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Monday, November 09, 2015

Times of Depression&Confusion: MURDER, Deja Vu, again&again!

WHen I wrote the post of NOv 5, 2015, I ifnormed my dear ER(ESteemedREaders) that I would resume my commentary -- centring around Mr TtTang, bron HUat and DEsi -- but I left the matter "hung" -- I just couldn't write about personal matters amidst my ESCAPADES Into MOVIELand.

THe real MAlaysian landscape is truly depressing, and somewhat confusing. I've stopped recognising NAjib RAzak as MAlaysia's PM; IF I had to refer to him, I write the "clueless CEO", and my constant companion=conversationalists would understand WHY. TOday I would like to break away from the "silence" I have maintained hoping for THE PERFECT STORM That never came from BERSIH4 on Auguts 29/30, to "Put on record" two realted issues that have thrown more confusion and depression to DEsi's world.

First, an not so-OLDE item from the asia-sentinel I receive via Email:~~~~

Alleged Mastermind in Malaysian Banker’s Murder Arrested then Freed

Alleged Mastermind in Malaysian Banker’s Murder Arrested then FreedAttorney general’s decision to free gangster raises questions of political influence
Kuala Lumpur police arrested Lim Yuen Soo, the alleged mastermind behind the 2013 assassination of Malaysia’s AmBank founder Hussain Najadi, but turned him loose eight days later for lack of evidence. The arrest and release were confirmed by Kuala Lumpur Criminal Investigation Chief Zainuddin Ahmad to local media.
That has raised questions whether Lim has friends in Malaysia’s high political circles. Despite his status –until recently – as a fugitive, Lim is the registered part owner of the Active Force Security Services Sdn Bhd. with the former Malacca Police Chief Mohd Khasni Mohd Nor.
Hussain’s son Pascal Najadi has charged that his father was assassinated in 2013 because he said he wouldn’t play along with financial irregularities involving the United Malays National Organization prior to his death, refusing to orchestrate a multi-billion ringgit property deal connected to the Kuala Lumpur City Center. On one occasion, he told his son that Prime Minister Najib Razak was “lining his pockets with billions of ringgit with no consideration for the future of the country.”
Authorities, however, have said the assassination was over a property deal in which Hussain had been trying to prevent the acquisition of Chinese temple land for development and that it had nothing to do with politics. 
According to Zainuddin, speaking to the website Malaysiakini: “There was insufficient evidence to charge [Lim], so we released him.” He told the website that Lim was released after a thorough investigation and after referring the case to the office of Attorney General Mohamad Apandi Ali, who replaced Abdul Gani Patail in July after Patail was fired by Prime Minister Najib Razak.
The decision to free Lim clashed with earlier assertions by police that he was behind the killing. The gunman, Koong Swee Kwan, who was sentenced to death after being paid RM20,000 for the shooting of Hussain Najadi and his 49-year-old Malaysian wife, Cheong Mei Kuen, was said to have told police Lim was behind the shooting. In 2013, following the shooting, the police chief, Mohamad Salleh, said Lim had been given a week to surrender, but failed to do so.
Despite an Interpol red notice calling for his arrest, Lim apparently has been able to travel freely, going into hiding in Australia after the shooting. He reportedly was flying back to Kuala Lumpur from China when airport authorities arrested him.
Item2: again from, the tenacious follow-up BUMmer after DEsi's heaART!:~~~~
nation in distress

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by no shit sherlock, donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for murder cover-up affairs


For my recent two blog posts on the murder of Hussain Najadi on 29 July 2013 and subsequent cover-up by the police under the direction of the IGP, AG, the serially lying Prime Minister Najib and his government of thieves, CLICK HERE AND HERE.

Now my worst fears have been realised. The IGP and AG have declared the murder "solved" and the case "closed".

This has happened despite:

1. Convicted hitman Koong Swee Kwan having confessed to "businessman" Lim Yuen Soo having paid him RM20,000 for the contract killing.

2. Lim Yuen Soo having fled to Australia and China within days of the murder, and having been a fugitive for over 2 years.

3. Lim Yuen Soo having been placed on the Interpol Red List on application by the AG.

The police revealed yesterday that Lim Yuen Soo was taken into custody by immigration officers on 15 October when he re-entered Malaysia at KLIA via a flight from China. He was released by the police after 8 days of remand and interrogation, when the AG stamped 'NFA' (no further action) on his file.

Previously, there had been no response from the police to Pascal Najadi's (Hussain Najadi's son) public disclosure that Lim had returned to Malaysia much, much earlier and been moving about freely!! 

Furthermore, when Lim was "arrested", the police did not even inform Pascal or his lawyer Gobind Singh Deo, but kept the arrest/remand/interrogation a big secret.

It's obvious that Lim's re-entry into Malaysia was stage-managed by the authorities with the strings being pulled without a shadow of a doubt from the office of 'the first among equals' in Putrajaya. Who else has that kind of power to order and compromise Immigration, the police, the IGP and the AG?

Predictably, and correctly, Pascal Najadi has come out with guns blazing. He has signed the papers suing the IGP, AG, Najib and the Malaysian government over the murder cover-up and gross dereliction of duty. CLICK HERE for a report on the Lim Yuen Soo let-up.

And the most intriguing and tantalising questions in the Hussain Najadi murder cover-up are:

1. Who is the lady connected to a very powerful and prominent UMNO poilitician who someone claims gave the orders to Lim Yuen Soo to put the 'kill' contract out? How is she linked to the Altantuya murder? 

2. How is it all linked to 1MDB and the serially lying $2.6 billion "donation" Prime Minister Najib?

Pascal Najadi will be assisted in his quest for truth and justice by formidable lawyers like Gobind Singh Deo from Malaysia and Nick Kaufman (from Israel) a former prosecutor for The War Crimes Tribunal and the International Criminal Court at the Hague.

Pascal has put out an international alert to the dangerous gangster regime under Najib, and the threat that it poses to the world at large. Pascal has engaged some of the best security experts anywhere to protect himself from possible retaliation from Najib's MAFIA. Pascal was not born yesterday. This time around, Najib and his crooked cabal are in for the fight of their lives.

Dear readers, the fall  of the Najib kleptocratic government (government of thieves) is imminent. You can do your part by putting pressure on your MPs (even if they are from BN) to continuously demand that Najib be booted out NOW. Make them vote against Najib's budget and for the no confidence motion against him in Parliament.

Donplaypuks® with murder cover-ups, man!

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