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Friday, January 04, 2008

A Doggone Tail for Dr Chua

Desi seldoms watches the TV news, but the past few days since the rumour grapewine broke that a certain senior politician from JOEhole was involved in a video sex-scandal, I became a RTM or TV3 voyeur. Lie many of you-lah, who claimed to have started a boycott against MSM, and RTM and TV3 also come under that,Yes? Yeah, in life, VVe-- okay, I represent Desi! -- do make exceptions-lah!It's okay, there's nothing cast in stone on human decisions except don't get caught by modern IT (information technology) when you're doing *IT.

You blardy lazy,hazeyand mazey, like Furongknights most times-lah, smartaleck ER define the second *IT!

So since Monday, I took special trouble to either watch 8.00pm TV3 news or its midnight sojourn. Mainly to wattch Dr Chua Soi Lek's body language and what he had to say. I took sepcial effort to peep at the print media at +Saudara's while eating NON-con bf (hey, I am socialist most weak dies, OK!); but I sometimes ask for double layer of kaya, when I truly feel "rich". I weep because they don't take the trouble to serve me THREE layers of peanut butter -- that would have lifted up Dr Chua's spirits, I recommend the goode doctor.

Foronce, the Star DID NOT docyor its news covergae as far as covering (no 'up') its ex-Minister of Hell and Vice- President. How coincident Health is easily mispelt as Hell by Desi, and also note the strange alternative (de)meaning of "Vice". LOL! And blardy hell, "LOL!" does not mean you "laugh out loud" at Chua's expense!It's Lucky Olde Lad -- he can join VVe comoners to rendezwoo at wan star hotel instead of being surveillanced (hey, this is Americanisation of Queen's English, don'tcopy Desi's stylo when writing your semester Essay at 11-1/2th hour at MidNight - your neighbours wit' X-ray eyes that see through the dark, you no!

Dear ER, I take Interlude for a sojourn at a Motel, can ah? What's that name where Alfred HitchCOCK flightened the sheets out of our bodies when A'lah Bates bytes into the pretty gal in the shower when she was not looking...? Solly, I digress.I do that sometimes when my tehtarik is slow in coming. I can't take Pu-erh tea on an empty stomac. But I can see re-run of blue tapes wit' Dr Maverick -- I hear he uses them for his Management tutorials! Go register for his Clas, clasic/classy. Live demo to. One sem-valued student even tried to show off his 'Kemaluan'.)

Desi travelled to Comments from Yesterdie's Post, so to cut long story short, I jest Cut&Paste-lah!

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The old goat got what he deserved for breaking his marriage vows.

By Anonymous, at 1:18 PM

daer ANN:

how daoes that li'lgoat contrast with the elephant living in a RM7-10million "small house" in a shanty neighourhood?

How dooes that olde lamb contrast wit' RM4.5BILLION (some from the likes of law-abiding citizens like you and me)used to bailout Port Klang Free Zone, and the PM and MB says:

"Semuanya Okay!" ???????

Dear Anon, I hope you use more of God's gifted unique brain to
Then comment.
I know it's fredom of speech,
but the ISSUE hear is not beind the TV cameras in a hotel room,
There are stillin FULL VIEW and BLOOM
In a royal neighbourhood called Port KLang
and there stand soem BN strong men:

Zak Mad Deros; Ling-a-Ding; ChanKoonChoi:

Please Wake Up,
smell some Pong wit' Desi
Down Furong way
I won't let up be like CEO
Another Rip van Winkle:(

By desiderata, at 1:31 PM

"Desi, you should check out the Anil Netton the grave sin of CSL

For the apology part, at first, I say, bravo. But think about it, I say WTF, he should have apology to his family only, wtf it is to do with us? So I take back the praise. Because his sin to rakyat are something more serious. He "rob" the job of his lower rank and take it as his credit.

Looking at thestar paper, I keep shaking my head on his "performance", is this the best he can do? Isn't all those can be done by his lower rank executive? Where is the big picture. I write this in my blog : If Citibank CEO take the credit of "reduce teller counter queue time", the shareholder will kick his ass and fire him. Because with correct method, even a citibank branch manager in Timbuktu can do it."

By moo_t, at 12:40 AM


For once I must BEG TO DIFFER wit' my foolosofer friend not-a-banana Moo_t. I seldom difer wit' his/her wisdom ( I almost opted for VICEdom,but I won't try todie because I don't have dat 20milion from moo_t nyet!:)

PS: Now I adjourn to Saudara's can ah? Not to peep at MSM-lah, have my bf, non-CON steal as Sundae is still two daes away. Sorry if you get cuntfused by my DDC -- seek out Moses Foo(l)-ing arounf Mantin, where awe the men do the can-can, and the women do the can'tcunt; and the in-between do the cancun't.

Foodnote:) BTW, the Chinoserie shop in the first block on your right as you enter Mantin town from olde Furong road serves THE BESTA FISHHEAD CURRY IN THE 'HOLE OF NS!
Put aside your political diff
, Bring-lah Dr Chua to cheer him up a byte!:)

A Desi's AP @11.24pm:

I will continue this tale tomorrow, INSYA-*ALLAH. I am doggine tired after awe the romp, ramp and ramble and thunder in Furong.

*Is this word still PROhiBITed, ah?


kai-els said...

Too bad that Dr. Chua has to resign from all his positions. I've no comments about the sex DVD but like Dr. Ng Yen Yen said in today's paper, "Enough Already About DVD"; because he sure knows now that it was his mistake to be "unfaithful" to his wife and children. As we all know, humans tend to make mistakes and once bitten, twice shy. Of course, pros would say that he shouldn't have done what he did but again, who are we to judge what he did and speculate about Dr. Chua?

We are not flawless.

In my opinion, he may seem like a threat to a certain someone and it could have been a trap; to throw him down from the cabinet and other positions that he once held. After all, politics are not clean and some people go as far as this just to push a threat down the drain. Does it make sense?

However, the laptop on the bed could have been suspicious too and as a third party, I don't know what went wrong in there. Only the lady and him can explain what happened or what the laptop was there for.

desiderata said...

kai-els, your first visit hear?
Welcome thee with a tehtarik, or Puerh if I have any left,or right!

The "unfaithfulness" to his wife is between Dr Chua and spouse (and children to sort out) -- I believe it's a faction within MC*AA who wants Chua oouch1 Any all costs! I'm sure there are ppl prepared tppay 20million or aMore!

(In furong, several DAPs got at least 1mil each to jump ship -- don't believe ah, come to Lingam's CH and buy Desi tehtarik, and I'd tell thee aMore!

Chow, now be an Obedient reader, go read Part 2 of A Doggine Tail(end) for Dr Chua:) -- "There's no such thing as a fee lunch!"