My Anthem

Monday, November 05, 2007

silence within your soul

when raindrops sound
like music to thy soul
that's when your heartbeats
chorus in tandem with the pitter and patter on the roof

when your lover's warmth
still drifts into thy body even after she's gone ashore
your little ship on the ocean of human waves
bubbles with energies only a lover craves

So when a mate says she's tired
let her seek the silence within her soul
for within the various inderterminate cells
resonate patterns of understanding
only soulmates nurture
so wonder no more
but wander on
till two bodies of motion and viva energies come a full circle
then merge into one stream of relaxed mind
and soul
that's when silence envelops two souls
as one

12.31am ~~ knot a blues mondae yet
because souls do not by worldly time set

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