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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Somethin' to cheer about!

November 15, 2007 13:49 PM

Malaysia's Application To Set Up HPTC In Brickendonbury Rejected

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 15 (Bernama) -- The East Herts Council Development Control Committee has rejected the Malaysian government's application to set up a High Performance Training Centre (HPTC) at the Tun Abdul Razak Research Centre (TARRC) in Brickendonbury, Britain.

The National Sports Institute director-general, Datuk Dr Ramlan Abdul Aziz, said the decision was made at the council meeting in Bishops Startford, Herts, on Wednesday night (Thursday morning in Malaysia).

"With the decision, we now have to prepare a report to be submitted to the Cabinet Committee on Sports headed by Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak for their guidance on the next course of action," he said in a statement.

Dr Ramlan, who attended the hearing, said: "We can either appeal, submit a fresh application, which will be a faster process, or not to pursue the matter at all. All of which depends on the pending decision by the Cabinet Committee."

He said the council committee, chaired by R. Gilbert, saw 13 of the 19 councillors rejecting the application.

The only councillor, K.A. Barners, who spoke in support of the application, had abstained.

Dr Ramlan said NSC's consultant, John Whittaker of White Young Green Planning, was allowed to speak for three minutes to convince the council to either approve or defer their early decision.

However, the nine objections by case officer, Tim Hagyard, in his report for the application to be rejected "clearly influenced the councillors," he said.

"Among recommendations for the rejection came from reports from the Historical Society, Biological Centre, Development Planning Unit and Brickendon Liberty Parish," Dr Ramlan said.

In their rejection, he said, the councillors were concerned over the absence of future plans to develop the HPTC, and the limited facilities built in the first phase of the plan.

"Although the committee was drawn to the positive feedback and support from Sport England's senior planning manager, Roy Warren, on the application, they (the committee) felt they have to reject the application at that stage," he said. The 16 TARRC, owned by the Malaysian Rubber Board, is in Hertfordshire, East London, just 24km from the London 2012 Olympics Games Village.

Among facilities available at TARRC are a football field, swimming pool, cricket pitch, canteen, hostel, laboratory, meeting rooms and office.

Dr Ramlan said recently the proposal to develop the TARRC into a HPTC was submitted to the East Herts Council in June and a series of meetings were held by ministry officials with the councillors.

He had expected the HPTC to be operational by early next year after the 10 million pounds (RM67.22 million) renovation project, approved by the Cabinet Committee on Sports, was completed.

Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said had said the HPTC would serve as a transit centre for Malaysian athletes before competing in Europe.

Malaysian Under-16 football squad are among sportsmen who had a chance to stay at the TARRC in May during their friendly stint with Arsenal U-16 team.


DESI: No (cy)long comments required. What Citizen-Nades and Bloggers could not achieve,our former colonial masters did. Just take out your champagne glasses, rut bir or tehtarik also can!:):):)

UPDATEd @5.25pm:

A NST NEWS BREAK online timelined 4.37pm today and headed
BRICKENDONBURY: Malaysia still has chance to set up training centre

IT shows how desperate the perennially declining-circulation MSM is doing the Hope-against-hope line leaning towards the Putrajaya 4th Floor boys. Thinking Aloud and While Still Allowed: Maybe they are thinking the "from Below-the-table to Above-the-table" thingy can work its magic in London like it does in Kuala Lumpur's Ministry of Youth and Sports, eh?

PERHAPS like former MB of Selangor, Muhammad son of Muhammad, Azalina Othman may do the next-PWTC-twist bringing in bagfulloads of pound sterling and USD into London, and claim ignorance that she was as ignorant of laws barring that ferrying in of cash, even as a Minister, into UK? If helps greatly if the now UMNO Information Chief went along as bag-carrier, No?


"V" said...


The sedate EHCDCC Brickendonbury, England knocks out the pompous oVerconfident team from NSI- TARRC Malaysia.

EHCDCC have shovvn their integrity and leVel headedness, these qualities are rarely, if eVer found in the Malaysian GoVernment and unciVil Civil SerVice.

One can expect an episode of sulking and protruding lower lips, follvved by either an appeal or a resubmission as it is Very unlikely that it will be a case of NFA.

The Malaysian team are sore losers, since on their home turf, they neVer eVer loose.

One problem though- greasing the wheels will not work in England.

Three cheers for The East Herts Council DeVelopment Control Committee.

Lone said...

BolehLanders still want their London restspot. Now juz see what the DPM or the Sports Minister will decide on this HPTC. Maybe if they drag their feet like what is happening over the Lingam tape, they might find themselves no longer having to make the decision if we kick them out in the 12th election. The EC chief hinted that it might be in Jan 2008!

Twisted Heels said...

I thought this matter has died a hidden death. Quite stubborn to keep wanting the centre, I say. Better money spent improving the standards of our players before even thinking of building a multiclass hotel.

If our stadiums and sports facilities are not good enough, why not improve on them (and lure foreign nationals to come) rather than wanting to have the prestigious 'Made in UK'?

At times I wished I was more ignorant with the local news. Beef only.

desiderata said...


We need to be ever-VIGILANT.

VV must continue our quest of Veni,Vidi, Vici with comrade, another "V"ictorious round 4Citizen-Nades.

Hey lone:)

We are not "lonely" anymore!
We have clear-Visioned Brits helping us check our Ringgit flowing aboroad into unnumbered accounts, eh? -- For these UMNO buayas, Not in UK, likely Swiss!:(


I think your little "protest" note helps mightily, yes!:)

Next time you organise a "V"Rally in Londonerry, 'rite to T Fernandes for three tics, eh -- 4"V", lone and desi, which maketh Three: for Victory:):):)

When VVVe arrivedesi dare, it's Four4aMore!:):):):)