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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Don't Cry For Me, NegaraKu

The people and lawyers walked for justice
Wan Nazi minister called 'em crazy idiots
2,000-strong and he says it's mere minority
This BIG mouth gets more and more shitty
The squatters toiled for a decent living, sweaty
The Klang State Assemblyman walked around doing charity
The People's Paper even advised him to utilise feng shui almighty
The councilmen came and tore down the common folks' huts
But they dared not touch Zak and family's small butts

They even demolished "houses of worship" -- surau, church, and temple
Hey you VOTERS, please come the next GE, do Remember
Why the 2-1/2 storeyPort Klang Istana remains tall
That madcap Wakil Rakyat says his is a house so "small"
There is Italian marbled floor, silver chandeliers
The rooms are uncountable, so also his family members

When lawyers rush to aid the poor folks under siege
Most developed clown in town goes around "good behaviour" preach
Righthand man Zak Mad 'eros advises the ferrymen
"Make sure thy ferries are ship-shape,"
Just like me and my cronies serving thee from sweating in small houses
BN SAs and MPS at always at thy peck and gall
However, Desi giveth thee GOoD counsel
Don't even lend these BN morons your pair of trousers
Say this prayer with me:
Don't cry for me, NegaraKu
Spare us from those Zak's crocodile tears
We will ask O' Lord spare us their care
We'd ratherrow our own boats -- we dare

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