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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Tuesday's Macabre Tales...

The Star frontpage
Tuesday February 28, 2006

Petrol up 30 sen

KUALA LUMPUR: The price of petrol and diesel is up by 30 sen a litre effective today, the highest increase in the past two years.

However, the Prime Minister's Department, in a statement, said that this would be the only increase for the year.

Public transport and commercial vehicle operators only face a 15 sen rise for diesel.

“The Government has decided to introduce a direct subsidy for these operators, making up 84% of diesel users, through a fleet card scheme,” the statement stated.


If you think the rest of the news is uplifting, you masochistic Malaysians, go INfest RM1.20 for a copy and DIjest more of the D'lite'fool nu'es.


Thus follows A sprinkling of the news headlines that sing of great times/dimes to come!

Jump now to page 20:

Why the increase in price

Higher fares expected

More worries, say many

To add insult to injury, The Star proudly had a
FLASHBACK: Our page 1 report on Feb 1.
Brace for petrol hike

I say "INSULT" because this daily was good in "omitting" national news like the recent furore involving the New Straits Times Non Sequiturcartoon on first news break, but it showed much initiative to prepare the citizens "psychologically" for the impending "bad" news of a price hike in petrol. Coincidence? or Collusion?
Don't you see the propaganda-ganda wang anda at work?
NO? I weep for Malaysia, but the tears no come.

At Desi's Place, I have argued in a series of essays that PETRONAS, reaping RM36billion net profit in the last financial year, could more than absorb any world price increase in peroleum because Malaysia is a NETT BENEFICIARY. By right, everything being equal, Malaysians should ENJOY a price discount whenever the international price goes up. I won't reprice the case here because it's like a Dog Barking at the Moon when citizen Joe speaks his mind in dear olde Malaysia on civil and CONsumer issues. Maybe Citizen Nades could make a dent.

The MACABRE-lity lies in the fact that many fellow Malayisans will moan, mourn, growl and even yelp like li'l pups, so appropraie in this Year of the Fire Dog, but when the General Elections come around, season after tired season, the Voters will put the cross against the Dacing.

I'm taking a bre-A--k, or isit br---A---ke, at the DogHouse. Madhouse?

Over the past six months, there has been at least two new oil fields being discovered off Malaysian shores. Are citizens Joe and Jane getting to taste any of the sweet crudes? Or, maybe the funds are diverted elsewhere?
Should PETronas -- NATIONAL OIL CORPORATION -- be renamed something else, like National Bailout Agency?

Please serve the next macabre tale, with the HIGHLIGHTS denoted by Desi, NOT The Star, but by this Blogger, Desiderata:

From The Star, frontpage top:

MAS do plan

and from a related report from the Business Section:

MAS sees profit in 2007

PETALING JAYA: Malaysia Airlines (MAS) expects to return to profitability in 2007 with a projected RM50mil net profit rising to an all-time high of RM500mil in 2008 under a recovery plan that was unveiled by its new managing director, Idris Jala.

The airline reported a net loss of RM1.26bil for financial year ended Dec 31, 2005,
and expects to incur another loss of RM620mil this year if the actions outlined in the business turnaround plan are executed. But, if nothing is done to improve the “cash and profit crisis’’ at MAS, the airline is expected to lose RM1.7bil this year.

“We have a cash-and-profit crisis at MAS and we will surely fail unless we radically change the way we run our business. Our poor pricing, rising cost structure, mismatched fleet, weak operational performance, and social obligations all contribute to our dismal financial performance. We estimate that 60% of our routes are not profitable,’’ Jala told reporters yesterday after announcing the airline’s results and business plan.

Jala’s ambitious recovery plan focuses on three crisis areas – profit, cash and people. He outlined several cost cuts to revenue-enhancing measures, which include route cuts and fleet rationalisation. He also spoke of raising domestic airfares by 10% and taking back the domestic operations from the Government. There are plans to change the reservation system, sell assets to raise cash and borrow RM2bil from the Government to meet its RM4bil working capital requirement this year.

This is just the beginning of the wide range of drastic changes that Jala proposed.

Although he has not got a “free hand” from the Government to proceed with his ambitious plan, he is hopeful that the “okay’’ will be granted.

“The Government is supportive and it needs time to (go through the details),’’ Jala said.

“I do not know (when the Government will get back to us) and it is up to them.’’

Jala’s challenge is nothing like what he has seen before but he remains confident that MAS employees are firmly behind him to “create a company that will be a source of pride and admiration.’’

Under the profit plan, MAS will terminate all unprofitable routes via its secondary hubs and maintain the KL International Airport hub. It will re-negotiate some of its code share agreements, as it does not want to continue to fly planes with load factor of 30%-40%, especially long-haul flights.

MAS’ passenger yields (revenue passenger per km at 18.9 sen versus industry average of 22-32 sen) is a problem and so is labour productivity versus its regional peers. But, cost wise, it is competitive and this is despite fuel prices going up from mid-2002 to 2005 by over 168%.

For the cash plan, Jala said: “We need RM4bil cash to run the business and are working hard to raise the money.’’ He added that MAS would generate RM1bil internally, source RM1bil in short-term borrowings and secure RM2bil from the government.

Jala said it would not be a “bail-out.’’ MAS will also cut unnecessary expenditure. It will sell its headquarters and overseas offices and aircraft engines to raise RM2bil. He said while there was no retrenchment, employees would have to be leaders, accountable and work as a team.

DESIDERATA: Just wonder how sure Malaysians are that the RM2billion to be gievn by the Government to help MAS won't be a bail-out?

Remember Perwaja Steel, Bank Bumpiputra, Bakun Hydroelectric Dam -- no bailouts?

I wish to remind that in the same periods under review, MAS counterpart across the causeway has been consistently reporting good profits. Not a good Aplple-to-Apple Comparision? Then tell me, what is a gooder one?

And from the New Straits Times, which seems to be raising its journalism standards nowadays, with more critical analyses than usual, IMHO, rite!

MAS Turnaround Plan: Overcoming the grim outlook
Analysis by Shukor Yusof

Feb 28
MALAYSIA Airlines (MAS) continues to be in a precarious state despite having had all its debts transferred to Penerbangan Malaysia Berhad (PMB) under the Widespread Asset Unbundling (WAU) of 2002.

This grim situation is despite generally robust economic conditions in Malaysia and government support over the past years. This brief article provides some perspectives on MAS’ problems by highlighting three areas:

What are the main reasons for MAS’ problems?

The answer, in part, has to do with the nature of commercial aviation, which is a high-risk business with high fixed costs such as expensive aircraft, expensive specialised staff and expensive fuel. Compounding the situation is an industry vulnerable to big swings in demand and external shocks over which it has little or no control. In our opinion, MAS for too long employed the wrong strategy (increasing load factor but not improving yields), failed to keep abreast of fundamental changes in the industry (advent of low-cost carriers or LCCs) and was bankrupt of ideas when it came to self-renewal.

Is MAS responding adequately to the financial problems?

Losses of RM616.4 million in the third quarter of 2005 were appalling. High jet fuel prices remain the most serious concern and were a big factor (although not the only one) in the latest losses.

Many airlines do not have the necessary financial strength that would allow them to enter into hedges without putting up cash collateral. This, therefore, depletes their cash reserves. We believe high fuel prices are another key risk to MAS’ operating performance in fiscal 2006.

Much depends on how savvy MAS is at fuel-hedging, and we think it will succeed given Idris Jala’s intimate knowledge of the market. MAS needs RM2 billion from the Government to get over its cash shortfall. The presence of the Government as the controlling shareholder, and the Government’s track record of past assistance, should cushion a further deterioration in the airline’s underlying financial profile. But would MAS be financially sound if its costs were reduced to, or near parity with, those of AirAsia? Don’t bet on it.

What about MAS’ prospects?

We were somewhat disappointed with the turnaround plan as it did not fully address key issues such as over-staffing, the immediate replacement of older aircraft with newer, more fuel-efficient ones, plans to deal with the proliferation of LCCs, and how to monetise the A380 in 2007.

NOTE: The writer is an aviation analyst with Standard & Poors

DESIDERATA closes with a fictional MACABRE TALE so that Malaysians will continue their dreamland travels, OR is it an enjoyable nightmare ride, MASOCHISTIC FRIENDS?

Some deaths are easily xplanable.
IF you have Sherlock Holmes for a friend.
OR you have seen enough episodes of CSI: Koala Lumpur.
This following episode came courtesy by a Friend's email with a finedish sense of h(R)umour...she Xclaimed it's a true episode shown over RTelm on Frydae 12 plus 1 in one of the wards in Pantai Vale Ospital.

My recount is with APologies because I could not ID the story-teller.
Maybe he was the lust patient jest on the bed of serenity before the vacuum cleaner appeared in his doctored overalls.

~~~~~~~~This case happened in a hospital's Intensive care ward where Patients always died in the same bed and on all Sunday morning at 11a.m, regardless of their medical condition.

This puzzled the doctors and some even thought that it had something to do with the supernatural. No one could solve the mystery as to why the deaths took place at 11 AM.

So a world-wide expert team was constituted and they decided to go down to the ward to investigate the cause of the incidents. So on the next Sunday morning few minutes before 11 a.m. all doctors and nurses nervously waited outside the ward to see for themselves
what the terrible phenomenon was all about. Some were holding wooden crosses, prayer books and other holy objects to ward off evil........
Ju st when the! clock struck 11...

and then


then .......Santa Singh, the part-time Sunday sweeper, entered the ward,
and unplugged the life support system & plugged in the vacuum cleaner.


Monday, February 27, 2006

This is a tired, and CYNICAL, post ...

This is truly BluesMonday, and Desi, being very tired, is also feeling very cynical.

So my dear EsteemedReaders who are not staemed up for some Cynicalitis, please STOP reading here.

To others too curious to know what this tired mind is going to rant about, read on, but don't blame me for putting you into a cynic mode.

Life in Malaysia is full of flood waters nowadays, so what's another drop of cynicism ... frankly even this normally critical-cum-logical (IMHO which you're allowed to beg to differ and come at me...) scribne doesn't see the connection.
But what the hell, one can be excused/accused of goin wrong sometimes, yes, my indulgent fellow Malaysians?

From The Star, not the frontpage:

Monday February 27, 2006

Cops bust wild student party

KUALA LUMPUR: A group of partying university students, among them children of prominent businessmen, were picked up by police at a hotel penthouse after they became unruly.

In the 4.30am incident at Jalan Conlay yesterday, Dang Wangi police, who were alerted by the hotel management, had to break down the penthouse door which was locked and latched from inside.

District OCPD Asst Comm Kamal Pasha Jamal said they nabbed 74 Universiti Malaya and Universiti Teknologi Mara students and found Ecstasy pills strewn on the floor and in the toilet.

“Some students tried to dispose of the evidence by flushing Ecstasy pills down the toilet bowl,” ACP Kamal Pasha said, adding that most of the students were drunk.

The students had booked the penthouse on the 22nd floor of the hotel to celebrate a birthday party for one of their friends.

Nine males and six females tested positive for drugs after police conducted urine tests on all the students.

ACP Pasha Jamal said the hotel management had earlier repeatedly warned the students to quieten down but the students ignored them.

“The commotion began around 1am when the incessant noise from the party prompted other hotel guests to complain,” he said, adding that the hotel contacted the police after students jammed the lock of the penthouse door.

Those who tested positive for drugs were taken to the Dang Wangi police headquarters and detained.

In a separate operation earlier, three Achenese were arrested for possessing 65.5g of syabu when the district police team raided a service apartment in Jalan Haji Hussein.

ACP Kamal Pasha said police also screened 63 people who were in the other rooms. Police caught two locals wanted for theft and cheating and 17 foreigners for immigration offences.


I've highl;ighted several points for my ER to ponder. I may save my breath by commenting on most, but exspend some on just ONE salient feature - that the party goers were university students celebrating a mate's birthday at a hotel penthouse and some -- so lucky - have prominent businessmen as their parents...

What Desi wonders is will we Rakyat see firm action being taken regardless of their connections?
OR will we see some UMNO/MCA?MIC Youth leaders answering SOS calls from these prominent businessmen to "please ccome to my aid..."
Have you forgotten THAT party raid at a Subang Jaya karaoke lounge recently when an UMNO biog guin rushed to help out a "Datuk" firned ... or was it some Politician's wigwig' political secretary who was cuntveniently in the vicinity and like any goode citrizne, camy by to give the Police a helping hand.

Penthouse, ecstasy, drunk and drugged -- greta generation of university students. In our days, you would be giving tuiotion or doing part-time jobs to earn to buy those text and refrence books.

But of course we must blame the moon, the star and the darkest night were wern't born into "prominent businessmen" families, yes?

Bless thee, YoungOnes, tyou had the secuirty of the penthopuse.
Other couples get apprehended in broaf daylight and charged with wat? "close proximity" in the park nigh the KLC4! "4" in Kantonis sounds like "see", which crudely translated, means DIE-lah!

4ya, bluesfriends, 4gift me for my munda'e rant?!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Dat Coww Jumpeth O'er Da Moon!

Today I feel Elated, yet Sad.
Is that goode, is that bad?
How can one be both alive and dead?
I challenged thee to give Desi an answer:
But all I hear is - yes unsaid,
Wait, wait! But by then I might be truly D'ad ~ RIP

I received fabulous news YESterday,
from mGf Mr Coww not faraway
Remember the saying: If pigs could fly?
To denote something "nigh" IMPossible?
Todae's nu'es proves that rumour shy
Miraculously, some cows could fly!

Sunday:INTER-LUDE today rcalls Childehoode Time'
When you could be springy and gay
With not even a single dime
And with every gal a dance you may, oh mei.

Hey diddle diddle is a fantasy rhyme designed to delight children with impossible images such "the Cow jumped over the Moon"! Th term "Hey diddle diddle" can be found in the works of Shakespeare and was a colloquialism like your present eGen shouting Lol! as canned laughter in Blogsphere?
The original title was 'High Diddle Diddle' but this has been altered to 'Hey Diddle Diddle' over the years with changes to the English language. The first known date of publication for the words of the Hey diddle diddle rhyme is 1765.

So li'l boys and gals, come sing with teacher,

but don't get on my lap,
Don wanna land up in gaol - or isit goal, ala GeorgieA BestA? - today.

Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle,
The cow jumped over the moon.
The little dog laughed to see such fun
And the dish ran away with the spoon!

II optimistically -- hey, nowadays with Medusanisation, or Medusatisation, botyh equally applicable-lah because it's HOwsy's invention and Desi's adoptation -- or isit adaptation, I've LOSST myself a li'l nowadaes with too much Miss Mesdusa on my mind!

One of mGf educated into feminism cause lookin' o'er my shoulder whispered: Why Miss?

Desi: I don't assume she is married?

mGf: No, why can't the Medusa be a Mr, as in a male form?(decibels raised)

Desi: Okay, I'm truly democratic, so let's rfer to Medusa as an IT, like we refer to UMNO, MCA, MIC, ete, etc. hAPpy now?

Desi offers mGf a piping hot tehtarik, butt no CON BF, cos it's towards end-of-the-month, and as with Malaysian men most times, the pocket runs a li'l dry.

Howwwever, the Soliloquoy CONtinues.
This is an artform of speaking used often my Will S. -- like in the highly troubled Macbeth after committing murder -- I wonder if those directors, actors on the PWTC Stage do it, glistenin keris and sharpe tongue et al? Ooops, sorry if I digress...THINKING ALLOWED, NO?


Yes, I do talk to myself. Sometimes, not all the time. otherWISE, HOwsy would commit me to spiriteDestination,:)
OR isit
Makin'' Desi the One whIch Flew O'er The Moon?:(

So you guys who have not met Desi in person (as in person NON grata...), should you see a philosophic white-haired bum talkin to himself in the vicity of the FuRong Maze (ask kyels where it is, she gets LOST there often enuf!), that guy is likely to be Desi!:)

"I'm gonna miss Mr Coww from sext Wednesdae, then I'll realy be a childe of woe
For on that fathfool day, mGf of ffour decades is leaving me so
Maybe I did not offer enuf tehatarik, which I could afford
Maybe I could not find that Rainbow for him, that's not of my accord
Oh buddy tarry not in sadness, as I held his two hands lust night
I detected some sight shedding of H2O in the dim moonless light
Back slapping dinner mate
but most of all, a ready date
I relish his scholarly wisdom
Of Chinoserie lit, and Da Bard kingdom
If suddenly you should need to talk to me
Don't worry, just engage in Soliloquoy
Like Desi, like Me
Knotty, Naughty
hAPpiness is sought
Me talking to Desi."

So saudara Coww,
Let's take a temporary bow.
Wishing you the best,
You setting forth in new quest.
As you Fly Over The Moon,
I hope to join thee quite soon,
Maybe in June.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Medusa Has Landed ...

on the PWTC Stage!

First off, Desi acknowledges sourcing the INTRODUCTION
who sourced it

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
(Redirected from Medusa (mythology):)


A relatively modern image of Medusa painted by Arnold BöcklinIn Greek mythology, Medusa (Greek: Μέδουσα), was a monstrous female character whose gaze could turn people to stone.

Some classical references describe her as one of three Gorgon sisters. Medusa, Stheno, and Euryale were monsters with brass hands, sharp fangs and hair of living, venomous snakes. The Gorgons and their other sisters the Graeae (and possibly the Hesperides) were daughters of Phorcys and Ceto.

In the most well known version of the myth, Medusa originally started out as a beautiful human. She was raped by Poseidon in Athena's temple. Poseidon was an arch-rival of Athena's since at one time he vied for patronage of Athens; the soon-to-become Athenians chose Athena's offering of the olive tree over Poseidon's offering of horses or a spring of water.

Perseus beheads MedusaUpon discovery of the desecration of her temple, Athena changed Medusa's form to match that of her sister Gorgons as punishment. Medusa's hair turned into snakes and her glance would turn all living creatures to stone. She was banished beyond the Hyperborean lands.



From Hyperborean lands the Medusa has landed on the PWTC Stage.

If you have to ask what does Desi mean by the preceding sentence,
you art now sentenced to read aaall of Deesi's postings on UMNO and the Anuuall General Assembly.

Suffice to say, these UMNO creatures want to turn thinking Malaysians into stones.
No ear, no eye, no mouth -- No hear, no see, no say!

Perhaps they had MCA and MIC (plus 11 or 12 others less significant) sleeping partners for to long.
Eat, Drink and Be Merry, anyone?

Using our national oil resource, served on glden platters via PETronas.

Doing a quantum leap jump, here are the two relevant developments:

from The Star,
Saturday February 25, 2006

PM accepts NST’s apology, considers issue closed

KEPALA BATAS: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has accepted the New Straits Times’ (NST) front-page apology over a cartoon it published last Monday.

Abdullah said no action would be taken against the newspaper following its open apology yesterday.

“The NST has conceded to the Government's decision and I take it that they are very regretful over the issue,” he said after opening a seminar for teachers at Pusat Budi Penyayang here yesterday.

“The issue is considered settled,” he said, adding that the cartoon was not connected to the offensive Danish caricatures of Prophet Muhammad.

On Wednesday, the NST was issued a show cause letter by the Internal Security Ministry for publishing the cartoon.

On RTM's Feb 3 screening of the Danish caricatures of Prophet Muhammad, Abdullah said: “I have heard about it, but let me get full details first.”

It was reported that TV2’s 8pm Mandarin news aired a news clip that showed close-ups of the caricatures.

Abdullah said government action against those who published the Danish caricatures was reported nationwide.

“The editors know. After being given messages and reminders, this should not have happened.”

The Government recently suspended Sarawak Tribune for publishing the Danish caricatures of the Prophet. It also took firm action against Guang Ming's afternoon edition for printing a photograph of people reading a newspaper with the caricatures.

In Kuala Lumpur, Information Minister Datuk Zainuddin Maidin said RTM would give its full cooperation in investigation into the Feb 3 incident and ensure it did not recur.

“What happened has given us a better realisation of press freedom with social responsibility,” he said.

Zainuddin described the NST's apology as a good response, saying he welcomed Abdullah's statement that the matter is resolved.

Meanwhile, about 500 PAS and Keadilan supporters protested outside the NST office in Jalan Riong against the publication of the Feb 20 cartoon. The group had marched from Jalan Tandok after Friday prayers.

More than 150 policemen were stationed at the office since noon. PAS vice-president Husam Musa, its Youth leader Salahuddin Ayub and Keadilan Youth vice-chief Shamsul Iskandar later handed over a memorandum of protest to NST's senior marketing manager Wan Abdillah Wan Nawawi. (EMPHASIS as bolded is all Desi's, Desi's alone, not NST, not Star, not Sarawak TRibune, not TV3, not RTM, all off Desiderata-YLchong's hands on this knotty computer on a hot Saturday late afternoon about 5PM in FuRong after a Mooney Session...:)
PS: about the mooney session tomorrow, Patience, Yes?

** Visit and read the ongoing debate linked to his Post today titled: "Might is right?"

NOW, perhaps you get the central idea that Howsy flagged off and Desi continues to thread, from a few days back since the Non Sequitur cartoon episode.
Or my ER hears echoes of They Shoot The Messegener, Don't They?
episodes in Wat? BolehLand?
No-lah, it's more like Alice in Wonderland.

See how the majority of the Players, Protagonists highlighted in the news report were never targeted?
They cuntveniently shifted the action to Screenshots, conveyed via an "unattributed" news report -- so "unprofessional" and totally "irresponsible", in my mind, and can Desiderata claim to be a journo olde dog of 30 years, qualified yes? -- aptly put by the Blog-owner Jeff: "This story breaks the cardinal rule of good journalism.
There is no source attributable to a reliable spokesperson."
Welcome to the latest Sandy Goes to War----ah? episode.
Steal more to come, mayhaps.

Did I quote the following nursery rhyme jest less than a day ago?

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king's horses and all the king's men
Couldn't put Humpty together again!

From Google Search I extracted the explanation:
Humpty Dumpty was a powerful cannon during the English Civil War (1642-49). It was mounted on top of the St. Mary's at the Wall Church in Colchester defending the city against siege in the summer of 1648. (Although Colchester was a Parliamentarian stronghold, it was captured by the Royalists who held it for 11 weeks.) The church tower was hit by the enemy and the top of the tower was blown off, sending "Humpty" tumbling to the ground. Naturally the King's men* tried to mend him but in vain.
* The "men" would have been infantry, and "horses" the cavalry troops.
- From the East Anglia Tourist Board in England

I don't know if we are seeing the breaking apart of
Pak Lah's Humpty Dumpty Government...
butt some of us Malaysians are getting very, very tired of the
Sandy Goes to War--ah?

Episode on RTelm
episode on TV Batu3?


Some Malaysians are getting nightmares
after seeing the
Apparition that is
The Medusa

Don't the directors on the PWTC Stage ever get tired?

Sleep tight tonight,
Dear Jeff and fellow Bloggers,
and CONversationists

and some mGf based in lundun like Howdy?
Keep wella,
God Bless,

A: men.

THank God tomorrow I can have
my CON Breakfast plus Sundae
Perhaps, LOve

Friday, February 24, 2006

The Humpty Dumpty Show ...

In Malaysia-eh, they call it Sandiwara. To the Mat Salleh who need some education (butt I'm no minister of basic, advanced or higher education, OK? Kindergarden maybe, taking care of mGf's gardners and the tehtarik deficient Bloom, Flowers, Bloom...), it goes as a sort of Sandy Goes to War-ah?

Okay, back to serious.
Fronm the HORSE's MOUTH again -- I know know why, during the first week of new year of Man's Best Friend, I had highlighted a lot of Snoopy's vicecracks, sublimated in jest one howler:BLEAH!.

But after all the hoo-haa over a caricatures, and a sidewalk caricaturist, I hesitate to use the Peanuts reference again. So I now ride on Horses, those which ride with the wind. You want to reach Dat DestiNation with me, yes?

First off, the relevance of the Post's Title.
I think I must thank Lewis Caroll for it -- from his Alice in Wonderland -- proper attribution nowadays, so I have a defence in case some Editor/Minister finds IT offensive.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king's horses and all the king's men
Couldn't put Humpty together again!

Now -- drum roll...! --
Da News of the day, from THE NEW STRAITS TIMES frontpage,
even as I gobble up my non-Sequitur non-CON BF:


Obviously, we misjudged how different people would react to Wiley Miller’s Non Sequitur syndicated cartoon published by the New Straits Times last Monday. We have written to the Internal Security Ministry in response to its letter asking us to show cause, explaining the processes involved and how the cartoon came to be published. It is a process involving the human factor, and humans err.
We told the ministry the same thing we are telling you — that we may have misjudged how different people would react to the cartoon, which, as we have pointed out to the authorities, was NOT one of the 12 produced by Danish cartoonists that outraged Muslims throughout the world. It was a totally different cartoon.

It was wry humour by an artist whose work is syndicated in more than 700 newspapers, including those in Islamic countries, and whose strip has run in the NST since 1998.

There was no caricature of the Prophet Muhammad at all in that cartoon; nor was there any derogatory comment made about the Prophet or Islam.

Perhaps, in more ordinary circumstances, such a cartoon would not have received more than a passing mention.

Yet, these are different times. The Muslim world was outraged by the blasphemy of the Danish and European newspapers.

When the Sarawak Tribune and Guang Ming Daily reproduced pictures depicting the caricature of the Prophet, the Government acted firmly and suspended both newspapers. Their editors and publishers were held accountable.

In the case of Wiley Miller’s cartoon in the NST, there was no caricature of Prophet Muhammad at all. NONE.

And that is why we believed it was inoffensive. But just as we have received letters and emails, many from Muslims, saying they could not see what the fuss was all about, there are also those who feel strongly about this.

They include some members of the Cabinet, including newly appointed Information Minister Datuk Zainuddin Maidin; NGOs, former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his son Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir, the Opposition Parti Islam se-Malaysia, and others who have called the NST office to register their protest.

But again, we want to make very clear: There was no caricature of the Prophet published in the NST.

We have always been sensitive to religious feelings. In fact, the NST is the most multiracial newspaper in the country because we have a very good mix of Malaysians working with us at all levels.

No other newspaper can boast of that racial and religious make-up. Hence, that makes us more sensitive to each other’s feelings and allows us to respect each other’s beliefs to a greater extent than an organisation dominated by one racial or religious group.

When the caricature controversy began, our editors and section heads were instructed not to even think about reproducing any of the caricatures.

In the case of the Wiley Miller comic strip, the sub-editor in charge let through the cartoon because it bore no caricature nor words offensive to Islam.

Unfortunately, one blog and some media, including Zainuddin’s RTM, highlighted the cartoon and came to the verdict that the NST had mocked the Prophet and Islam. From there, the issue took a life of its own.

*The NSTP on Tuesday lodged a police report against the blog for inciting religious hatred against the NSTP.* (Desi's special highlight)

But on our own part, as we said in our editorial on Tuesday, the NSTP and its editors must be held accountable if they are deemed to have crossed the boundaries which make this multiracial and multi-religious country of ours a peaceful haven.

We cannot afford to have any media inciting racial and religious hatred, especially an institution like the New Straits Times Press.

In fact, while we apologise for hurting the feelings of those who have made statements and police reports against us, we will also abide by any action the Government decides to take against the newspaper or its executives.

**On February 3, on its Mandarin news on Channel 2, Radio Television Malaysia(RTM) screened reactions to the offending caricatures.(Desi's special highlight)**

It showed a man reading a newspaper where a caricature of the Prophet was printed. The cameras focussed and closed up on the caricature THREE times for a total of 28 seconds.

A reader, who felt that the Wiley Miller cartoon was inoffensive, emailed us and informed us that the RTM clip, shown over two-and-a-half minutes, actually showed the offending caricature of the Prophet flanked by two veiled women.

We obtained copies of that news programme and we have forwarded them to the Internal Security Ministry to depict how, through human error, such things can get onto even the Government’s own news channel, which was managed by one of the country’s most experienced journalists, Datuk Zainuddin Maidin himself, who was then Deputy Minister of Information.

It was not Zainuddin’s fault. Should he, or his then colleague Datuk Donald Lim, or the then Information Minister Datuk Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir, be penalised because they were, in effect, in charge of RTM at that pertinent time?

NO. We strongly believe they should not be penalised.

People might argue that CNN, an American station that showed the same clip but "pixelled out" the caricature in respect for Muslim sensitivities, and RTM, being a television station in a Muslim country, should have been even more careful.

But the fact is, human error happens. RTM did not deliberately screen the caricature. They would be mad to do it.

Neither did the NST deliberately publish what it deemed an inoffensive cartoon. The NST never intended to hurt any feelings. At least one religious scholar has told the NST that the cartoon was not offensive but could, if different people wished, be interpreted differently.

But we stand corrected. We should have been more sensitive — human error or not. So again, we apologise.

And again, we will willingly accept any action deemed fit by the Government.

DESIDERATA: To err is human, indeed.
That's the first part of the English saw.
The second part To forgive is divine.

The third part - jest Desi's postulation, KenOrKnot? -
To forget is Imp-ossible.

Jest another digression, so my ER can expand their mind a l'il, you have time, don't we? An IMP, according to the *Heritage Dick:

2) imp.
The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth Edition. 2000.
...1. A mischievous child. 2. A small demon. 3. Obsolete
A graft. Inflected forms: imped, imp·ing, imps1. To graft (new feathers) onto the wing of a trained falcon or...

WHICH means - according to the gr8 phoolosopher Desi in his lowest vicedom, if one can't forget, one can't forgive 100%,

Okay, enuf of a Blogger's indulgence, but nowadays, a Blogger potentially faces many dangers, as illustrated by the New Straiits Times allegation that was clearly stated as highligted *The NSTP on Tuesday lodged a police report against the blog for inciting religious hatred against the NSTP.*
We all know which that Blog is, don't we?

For the dimwits, please get some answer in the sext paragraph.

On the ongoing saga, Desi had often detoured to take part at JeffOoi's CONversations, so I reprise, plus edit-sum, from my cuntribution yesterdae:

"The questioning, rumblings you referred to, Jeff, clearly show this NST episode has fallout that extends beyond the bondary of Press Freedom and Religious Sensitivity -- the original CORE issues that led to secondary and even tertiary issues/problems. It's now a proxy fight mainly between two factions within UMNO -- do I need to spell out the 2?

I do not wish to become a "pawn" in this spreading MEDUSA -- as a fellow Blogger, based in lundun? termed it-- but reading about the key players involved, the country will play a high price for it -- the PPPA 1984 not only will NOT be reviewed/abolished, it would be "more diligently" used to supress the much weakened mass media, esp the print, in Malaysia.

I hope fellow Bloggers don't become victims like the poor kancil caught between the fight between the Elephant and the Lembu? (Maybe wrong animals named, but what the H... can I spell this out? Hell? You smart readers get the drift, yes?

Now there are many -players -- as BOLDED by DESI in the NST report, and this demonstatres what mGf in lundun mentioned, the spread of the MEDUSA. The Medusa has descended mainly on the PWTC stage.
Secondary or tertiary parties -- like Bloggers -- better avoid the cross-fires!

I agree with mGf based in lundun ( 100% plus one we should focus on Suspending, then Abolishing, the ISA, OSA, yes, even the MoI -- call it the Ministry of ICT-Informed Citizenry, but that would cause some ministers and GEICs their jobs eh...I heard some at that level don't even know how to use a Komputer properly ...oops wrong spelling, COMputer! Maybe I'll think about getting a secretary to prrofread my copies -- don't want to land up in hot soap!:( ...opera-lah!"~~~~~~~~

Before I close, I also heard there is a WITCH-HUNT going around.
Is Helloween so nigh at hand, mGf,
Are we jest expanding the Malaysian Opera into Mat Salleh Cunty?

Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Star catches up on Da News!

The news about News Starits Times' dicing with a sidewalk caricaturist caricaturing on an extremely hot caricatured subject nowadays has been raging for 24-48 hours in other media, especially in Blogsworld, but The Star does NOT want to know, neither does it deem it important that its Readers should know. It doesn't concern itself with a brewing hotspot affecting the 4th Estate. Maybe the Group Editor-in-cheap and other senior editors are located at the Advert Department -- counting all the money!?

Belatedly, this morning the ultra-safe, profiteering The Star catches up with Da News, which was debated with all its Sound and Fury at JeffOoi's Screenshots over several parts -- last sighted was this moUrn's:
How dare you English tabloid editors!... ( 4 )

The Star is always good at echo-chambering His Master's Voice on many opublic interest issues, so it's always doing "catch-up" on many national issues. It wants to "play safe" -- only aftyer the PM had "decided" on certain iisues, like ditrecting the AP lists to be made public, that the paper's brave Editors-cum-columnists would beat their chests championing the issues, when others have spoken up eon pages before!

But on Fourth Estate matters, the largest English circulating paper deems it "convenient" to watch on the sidelines, until this moUrning, breaking Da News on page 3 -- Hurray, Sound the drums, blow the trumpets:

NST gets show cause letter over printing of cartoon

KUALA LUMPUR: The New Straits Times (NST) has been issued a show cause letter by the Internal Security Ministry to explain why action should not be taken against the publication for printing a cartoon deemed offensive to Muslims.

Its group chief editor Datuk Hishamuddin Aun confirmed that he and chief executive officer Datuk Syed Faisal Albar were summoned to the ministry, and they went there about 4.30pm yesterday.

It is learnt that they were interviewed by the ministry's secretary-general Datuk Abdul Aziz Yusof, and after the explanation was given, Hishamuddin and Syed Faisal were issued with the show cause letter.

Hishamuddin also confirmed that the newspaper had three days to reply.

On Monday, the newspaper published cartoonist Willie Miller’s caricature which showed a cartoonist doing a sketch with a poster on his side that carried words which were deemed offensive to Muslims.

The caption to the cartoon read: “Kevin finally achieves his goal to be the most feared man in the world.”

At a press conference at his office in Angkasapuri, Information Minister Datuk Zainuddin Maidin said the Cabinet at its meeting yesterday discussed the NST cartoon and that even non-Muslim ministers had expressed concern over it.

“The action of NST to re-publish a cartoon deemed to belittle the Holy Prophet on page two of its newspaper today is not wise and an uncalled-for provocation,” he said yesterday after chairing a post-Cabinet meeting.

“This was done despite the newspaper knowing fully well that there was anger among the public over its action and that police reports were lodged against the paper over the matter.”

On Wednesday, the NST had reproduced the cartoon with an editorial defending its action.

He said the newspaper, instead of calming the situation, had added fuel to the fire by reproducing the cartoon.

DESIDERATA will just take the short cut by "reprising" (with slight editing-lah!) his thoughts posted at Screenshots CONversations yesterdae:

"I congratulate the NST for writing in defence of itself and "republishing" the cartyoon.

I appreciate Jeff your stand -- and may I suggest -- the one core issue here has become enmeshed with precedent differences vis-a-vis NST and yourself-plus-Kadir which I won't care to go into.

The core issue here is same or similar to what I contended in respect of Guang Ming's report carrying the photo of a reader looking at a newspaper carrying a picture of one(or more ?) "Prophet Muhammad caricature" in breaking the story (from an AFP account) -- to me it should not have been found gulity of a breach of the PPPA 1984 -- so also this latest NST caricature ...

If we are to hold the Government to the impartial treatment of all media, let's stand firm that Guang Ming did NOT commit an offence (The Government knows it too, but was too proud to admit it -- hence the Chinese daily got away with just a 2-week suspension, also for only ther EVENING edition -- stressed here because up to now, many readers here still think the paper's day edition is also suspended, wrt "whatsoever"(?) in another Conversation). ("whatsoever" was the moniker used by a Conversationist who had asked why he was still able to get the Guang Ming even during the suspension period!)

Jeff: so on this occasion, I'm afraid both you and NST are letting EXTRANEOUS issues to cloud your exchange, which is sad for Journalism and Blogging, 4th and 5th Estates which should be convergent in progressing their closely enmeshed roles, NO?" (ends my views expresssed at Screenshots under CONVERSATIONS at the Post titled:

How dare you English tabloid editors! (3)

GO pay Jeff a visit - Get an education - lah, Free somemore!

Now, let's detour to the:
HORSE's MOUTH where the tongue stick out, and some heads may rock and roll, including a BP, or isit a Shell? Ne'er mind, it's Desi going off tangent once a while, and you no pay RM1.20 to suffer indigestion and non-delivery of news, or delivery of HISTORICAL news, or get my drift, my EsteemedReaders... -- Bear with a Blogger's luxury of Digression! Right, wrong, or Leftist!:(

From the NST online February 23, 2006

NST gets show cause letter over printing of cartoon

The New Straits Times (NST) has been issued a show cause letter by the Internal Security Ministry to explain why action should not be taken against the publication for printing a cartoon deemed offensive to Muslims.

Its group chief editor Datuk Hishamuddin Aun confirmed that he and chief executive officer Datuk Syed Faisal Albar were summoned to the ministry, and they went there about 4.30pm yesterday.

It is learnt that they were interviewed by the ministry's secretary-general Datuk Abdul Aziz Yusof, and after the explanation was given, Hishamuddin and Syed Faisal were issued with the show cause letter.

Hishamuddin also confirmed that the newspaper had three days to reply.

Deputy Minister Datuk Mohd Johari Baharum said the editors were called to give their statements following police reports made by PAS and three non-governmental organisations on Tuesday.

“We are investigating the case and will give a complete report to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who is also the Internal Security Minister,” he told newsmen in Jitra after giving out government aid to 92 farmers whose crops were damaged by floods in December.

“The Prime Minister will decide on the action to be taken against the NST.”

On Monday, the newspaper published cartoonist Willie Miller’s caricature which showed a cartoonist doing a sketch with a poster on his side that carried words which were deemed offensive to Muslims.

The caption to the cartoon read: “Kevin finally achieves his goal to be the most feared man in the world.”

At a press conference at his office in Angkasapuri, Information Minister Datuk Zainuddin Maidin said the Cabinet at its meeting yesterday discussed the NST cartoon and that even non-Muslim ministers had expressed concern over it.

“The action of NST to re-publish a cartoon deemed to belittle the Holy Prophet on page two of its newspaper today is not wise and an uncalled-for provocation,” he said yesterday after chairing a post-Cabinet meeting.
(Emphasis is mine.)

“This was done despite the newspaper knowing fully well that there was anger among the public over its action and that police reports were lodged against the paper over the matter.”

On Wednesday, the NST had reproduced the cartoon with an editorial defending its action.

He said the newspaper, instead of calming the situation, had added fuel to the fire by reproducing the cartoon.

Zainuddin admitted that different people might interpret the cartoon in different ways, adding, however, that “not everyone could look at it intellectually”.

Recently, the Government suspended Sarawak Tribune for publishing caricatures of the Prophet which had first appeared in a Danish newspaper.

It also took firm action against Guang Ming's afternoon edition for printing a photo of people reading a newspaper with the caricatures.

I had highlighted ZAM's remarks as in the on-going saga, certain parties would be using the opportunity to advance their private agendas. And there has been bad blood between the newly-appointed Minister of Propaganda -- ooops, correction, MINISTER OF INFORMATION, who was reported by the NST just prior to his elevation from Deputy that he had called for the "sacking" of some NST editors!
Let's see whether some leopards would change their spots, or lose one or two!

A basic tenet in Journalism 101 is that in getting the news, a reporter must try to get the story from the HORSE's MOUTH, or from SOURCES CLOSE TO IT IF THE HORSE HAD BOLTED-LAH...and GIVING BOTH OR MORE SIDES of the story.
So going back to when this Caricature-induced saga first impacted the Malaysian media scene, I would go as far as to defend Sarawak Tribune Night Editor for "breaking the story" with some of the "caricatures" (he didn't use all of the 12, did he?) at the core of the subject matter.
The Editor had to decide how far he would advance the news. OtherWISE, how would the readers know what the hoo-ha is all about?
But suspending the whole newspaper indefintely for what Desi'd deem a "slight" infraction" of the PPPA 1984?
Do you reaaly need to Use a hammer to kill a fly?

I had expressed solidarity for the ST journalists and workers,writing a series titled RIP: Sarawak Tribune
BUTT to hell with the bosses!
They welcomed tghe Government's decision of indefinitely suspension. Adding salt to injury, they then avowed the newspaper would NOT RE-PUBLISH even if, and when, the suspension order was lifted!
Join the Malaysian Masochists Mess, anyone?

So in this latest saga of the NST being asked to "show cause", I hope EsteemedReaders are cautious to be able to separate the issues, and discern the "key" players involved, many with their own private agendas. Be careful not to become a "pawn" in this game several "interested" parties -- including Bloggers? -- might be playing.

The NST dilemma, by any stretch of imagination, is NOT in the same league -- in terms of seriousness ("severity" is a better term? ...) in alleged breach - as the Sarawak Tribune's. Not even approaching the level of seriousness as Guang Ming's evening edition. There is such a thing as a Primary reference, Secondary reference, then a Tertiary reference.
But to expect these ninCOMpoops to know the difference, I need to give them a class on Da Bard's English language lessons. Do I want to waste my time?

HOWSY, let me pass Da Buck to thee?
My cut, as usual, is 30 PER CENT.

We would be under-estimating the intelligence of Malaysian readers if they were not to be INFORMED OF WHAT THE ISSUE IS ALL ABOUT. IT is the reporter's duty and role to intelligent suppkly the readers with the base/foundation of the breaking news.

There is an English saying:


But the Malaysian authorities have been quite outstanding in having some enforcement officers who don't even want to understand what the issue is. They only want to show their AUTHORITY.
There are also some daily NEWSPAPERS who don't want to inform their readers of the news of the day, until the waters are safe to venture into. Then you might as well call yourself a megazine, to make mega bucks is thy name.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Politicians & Journalists

Desi this morn was greAted by TWO pieces of news giving an insight into the new Minister of Information -- in my world, I refer to him as minister of P. (Your gas of what P is is as goode as anyone else's...:) And don't be rude, asking Desi to spell it out!There is a Chinese saying: When painting a portrait, don't paint until the intestines show-lah!How many times Have I recounted this from Mr Coww's vice collectibles?

First account is extracted from an online newspaper, to which Desi the pauper does NOT have a subscritption and so it's thanks to the courtsey of a mGf's channelling to keep me educated on issues of the day. Jest some extracts from the report dated
Feb 20, 2006 and the emphasis is all mine, Desi's alone, not the sender, not the messnger, yes, the culprit is Desiderata-ylchong alone!
(Nowadays, one must make oneself 100% plus one clear so when there is trouble arising, one can join the ID parade and be shot, like in the firing squad in the days of the German genoside? Or to the Russian prairie, or to the Communist commune?
Digressing again, and it's jest started!:)

Zam: I won't entertain rubbish

Newly-appointed Information Minister Zainuddin Maidin had one answer - and stuck to it - when asked to respond to a claim that he had sought the sacking of top New Straits Times Press Bhd (NSTP) editors.

"I don't want to entertain rubbish. Sorry," he flatly told reporters at his office, on his first day at work as full minister following last week's cabinet reshuffle.

In otherwise jovial mood, Zainuddin - widely known as Zam - had called a press conference to explain the ministry's new policies, flanked by his two new deputies Zahid Hamidi and Chia Kwang Chye.

In a commentary published last Thursday, NSTP deputy chairperson and editorial advisor, Kalimullah Hassan had lashed out at Zainuddin, reminding him he is "not an editor of the Malaysian media".

Kalimmullah had claimed that, a day before the cabinet reshuffle last Tuesday, Zainuddin had asked for top NSTP editors to be dismissed, during an Umno bureau closed-door meeting.

Pressed for his response, Zainuddin again replied: "I am not going to entertain rubbish. I have the bigger picture in mind. You have to look at the bigger picture, not at small things."

Asking reporters to introduce themselves later, he clarified the context of his use of the word 'rubbish', when it came to the New Straits Times (NST) reporter's turn to identify himself.

"I am not referring to anyone as rubbish. But I am not going to take any rubbish. You know we have a very big task here. We are not going to entertain this small thing," he reiterated.

"I'm not saying NST is rubbish, jangan silap (don't mistake my meaning). I am just saying that I'm not going to entertain petty things," he told the reporter.

Jokingly, he asked everyone else: "Do I look like your enemy? Do I look like your editor? No?" before bursting into laughter.

"In newspapers we are trained as to what should be published. (If) it's rubbish, then you throw it in the bin... This profession teaches you to be a mature and very knowledgeable person.

"Unfortunately some people still pour out things in the newspapers. But that's guided by emotion, not by logical thinking," he said without elaborating.

Suffice to stop here. Want the full report, go take out a fool subscritpion. I did earn some B&B from thast newspaper once, butt that would be another storey to climb, when Desi has the time and needs the dime!

In my acKNOWledgement letter to the kind sender, Desi wrote, with some editing and self-censorship-lah, also added some spice (in English it's called EMbelleSHMENT-lah, like what the ladies do with cosmetics and P. surgery-lah! I think after this Post, I'm going to starting counting the MIStleTOES backwards!
I was trained at mainstream media, remember?:

"Hi ...:

Being a minister, he's FIRST, a politician, next a
I just don't trust politicians. Petty and
not-so-petty, including the likes of ....* and ....**.

Did you know that in his three/four terms as a Penang
constituency's MP, ....** never had a Serrvice Centre?

People had to go to his law office even on
constituency matters!

As for ....*, just take my word I have seen him work at
pretty close hand! A former comrade of his Tan See ....*** 2!

And if you think Dr M was dictatorial you, don't klnow what dictatorship is about!
And if you think Social Activism is puapering, this former Oppo leader now is on the boards of many Listed Companies ... and yet at the same time trying to sell medicine like in the olde days by the roadside, you know what I mean?

YL, Desi

PS: I prefer Pak Samad's press interview as in the
Star today.If there is ONE journo true to his
profession, this is One!

See, I am NOT RACIST, yes?

Account 2, speaks for itself, and reprinted here in fool because I think it's goode for the record, in appreciation of a fellow journalist whom I had the pleasure of "training" UNDER ('Daisy' carelessly left this word out, and that really makes ... full of ...self!doesn't she?) - and verbal intercourse - at a seven-day Media Trainig Course in my roaring daes. Just add proudly I would be proud to associate myself with Pak Samad's views on journalism as highlioghted (BOLDED-lah, By Desi, no, not by The Star, not by ZAM...why so long-winded one?)

from The Star, page 29:

Wednesday February 22, 2006

Pak Samad: Build up trust


Keep good ties with the leaders but there is no need to be overcautious, so says veteran journalist Tan Sri Abdul Samad Ismail to newspapers.

And the law requiring a permit to print a newspaper should no longer be necessary, said the newsman fondly known as Pak Samad.

“It's not necessary to have the Act (Printing Presses & Publications Act 1984) anymore,” he said at his house yesterday. “No one in his sane mind will condemn the Government.

“You should just write what you think is fit to be published. Don't wait for the Government to signal first.

“I never listen to government signals, but then again I was close to the top leaders. The media must establish trust and confidence with the top leaders so that they don't suspect you of doing anything against them.”

Samad, 82, said newspapers practised self-censorship, sometimes too much for their own good.

“Sometimes people are afraid of their own shadows. They build phantoms of their own and impose their own rules but sometimes it is unfounded.”

“In my experience, I bantai aje (I just write) but I was also close to the top people and helped them as well.”

He said there was no such thing as press freedom, then and now.

“There is press freedom to publish but there is no press freedom to write anything according to your whims and fancies without the consideration of public order,” he said.

Samad's illustrious career in journalism began when he joined Utusan Melayu in Singapore in 1941. Between 1941 and 1944, he was the assistant editor of Utusan Warta Malaya (Berita Malai). He was made editor in 1945.

In 1946, he rejoined Utusan Melayu as assistant editor and was appointed its deputy editor from 1953 to 1958. He became a Berita Harian editor in 1958.

He was later the managing editor and deputy editor-in-chief with the New Straits Times until 1976 when he was detained under the Internal Security Act.

Upon his release, he was made editorial adviser of the New Straits Times Press Bhd in the 1980s and became editorial consultant in 2000 for a year.

Information Minister Datuk Zainuddin Maidin, who paid a courtesy call on Samad at his house yesterday, said he wanted to thank the veteran journalist for his contributions to the field.

“He made Utusan Melayu (Utusan Malaysia) into a distinguished journalistic institute. Although I have never worked directly with him, the fighting spirit that he pioneered is in me and has helped shape my personality and thinking when looking at problems facing the nation,” said the former Utusan Malaysia editor-in-chief.

Zainuddin said after independence, Samad removed elements of colonisation from the Straits Times to make it an English newspaper responsible for expanding the Malaysian nationalistic way of thinking.

“Regardless of what people think about Pak Samad's political stand, he is still a renowned journalist and nationalist with great contributions,” he said.

DESIDERATA: A point to add is Let's give Zam the benefit of the doubt and see hopw his propaganda pans out after a year on the job. as well as how he handles the "current" controversy enveloping Brendan Pereira and gang at the NST (You mean you don't know? Then detour to Jeffooi's Screenshots-lah!) vis-a-vis the Cartoon Incident (or isit Accident?) with reference to a Muhammad...AND I also agree with Zam's last comment that "Regardless of what people think about Pak Samad's political stand, he is still a renowned journalist and nationalist with great contributions."
See, Desi does agree with even his nemesis sometimes, and it's all fair and square in love, war and journalism, and politics

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Miror, mirror on the wall...?

Desi's jest recovered his bearings after a bout over-lemak-ing (the stoopid ones go lepak-ing, the WISEones go know, I know, Ok-lah) following one night of high-powered Pow-Wow at a certain G7-reduced-to-F4 Meet held with an undisclosed National Agenda for Media Practitioners. Media includes the-all-important-BlogCitizens, a significant sub-class of NetCitizens.

Hence a short take.
First take out your mirror.
All femail readers, I know you have one in thy handy handbag.

All mail, borriow from thy galfriend, failing which, enter the Washroom, Rstroom or a Place with the signTO.LET. Besta if you can use one at Putrajaya along its corridors of power. You are a tax-payer, arent you, you you are entitled to access, yes?

Now obedient ones -- Malaysians are very well brought up, no? -- turn to page 4, The Star, February 21, 2006:

PM: Lay off race politics

MALACCA: Politicians have been told to steer clear of racial issues as a means to fish for votes because it will jeopardise national unity.

“Politicians think that harping on racial issues is the way to get votes. It is an easy way, but not a proper one,” Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said.

“If we continue to play racial politics till a level beyond our control, we will be at the losing end,” he told reporters after launching the Yayasan Gabungan Pelajar Melayu Semenanjung (GPMS) building fund at MITC, Ayer Keroh.

MEET THE PM: Excited students greeting Abdullah at the launch of the GPMS building fund in Ayer Keroh Monday.
The RM18mil building to be constructed in Alor Gajah will be a tuition and training centre for students.

Abdullah stressed that all parties needed to work together to foster stronger racial unity.

“This is not an easy task, and it will take a long time since the country is made up of various races,” he said.

Education, he said, was one of the key segments in promoting national unity.

Abdullah noted that the level of tolerance among Malaysians had improved compared with the old days.

“One is comfortable with the other; now, we need to enhance cooperation and mingling among the various races.”

Parents, when educating their children, should not display prejudices toward other races, he said.


A short commentary, for I have an important appointment later that is of national importance, not cari-cari hari-hari makan.
To the PM's credit, his opening call was addressed to ALL POLITICIANS, so I give him the benefit of the doubt he includes those from the 14-component Barisan Nasional, secondary to PAS, DAP,PKR, MCP, JKR and what have thee.

This morning I am in a tolerant mood, so I'll expend some precious time to lay off cari-cari makan and lend some of my much expressed thoughts at Desi's Place the past 11 months (how time flies, like the birds above!).


*1. I've appealled for the abolition of all race-based political parties e.g. UMNO for the Malays, MCA for the Chinese, and MIC for the Indians, for is n't what Unity supposed to be, One above Race? We're Malaysians, aren't we?
Subsidiary point: Do away with the space for Ras?Keturunan in all official forms eg Passport application, IC application, School enrolment

*2. Do away with all religion-based parties e.g. PAS catering for Muslims. If anything that is of potential incendiary nature, it's RELIGION, as bad as RACE, when used/abused by the politicians.
Can yuou imagine if some Christians, Buddghist and Hindus enthusiasts were to register the Christian Democrazy Party, Buddhist Uniti Party and the Hindu Prossives Party respectively in Malaysia?
They can, you know, as long as you allow PAS to go on...

*3. So now that I have to the one of the CORE PROBLEMS that stand in the way of UNITY OF MALAYSIANS< do you think Pak Lah and his great Barisan Nasional leaders will lead by example, and start dismantling the barriers?

I hear some of my YoungOnes whisper: Desi, Be more patient and tolerant-lah. Don't behave like the child dismantling the Emperor's new clothes at Putrajaya, kenORknot?

PS: A short one as I preface with a hint, I have an appointment with PKR and DAP members to PERSUADE them to persuade PAS to act first -- then they stand a whisker of a chance to form the Alternative Government.

OtherWISE, it's business as usual, Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi or Najib Tun Razak, or ........
The Political Process of first, Cooperation, then CO-OPTION, finally, Copulation, will go on, swimmingly, as in a Crocodile-invested Pool.

As for Ong Ka Ting and Samy Vellu -- who art thou?
"We" managed the country from the PWTC -- not Parliamen House. See how we decided at dat last UMNO General Assembly to retain the NEP? We prefaced with UMNO Youth doing the keris sandiwara, forgot eh?
You Malaysians have such short, or s-circuited, memories!

It's alright, Big BrotherUMNO will lullaby you to continue sleeping.
We are sleeping partners, aren't we?

While the juniors will continue to Eat, Drink and Be Merry!

Monday, February 20, 2006


The head is heavy
The eyes fight to open
No, I don't want bread
I don't want milk

I won't post long today
Can't live up to my name
The words are in a whirlpool
My eyelids keep dripping
The younones say it'snot kewl

I know what's cool for me
Soothing music just to take the cares away
I don't need to work 9-to5--5
Jest to keep body whole
And wonder if it rests my soul

I want to spirit away
To an I-Land of my dreams
When when your head is heavy
The angels will massage your forehead
And MondaeBlues will drift away
They lullaby you in bed
Whispering soft nothings yet everything
When yiour head is spinning
From an overdose of msg
From Uncle Lim's over-lemak Nazi Lemak

Now Angel
Can you wave your magic wand
Put away all of Man made bothers
And leave me in my cocoon
Of my Muse and wanton thought

Maybe tomorrow
I won't complain again

10.15AM Mondae
Had my Nasi Lemak about 3.13PM Yesterdae
Carrefool, Subang Jaya

Sunday, February 19, 2006

CONverse at a cable car restron ...

Last night followed a mid-afternoon half visitation ala Ides of March in PeDarling Jaya so the G7 Meet scheduled for first the 7th day, then 14th day of CNY finally took place post-CNY, in the tradition of a lazyfaire demokrazee country called Malayisia-eh.

Butt the quorum -- like the incredible several-thousand-strong Bar Council -- was not met, so a freelan Blogger was CO-OPTED. The F4 Meet was called to order punctilliciouslly at 7.30PM. (that long word is a combo of puctually and deliciously lah!)

Desi has warned of first Cooperation, then CO-OPTION, finally Copulation in the Poltical Process. Desiderata: Sundae nowadays goes on Inter-Lude which means it need not be in light vein, can also be in vain.

In gist,under the Malaysia-ehish P.P., the status quo tries to attract an emerging Malaysiean daughter/son by offering her/him karat. One or two, dossn't matter, the more the merrier. If the donkkey -- the gender is neutral here -- bites, then you have co-opearted with the Status Quo. One notch up.

Then CO-OPTION -- this is the critical test period.
If the Donkkee, after receiving the gracious one or two carat karat, now feels hungry for more, she/he will be given some AP. AP is APpetiser of the heavenly kind. Sweet and copulent. Once the donkkee has taken the first bite, it's as goode as Eve taking the first byte of the Apple. Adam will normally, meekly follow as a child, yes, mule and mild. Second notch up, or down, depending on your philosophical outlook.

WE'll finally, maybe Desi will leave the lust, to the last.

So back to the CONverse.

The F4 sat themselves royally down to a four-seater table in a square table in the belly of the Cable Car. It is misnomer actually -- the owners like all innovative businesmen in Malaysiaeh -- thot in the heart of Koala Lumpur and PeDarling Jaya, it's good to give the hustled-bustled folks a sense of Penang Hill serenity by promising a Cable Car Ride Up -- or down, depending ..., to the third floor of Successfool Suppermarket.

Then the rest is what Desi can recall what he heard on the gravevine as an assortment dinner -- Chic, Lemu that can fry, flaming lamb chop of several karat'e strikes, and plain Vignon de Cavalier H2O ... iced of course, for weary eyes after a blardy long week of iKabinet and nu'deCabinet that looked like re-painted furniture from yu-o-Kay, butt that's first digression.

Oh, the CONverse:

Meet this Y&A, 15-going-16, I didn't believe his writHings on the Net, so at the G5 Meet in the preparartory Round for the G7, one brother checked his IC.

"Come, use this gadgift to check you religion -- you're Christian, but can land up as Muslim as many back in my kampong found out to their dismight..."

This YoungOne puts all your reporters stuff -- largest circulating paper siummore! -- to shame, man, so powerfool. Yoy upoen his WEblog and you are greeted by the likes of Plato and Suharto...

"Yah, some of 'em with Masters in Engrish somemore -- in 100-word 'rite-up they get 70 right, and 30 left ..."

Here, this one is my most-times Mentor, and sumtimes mentee. She comes from nigh one KennySiah blogger whose coconut is as big as ...(speaker stretches out shortened arms)

"No-lah, we are more famous for our gr8 minds. Few know it, butt of the Top 10 Richest men in da 'hole wi'e worlde, one must have come from the Land Below the Wind..."

Yes, I hurt. He even funded the past 7MP.

"And the nu'es is that a Western or Eastern Times will soon arise in Catsville. At least the ST people now can have a resort to run to..."

"So Y&A one, what are you proposing to do -- you're doing A-levels rite? - at University, and where?"

"I plan to do Economics/Finance plus Law.
The first is to prepare myself for a meanigfool role as a Malaysiaehan, I don't ythink I'd go and migarate as first op[tion...

"The second is at desi's persuade -- to render him free legal services in anticipation of sume courtly suit/es with his byting pen-ning...

"I think I'do it in the States. Locally, I heurt of one lecturer who Failed all her students and was called in by the Don to pass them She refused, and was deported.
I hurt she had the last laff when the 'hle class was subsequently sent overseas, and one year later, was deported back to Malaysia-eh."

Then go to Sin-land, They have the best programs -- twining with the Ivy league unis in the US and UK and even China ... I plan to send my own Y&A there for maybe mdeicine, or another Lawyer -- agin, Desi's persuade to have a second legal counsel at his side when he lands in the crocodile farm restron pool ...

Hey, that's why I invested in ALLY McBEAL on the youngman's footoore .... must plan seven years ahead for a head start; then people will head-hunt ...

Hey, Desi, what's the latest reaction to Pak Lah's Kabinet?

"Wella, I quote jeffooi's Screenshots straw poll in five words or less: Results show 95-98% gave him a Downder. Yah-lah, he shouldn't have mixed so closely with that Aussie Foreign Minister...

What's your take?

"I quoted from BeeGees: I Started a Joke.

I hear hthe poor guy is handicapped -- by his Body Language, there might be a brute jest waiting to pounce/pound him.

"You know, I truly enjoyed Shakespeare -- Julius Caesar and Romeo & ..."

Oh, I didn't do Romeo, butt Caesar, not my cup of wine...

Yah-lah, you're a gal, Me macho must like Brutes et al... et tu, brute?...
Like the iKabinet members, they are all, Yang Berhomrmat, honourable men.

I also hurt He's very uncortable fielding reporters' questions on Economics, true-ah.

"So-so lah. 50-50.
"But the one about one of his Deputies is more interesting. He's in charge of Multi-Media & Kommuikations....we all laughed till the tears becaome ice when it was unveiled He does not know how to use even a Komputer!!!"

Yeah, that one I know, covered him at one function, and when he spoke in Engrund, a few of us had to buly our heads in our program.

That reminds me of that Latuk Cock Nenas -- he used to boast he steal used his TYPE-WRITER as he had no use for the modern gadgift of the Komputer!

Yalah, typical -- like the eat, Drink and Be Merry politiciains. Make your drawback sound it's an asset.
Malaysia-eh. BTW -- sia-eh in Chinoseie when wlonbg rponounced, as that DM is wont to do, can mean DIE-lah!)

"Which reminds me of one GECIC. He was on leave and wanted to flag his column. He asked the chauffer to fetch a TYPEWRITER from the office!
And when he covered one Minister, he even SOUNDS like the minister..."


DESIDERATA: Then the bell rang, it's 10PM.
All entertainment joints have to close by 10.10PM to ensute all the YoungOnes below age of 21 all not aloud to be MISguided by their Elders in cable cars, or restrooms, or restroans -- up hill or down hill. Dangerous thoughts.


Blardy hell, Howdy from lundun was supposed to reach here before Closing to pay the bill!
Hey, can
O: 'Ove

PS: added at 1.41PM:

Pne mGf whsipered I forgot about the finally, Copulation. The new MoP ruled that proFANities on CONsecutive daes are NOT ALOUD! Being a law-abiding ciitizen-Blogger, Desi stops here.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

We Have Time for $-Talk, Don't We?


This post is XXSpecial in that Desiderata talks MoneyTree.
No, Money does NOT grow on trees. Butt some lucky Malaysians -- wat?.... putras? -- receive Durian Runtuk ofTEN enuf, but they are not really my cup of moUrning tea! Mine is Haridas' tehtarik, with some susu lembu added if the cows come hoime on time after travelling 1-1/2 months taking some mGf back to Penang and back to Kayel.

Today's saga is like my occasional beef steak -- we all know, not that rare, or medium, butt well-done -- it's always been lurking around, butt not spoken because you can get a suit on your hands. No, not that Valentine's suite, it's over by a few daes now!

But a courtly one, and the METRAMAC SAGA came into public spotlight -- after hanging around in the Malaysian shadows called ssenisuBPolitics Bedlam for too long. UNTIL A BOLD -- and TRULY TOWERING MALAYSIAN - JUDGE SPOKE HIS MIIND.

I hang onto his coattails to expand thy mind for about 10 minutes this new morn, can?
I've jest list'd to my Engrund teAcher-cum-kroner Matt Monro's "BORN FREE" followed by "WALK AWAY" -- you in deed have a choice under the Malaysian sun! :) or isit :( with due respect to my Doggie friend borrowed from Peanuts. You would be hearing a lot from HIS judgement calls the remainder of 2006 -- it's HIS PRIVILEGED YEAR, RITE?

The following was first published at , where I freelan to earn my plain bread, with some butter, and sum occasional KAYA thrown in when my counter went "limit up"! If it went LimitDowner, I l'ved on H2O and air alone. Goode for Slimming, Lad'!

This review, (slightly edited here), may help some Malaysians to get an inkling on what ails the Malaysian Stock Market -- BURSA MALAYSIA to those steal living in the lust centuiry of instant millionaires and once-in-a-w'ile BILLIONAIRE-AT-27! -- so bear with me, but don't add any bull via Comments, KO!

from: Your Sumtimes l'ving mentor
Most Times Mentee.


YL, Desi


The following is a summary of highlights in the ongoing saga of
This legal tussle implicates former Government appointee
(HALIM SAAD) who was once head honcho of the
Government giant construction group - UNITED ENGINEERS MALAYSIA (UEM).
He has been alleged to have acted inmproperly when he was head of UEM in its dealings with SYARIKAT TERATAI - the original concessionaire of
tollways in Kuala Lumpur now renamed Metramac (controlled
by MTD Infraperdana).

The saga begins with Syarikat Teratai having won a Government Concession for tollways in 1990 on Kuala Lumpur's existing roads subject to some upgrades to be
undertaken. Upon completion of the projects, payment from the Government to
Syarikat Teratai was stuck until it was taken over by UEM (an UMNO-controlled company. UMNO is the dominant Malay party within the 14-component Government Coalition).
UEM was then headed by alim - a politically well-connected and influential person. The early 90s were buoyant times for the Malaysian economy and much has been
written about the levels of political cronyism practised then under the MAHATHIR Adminstration. Halim eventually took control of METACORP which then purchased Metramac from UEM.

Metacorp sold Metramac to MTD Infraperdana in the middle of 2005. The legal case against MTD Infraperdana is in respect of the advertising rights along the
tollway originally signed with Syarikat Teratai.

Below is a chronology of the events and background facts of the
METRAMAC litigation. MTD Infraperdana has only provided scanty information
leading up to the litigation which received widespread newspaper coverage
in January 2006 in the light of the judgement against METRAMAC.

The Court of Appeal on Jan 12, 2006 awarded FAWZIAH HOLDINGS Sdn Bhd RM65million in compensation for the loss of advertising rights
in a suit against METRAMAC CORP SDN BHD (currently a unit of MTD INFRAPERDANA)
over the privatisation of a number of roads in Kuala Lumpur.
The Court also ordered METRAMAC to pay FAWZIAH HOLDINGS all proceeds received under future contracts.

Justice GOPAL SRI RAM described the events that led to METRO JUARA SDN BHD's takeover of Syarikat Teratai as "a scandalous state of affairs". He said HALIM SAAD and ANUAR OTHMAN had flirted with "an aggravated form of criminal breach of trust" as Company Directors, who had intentionally misappropriated RM32.5m from Syarikat Teratai by siphoning it out of the Company's account.

Halim has denied this.

Syarikat Teratai is the original concessionaire of certain tollways in
Kuala Lumpur. Syarikat Teratai is now known as Metramac. On Jan 16, 2006, Halim issued a statement to the BURSA MALAYSIA in which he questioned the judgment of the Court of Appeal on the FAWZIAH HOLDINGS SDN BHD vs METRAMAC CORPORATAION SDN BHD case.

MUHAMAD FAWZI ABDUL KARIM, the Project Advisor and
brother of Plaintiff, FAWZIAH ABDUL KARIM, the then Director of Syarikat Teratai KG Sdn Bhd, a family company, wrote a Letter to the Editor in the Sun Jan 25, 2006 to "put certain facts stated in Halim's statement in proper perspective".

The gist of the letter was as follows:

1. Syarikat Teratai had won the concession to design,
build and operate certain toll roads in Kuala Lumpur
through an open tender invitation by Dewan Bandaraya
Kuala Lumpur (City Hall).

2. Five companies, namely Syarikat Teratai, UNITED
participated in the said tender invitation.

3. The bid was evaluated by a Steering Committee
comprising the Treasury, Economic Planning Unit, the
Public Works Department and KL City Hall, which then
awarded the concession to Syarikat Teratai. Halim
through UEM had participated in the
tender but was unsuccessful.

4. After the concession was awarded to Syarikat Teratai,
Halim had on various occasions approached
Fawziah to persuade her to allow UEM to
take up equity in Syarikat Teratai or sell her shares
in Syarikat Teratai to United Engineers.

MUHAMAD FAWZI's letter also included further

1. Through a series of various meetings with Fawziah,
the last being July 1990, where a copy of the
Information Memorandum prepared by SCHRODERS was
forwarded and handed to Halim, he was aware that
Syarikat Teratai was a profitable company and for him
to say that he was "arm-twisted" to take over STKG is

2. "One of the Judges, ZULKEFLI b AHMAD MAKINUDDIN in
his decision stated that:
"In total, the payment to Metramac, by one description
or the other, now totalled RM756.70million. It is not
payment under the second concession agreement. It must
include the `termination charges' of RM63million to
the Plaintiff put forward by Metramac itself."
"It is not mere coincidence that the sum of RM756.70million
paid, or to be paid, to Metramac approximates the sum
of RM764million claimed as compensation by Syarikat Teratai
for termination of the first concession agreement."

3. In Aug 1993, Halim (through METRO JUARA) injected
the shares of Metramac via a reverse takeover scheme
of Metacorp in exchange for 70million new Metacorp shares at
RM2.50 per share.
The monetisation (making the shares more liquid and
easy to sell) of Metramac's shares via the reverse
takeover of Metacorp's shares on the KLSE resulted in
the value of Halim's 70million shares in Metacorp (at a
conservative price of RM6.40) to be worth RM488million.
It will be seen from the above figures that Halim,
through the corporate exercise with Metacorp, saw his
share value go up 11 times in just a brief period of 2

4. The notes to Matramac's Accounts for the year ended
March 31, 1992 stated that: "The Government of
Malaysia has agreed (via their letter dated Feb 13,
1992) and has paid an amount of RM32.5 million to the
Concession Company on the condition that the
Concession Company pay the premium to the shareholders
of the Company."

Muhamad Fawzi closed his letter stating that: "If anybody is unhappy with the Judgment they are entitled to appeal and take up their complaint at the Appeal,
but it is improper for statements to be made criticising the Judgment for various reasons."

Friday, February 17, 2006

Oh, no! Shit!

The first time I indulged in some proFANity at Desi's Place was in the spirit of pro-FUN-unity. In a way it was done as a Third Party reference so I could blame in all on Young&Articulate Chris.

Chris the "speaker" and story-teller in Mark Haddon's Incident of the Dog in the Nightime ... Yan knows very wella the Chris IO'm talking about because she too has one Y&A aspiring to be a Lawyer-and-meanw'ile-diverted-by-the-Nurse-in-the-ward!:)

I arrived at work this moUrn just after 9; first thing I did was what I do every morn if the PC is working -- checked Yahoo! mail.

First the good news: john wriote me NOT a dear Chong letter to confirm he's attending the deferred G7 meet tomorrow.
Then the bad news -- kyels sent her regrets -- felt too "down-heArted" I think to say it in her email, referred Desi to "Beware" at her weblog.

Kyels -- as many of my regular E would know by now -- is one of a few EsteemedReaders who promoted themselves to become Desi's most times "mentee" and sometimes "mentor".

She injured herself trying to fend off two "bastrads" snatching off an "invaluable" bag from her as it contained an equipment borrowed from a friend. Yes, reflex action often spurs one to protect one's "belongings" -- especially a precious item borrowed from a sincere buddy...(Read about it first-person at, I agree with her:
"Oh, shit those Fuckers!"
Sumtimes a fowl word or two is aloud, yes? And that, definitely, is a rhetorical Q!

I can understand Kyels' feelings.
I am sure evryone of us would have similar experiences to recount --happening to ourselves, family members, friends. Just over the recent CNY period, my nephews had their house "burgled" -- second incident in two CNY breaks! -- and their father "losing" his Proton car parked right ioutside their house.

Luckily mGf kyels suffered -- hopefully I pray -- temporary injuries. But the sense of being "terrorised" . Yes, terrorism comes in the form of having your sense of safety compromised -- especially in places like your own residential neighbourhood. Since some 10 years back, Desi has been telling friends -- especially young teenage girsl, also older women too -- that it's no more safe to venture out alone!

With millions of "aliens" roaming our country, I wonder whether the authorities have not been using the "ISA" on the right targets? My dear EsteemedReaders, oplease tell me!

Meanwhile, Desi and our GoodFriends would say a prayer for kyels -- also Koi Kye Lee
formally to us who have the pribilege of her friendship -- "We wish you speedy recovery" and may the Almighty watch over her and Keep Thee Well."

Yes, Desi is humbnle to 'fess that I learnt more than I've given to the Y&A ones qho in Blogsworld travels stop to converse. Learning is ALWAYS a two-way process. Ne'ver forget that! I'm saying this to remind myself -- and other OldDownStarts like bro Imran!

Today's post was started at abot 10.10AM -- I only managed to put the last full-stop at . A reluctant piece of shit writing -- it spoilt my day -- tomorrow's as well. But we have to make the besta of it!

Wonder if the police has been using the other ISA on the right people? Most times Desi thinks they are barking up the wrong tree -- Opposition party leaders, NGO activists, some diehard hardcoore wrieters ... but they don't see the wolves in their midst! Set up more Commissions of Inquiry?

Butt CitizenJoe and Jane -- what are we going to do about it?

Some 1-2 million "illegals" in Our Country, and this IS not a security situation?

Before the day's over, I may have to say I. S. A: amen at least a few more times!
Come GE2008-9, mark the Cross against the Dacing, nyet agin?

Masochistic Malaysians?
Stop ranting, stop raving, stop, yes, Stop Komplening!
You blardy arsed for it!
Think I've exhausted my quota of proFUNities for the 'hole of 2006...
Bleah! :( whispered my Doggie borrowed from Peanuts.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

W'o started a joke?

The IDES OF MARCH seemed to have arrived one month early for Desi this year.

Maybe the next Hollywood blockbustier be named Travel Into the Future...?
For the life of me, until today I steal can't comprehend why that predecessor block... was titled Back to the Future. Do you?

Hollywood dark sense of humour?
Or Da Bard having a laff on Malaysians for many have I's, but they do not see?
otherWISE, how can you Xplain the constant ranting, raving and raised voices (defiintely no in the spirit of Valentione!): this wooden iKabinet from Pak Lah?

Yet, every General Elections come around, they cast the cross against the Daching, nthrowing the Rocket, the sun, Moon and the stars and stripes inwo the WP basket.
Oh, Malaysians suffer from Masochism, I hear one mGf whisper.
Can you turn up the volume pleAse!

I was a li'l flightened when the Ides of March rained down on KL and PJ folks for an half hour yesterday?
Fool of sound and fury -- I heard thunder claps like they are giving Malaysians a taste of what Armageddon would be like, Reality show being so hot on TV nowadays.
The steaks that flashed across the heavens gave an inkling how a man on Death Row would get his Electric Shock in Foulsome Prisin somewhere in the great USofA? This is hearsay only -- Desi once a w'ile indulges in rumour-mangering when he hasn't the dime to do R&D. And time is not on his plate.

Or is the Great One telling us somethin' bad is blooming?

Now, only good things like love can, Bloom, Flowers, Bloom...

So is the early false dawn of March the 15th an Omen?
Don't need a bad Omen. Did you see that YoungGal screaming the daylights out of you, many eon years ago. Many is totally misplaced after EON.
How many times have I digressed till this point?

I told Jest Friends like Yan and Howsy via Comments.
Yan as usual was fool of delight -- offering to give me a face lift.
I asked Howsy how about giving me another lift -- left, right, centre also can.
Beggars, like church mouseys, can't be choosers.
'stead, he offer-ed Desi TOiLETS.

After raining Cats and Dogs, and in some lucky parts of KL, Tigers and Elephants too.
Butt Yan says Catsville didn't see any Elephants or Tigers fall from the tearing sky -- only doggies and catties. I could hear the Meow, meow and Woof, woof and Wow, wow!
She wonders Y she sees no tigers and elephants! It was part of the Ides of March scenario.

But this Shapespearean juster told her: the Zoo is at Parlimen House!

She retorts: You elected them wat!

I NOW riposte: You know Desi too-wella!:)

Now Desi doesn't need a Bath. Unless it's Roman -- made of Au, Ag -- remember the former boss of NKF of sin-land? He had bath taps made of Gold.
Poor Desi could only afford lady's fingers.

And MIC o'lady stole Midas.
mGf is named a close Haridas.

sssssspirit intimated to Desi she's a joke for me.
Something struck her mind -- she went Kaboom! Blank. Then she slipped under the blanket.

I hear my Doggie from Peacnuts, whisper: Bleah!:(

The BeeGees did not visit several months early though -- it's not even March, April, so Desi can't get a taste of FirstOfMay, maybe steal Reading: so a consolation, IF it was one in deed, came via not the L&E show, butt in a new programme to mark the iKabinet (i surmised "i" in front of K stands for little inspiration...)-- on RTelm! --flagged off with:

I Started a Joke
(From the album "ONE NIGHT ONLY")

I started a joke, which started the whole world crying,
but I didn't see that the joke was on me, oh no.

I started to cry, which started the whole world laughing,
oh, if I'd only seen that the joke was on me.

I looked at the skies, running my hands over my eyes,
and I fell out of bed, hurting my head from things that I'd said.

Til I finally died, which started the whole world living,
oh, if I'd only seen that the joke was on me.

'Til I finally died, which started the whole world living,
oh, if I'd only seen that the joke was one me.


Cos JoePsc, You Arsed for It!

Cows could in deed fly!

I heard this one from a friend who lived by the Mexico-US bother!
Eon years ago, one of the activities that caused the US Immigration Dept thoroughly beesy was to prevent the entry of Mexicano-es and thheir cargo-es, both hyuman and animal and wathaveyou, from entering the Great US of A. Nobody wanted to cross from the US>Mexicon xcept those on the WANTED LIST, a few Joseys and Janes.
Sorry Desi digressed, butt most Goode Storytellers do -- beef it up after after much kari kambing plus tequila and tehtarik. Heavenly combo.
Oh, the prequel I forgot: at 3.30PM, for the second consecutive afternoon, the skies over PeDarling Jaya opened up like a Roman thaetre and rained Cats, Dogs, and Elephants and Tigers, the latter two onl;y near the Parlimen House in Jalan Parliamen, whereelse?Butt I didn't see no cowws flying. The Ides of March came early twice this year. Is 2006 going to be goode or badder year?

So one evening against the changing hues of a beautifool sunset, the US guards saw a low flying airplane chugging from across the Mexican border. It bothered them as lately
there had been many such excursions smuggling illegal humans and other cargo-es into their great nation, and the population increase was draining the US dollars into wrong hands. Furthermore, the dancing Mexican gals caused a lot of social unrest because they sexed tghe American men away from their work, and wives. Butt that's another storey to climb.

The guards in their fast cars followed the plane as it droned on further into US air space. The plane was emitting some smoke, and the engine emitted noise that sounded like a bullovck cart climbing Mount Kinabalu. The plane was facing some engine trouble. And he being a law-abiding citizen of Mexico, the pilot wanted no trouble. But the Mexican pilot saw he and his cargo-es were being tailed, and if he was caught, the cargo-es would go free while he faced the gallows. Those daes Capital punishment was indeed capital.

The pilot then pulled a lever marked "OPEN".

The bother guards below saw what was literally an impossible happening!
Right before their eyes, wide open, not closed, Cows were flying through the air

"Cows could in deed fly!" -- "Rite into US terrortry summore!", screamed the US papers headlines the day after.
They did not mention what happened to the pilot whose capital crime was smuggling a few of our ministerial Good fRiends -- lembu-lembu -- as they fetched SE7EN times the price in the great US of A than in puur Mexico.

So, now you funny Malaysians, don't ever say with that smirk on thy face, agin: Yeah, I hear that cows can fly!