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Friday, November 09, 2007

An Interesting Diversion

from the PWTC4 Stage-Managed Sandiwara!

As YL Chong surveys the political landscape, there's a glimmer of hope if some writers took up politics full time. Howsy, how about it?

Ah, Raja Petra Kamarudin, more like it!

And if and when that happens, the glimmer at the end of the tunnel may just glow and then turn into a blaze. Desi will then welcome back many of my friends now resident abroad -- like Howsy, Sabrina and Crystal. Even seefei. And I won't think about Migrating anyAmore!...

From, comes the innermost thoughts of a royal blogger-writer, and he has kindly told Desi, use my stuff as freely as you can as long as I don't levy any charge, which I don't except a request for an occasional roast lamb from those returning from Down Under:

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Posted by: raja petra

Raja Petra Kamarudin

Umno is circulating leaflets at all the mosques with my mug-shot on it and a caption labelling me as anti-Islam. It seems my hidden agenda is to bring down Islam. Hmm.....if I, Raja Petra Kamarudin, one man, can bring down Islam when in 1,400 years many more powerful empires before me have failed, then that certainly makes me a very powerful individual indeed. A person who commands such power should become the Prime Minister of this country.

Make way Pak Lah. Step aside Khairy Jamaluddin Raja Petra is going for the Top Dog’s job. He who can single-handedly bring down Islam where many more powerful people before this have failed deserves to lead this country to outer-space and beyond.

Anyway, let them wallow in their fantasies. After all, that is what the ongoing Umno General Assembly is all about; an exercise in fantasy and futility. These Umno types will confine themselves to keris-kissing and arse-licking, the Umno President’s arse that is.

Okay, sure, everyone, even Mukhriz Mahathir, screams accolades at the President’s speech. I think Mukhriz instead of Tun Dr Mahathir should have gone for that heart operation. After what Umno did to his father he still has the heart to say nice things about Pak Lah. This is clearly the mark of either one of no heart or one with a weak heart.

Well, you and I know Mukhriz did not really mean it. Last year when he commented negatively about the President’s speech they almost sacked him. So this year, in spite of the speech being even worse than last year, he decided to say nice things about it rather than risk incurring the wrath of Umno -- which would welcome an opportunity to take disciplinary action against him and either suspend or sack him from the party.

That’s politics for you and that is why I am not a politician...."

Desi: For the compleat thingy, please visit RPK's blog, and if you need to ask how,please get the heavens outa hear!:)

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