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Saturday, April 16, 2016


Thursday, 14 April 2016

1MDB - The dysfunctional Malaysian Cabinet

Head of government[edit]

The Prime Minister of Malaysia (MalayPerdana Menteri Malaysia) is the indirectly elected head of government (executive) of Malaysia. He is officially appointed by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, the head of state, who in HM's judgment is likely to command the confidence of the majority of the members of that House of Representatives (Dewan Rakyat), the elected lower house of Parliament. He heads the Cabinet, whose members are appointed by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong advice of the prime minister. The Prime Minister and his Cabinet shall be collectively responsible to Parliament. The Prime Minister's Department (sometimes referred to as the Prime Minister's Office) is the body and ministry in which the Prime Minister exercises its functions and powers.

Do the Prime Minister and the other members of Cabinet have to take an Oath?

Yes, the Prime Minister and other members of the Cabinet must swear an oath that they will faithfully discharge their duties to the best of their ability and bear true faith and allegiance to Malaysia and will preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.

Something is very wrong with the Malaysian Cabinet. There must be a serious rot in there because despite being the highest authority they have failed to protect the interests of the nation, over and above the interests of a certain politician and his bootlickers. 

The 1MDB scheme to scam Malaysia is an international scandal that has exposed many things to many people but the crux of it all is that members of the cabinet have collectively betrayed the people.

We are in a situation where instead of identifying who the rotten ones are, we are putting in gargantuan efforts to identify who is not rotten. Such is the state of affairs in our nation now.  

Finding a people's representative with his/her integrity intact now is like looking for needles in a haystack. Don't you think so? 

A big majority of those we trusted, elected and elevated to positions of power to serve Malaysia and Malaysians have proven to be nothing but self serving pretenders. A big majority have sold their soul to the devil.  

Who among members of the current cabinet are protecting the rights, interests and well being of the country and her people, without fear or favour, as enshrined in the Malaysian constitution?

How many are living up to their oath of office? 

The level of trust of the Government and its ministers is so low that more jokes than debates shoot off official announcements, loud thinking ministers and big mouthed politicians. 

We can't blame critics because we have become just that, a big joke. We are a bigger joke in the international arena for the only country in the world that has a sovereign debt fund. 

Our standard of governance and public administration used to be the envy of many developing nations in the past. Now we are known the world over for all the wrong reasons. 

Malaysia is now on the front lines of international news on a daily basis for massive Government-linked financial scandal, corruption, money laundering and abuse of power, compliments from Najib Razak and his 1MDB. 

What is happening to us? 

The latest poll among university students clearly outlines the picture. Varsity students' trust level in the Government is hovering around the 10% mark. Such polls speak volumes but it won't mean a thing on deaf ears.  

The sorry state of affairs in the country in the last 18 months or so, and our inability to address the rot reflects our predicament. We, as a nation, are in the doldrums. 

Quite a number of BN Members of Parliament, Ministers included, often bounce back with 'What can I do?' as their line of defence when queried of the systemic paralysis caused mainly by cash the King. 

"Even the Deputy PM is sacked. What do you expect us to so," an elderly MP from Perak questioned expressing fears he would be 'stripped naked' and humiliated with past misdeeds if he spoke out against Najib Razak's 1MDB. Such is the fear, either real or perceived. 

Human beings who don't consume dedak must be made to understand that choices are always there if your heart and mind is clear of the purpose and objective. Some were sheepish while discussing their rights and role as people's representatives. Many just laughed it off with the 'I have to cari makan too' look blinking across their face. 

Members of the cabinet with even an ounce of integrity in them should quit the cabinet and strive to put Malaysia back on the right track.

We cannot afford to ignore the elephant in the room just because a big majority of our elected representatives who run the Government are cowards whose integrity has been compromised. 

Their hands could be tied or it could also be that they are pretending to be tied up due to the overwhelming influence of 'Cash the King?    

Why are the members of the Malaysian Cabinet quiet like a church mouse when foreign investigators and authorities have confirmed that the Government owned 1MDB has been used to rob us of billions of ringgit. 

When well concealed crimes and misdeeds are exposed suddenly 1MDB says they may be a victim of fraud. At the rate this scandal unfolds the bunch of liars who have been taking us for a ride may soon require psychiatric help.  

Authorities half a world away are busy tracking our lost, of money and reputation. What are our authorities doing to redeem our lost pride and dignity? 

The Swiss attorney general is working vigorously with Singapore, Luxembourg, US, Hong Kong and a few other nations including the Arabs from the Middle East. 

Don't ask me about the Malaysian Attorney General and our level of cooperation in uncovering the 1MDB scandal and recovering the billions lost. 'I don't know' is now a famous excuse for all and sundry. Even Najib Razak doesn't know the papers he signed, says his learned lawyer. Is Najib Razak such an idiot? 

Hope Apandi Ali the Attorney General is keeping well and good. He may have his hands full in the not so distant future. 

I strongly urge that the entire Malaysian Cabinet is made to face a Royal Commission of Inquiry once the culprits behind the 1MDB scam and those involved in the cover up are identified and brought to book. 

Most if not the entire Malaysian cabinet members are complicit. Remaining silent and allowing the hoodwinking to continue is a crime. If it is not it must be classified as a serious crime. A crime as grave as treason. 

1MDB is wholly owned by the Government of Malaysia and billions of ringgit is reported missing from the company. The Prime Minister has personally signed dubious deals and agreements concerning 1MDB.  

The facts are crystal clear. Members of Cabinet are still standing (and sitting) together with a suspected criminal who also happens to be the Prime Minister.  

The facts have been laid bare. The choice is yours.  
Even the cat is leaving the cabinet.
You can't walk in later and say I don't know. There won't be any second chance as this is not partisan politics and/or a intra-party power struggle. 

This is about a crime against this nation. 

If you are not with the people, you must be against us. There is no grey area in this matter.

Malaysia doesn't deserve a bunch of dysfunctional leaders and a morally bankrupt leadership. 

This is the last train, the choice remains yours.

There may be no permanent friends or enemies in politics but remember that treachery is no politics. 

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