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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Where were you, mr pm?

A Poem for One Who Lost His Way

The house of human and citizen rights to defend
Once stood tall and august
But Dec 11 saw the rapists marching in

Precedents were set by nincompoops
Who preferred foul language because they lost their soul
Demeaning wives, sisters and daughters with leaky smelly mouthings
That would sahme even a standard six child
But they call themselves Wakil Rakyat

Then they slaughtered cows
Within the hallowed compound
For starters

On Black Tuesday Dec 11 they performed
Another slaughter
Of Human Rights
Common citizens who gathered to hand over a memorandum
Isn't that an honourble thing to do?
Hey, this is OUR House of Representatives
Became victims of men-in-blue
Who without question just arrest Citizen Joe
These guys in uniform who were supposed to protect us all
How can you now expect us to respect you?

Parilament House is Not Pak Lah's mansion
Neither Zakaria Mad Deros' small house
Nor the mighty mansion by River Swine nigh Perth
Was it the PM's son's or adopted dar'in' Patrick Badawi's?
Or is it the son-in-law's?

You can rape at Zak's
at Patrick Bodowi's
I don't care

For heaven's sake, and my children's sake
Don't rape at Parliament House
There's such a thing as human rights
As adopted by the United Nations Organisation
some 60 years ago
And NegaraKu proudly signed on dotted line

Hey, mr pm, where were you?
What did you do
While murderers, plunderers
and rapists wander into santuaries
of dear Malaysians' hearts and souls
mighty and free?


Lone said...

It is time for this sleepy PM to go but even if we walk and march and blog every waking nanosecond of the day the dastardly BN will still be around the next 50 years if we don't vote them out!
We all think we know who Bodohwe is. Those of you who are eligible to vote and have not registered to vote and those of you who fell over for someone's sweet words the last time around; go look at the mirror and you will truly discover who Bodohwe really is!
Stop being Bodohwes and Mushrooms, you do not deserve the shit you are being fed by the BN and the MSM (mainstream media), wake up and one day we may all smell the roses. Go register as a voter and when the 12th election comes, vote wisely.
Click on this
So go out there and get your neighbours, friends, workmates etc etc who are eligible to vote to get registered as voters. There may still make it for the 12th election!
Put a poster or picture or whatever on your blog and get your visitors to register and vote.

Maverick SM said...

Oh, he is no more sleeping. he is busy going through a list of would-be ISA candidates.

zorro said...

Oft I hear,
though doth fear
a sleepy man
with plans.

The blood of bovines he did spill
to seal
his betrothal around
parliament grounds.

In pre-yule-tide yesterday
his thugs
and trucked

twenty nine
citizens, you friends and mine
who did not want rabid rashid
another twelve months to relish
another election fake.

desiderata said...


like zorro said to desi:

You'll never walk a-lone.
Thanks matey, for heads-up
So those "eligible" Malaysian not registered to "v"ote nyet
Get off thy butt and do as lone said

Get out thy neighbors, thy girlfriend
Please don't be laggard, do mend
The country's fate depends on thee
aMore than on lone-ly&desi:):)
Make it three:):):)

desiderata said...


art thou the sleepy-eyed's prompter?
let's gift him aMore sleeping pills then
VVe donwan any ISayAmen candidate- blogger
VVe want nu'e gomen, oh, when, when, WHEN?
God save us from ripped-off winkles
and all his bogeymen
and then we'll sleep in
I guess, Amen.

desiderata said...

brother zorro:

VVe marhed, VVe walked
VVe will triumph Cos
Justice and human dignity will prevail
Gandhi principles now unveil'd
And awe GOoD men must up stand
Yes, be our friend

"V"eni, "V"idi, "V"ici!