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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New Ministry of Juvenile Behaviour Proposed

When we were kids, often we would boast about this being that long -- spanning two hands -- or that BIG -- citing the size of a cow -- and our opponent would rebut with "Mine was even longer -- like a ten foot pole good for pole vault -- or even BIG-URE -- like a dinosaur!"

Those were innocent fun-D days when your Opponent started boasting about his birddae celeb, with "Dad bought me a bicycle for RM100," and his buddies looked at him in awe as he related his story the 10th-plus-one time to an audience of 10.

And Jeles Fighter-kok you countered: "My Mum bought me a holidae in Disneyland, Japan!" although back in 1980 Disney only existed in the United States. But kids didn't know that!:(

So we grew up. Kid Siang, Nazi Azeez, Zam-zam ala Kazam and Rapidah AP also grew older. Desi, Howsy and Mave and Anak Merdeka grew wiser... If Desi's sperring ain't too goode this moUrn, it's because he's only up to that Selangore MB's standard, can't fill up, or down, or in, Immigeresi forma to enter Queensland with pocketfool of USD2.4million. As a Blogger, we take many liberties2. Including taking to the streets like on November 10.

And this drew admiration from the de facto Law Minister who once promised protection to whistle-blowers -- wrt LINGAM tape scandal still brewing -- under an Act short as WPA he had in his mind only, including changing the witneses' ID with a face-lift. When the Bar Council pointed out there was no such Witness Protection Act, the red-faced minister said the press, yes the MSM included, misquoted him. His press aide too let him down when he/she/it was supposed to make a correction to the weakness.

Hence, at the DEWAN RAKYAT yesterday, there seemed to be a step closer to forming a new Ministry -- of JUNVENILE BEHAVIOUR -- for the ilks of leaky Bung, Amirudin, close-1-eye Yusof Said, and now the top gun, Nazi Azeees. He told the Oppositon Leader that the Rally organsers of the BERSIH Rally last Saturday "had lost their marbles or kepala wayar putus", and the gathering was the work of pondang (cowards).

Hopefully, the NST did not misreport. If they did, I don't AP!:( I may be guilty only of slight playgiarhythm.

And other UMNO Ministers have been taking potshots at the Blogging community, taking us as de facto Mr Opposition 2B, but get no allowances for the trouble:(

First Tourism minster one Tengku Addnon Manso(?) described Bloggers as mostly women who were chiefly "unemployed". Yet not getting any dole after paying some 20 to 30 years of taxes, like Desi, who's quite not sure he/she belonged to that category the Addnon guy/gal/gay created.

Yes, yesterday, the Nazi again lambasted the November 10 "V" Rally as the "work of 'pondan'". (Read the 7ELEVEN's kopi of NST Nov 13, 2007, page 15. ***DON'T BUY ONE!) This MSM carried a photo finally almost 48 hours after the historic event on its front page, but the photo was sourced from REUTERS.

Imagine -- the KL-based newspaper did not even have enough photographers to take any action shots of the 40,000 members of the public taking to the streets. It had to rely on a foreign wire agency! (often lambasted by ZAM, the mnister of propaganda-ganda-wang-anda:) as not having proper understanding and perception of Malaysia in their biased reports.

Yes, I finally sighted The Star and NST in their first accounts in BTW mention stating the crowds of BERSIH Yellow marchers only numbered 4,000.Of course, the same papers multiplied the numbers of guests at the recentg PM's HR open house by a factor or 3 to 5! These editors must have excelled in Higher Mathematics, scoring straight As from UPSR to STPM to Uni. But sometimes they don't even know the difference between asquatter house and a palation mansion, reference: The house that Zak built is only a "small" one, wat! RM7million to RM10million. ZAM also said Zak was cleared of corruption, wat! WHY YOU BLARDY BLOGERS KEEP HARPING ON THAT? And did not acknowledge the charity the great UMBO SA performed for Port Klang ORPHANS.You blary Bloggers did not know what's important to focus on, so PONDANish!

Were some of the UMNO ministers cutting down the UMNO Youth cheif cum Education Minister who needed to wield a keris to show he was amsculine at the PWTC Stage every year?
Maybe the former UMNO Puteri chief Azalina OthMAN should take over the UMNO Youth's ;leadrship. She has a natural flair, and bent, for IT ...just a non-member's view. We Bloggers still can THINK ALLOWED, yes, Jeff?

PS: *** For one blardy weak, Desi is not buying the NST and The Star for their dereliction of duty and surrendering their balls to Ministers ZAM and Nazri and the ilks, and the Putrajaya's 4th Floor boys/gals/in-betweeen?


Din said...


Great coverage of BERSIH's great and transforming event on your blog. BERSIH has sent the PM and government ministers reeling in disbelief. Their lies and deceptions in the mainstream media are working against them.

Please email me, if you need more pictures.

Take care, Din Merican

"V" said...

G'Day Desi,

Great post today, as per usual Very Versatile and Vital.

The transformation is proceeding ‘Ventre รก terre’ or to use a more Vernacular expression 'like shit off a shovel'.

Without doubt the goal will be achieVed.

V for Victory

"V" said...

Views re the News

The STAR has lost its shine
NST is way past its time

The other local papers too
Should only hang in the loo

Newsprint on your arse
would add to the farce

The SUN daily still glows
Yet 'tis a mere glimmer it shows

Lies and blatant manipulation
Reading them causes constipation

Get the real news on line
Don't read the sublime lies

The propaganda is funny
But don't waste your money

Censorship sucks
it's like cooking the books

Vote out the corrupt and eVil
This is the right thinking season!

V for Victory

Dangerous Variable said...


It is time for an uprising! People have enough bullshit from the government!

The Minister of Information, Zam, is making a fool out of himself. Better do something with the opposition information dispersion while the fire is still there!

Get our Tian Chua to do something more meaningful!

I will not vote of Lim Kit Siang!

Anyways, the papers these days gives us nothing but crap. No?

desiderata said...

Sdr Din:

GreAt coverage by fellow bloggers indeed. Which really exposed the English-medium "MSM" in their naked glory of Have eyes, Butt do not see:(

I offer thee goblets of tehtarik, together raised in Hi spirits with "V", and some1 quite "dangerous"!:):):):)

desiderata said...

Dear "V' and "V":

You appeared on Nov 5, then again Nov 10!
Thanks for thy encouragement. "Amri" is a model "V", we will foster aMore!:)

Thy poeme lifts Desi's spirit -- raise a Rut Bir to thee,
Let's warm the VV compadreness in us
And we'll see VVVVVVV lining awe the way from Furong to Putrajaya
Shall we also light up a bonfire in Port Klang
It's only a small candle to a "small" house, wat!:(

desiderata said...


I agree with thee
Somuch MSM crap and BullS***
It amazes Desi
These Buggers still get away when the candles are lit
They commit Mongolian murder,
and flag off news as *PRsheet.

*PR in newspeak is short for Prostitute ala-Zam-stylo. He claimed there was only 3,000 to 4,000 at the V Rally, and BERNAMA spread the PRshit!:(

Nash Ar-Rawy said...

Would like u 2 share my divine song lyrics : tq