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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Took a Dreamscape Break in the US!

A wedNURSEdae's Childe of Woe took a Dreamscape break in the Land of the American Dream.

Join Desi if thou be like Moses Foo, quite a Man from Tin-town nigh Furong who obviously, like hoRst of, enjoys my DDC/Desispeak. Read his comment at yesterday's Post and see if you share his command that Desi do some homeworke.

For todie -- my Oz effect/influence (Y)earning AUS for 13 years showOFing hear! -- I welcome my ER who endear or endure the Bard, in da goode compagnie of Dr Mahathir and Anwar, WoW, achieving greatNURSE with Desi by aRsEsoctaion!, SURF NOW to and savour the hospital of Jason Evans.

Desi's Dreamscape entry will likely do a RM20mil APpearance tomolo, rimes with Helen's fave gift to me, pomelo! -- Chow!

WHICH in Desispeak, according to Moses, means Seeya!
or COME EAT CON BRUNCH with us NOW f you can track Desi/Moses/moo_t, undere-w'eare arte thoue weie? downtown in Hazy, Mazy, Crazy and Lace-y Men Kee. WO-men also Aloud:)


Anonymous said...

Malaysians we are a-Changing

As you are all aware, we are going nowhere!
The ministers always say ‘Semuanya*” OK! (* All is well)
The people will soon teach ‘em a lesson or two
When you piss into the wind
It blows back on you!!
You shit in our nest
you’ll be kicked out by the rest
The people have power
We are awaiting the hour
Those who have sinned better get ready to cower!

desiderata said...

dear anon:

Thanks for resonding in verse,
Wit' amore of thee-type more scholars will APpear in MALsian universe.
As for those "SEmuaOK" ilk
They stick like Zak and his master's filth
Preaching local investments but important foreign marble tiles and
What more "small house" to hide robber barons and liars?
Ah, RM7-10million is indeed small for the minions,
When their chiefs steal by the billions.