My Anthem

Sunday, December 16, 2007

a chicken meal with nu'e and olde friends

just o'er the wickedend

desi descended on big, bad wolfish cheras
where kLites are smart, jumpy and deras
some in jalan alor are said to be enraged should you stare
and so desi wit' much reluctance venture dare

but i have a friend or two in taman sungei long
yes, the garden nameth partly after YL Chong
cos i declined an invite to reside/retire there
those inhabitants said desi wouldn't belong
Cos I sing a socialist song

i plead guilty as charged
but i remind my buddies i celebrate my wickedend capitalistic ways
you give me roti canai, i hyde away
i prefer honeyed tea, french toast mult-layered with skipy peanut
and my roast lamb
if that's not bourgeoisie enough
gift desi a bottle of red label french wine
if if gift me also puerh tea from menghai, xiaguan
and throw in women and song
surely this socialite in cheras belong

this little ditty is dedicated to a couple of
josts whose affable names rime with tuan/john and choo-choo train
i also befrended calvin wan or duo
and two luvly lasses namaed mei and angeline
whose faces grew render and redder
like the reindeer's red nose in winter
w'ile desi's became lobeters red-and-blue

VVVVVVVe tokked of olde times, then nude dimes
VVe tokkok,VVe talked chicken,
VVe tokked koreaanese, wwe also chinoserie, vve tokkedHOKhen
VVe talked of everything, vve talked of nothing
if someone told you he knew everything
then i know that he 'new nothing
cos yesterday is just today 24 earlier
and tomorrow is another 24 hence
so you can't say you knew me then
i asked of thee, when, then, hence

to myGOoDfriends awe
list'ning to mind ramblin' after seventy sips of wine
and seven cuplets of puerh from menghai
you don't get any lower, you can only go higher
if you believe desi truly
i came back to furong 20 years younger
it makes me am I more stupid or wiser?
desi says "thank Q you
thanks you U:)"
for being so understanding
for accpeting me e'en as i insult you
for eating thy chicken licken
thou thinketh eisntein re-cloned is both an offier and genteelman
who enjoys lamb more than chicken
yet he walloped half the chick
cos the sheep ran away with mary
i couldn't have lamp chop i'm sorry
i thus ate half of thy chicken

11.36pm Sundae
Dec 16, 2007


Maverick SM said...

You ...only poem; everywhere!!!LOL

desiderata said...

dear mave:
these are challenging or interesting times
i need to rest at my haven
hence my verse
i hope it'snot averse
thanks for thy concern
i thought my station you'd discern
I am on a sort of self discovery
or recovery
if you don't understand desi
it's my fault not yours
please bear wit' me
as i bare my soul wit' thee

sweetspirits said...

Hi Desi
How u doin ?

desiderata said...

hi sweets:

Hope you are wellA!:)

I am goode. I am swellA:)
Could be *badder!:):)

PS: I'll xxplain what * means, cometh Sundae,InsyaAllah:)