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Thursday, November 29, 2007

More Recruited Into the Oldest Profession

But of a different plane -- MORE DANGEROUS!

In the recent BERSIH and Hindraf demonstrations of People's Power,
two MSM press, namely the NST and The Star, failed in disharging their
tduties, and playing a responsible role, as members of the Fourth Estate. I term it Prostituting themselves -- as similarly observed by surgeon resident in the US, Sdr Dr Bakri Musa, and buddy Bernard Khoo aka ZORRO,riding at and respectively.

The two mentioned MSM distorted facts and figures -- 4,000 only at BERSIH's march -- the editors on Nov 10, 2007 were blind and the reporters blindfolded, I wrote. I deem their reports demonising the peaceful ralliers and depicting the cops as all the good guys who used no force, but only shot chemical-laced water and tear gas on the marchers.

Yes, these news-dogs have joined the oldest profession -- Prostitution of the MIND, which is far more dangerous to the citizens' health than those poor women along Chow Kit and Choo Cheng Kay mostly forced to ply by the redlight because they were trained in no other skills. Of course, just as in any other field, there are some (minority by small numbers, I trust) who chose to go into the flesh trade.May God still have mercy on them

Now a certain newsroom where I had served five years with some qualified measure of pride going back "historical" years ago -- yesterday's news is today's history -- have also joined this lowdown ranks of selling their mother's souls besides their own. Another FAce of National Service? A Tan Sri-ship for the Chief?

Various Quarters Support Use Of ISA To Deal With Street Demonstrations

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 29 (Bernama) -- Various quarters have voiced support for the announcement by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on using the Internal Security Act (ISA) to deal with illegal street demonstrations.

They want the government to immediately implement the move so as to preserve unity and political and economic stability in the country.

They say as a moral society, Malaysians should uphold the principles of Rukunegara and not act as they please to the extent of depriving others peace and harmony.

President of the Federation of Peninsular Malay Students, Datuk Reezal Merican Naina Merican said it would be an apt move if the Prime Minister decided to use the ISA against street demonstrators.

"The Prime Minister's patience has reached the maximum as the people have been given the freedom, including criticising the government through the blogsites," he told Bernama here today.

Reezal, who is aso an Umno Youth committee member, said the action of the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) to initiate an illegal rally in the city on Sunday was extreme and it ignored the sensitivities of the country's 26 million citizens.

Senior lecturer at Universiti Malaya's History Department, Dr Ahmad Kamal Arifin said if the government delayed in curbing the problem, it could lead to racial conflicts.

He said although some people said the illegal gathering by Hindraf was peaceful, violence did erupt among some in the gathering.

"Therefore, using the ISA is appropriate and a quick way to diffuse the unhealthy situation without waiting for a court decision," he said.

President of the Indian Muslim Congress Malaysia (KIMA) Syed Ibrahim Kader said the ISA shoud be used against anyone trying to threaten the country's peace and stability.

On Hindraf's demands, he said the Indians in Malaysia should remember that they came to this country 150 years ago to earn a living and not to take away the rights of others.

"However, we the Indian Muslims do not feel that we have been marginalised in this country or that there are quarters trying to take away the rights of the Indian community," he said.

Umno Youth treasurer Datuk Ab Hamid Mohd Nazahar also supported the move to use the ISA. Otherwise more people would become even bolder to challenge the government via street demonstrations, he said.

He urged the government to use the ISA against the Hindraf leaders for Sunday's incident, besides inciting racial hatred and arousing religious sentiments which could disrupt harmony in the country.



For four organisations quoted and well sought out by BERNAMA, I can assure you and giving thee some "insider" educated guess how the Government's organ works, it's likely ZAM ala Kazam as Minister of Propaganda-ganda Wang Anda, could have given the HIGH COMMAND!)

I could have for each of the four, gone out to seek at least five other groups who would fight the use of the ISA to the death! Why do you think BERSIH could get some 40,000 people from more than 60 registere NGOs and several political parties like DAP, PKR and PAS, to march?

Sixty compared with these four miserable individuals looking for GOLD?

Yes, Gold1 for President of the Federation of Peninsular Malay Students, who will soon return to a high Government job shaking legs and playing UMNO politcs and soon contesting in the General Elections. Throw in a few APs from MITI for da good dog!
We common citizens will laugh at him and his ilk and call them PM's Running Dogs

Gold2 for Senior lecturer at Universiti Malaya's History Department, who will soon be promoted for his echo-ing His Master's Voice. His more principled colleagues would call him and his ilk Balls Carriers/Careers.

Gold3 for President of the Indian Muslim Congress Malaysia (KIMA) -ah, no ned to mention what these guys are famous for, Okay, as I may be ouwitted. I am very scared of people who use any RELIGION in vain. Desi used to tell his mGf "I am a God-fearing man."

Gold4 for Umno Youth treasurer Datuk Ab Hamid Mohd Nazahar , who will soon get an angpow of the People's money of RM3million if he became an UMNO division chief. We call hi and his ilk Daylight Robbers.
What do you expect from UMNO Youth, especially potential chief -- one after another eg Najib Razak, Hishamuddin Hussein and dat SIL -- they wield the "keris" and make it a VIRTUE. Prospitues have higher honour than these rogues.

Desiderata today feels he's ashamed to have been associated with the national news agency -- may remove that entry from my CV when I apply for that Malaysian Envoy to Never Land's post. mGf allofhelen says why got such Post-wan? When Desi says Yes, there is one,it is reality, NOT MYTH. Wait for April sext year!

PS: I am checking out another BERNAMA item -- no,it'snot fiction -- which was alerted by mGf eraly this moUrn -- aroused me frommy bed! VIA sms which reads:

(The said sms' content was DELETED by Desi @9.54pm)

DESI's APpeal to Esteemed Readers:

If you sight this item, please send to my Email:, or post via Comments here, OK? I promise I will promote it to Frontpage.

To such Readers and their kind,
I call them Good Citizens. I gift tee bestA tehtarik from Furong!:)

PPS:I again apologise to "poor" members involved perforce in the "flesh trade" I had to use this for comparison Minta Maaf ia, second time within this weak! I offer thee tehtarik; No, I won't ind you joining Desi, and Moses Foo soon! at Lingam's Curry House in Furong:):) Some "V"VVVVVVe may gatecrash too, but they are welcome:)

UPDATEd @9.54pm:

I tried my darnd hardest to verify the content of that sms from the time I uploaded this Post but I could not trace/track down the news item referred to by the SMS content. Hence, I just deleted the sms' content, and apologise to if any negative effect did flow from the almost-half-day's display.
You win some, you lose some. Such is life. Minta maaf, ia.
Come join me for tehtarik, I'll even add Mis Sunthi. -- Desi

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