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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Bloggers' status raised to astronomical heights?

OMG! Or have we added more candidates for listing at te impending nu'e category of shares to be listed under LAUGHING STOCKS?
(ZAM-ala-Kazam must be having the last laugh yesterday and todie at his colleagues' expense(s)!)

I just came from, and am happy and sad at the same time ...

Happy because our Malaysian Government had relied on a less-than-one-month-old Blogger's entry, mainly its photo of a LIGHTHOUSE, for its pleadings at THE HAGUE in its claim of sovereignity over Pulau Batu Puteh/ Pedra Blanca plus ... plus....

Okay, plagiarisng a little from my fellow buddy's (hopefully he doesn't sue me!) Post yesterday:

"If we lose, you know why ...

Malu. Did we really resort to an anonymous one-month old blog to fight the Pulau Batu Putih case at the Hague? I've read and re-read Jeff Ooi's entry Malaysia uses plagiarist's blog to claim Pedra Blanca at ICJ? on this national embarrassment.

I feel so malu I want to die, to borrow young journalist Meesh's angry posting Let's Play Shoot the Blogger, Shall we ..? in her blog."

Do some suring-lah and the key link is to a German-sounding blog called "" -- according to an entry at screenshots aka, quoting one line:

"Last week, Malaysia had claimed the photo in question was taken from a weblog on Leuchtturm means lighthouse in German."

I think the Malaysian team at The Hague had been had.
They did not use Sun Tzu's warfare manual (IMHO) but deviated on ZAM's (IN)famous disdain on relying on local Bloggers. Placing a photograph of that disputed LIGHTHOUSE before the International Court of Justice like it was the annual sandiwara on the PWTC Stage, How Sad can it get?

my Chinoserie friend, you unpatriotic Malaysian,how come you did not render NS to this A-TeAm at the Hague? You asked for 20million, is it?

The deviation was tacitly A BIG SALUTE to our status as Bloggers -- which is raising our status to astronomical level after our first Angkasawan's tourist-ride on Russian spaceship, Yes!

But what asses these so-called best legal team from Malaysia assembled by the Gomen demonstrated on the world stage is that as Rocky's blog title suggested, if we lost to the Little Dot, it was due to us taking tings so lightly all the time, in all places. DID I SAY IN MY POST EARLIER ABOUT "MEDIOCRITY"?
How sad can my country get?

Fellow Malaysians: Are we just one foot away from the Abyss?
I hope the NST people (His Maste's Voice eh?)and Malaysian A-team have good grounds to be so OPTMISTIC,, hence the NST on page 11 has this headline -- Why they dared not put it at least on page 3? --

________________ Extract from NST begins here________________________

of success

By : V. Anbalagan reporting from The Hague

SPIRITS are high in the Malaysian camp ahead of the second round of oral submissions before the International Court of Justice today in the Pulau Batu Puteh case.

The Foreign Ministry under-secretary in charge of adjudication and arbitration, Raja Nazrin Aznam, said the Malaysian side was optimistic that it would succeed in convincing the ICT.

"We may be exhausted but morale is high as we are working as a team. We want to put in a sterling performance before allowing the court to decide on the dispute."

The team is assisted by a support staff comprising university lecturers, those with legal knowledge and government officials with technical know-how."


Let me adjourn to bed and cover myself under the blanket. These kiasu-neighbours are laughing at deafening DESIbels at us because sometimes we did not realise the world beyond the Malaysian borders have moved a decade AHEAD of us. So postpone VISI 2020 to 2057, is it?

Saudara mGf Moo_t: Had the A-teAm accepted your offer, and enhanced by Desi's NS from behind, I think we could have won the battle for the LIGHT, let the little dot have the House, it is "small" wat!


moo_t said...

Hat-tricks-Lee will pay me 20mils. It is just his price-less game to poke Malaysia for fun.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to read all the fudging and spin (lies and disinformation / misinformation) in mid 2008 when Malaysia loses (as it will) the case.

We have a good example of such manipulation of news concerning the inability to find any automobile manufacturer who in insane enough to dump their money into a half-past-six company like Proton.

desiderata said...


Chinoserie Singapuurians play POKER or Pookie vely vell eh?:(

Matey: Thanks for thy Webhosting tutorial; I cut you in for 30%+1amore when that 20mil arrives; I bug the Pub'icBank once a weak, no show:(

So another tutorial?:)

desiderata said...


thy analysis coincides lots with mine, so I raise two goblets of tehtarik to thee and Me!:):)

If thou drop me a line at, at least we can banter aMore? No,i won't pass this info to SpecialBrunch, it ran offa few moons ago with fleerunch!:(
in broad dielite!:):)