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Friday, November 16, 2007

Want an orgasm? Exquisite writHingly speaking...

Travel to,NOW!

Add thy foreplay, midway, or finale, it's okay; even a foreword will do at the sensual comments section where relevant and right, though thou a leftist be like me. But minus the Da Desi Code (DDC) because Desi is not host there, only a player among 53+1. Savour the mainly American -- but I sighted a few foreigners, including an Hungarian! but alas, no Malaysian to keep Desi company... Sigh, why? -- wordsmiths' handiwork if you can, some recipes give you a Lad(y) Chatterley's Lover high, but you can add on some local ingredients. Just spice it up, or down, with imagery -- sambal belacan I hear is *GIB -- and enhance the imagination, no permit required.

Some of the shorts (less than 250 words) may appear confusing read on first attempt, but don't despair. Thou art not alone, I've been confused too because American writes have their own quirks nd cultural idioms different from generally South-east Asians'. But EXQUISITE WRITINGS describe this special community of sharing kindly gifted by JASON EVANS, and desiderata.english urges that "general" Blogsosphere writers in Malaysia can and must aspire to heavenly standards. Digressing a bit-or-byte -- with no offence to our inauguarlangkasawan! -- taking a tourist-passenger ride in a Russian space-craft doesn't launch us into the Space age league of US, Russia, China or India. Cocky DPM says we can now walk a few inches taller. Yes, on Jimmy Choo's high heels, if you can afford it.

That's the beauty of globalisation, we can have INTERNATIONAL BENCH-MARKING at the click of a mouse, dare we press it? Let's not compare Malaysia with Zimbabwe or Papua New Guinea, the horizons are much wider than a pampung wira's radarscope made in Kuantan. If and When our writers in English are almost on par with US standards discerned from ClarityOfNight's -- especially requisite of our news Editors and journalists, both of old and new media -- then I would say, OUR NATION'S ENGLISH WRITERS HAVE ARRIVED. We once had the potential, but politics got in the way.

Please read with respect and decorum and see if you can raise the climax to the heavens, almightily arresting and awesome in hues of reds, oranges and yellows, sublimated by darker blues, crimson and sardonic blacks. Entry number 43 humbly needs your fancy calisthenics in cyber-bed of the writHing kind to help raise its bar! (Just one Desispeak here allowed!:)

Be humble, and learn from those who are better.

ENJOY!:):):):):):):) Se7en Times Over.on this day of giving and loving, Fridae's Childe, we are all.

*This book titled such is within the domain of a gardner at, see if you can pluck the flower off her. I don't know if she's under age.

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