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Friday, November 09, 2007

Blogging conversation is goode therapy

What's the single most enjoyable asset arising from Blogging for thee?
For Desi, it's the CONversations with my ER. No, it's not at Seremban General emergency room; it's o'er tehtarik at my cyber homey.
Before roceeding, let me jest reprise the last three comments at my place; many cometh in the middle of the night so their ID won't be revealed. A little like "V". I wish I could see aMore of thee; and being a promoter of equality of the sexes, I use the preceding sentence on a stricly gender-neutral basis lest I ... be damned, I'm digresing too mush, and it'snot even Sundae when I get high on CON BF. Yes, multi-layers of peanuts does that to the eater.:)

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Peanut butter toast with banana chips? Wow.I didn't know Deepavali is already here! Hope you enjoyed the fishhead curry. I really miss that dish now that you mentioned it. Have to put that down on my To Eat list. Heh.
By Twisted Heels, at 5:17 AM

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If this two judges : AP and AJ are honorable, then Saddam Hussein should titled as saint!
By moo_t, at 2:12 PM
and moo_t, if sleepy-eyed can be PM, and one-eyed jack can be MP and another kindharded Zak can be SA, what could Moo_t and Desi be?filloosofools?:):)One AP Deepavallee to thee, mGf!
By desiderata, at 10:21 AM
Dear Desi,FYI, I hv no sterling with me, onLy poUnd of bodyweIght. For my wage is in MYR, in which witH each pAssIng day, is geTting smaller and smaller and easier to dropOut of from me hoLey pockeT. Mantin is changing. I wish it was still in those happy days but alas there are not for me anymore but for another generation of "little daffodils". Well, whether Mantin FHC or Furong beef noodle or yeepoh "old li'l mousy" nudle, I do make weekly trip back home and at least annual pilgramage during the Chinese Lunar NY to a schoolmate.Desiderata touched me once. The burden of living has lost its dimmed its lustre on my soul. But reading it reflood the serenity of the opening para.Dear sir, your "foolish" words recloud my borrowed imagining of yet another troubled bygone era. An era b4 my coming. An era of campfire, joyful vanguard, for which I had glance through its songbook once. Its foolishness are like the leprechaun's dancing in the road disappearing over the horizon (was it a fair or true imaginery? I am a child of the birth of the NEP for which literature was something I didn't experienced fully, only fleetingly, hence my faulty attempt of the master. Ah! That's the word, doggerel! There was a master once, right? In your old NSunT? They were a delite).Ok-lah. Time to go. Long enough already. And the spirit is now better already.Twotablet
By Moses Foo, at 2:08 AM


Coincidentally, the three conversationists just quoted are "strangers" to me in person, yet I think I know them better than many of the acquaintances -- numbering hundreds? -- who had croseed my personal paths. These strangers hopefuly know Desi as well as we engage in "conversation" -- and believe me, when a person speaks through his/her writings, as Desi does through his writHings, you give a part of yourself. But you win more in return, not any less, proving the axiom true that my counseller Mr Coww often reminds me: "If thou givethe to thy neighbour a silver, thou shalt beget seven times seven times more in return." Not that when we give we expect something in return -- it's the unexpected bonus that cometh to a chartable heart.

Now Con1 Theels haileth from the Peral of the Orient; from what I know, those Penanggals are pretty adventurous. Okay, Pretty AND adventurous. At a young age, she flew over the seven seas to get an educ in UK, and she now works qualified as a pharmer. That I believe defines a graduate in farmasy.

I have engaged this Penangite named Sabrina Tan, and within the first year of pen'ingkepala over cyberspace, we met up in b'g, b'd, wolfish Koala Lumpur at a G7 Bloggers meet. She flew awe da way from the Land of Lord of The Rings -- I guess her parents also funded her 6-year scholarship to graduate her a a dentist. I belanja her some goblet of tehtarik -- and she promised that next time I need to get my "wisdom" tooth ooouch, she would do it gratis! I said, Thanks, but no terima kasih!

I knottily anointed these two pals as the Tan-ny twins, but contrary to Mark Twain, these two from East and West shalt one day meet.

Now Con2 moo-t is more difficult to desipher. Mainly because he sometimes speaks in Chinoserie tongue, and Desi is half-a-bananya; yellow on the outside, 1/2-white and 1/2-yellar on the insight.
But I engage lots with moo_t cos he's always in the mood for politics and fillosofi. Some think it'sfoolosofi cos they choose not to comprehend. They don't pause and ponder.
I invited moo_t several times to join my initiated G7 meets in KL and PJ; he says he prefers Furong siew-pau-pau, so I wait in patience. Cos both of us are firm believers in being Miss Virtuous2.:):)

Con3 mosesfoo delighted me lust night (it was still raining cats&dogs down Serembansway...BTW, so his 'rites warmeth the body, aMore the soul:) .. So I shalt delighte hime backe with a poem:

Moses, you say you're Mantin boy
But knoweth not the bestA fishheadcurry there
Art thou a mis'leading Desi to try other-*moi?
Or you wish to remain a **foo-Brudder hear?

"Desiderata touched me once," he coyly confesses
I do hope you're wearing skirt with long flowing tresses
Nah mind, Desi is believer in equality of the sexes
Pullin' thy leg, soft and silky like one miss's...

I also pull lots of tea, Hi- or Lo-
Be thou from Mantin, ex- or woman
It's okay, we talk and chat, spirited or mellow
It's Okay2, even if it's boy or gal to man.

Ah, even the youngones dwelleth on nostalgia
"An era of campfire, joyful vanguard,
for which I had glance through its songbook once.
Its foolishness are like the leprechaun's dancing
in the road disappearing over the horizon"
Those were the days, my friend
we danzced me as scount and you as guide
Crystal does slip and twist some heels
But another Penanggal soon puts her on the mend
Sabrina wraps her arms around
And that's how Blogger kinship and conversation abound.

Brudder moses, be it doggerel or mongrel, it's okay with Desi
and Companye
Wit' wit and hit and *hit and whodunnit
In the steal of the night
On within the steel of FurongKnight
We must ENJOY our banter
As a childe in Alice's Land, wander or wonder

Seya. Chow!

PS: As dessert, here's latest thievery from

"Posted by: pavlova 7th Nov, 2007

Have you ever sat in the therapist’s chair?
I have.
It’s relaxing, especially with a cuppa tea and also lots of pillows in the couch with the aromatherapy candle burning in front of you…
To see them doesn’t mean that you have a pressing psychological issue.
But it’s good to talk about it, and seek their help in nudging you to the right direction.
Yet somehow it still freaks ( and amazes me) how sometimes they know the littlest things about you, just based on your body language alone.
She said: ” You laughed when you said this. Why did you laugh? Was it a nervous laughter?”

*freaks out silently*
*eyes opened wide*
*continue to blabber on*

And then came: ” You seemed nervous when you mentioned THIS. Why is that?”
*lips twitching, thinking to self: Gawd, how the hell did she pick that up?”
Then the punchline: ” I was waiting for you to say that. But I wanted you to say it out yourself.”
Freaks me out still.
Even though I know that it’s her job, but still it freaks me out nonetheless.

Penanggal: Now how many AUD did it cost thee?Come o’er for therApy at Desi’s Place — it’s flee!But bring some roAst lamb if you can catch the sheep, I’ll provide tehtarik or rut bir!:)

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