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Saturday, November 24, 2007

VVe Rally No aMore? Double Standards...

WARNING SHOTS from Desi: Lots of DDC or Desispeak todie.

Okay a quikkie glossary because not-so-nudie MosesFoo(L?) dareth aRsEk for IT!

todie: today for some Malaysians who visit Down Under and arrivedesi at KLIA'd show they had jest visited a First World cuntry: G'die to you!

The IMMIgerasi officer retorted: Did you bring back that RM2.4mil gold-crested coffin from Gold Coast ah? The coast is now clear, gift me the balance of USD-lah! (the hoRst at Whisperring hope: take out that exclamation mark!:(

aMore: Desi came back from serenading Theels from Itali with "Come back to Sorrento"-ala-Pavorotti, though I can afford only Roti Chinai:) NOTE: Sorrento metaphorically plays he same role for NegaraKu as Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad says "There is somethin' rotten in the State of Denmark" where Danes are transplanted with Malaysians, whose brains are badder as they were less utilised. XXcept my dear ERs'.

EsteemedReaders. Actually that s in ERs is reduntant but American English has colonised us cf (which is to compair) US's for the United States's... when logically it should be the United States' -- but why you want to argue with AmeriCANoes? THey are the wan-and-ONLY super-power now, mGf.

rimes with ONE, hence you SEE?

mGf: myGOoDfriend The GOoD has embedded GOD in it, so you fellas, BEHAVE THYSELF.No F*** word. *** stands for owl, what were you thinking to yourself? Speak out Lout, you're still aloud and allowed, my seefoo(L) jeff Ooi! sayeth.

THREE headlines from one same newspaper sum IT all! I am not mentioning the People's Paper no amore, they don't no pay mepauper writHer for PR and PRomo, so? Thee's no such thing as a Freelunch, the last one ran off wit da Special Brunch.

Lustily, what about


Don't ask, there are a-plenty under-aged boys (I ain't worried about the gals, they are like cowbois -- Tough Nuts and Cookies! like Theels, Helen and Anak M dan Sweets:):):):))-- reading Desiderata2000, and this blardy half-past-7 half-employed Blogger wanna live till 205SE7EN-plus-11!OKAY, where was I?

Ah, "THREE headlines from one same newspaper sum IT all! I am not mentioning the People's Paper no amore, they don't no pay me pauper writHer for PR and PRomo, so? Thee's no such thing as a Freelunch, the last one ran off wit da Special Brunch."

Lawyers charged
with sedition

Cancel march, urge Indian groups

Cops serve court orderon rallt organisers, warn public to stay away

How about that blardy infamous SIL braking security cordon to confront visiting US Secretary Of State Condoleesa Rice? See pic below -- if you can't see now, Visualise-lah, God Gifted Thee Unique Brain, Rite!) untilbrother Howsy or johnleemk hydeing in the USeh! rivets with that photo burried somewhere in their -- aaRGHchoo! -- archives!

FAST Update @10.41am, Msian time:

Dear John did not revert with Dear John letter, it's Kentucky Flied Fast foodie, delivered via email, johnleemk rode on top of a Blondie, 17-year-old going 21!:)

"Hi desi,

I only managed to find a picture on Jeff's blog. It's in the post now.


Thanks matey. Also to Sdr Jeff, I assume AP gifted to Desi! -- please don't follow NSTP's example of suing for Playgiarhythm. I haven't got my 20million nyet. Steal chasing moo_t...:(


"V" said...

V for Victory.

People should not be afraid of their goVernments. GoVernments should be afraid of their people.

The goVernment has tasted people povver on 10th NoVember, and there is more to come.
They haVe Very much lost the plot, and are doing diametrically opposite to what they should if the intention is to calm things dovvn.

Sunday may Very sadly be a bloody Sunday, as there are sure to be seVeral eVil agent proVocateur, [undoubtedly sourced from Samy's Marauding Ignorant Clique] in the crowd who will initiate trouble.

Oh true democracy where art thou?
Free and fair elections are something we need right now.
Voters one and all please think and Vote VVisely.
VVhen you mark your X do it with ink.
If you vote BN, you Vote for oppression, recent eVents proVe this.
VVe need a change, and vve need it noVV.

To quote Sir Winston Churchill-
"Victory at all costs, Victory in spite of all terror, Victory hovvever long and hard the road may be; for without Victory there is no survival."

desiderata said...


Thanks for the constant support
On the aMore Rallies we report
The water cannons and cehmical baths
Our words will drown them out
V for Victory
VVe march for unity and harmony
VVe claim our rights to be free
"V"eni, Vidi, Vici
With "V", you and Desi

holytounge said...

dia ada 'protection'ma...........