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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Midnight Voice Softly Thinking Aloud About MUrder, what else!:)

IT's just past midnight
I mostly think of the few friends spread out in the far flung corners
across  the seven seas
And also a few back home in Malaysia
They are close to Desi's  heart at night
I picture myself having a conversation with ONE
or two every once a while

As Time passes, the number of conversationalists
gets smaller and smaller
AS the second second certainty in LIfe after Birth visits
Darlin' DEath
So it's to the  movies for a "quick fix" of the mind
Ah, and it's "heavenly" this afternoon I caught up with my early detective couple
FRom some three decades ago?

David Allison and Maddie Hays from MOONLIGHTING
I have always envied BRuce Willis for stealin' the eminent role
DESi has aspired, now expyred

If desi speaks from the heart, the credits would Read in the order of MAddie first ...
DElightful;, delicious and delectable CYbil Shepherd
IF thou art "LOst" by this storyline, hey, it's OK
ONe competition les(E)s majest(E)y?:)

I saw a re-run over AStro this a afternoon of Season  M.L. S1 epicsode
"Invite to a MUrder" to take place in a train --
REcalls a byte about Gatha CHristie's
"MUrder on the on ORient EXpress"
DEar E, would you accept an invitation sext time
When DEsi requests you to pay RM10,000 for an outing
To spiritedestiNATION
Where we will witness the MUrder(s) of the CEO
and/or  his lovely beloved to HIm only Wifey?

To the rest of residents on S.N.
IT's the Wickedest But DEsringest KIllings of DAmned Awe!

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