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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mr PM, Do You Hear The People Sing?

Mr. Prime Minister, first there were 2,500. Then there were 138,000. Now there are 30,000. Tomorrow there will be more. The day after even more.

Mr. PM, Do you hear them?

Mr PM, Do you hear the people sing?
Do you hear the song of angry men? Do you hear the music of the people who will not keep silent any more? Do you hear the beating of the people’s hearts? The beating of their hearts for justice is louder than the beating your police can give.

Mr. PM, Do you see them?

Do you see the people’s tears? Do you see the people in a sea of yellow two kilometers long? Do you see the tears on their faces? The tears from their cry for democracy are more than those your tear gas can cause.

Mr. PM, Do you know them?

Do you know the people’s dream? Do you know the dream of the people for justice, equality, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? The power of the people in their thirst for justice, is stronger than the brute force you can ever muster.

Mr PM, Do you hear the people?

William Leong Jee Keen
PKR Treasurer-General

26th November 2007

"V"oices are ringing throughout this faire lande of ours,
Day "V", PM "V" and Midnight "V"oices,
Mr Prime Minster, Do you hear?
Mr Prime Minister,Do you care?

Mr. Prime Minister, Do you feel them?

Do you feel the people’s force? Do you feel the strength of the people who will not be marginalized and oppressed any more? The strength of their resolve for equality is more than the force of your water canons.


moo_t said...

Nope, he didn't hear it. Not from Cairo.

Anonymous said...

Is PM Bedol the devil in disguise?
Can you can see the evil in his eyes?

Ill-informed, unaware and somnambulistic
he runs overseas and in a tic

His SIL & henchmen intimidate, police oppress and
tread on using
brute force, tear gas and chemical water cannon

Instilling fear and far and near
blocking the roads here, here and here

Blaming the rally is just stupidity
No one has such naivety.

Now ISA is on the way
Dump Bedol & the BN I say

Malaysia is getting poorer everyday
Under BN this will forever be the way

desiderata said...

moo_t n Anon:

Recently I had been "erratic" in responding as earning B&B took me often to KL, and that wolfish city sapped my energy and made a "lamb" of Desi.

Cheers to thy spirited comments,
VVe shall overcome:)
Raise two goblets of tehtarik to mGf-- Stay the course!:)