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Sunday, November 04, 2007

"V" for Vendetta, and VV for Victory!

Two Vs side by side represent a VV. ADD an Ye and we'll transform into WE: the citizens of Malaysia! VVe will then reprise "V" for Vendetta cometh November 5 in Malaysia again cometh November 10, 2007.

It's then "V" for VICTORY for the people of NegaraKu.

The Venue: Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur
The Time: 3.00pm sharp
The VVho: BERSIH and YOU!

My fave palindrome NAT TAN maketh the Clarion Call!


Come to show you care.

Malaysia is drowning in suffering. Kg Rimba Jaya, VK Lingam, cops at war with themselves..

The country is falling apart, and the last nail in its coffin will be apathy.

It will be how evil things happen when good people do nothing.

And the first place to start is free and fair elections - to show the government that we aren’t slaves to be abused and taken advantage of as they please.

Take back what is the rakyat’s - the right to a decent government, nothing more, nothing less.

Many people have compared Malaysia to England of V for Vendetta.

Here is your chance to step up and become V.

Be one of the people who dared to come out into the open in that final scene.

Be the change you wish to see.

Where: Dataran Merdeka

Organiser: BERSIH

Targeted Crowd Size: 100,000

:)V:)V:)V:)V:)V:)V:)V:)4 VICTORY!:)V:)V:)V:)V:)V:)V:)V:)


"V" said...

Verily Verily eVil VVill be Vanquished.
Voters VVill eVict, Voices will condemn, Victory VVill giVVe Voice to the people.

Remember, remember the fifth of NoVember
the peoples' reasonable plot
This is the rehearsal, in case you already forgot.

Remember, remember the tenth of NoVember
Taman Merdeka's the spot
I see no reason VVhy the march by the people
should eVer be forgot.
V for Valiant Verifiable Victory.

"V" said...

The Bersih website (English only) [BM and Chinese language sites OK as yet], has been hacked, when you want to read any article, leave a comment, or contact etc., etc. a yellow full screen appears with this message in BM.

Perhimpunan terpaksa di tunda ke tarikh yang belum ditetapkan

The thick headed hacker cannot even write in English, must be UMNO Cybertrooper numbskulls.
THE PROTEST IS STILL ON, DO NOT LET THIS UMNO / BN misinformation confuse you, they are obviously running scared, let's give them something to be frightened about, 100,000 peaceful marchers in KL on the 10th November 2007, congregating at Merdeka Square at 3 pm before marching to Istana Negara.

Please pass this on.

sara said...

wahh.. how did they hack blogspot?? is blogspot that bad??