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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Midnight Voice Softly Thinking Aloud About MUrder, what else!:) -- PART2

CONSIDER Todie4's writeup as a naturale followup to that of Wednesday, November 11, 2015, hence my breaking my HI(LO)atus break because I want to share wit' YOU my enjoyable sup'per lust midnitie wit' CYBILL SHEPHERD, in BLack&WHite sumAMore!! ALSO< lots of DDC, DaDEsiCOde -- if you wanna no more, go seekout MS HElen. a fiercely loyal disciple of my COde which she totled me as equivaliant to DaVInciCOode in its hiDaes!

YEs, don't you get jeles! -- I'm into CREATIVE WritHEs, away from sopo wwaannss becos the latter don't no pay my mountaining bills. When I kept a DATE wit' my fave detective MAddie HAyes, more delectable delicious and diabolical than Sherlock HOlmes and HErcule POisrot -- wit' warmest apologies to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha CHristieM -- as an  escapade even a dreAMywan, to B&W moviedom can be HEAvenly, especially when I imagine myself as a detective in another world!

IF  thou art a olde movie fan, go to Ch 720 HITS, at 10.00AM, an hour 29minutes from now, to watch MOOnlighting SEAson1 Epcsode 8(?) whihc I had a spesial preview lust midnight; only meself YL CHOng the newsdog, and DEsiderata, the writHEr sometimes Shylock HOme...:) OR :(


(a) INTRO by the "late" Orson WElles, then steal very much ALivE!

(b) B7W dreams sequence lusting 22(?)minutes -- you set you stop-watch FI YPOU WATCH IT LATER aT 10PAGe OK! -- themed "steAmy DREAmSEQuence -- always rings TWICE"

Lustly, COS it's MURDER, Again, DEja VU many times/dimes over ... as DEsi has got MAddie HAYes as companion-detective in mind since DR What'sOn has gone away for a HIATUS IN the CArryOnBean, joining dat fella PIrate JOhnnnnny Deeeeep LOST In the se7en CcccccC.

UPDATe finito 8.44AM, YL, DEsi, knotTYaSsusualTYaSsusual

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