more information on treatments available as well as news about doctors' mistakes in diagnosis or treatment, when in doubt many people seek second opinion. The mistakes, in terms of percentage of total treatment could be miniscule, but blown out of proportions because doctors generally are held in such high regard that they are assumed to be infallible.

But doctors are only human. They can be affected by personal problems too. Their knowledge depends on which university they graduated from, their practical experience exposed to in real life situations, as well as their continuing professional education. The standard of medical expertise is far from standard, because the standard of universities vary from low to very high. It also depends on the professors and medical equipment available at the time of study or training, and this depends on when a doctor graduated from the university. Then we have to consider the personal attributes of the doctor, whether he has the aptitude as well as passion to be one, instead of having pleased his or her parents in taking a medical course. In Chinese, doctors' wish to heal people is compared with that of parents in wishing for the well being of their child.

In the USA, doctors had been sued large sums in damages and compensation for their mistakes. This has led to some doctors refusing to attend to emergency cases in public. They refuse to identify themselves in order to avoid problems later. Some doctors even studied law to better prepare themselves in such eventualities!

We are used to doctors' illegible prescriptions. Now we have to contend with some who have poor grasp of English, which does not inspire confidence in their medical knowledge. Add to that, the possibility of miscommunication and meanings lost in translation, it can be risky when seeking medical treatment. By the way, for many years, I thought 'hati' means 'heart' in Malay, when in fact, means 'liver'. Just imagine a Chinese with 'sum thoong' told the doctor, 'hati saya sakit'.

Medical treatment is not equal, with majority queuing at government hospitals while those who can afford get specialists of their choice at private medical centres.

Let's just assume the importance of English in medical knowledge because most western medicine are written in English text, and this has been reinforced by the increasing use and reliance on information technology. Doctors who ignore English medical information will miss out on most of the recent advancement in treatment and discoveries. I must qualify this by stating that there are excellent medical research and reports in other languages like Chinese, Russian, Japanese and so on. But to our Malaysian medical graduates, they are not likely to be well versed in those languages, unless trained in those countries. China or Taiwan trained Malaysian doctors are likely to be better than say Russia or Japan trained if based on proficiency in language because those Malaysians are likely to have had Chinese education locally. In India, English is the medium of instruction. Doctors practising in Malaysia are professionally qualified within the country as well as from different countries, accredited by our Malaysian Medical Association. MMA decides who can practise medicine in Malaysia.

Our choice of medical treatment is basically between government and private, the former being cheapest but known for longer queues, while the latter can be had quicker if one is prepared to pay for it. There is also the option available for overseas treatment which is for those who can really afford it. For some, the unexpected astronomical costs could have made them bankrupt. This reminds me of a joke, 'The bad news is chemo can kill you before cancer does. The good news is the medical bills can kill you before chemo.'

There is a common complaint that if you are covered by medical insurance, the medical centres often charge double that of those without. One reason could be because insurance companies insist on at least a night's stay before an insured can claim from them. One specialist jokingly told a patient who asked, that he should think of it as being charged half the normal fee because he is paying as a private person instead of an insurance company!

Most times, our decision is also based on recommendation from relatives or friends who have had the experience of the treatments of various ailments in different hospitals. Well known specialists qualified from well known universities abroad are likely to be top on the list of choice, depending on affordability. Even those graduated from lesser universities but with extensive experience and exposure are well sought after.

In other words, medical treatments are not equal. It depends on affordability, qualification and experience of the doctor or specialist, medical equipment in the hospital, quality of supporting medical staff, and so on.

From stories heard from those who have relatives or friends who had underwent treatments in various hospitals, the success of treatment could be due to chance! The right diagnosis with the right treatment could ensure fast recovery. Mistakes leading to deaths had happened before, due to one or combination of different factors. Without proper examination and knowledge of the background of patient's medical history, wrong medication could lead to serious and even fatal consequences. Mistakes could happen simply due to carelessness or even lack of knowledge in treating a specific ailment. Some general practitioners are unwilling to admit their own limitations and only refer their patients to specialists until too late.

Just imagine, without the problem of lack of proficiency in English, medical treatment is already a minefield out there. Now, we can expect the additional problems relating to communication, as well as the lack of medical knowledge because some who did not deserve to qualify, probably did so. I think it is sound advice to seek a second opinion if there is any doubt about the first.


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Midnight Voice Softly Thinking Aloud About MUrder, what else!:)

IT's just past midnight
I mostly think of the few friends spread out in the far flung corners
across  the seven seas
And also a few back home in Malaysia
They are close to Desi's  heart at night
I picture myself having a conversation with ONE
or two every once a while

As Time passes, the number of conversationalists
gets smaller and smaller
AS the second second certainty in LIfe after Birth visits
Darlin' DEath
So it's to the  movies for a "quick fix" of the mind
Ah, and it's "heavenly" this afternoon I caught up with my early detective couple
FRom some three decades ago?

David Allison and Maddie Hays from MOONLIGHTING
I have always envied BRuce Willis for stealin' the eminent role
DESi has aspired, now expyred

If desi speaks from the heart, the credits would Read in the order of MAddie first ...
DElightful;, delicious and delectable CYbil Shepherd
IF thou art "LOst" by this storyline, hey, it's OK
ONe competition les(E)s majest(E)y?:)

I saw a re-run over AStro this a afternoon of Season  M.L. S1 epicsode
"Invite to a MUrder" to take place in a train --
REcalls a byte about Gatha CHristie's
"MUrder on the on ORient EXpress"
DEar E, would you accept an invitation sext time
When DEsi requests you to pay RM10,000 for an outing
To spiritedestiNATION
Where we will witness the MUrder(s) of the CEO
and/or  his lovely beloved to HIm only Wifey?

To the rest of residents on S.N.
IT's the Wickedest But DEsringest KIllings of DAmned Awe!

Monday, November 09, 2015

Times of Depression&Confusion: MURDER, Deja Vu, again&again!

WHen I wrote the post of NOv 5, 2015, I ifnormed my dear ER(ESteemedREaders) that I would resume my commentary -- centring around Mr TtTang, bron HUat and DEsi -- but I left the matter "hung" -- I just couldn't write about personal matters amidst my ESCAPADES Into MOVIELand.

THe real MAlaysian landscape is truly depressing, and somewhat confusing. I've stopped recognising NAjib RAzak as MAlaysia's PM; IF I had to refer to him, I write the "clueless CEO", and my constant companion=conversationalists would understand WHY. TOday I would like to break away from the "silence" I have maintained hoping for THE PERFECT STORM That never came from BERSIH4 on Auguts 29/30, to "Put on record" two realted issues that have thrown more confusion and depression to DEsi's world.

First, an not so-OLDE item from the asia-sentinel I receive via Email:~~~~

Alleged Mastermind in Malaysian Banker’s Murder Arrested then Freed

Alleged Mastermind in Malaysian Banker’s Murder Arrested then FreedAttorney general’s decision to free gangster raises questions of political influence
Kuala Lumpur police arrested Lim Yuen Soo, the alleged mastermind behind the 2013 assassination of Malaysia’s AmBank founder Hussain Najadi, but turned him loose eight days later for lack of evidence. The arrest and release were confirmed by Kuala Lumpur Criminal Investigation Chief Zainuddin Ahmad to local media.
That has raised questions whether Lim has friends in Malaysia’s high political circles. Despite his status –until recently – as a fugitive, Lim is the registered part owner of the Active Force Security Services Sdn Bhd. with the former Malacca Police Chief Mohd Khasni Mohd Nor.
Hussain’s son Pascal Najadi has charged that his father was assassinated in 2013 because he said he wouldn’t play along with financial irregularities involving the United Malays National Organization prior to his death, refusing to orchestrate a multi-billion ringgit property deal connected to the Kuala Lumpur City Center. On one occasion, he told his son that Prime Minister Najib Razak was “lining his pockets with billions of ringgit with no consideration for the future of the country.”
Authorities, however, have said the assassination was over a property deal in which Hussain had been trying to prevent the acquisition of Chinese temple land for development and that it had nothing to do with politics. 
According to Zainuddin, speaking to the website Malaysiakini: “There was insufficient evidence to charge [Lim], so we released him.” He told the website that Lim was released after a thorough investigation and after referring the case to the office of Attorney General Mohamad Apandi Ali, who replaced Abdul Gani Patail in July after Patail was fired by Prime Minister Najib Razak.
The decision to free Lim clashed with earlier assertions by police that he was behind the killing. The gunman, Koong Swee Kwan, who was sentenced to death after being paid RM20,000 for the shooting of Hussain Najadi and his 49-year-old Malaysian wife, Cheong Mei Kuen, was said to have told police Lim was behind the shooting. In 2013, following the shooting, the police chief, Mohamad Salleh, said Lim had been given a week to surrender, but failed to do so.
Despite an Interpol red notice calling for his arrest, Lim apparently has been able to travel freely, going into hiding in Australia after the shooting. He reportedly was flying back to Kuala Lumpur from China when airport authorities arrested him.
Item2: again from, the tenacious follow-up BUMmer after DEsi's heaART!:~~~~
nation in distress

The World Anthem




by no shit sherlock, donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for murder cover-up affairs


For my recent two blog posts on the murder of Hussain Najadi on 29 July 2013 and subsequent cover-up by the police under the direction of the IGP, AG, the serially lying Prime Minister Najib and his government of thieves, CLICK HERE AND HERE.

Now my worst fears have been realised. The IGP and AG have declared the murder "solved" and the case "closed".

This has happened despite:

1. Convicted hitman Koong Swee Kwan having confessed to "businessman" Lim Yuen Soo having paid him RM20,000 for the contract killing.

2. Lim Yuen Soo having fled to Australia and China within days of the murder, and having been a fugitive for over 2 years.

3. Lim Yuen Soo having been placed on the Interpol Red List on application by the AG.

The police revealed yesterday that Lim Yuen Soo was taken into custody by immigration officers on 15 October when he re-entered Malaysia at KLIA via a flight from China. He was released by the police after 8 days of remand and interrogation, when the AG stamped 'NFA' (no further action) on his file.

Previously, there had been no response from the police to Pascal Najadi's (Hussain Najadi's son) public disclosure that Lim had returned to Malaysia much, much earlier and been moving about freely!! 

Furthermore, when Lim was "arrested", the police did not even inform Pascal or his lawyer Gobind Singh Deo, but kept the arrest/remand/interrogation a big secret.

It's obvious that Lim's re-entry into Malaysia was stage-managed by the authorities with the strings being pulled without a shadow of a doubt from the office of 'the first among equals' in Putrajaya. Who else has that kind of power to order and compromise Immigration, the police, the IGP and the AG?

Predictably, and correctly, Pascal Najadi has come out with guns blazing. He has signed the papers suing the IGP, AG, Najib and the Malaysian government over the murder cover-up and gross dereliction of duty. CLICK HERE for a report on the Lim Yuen Soo let-up.

And the most intriguing and tantalising questions in the Hussain Najadi murder cover-up are:

1. Who is the lady connected to a very powerful and prominent UMNO poilitician who someone claims gave the orders to Lim Yuen Soo to put the 'kill' contract out? How is she linked to the Altantuya murder? 

2. How is it all linked to 1MDB and the serially lying $2.6 billion "donation" Prime Minister Najib?

Pascal Najadi will be assisted in his quest for truth and justice by formidable lawyers like Gobind Singh Deo from Malaysia and Nick Kaufman (from Israel) a former prosecutor for The War Crimes Tribunal and the International Criminal Court at the Hague.

Pascal has put out an international alert to the dangerous gangster regime under Najib, and the threat that it poses to the world at large. Pascal has engaged some of the best security experts anywhere to protect himself from possible retaliation from Najib's MAFIA. Pascal was not born yesterday. This time around, Najib and his crooked cabal are in for the fight of their lives.

Dear readers, the fall  of the Najib kleptocratic government (government of thieves) is imminent. You can do your part by putting pressure on your MPs (even if they are from BN) to continuously demand that Najib be booted out NOW. Make them vote against Najib's budget and for the no confidence motion against him in Parliament.

Donplaypuks® with murder cover-ups, man!

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Thursday, November 05, 2015

Deja Vu THE MOVIE -- and Mr TtTang, DEsi, BRo HUat and Einstein

I am writing this POst on Thursday Nov 5, 2015, after watching a 2-hr "recent" movie on Astro CH 411 or HBO; the time now as I start on this post is 11.17PM.

:)IN the past three years, some half a dozen so-called freinds moved on and disappeared from DEsi's horizons. However, I must be thankful I acquired a few new fRiends, with an emphasis of the "R".
Among them is one I call MR TtTAng, who with brother HUat from KAjang and I will sing our cowboy songs and the evergreens from the BEatles, Simon & GArfunkel and BEe GEes. MR TtT sings beautifully the BBG number MAssachusetts. and he can reach the high notes NATURALLY> Bro Huat and I have to fall back on our falsetto to do this number, and hence can't compare with TtT. But I believe I beat both of them on the FIRST Of MAY because it has been my ANTHEM of sort which I sing ferrying my three boys to and from school those gOOd olde days when we were all young and gay.

I will continue to write more about EINSTEIN< tTt and DEsi&broHUat tomorrow as it's getting to the midnight hour and I must hit the hay so.on.


MEanwhile, here's what I C&P from Wikipedia, you can get more at MINTA MAAF IF it proves to be a "SPoiler" should you watch the movie!:~~~

Déjà Vu (2006 film)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Déjà Vu
Theatrical release poster
Directed by  Tony Scott
Produced by  Jerry Bruckheimer
Written by  Bill Marsilii
Terry Rossio
Starring  Denzel Washington
Music by  Harry Gregson-Williams
Cinematography  Paul Cameron
Edited by  Chris Lebenzon

Touchstone Pictures
Jerry Bruckheimer Films
Scott Free Productions
Distributed by  Buena Vista Pictures
Release dates

    November 22, 2006

Running time
 126 minutes[1]
Country  United States
Language  English
Budget  $75 million[2]
Box office  $180,557,550[2]

Déjà Vu is a 2006 American action thriller film with elements of science fiction, directed by Tony Scott, written by Bill Marsilii and Terry Rossio, and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. The film stars Denzel Washington and Paula Patton as the main characters, with Jim Caviezel, Val Kilmer, Adam Goldberg, Bruce Greenwood, and Matt Craven in supporting roles. Déjà Vu involves ATF agent Douglas Carlin, who travels back in time in attempts to prevent a domestic terrorist attack that takes place in New Orleans and to save a woman with whom he falls in love, Claire Kuchever. Filming took place in New Orleans before and after Hurricane Katrina.[3] The film premiered in New York City on November 20, 2006, and was released widely in the United States and Canada two days later. The film was released in Mexico by the end of November, and worldwide by the early months of 2007. It received mixed reviews from critics, and earning $64 million in the U.S. and $180 million worldwide It was the 23rd most successful film worldwide for 2006. The film was nominated for five awards, and won the Golden Reel Award.


    1 Plot
    2 Cast
    3 Background and production
        3.1 Filming
        3.2 Visual effects
        3.3 Similarities between Timothy McVeigh and Carroll Oerstadt
    4 Reception
        4.1 Film writers and director
        4.2 Box office
        4.3 Awards
    5 Home media
    6 Soundtrack
    7 See also
    8 References
    9 External links


On Fat Tuesday in New Orleans, the ferry Sen. Alvin T. Stumpf is carrying hundreds of U.S. Navy sailors and their families across the Mississippi River from their base to the city. Suddenly, the ferry explodes and sinks, killing 543 passengers and crew. Special Agent Doug Carlin (Denzel Washington) from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATF) is sent to investigate and discovers evidence of a bomb planted by a domestic terrorist. Arriving at the scene he hears his unique ring tone coming from a nearby body bag. He then meets with local investigators and FBI Special Agent Paul Pryzwarra (Val Kilmer), and informs them of his findings. He later learns about a charred body pulled from the river, identified as Claire Kuchever (Paula Patton). Unlike the other bodies from the ferry, though, this one appears to have been killed before the explosion.

Pryzwarra is impressed with Doug's detective expertise, and asks him to join a newly formed governmental detective unit whose first case is to investigate the bombing. Led by Dr. Alexander Denny (Adam Goldberg), they investigate the events before the explosion by using a program called "Snow White", which enables them to look into the past (4 days, 6 hours, 3 minutes, 45 seconds, 14.5 nanoseconds) in detail by using several satellites to form a triangulated image of events. The system is limited in that they can only see past events once; there is no fast forwarding or rewinding, although they can record everything. Convinced that Claire is a vital link, Doug persuades them to focus on her. While investigating Claire's past through "Snow White", the bomber calls her to buy the SUV she has for sale so he can use it for the bomb. Although he doesn't buy her car, the "Snow White" team now knows exactly where and when the terrorist was during the call.

Doug finds out "Snow White" is actually a time window, and can send inanimate objects into the past. Despite Denny's protests against tampering with the past, Doug has the team send a note back to his past self with the time and place to stop the ferry bomber. Instead, his partner Larry Minuti gets the note and while following up on it he is shot by the terrorist, setting up his death in the present. The team attempts to follow the terrorist, who takes Minuti with him, but he moves ouside of "Snow White"'s range. Doug is able to follow him in the present using a "Snow White" like helmet that increases the machine's range, and is able to track him to the terrorist's home. In the past time, Minuti regains consciousness, but is killed and burned by the terrorist. Still needing a vehicle big enough to hold the bomb (and is not riddled with bullet holes) the terrorist goes to Claire's address, kidnaps her and takes her car.

Using face recognition technology, the ferry bomber is identified and taken into custody. He turns out to be Carroll Oerstadt, angry at the military after being turned down by both Marines and Army. Their psychological profiling showed he was overcommitted and unstable. Considering the case now closed, the government shuts down the "Snow White" investigation. Despite the killer being caught, Claire and the ferry victims remain dead, which unsettles Doug since the "Snow White" team can actually alter history. Doug convinces Denny to do one last experiment: send Doug to the past to save Claire and stop the bombing. The procedure is risky, since no human has ever been sent back. Doug survives the trip, especially since he was sent back to a hospital emergency room able to revive him. He then stops Claire from being murdered in Oerstadt's house.

Doug then goes to the ferry where, with Claire's help, he kills Oestadt, but is unable to disarm the bomb. To save everyone, Doug and Claire purposely drive the bomb laden SUV off the end of the ferry just before it explodes. Claire escapes, but Doug is unable to get out and he dies in the underwater explosion. As Claire mourns Doug's death, she is approached by an identical Doug Carlin, the one from her current present and he consoles her.

    Denzel Washington as ATF Special Agent Douglas Carlin
    Paula Patton as Claire Kuchever
    Jim Caviezel as Carroll Oerstadt
    Val Kilmer as FBI Special Agent Paul Pryzwarra
    Adam Goldberg as Dr. Alexander Denny
    Bruce Greenwood as FBI Special Agent-in-Charge Jack McCready
    Matt Craven as ATF Special Agent Larry Minuti
    Enrique Castillo as Claire's father
    Elden Henson as Gunnars
    Erika Alexander as Shanti
    Julia Lashae as Eyewitness / Survivor

A topological representation almost identical to Greene's idea as used in the film to explain a wormhole.
Background and production

The idea of a time travel-thriller film originated between screenwriters Bill Marsilii and Terry Rossio, who communicated via email in attempts to develop the plot due to communication difficulties.[4] However, the creation of Déjà Vu‍ '​s progenitor was set aside by the September 11, 2001 attacks that disrupted New York-native Marsilii,[4] and the advent of the 2003 film Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, which occupied Los Angeles-native Rossio.[4][5] However, by 2006, the two screenwriters had completed the concept. Brian Greene from Columbia University was brought in as a consultant to help create a scientifically plausible feel to the script.[4] Greene stated "the way I try to explain wormholes in terms of bending paper and connecting the corners, that's there in the film and it was fun to see that that made it in."[6][7] The screenwriters submitted their work to Jerry Bruckheimer, who with Tony Scott were searching for new ideas for a feature film.[4]

Principal photography in New Orleans, Louisiana, was delayed following Hurricane Katrina because of the devastation caused by the storm and the collapse of the levees.[3][8] Many of the exteriors were set to be shot in New Orleans, including a key sequence involving the Canal Street Ferry across the Mississippi River.[8] After the city was reopened, the cast and crew returned to New Orleans to continue filming. Some scenes of the post-Katrina devastation were worked into the plot, including those in the Lower 9th Ward; additionally, evidence of Katrina's impact on the city was worked into the script.[3] The filming crew spent two weeks filming a scene at the Four Mile Bayou in Morgan City, Louisiana.[9]

According to director Tony Scott, Déjà Vu was written to take place on Long Island, but after a visit to New Orleans Scott felt that it would be a far better venue.[10] Jerry Bruckheimer reportedly said that Denzel Washington was "adamant about returning to New Orleans to film after Hurricane Katrina devastated the region", but Washington recalled to be neutral on the subject, while agreeing that it was "a good thing to spend money there and put people to work there".[11]

To create a sense of realism, Scott and Washington interviewed numerous men and women whose real-life occupations pertained to positions in the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; Washington has noted that he and Scott conducted similar research during the productions of Man on Fire and Crimson Tide.[11]
Visual effects

Visual effects editor Marc Varisco, who had previously collaborated with director Scott on the 2005 film Domino, worked again with Scott to develop Déjà Vu into a fully-fledged work. In total, approximately 400 visual effects scenes were shot during the production of Déjà Vu.[12] They had acquired a LIDAR device, which incorporated lasers to scatter light with the intent of mapping out a small region, during the production of Domino; Scott and Varisco decided to use the apparatus again during the production of Déjà Vu.[12] Additionally, the two utilized the Panavision Genesis high definition camera to film the shots that would encompass the past that the Snow White team would peer at throughout the film, as well as the various night scenes.[12] The LIDAR apparatus, which was operated by a hired Texan company devoted to the device, performed scans of Claire Kuchever's apartment, the ferry, the ATF office, and actress Paula Patton, among others.[12] Effects editor Zachary Tucker combined the elements created by the Texan LIDAR company with computer-generated graphics to make possible the scenes of time-travel experienced in the film.[12]

The explosion of the Stumpf was filmed using an actual New Orleans ferry in a portion of the Mississippi River sectioned off especially for the event; the occurrence took over four hours to prepare.[12] Under the supervision of pyrotechnics expert John Frazier, the ferry was coated entirely with fire retardant and rigged with fifty gasoline bombs including black dirt and diesel, each one set to detonate within a five-second range.[13] People and cars were added in later as elements of computer-generated graphics.[12] Chris Lebenzon was largely responsible for moving clips from each of the sixteen cameras in place to create the sensation of an extended explosion sequence.[13] The spectacular explosion actually caused no significant structural damage to the ferry; after a bout of sandblasting and repainting, the ferry was very similar to its previous state.[12] The ferry was returned into service four days after the production of the film's scene concluded.[13] During filming of the underwater car scenes, actual cars were dropped into the water; computer-generated effects were later added, simulating the entities' explosions. Compositing was done on the Autodesk Inferno special effects program.[12]
Similarities between Timothy McVeigh and Carroll Oerstadt

Jim Caviezel's character, Carroll Oerstadt, seemed to mirror in several ways the story of Timothy McVeigh, a domestic terrorist who destroyed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City with a bomb in 1995. Caviezel and Scott[10] did not deny this, and both admitted that the Oerstadt character was at least partly based on McVeigh.[14] Ross Johnson of The New York Times also compared the ferry bombing at the film's beginning to the Oklahoma City bombing.[13]

The film-critics aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reports 55% positive reviews, based on 156 reviews, with an average score of 5.9 out of 10. The consensus states, "Tony Scott tries to combine action, science fiction, romance, and explosions into one movie, but the time travel conceit might be too preposterous and the action falls apart under scrutiny."[15] At the aggregator Metacritic, the film has a score of 59 out of 100, based on 32 reviews.[16]

Joel Siegel of ABC News called the film technically "well-made," but criticized its attempt to describe a supposedly scientific basis for time travel as both silly and dull,[17] as did Manohla Dargis of The New York Times, who additionally found the depiction of parishes decimated by Hurricane Katrina "vulgar".[18] Todd Gilchrist from IGN rated the film eight out of ten, calling it a "bravura set piece", despite an ending that "feels inappropriate given the urgency (and seeming inevitability) of the story's dénouement."[19] Likewise, Michael Wilmington of the Orlando Sentinel rated the film three out of four stars, citing the "good cast, Tony Scott's swift direction, and unyielding professionalism" as rationale for his rating.[20] Kenneth Turan of the Los Angeles Times described the film's exploration of the nature of time and the implications of time travel as having been a "sci-fi staple for generations".[21]
Film writers and director

Both Terry Rossio and Bill Marsilii have acknowledged that the film was not shot the way they had wanted it to be, shifting the blame to director Tony Scott and his goal to focus more on the action aspect of the film than on the more meaningful plot the screenplay had called for. Marsilii, although "quite critical of the mistakes made," said he was proud of the finished product.[22] Rossio, however, was so put off during filming that he, as of May 2008, had not seen the film.[23] Rossio complained that Scott had ignored the inclusion of important plot details from the screenplay whenever "there was something he wanted to do" instead.[24] In the DVD commentary, Scott admits that he thought he did a mediocre job shooting [the chase scene].[25]

Rossio and Marsilii believe that many of the negative reviews of Déjà Vu are a direct result of Scott's direction of the film, and have stated that "Tony Scott added nothing to Déjà Vu and made several hundred small mistakes and about eight or nine deadly mistakes",[26] which makes the film seem like it has many unforgivable plot holes, when it should not have had any. "[T]here are no plot holes at all, and scrutiny reveals the plot to be air tight." says Rossio. "We had years to think of all this and work it out."[27] It was felt there were many misunderstandings that Scott's take on the plot introduced into the film. In his own defense, Scott cited in an interview with Iain Blair of BNET that only nineteen weeks were provided for the production of the film, which "isn't a lot for a film like Déjà Vu."[28]
Box office

Déjà Vu premiered in New York City on November 20, 2006, two days before its wide release in all of the United States and Canada. Alongside Mexico, the three countries were the sole nations to open the film in November. The United Kingdom opened the film on December 15, 2006, and was followed shortly thereafter by New Zealand on December 22. Australia was the last English-speaking country where the film premiered, on January 18, 2007.[29]

The film opened in the #3 spot with $20.5 million in 3,108 theaters, an average of $6,619 per theater. Déjà Vu ran for fourteen weeks, staying in the top ten for its first three weeks. The U.S. domestic box office earnings for the film were $64,038,616, and the total worldwide box office earnings were $180,557,550. These earnings made Déjà Vu the 23rd most successful film of 2006 worldwide.[30]

Although reviews from critics were mixed, Déjà Vu was nominated for six different awards, winning one.

Déjà Vu was nominated for the Saturn Award in the category "Best Science Fiction Film", but lost to Children of Men.[31]

Paula Patton, who played Claire Kuchever, was nominated for "Best Breakthrough Performance" for the Black Reel Awards. The award was won by Brandon T. Jackson for his performance in the film Roll Bounce.[32]

Harry Gregson-Williams, the composer of the film's soundtrack, was nominated for the "Film Composer of the Year" division of the World Soundtrack Academy Awards (the award was won by Alexandre Desplat for his score with The Queen).[33]

Déjà Vu received two nominations pertaining to the "Best Fire Stunt" and the "Best Work with a Vehicle", while it won the International Gold Reel Award at the Nielsen EDI Gold Reel Awards ceremonies.[34]
Home media

Déjà Vu was released to DVD and home video approximately five months after its release in American theaters, on April 24, 2007. In the two weeks succeeding the day of the DVD's release, the film was the second most-purchased DVD in the United States.[35] It was second only to Night at the Museum during this period in time.[36][37]

Special features on the disc include an audio commentary from director Tony Scott for both the film and its deleted scenes. The DVD cover also includes a "Surveillance Window" feature, which includes featurettes on the film's production in New Orleans.[38]

The track listing for Déjà Vu largely borrows music not originally produced for the film; three of the songs that make an appearance in Déjà Vu uphold elements of soul and gospel. "Don't Worry Baby" by The Beach Boys simulated the actual concept of déjà vu, as detailed in the plot.

Songwriters such as Harry Gregson-Williams contributed music to the film; artists like Charmaine Neville and Macy Grey performed music especially for the film.[39]

The music featured in the film's trailer was titled "Hello Zepp", the main theme for Saw.

The soundtrack was released by Hollywood Records.
Title  Songwriters  Performers
"When the Saints Go Marching In"[39]  Traditional  United States Navy Southwest Regional Band
"Amazing Grace"[39]  Traditional (John Newton)  Charmaine Neville
"Don't Worry Baby"[39]  Brian Wilson, Roger Christian  The Beach Boys
"Melt Away"[39]  Alex Forbes, Jeff Franzel, Peter Laurence Gordon  Love of Life Orchestra

(featuring Alex Forbes)
"Holy Spirit, Come Fill This Place"[39]  Babbie Mason, Marty Hennis  —
"Coming Back to You"[39]  Macy Gray, Jared Gosselin, Phillip White, Caleb Speir, Harry Gregson-Williams, Freddie Moffett  Macy Gray
See also

    List of films featuring time loops
    Deus ex machina
    Wormholes in fiction

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 Worry Baby" by The Beach Boys simulated the actual concept of déjà vu, as detailed in the plot.

Songwriters such as Harry Gregson-Williams contributed music to the film; artists like Charmaine Neville and Macy Grey performed music especially for the film.[39]

The music featured in the film's trailer was titled "Hello Zepp", the main theme for Saw.

The soundtrack was released by Hollywood Records.
Title  Songwriters  Performers
"When the Saints Go Marching In"[39]  Traditional  United States Navy Southwest Regional Band
"Amazing Grace"[39]  Traditional (John Newton)  Charmaine Neville
"Don't Worry Baby"[39]  Brian Wilson, Roger Christian  The Beach Boys
"Melt Away"[39]  Alex Forbes, Jeff Franzel, Peter Laurence Gordon  Love of Life Orchestra

(featuring Alex Forbes)
"Holy Spirit, Come Fill This Place"[39]  Babbie Mason, Marty Hennis  —
"Coming Back to You"[39]  Macy Gray, Jared Gosselin, Phillip White, Caleb Speir, Harry Gregson-Williams, Freddie Moffett  Macy Gray
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