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Monday, November 23, 2015

In Daytime, Harsh Realities BURN...

assuming that you still having a caring, hearing HEArt

MY heart burns
as Malsia's CLUELESS CEO bask'd in the international gathering's spotlight
BASKING< salivating in the shadows of real giants like Obama, Xi JinPing
Showing Asian host willing to donate BIG sums
to make a success of such showoff meetings
AS 1MDB shenanigans are burried under luxury hotels' carpets
And FORGETTING THat a PM_in-WAitin'
that has been OPposition LEADer
Is lockedup in chains and tiny cell
AS the body withers in darkdaytimes

NNO doctor in the house to attend to his bodily ills

Malsians, I pity you if you belonged to that 48PERCENT
of voters who backed UMNO-backed BArisan Nasional

YOU are equally responsible riding thei slippery train down
that slippery slope to the ABYSS
WHen GE!4 cometh around, I pray you would've woken up
FRom thy CLueless STupour
IN this makebelieve land I renama MALsia.
O' LOrd, save us from CLueless CEOS all around
EXpanding their personal wealth
and making the citizens more and more clueless

MY only escape is to enter into the sweet embrace
WHEN my buddies who understand my language
ANswer my call
THAnk you, you knwo
WHO Thou art
MAy the GoOD LOrd bless us all
and gift us blissfull eight hours of sleep
AWay from falsehood and the charm of a Charlatan Clueless CEO

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