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Friday, November 09, 2007

CSM from the Desk of Anwar Ibrahim

I just received the latest news break regarding the ongoing Lingam video tape saga from mGf Sdr Din Merican, so follows another Community Service Message; I do hope I get onto the Tonneeship list when I approach 90:

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From the
Office of Anwar Ibrahim

Dear chong

On this occassion of the Celebration of Lights I wish you many years of peace and prosperity.

Yesterday Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim of KeADILan addressed the media and released another segment of the now infamous Lingam Tape, in which the conversant (should read "conversationist" --Desiderata.English correction:)speaking to Lingam at the other end of the phone is conclusively identified as former Chief Justice of Malaya, Dato Ahmad Fairuz (now Tun and retired Chief Justice of Malaysia). You can watch the entire VK Lingam video including the additional segment by clicking here.

Dato Seri Anwar said that he had promised the media he would make available the remaining portion of the Lingam tape as soon as the whistleblower(s) are ready to release it to him. They remain deeply concerned about their personal safety, as no substantial effort has been made by the government to protect them from harm and legal persecution.

By releasing this second clip and ending speculation about Ahmed Fairuz's involvement in this scandal, Dato Seri Anwar has ensured that the public remain focused on the substantive issues and not be distracted by diversionary tactics of the UMNO-BN government.

During the press conference Dato Seri Anwar expressed his gratitude to His Majesty Yang Di-Pertuan and the Malay Rulers for their principled stand on not extending the term of Ahmad Fairuz's appointment. In so doing, the Agong and his brother Rulers have taken an unprecedented step in exercising their role as defenders of the Constitution and the Rule of Law, and the protectors of the Malaysian people.

Dato Seri Anwar expressed his deep regret that the Government and UMNO leaders continue to evade their responsibility in dealing with rampant corruption and abuse of power and urged the Anti-Corruption Agency to intensify its investigation into corruption in the judiciary and the blatant abuses of power by the Badawi Government. In this respect it is unfortunate that the Haidar report submitted to the government this week has yet to be made public.

Furthermore, the fact that Tun Ahmad Fairuz is no longer the Chief Justice of Malaysia does not mean that he is not absolved from his complicity in the corruption of the judiciary and the fixing of judicial appointments.

We must continue to press for the creation of a Royal Commission and be relentless in our calls for reform of the judiciary until its credibility is restored in our eyes and the eyes of the international community.

Best wishes,
Din Merican
KeADILan, Program Director

SECOND CSM received @9.00pm:

Dear chong

Electoral reform and the future of Malaysia

The right to free and fair elections is a democratic right to which the people of Malaysia are entitled. The Malaysian people have, in lawful pursuit of this right, exercised and exhausted all means of recourse to petition their government to reform an electoral system that is visibly corrupt and beholden to vested interests and the powers that be.

The rally that is scheduled to take place on November 10th in Kuala Lumpur represents the next step in our campaign to reform the system and safeguard the electoral process from fraud and corruption. Those who attend the rally represent a vanguard of Malaysian society who realise that democracy does not come served on a silver platter.

Our basic right to be governed by people who are just and of sound moral character is a right that sometimes requires great sacrifice and courage in the face of intimidation and adversity.

I commend the organizers of the rally for their leadership and visionary thinking in bringing this event to fruition. I also applaud the thousands who are traveling to our nation's capital to exercise their democratic right to peaceful assembly and free expression.

Our nation has reached a crossroads. To continue along the current trajectory is to ensure our continued decline and to rob us of our dignity as a people. The legacy of our founding fathers urges us to change and to reclaim the values upon which the nation was founded - unity, equity and justice.

The generations who follow ours will look back in history and glorify those patriots who were steadfast on November 10th to reclaim the rights that have been usurped from us all. I therefore urge all Malaysians of conscience, irrespective of race, national origin, religion or political affiliation to join this movement and to appear on Saturday in Merdeka Square. Let us work together for a better Malaysia.



sweetspirits said...

Hi Desi :)

I just logged by to read for awhile n leave a smile :) .

Wish u a wonderfull weekend


Maverick SM said...


I read the news in Malaysiakini about the extra 8 seconds but could not download as it was only for those paid subscribers.

I tried Youtube yesterday but none. Thanks for the link.

I am in Sarawak and will not be around tomorrow.

desiderata said...

hi Sweets:

Thanks -- you came on Midnight clear with kind thoughts -- that Gift surpassed all the sourness of Yellow rain the local police donated; nah mind, our "V" spirits soared on Nov 10!:)

G'Day and GBless:):)

desiderata said...

Hi Mave --a li'l "late" in this response on Nov 13, took time to recover.
Helen and Mr Helen with thee in spirit and ind, captured many shots of the "V" rallyers:) She took many of wan Einstein-looking warrior BUTT the shots were wshed away by Yellow rain!:):):):)

VVVe miss'd you in Kuching but I know you've had lots of Catsville beauties to keep thee compagnie:)