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Saturday, December 08, 2007

ENOUGH! of spinning, gomen and MSM...

Nowadays, I frown whenever I read two of the English MSM -- the Star and NST -- and today one gomen's organ blares it out loud on frontpage:


For the sake of the nation's silent majority and peace

'ISA will be an
option which I will
decide upon when the
time is right. If they
are deemed a threat
to national security,
we will know what to
do. That's why they
have to be monitored

(ER: Visualise the pic of a constantly smiling -- if he's not half-asleep --
Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi)

DESIDERATA: Like mGf bernard khoo aka zorro letting off at white anger, then incense, then rocket blasts over the Bar Council's flip-flop decision on its planned Walk for Human Rights tomorrow, now CANCELLED, and its festival of cultural activities MOVED INDOORS! DESI is also incensed.

WE have bunches of idiots/nincompoops/nazi clones (pick any wan! Bloggers are very democrazy people:) manning various c'unters -- consistentlyNews Room, now The Bar too?

I can undersatnd the Fourth Estate highlighting Gomen's propaganda as it tallies with the miniSTER Zam-zam Aaa Kazam's Ganda-ganda Wang Anda

But Bar Council -- so easily cowed?

And the NST -- so you speak for the nation's silent majority, eh?
How come you can only chalk up, or down, about 135,000 circulation, eh?

Sometimes, you better follow thy Master's Voice's policy of maintaining "elegant silence" because, paraphrasing someone greAt who should be your GEIC:

It's better that you remain silent and others think you are a fool
and confirm the public's suspicion you are indeed a blardy fool,
and a smelly mouthful.

As for "PEACE", go read the many "racist" slants planted by your MSM brothers at Utusan Malaysia to know truly who are the peace-disrupters!
Hey, NST reported that only 4,000 came for the Nov 10 BERSIH Rally, then up-ed it to 10,000 the following day. DO YOUR REPORTERS AND EDITORS HAVE EYES like those of MPfor Jasin, Said Yusof, Close One Eye? Or doubled with Zakaria, CLOSE BOTH EYES?

Mama mia, a RM7-10million mansion in Port Klang's low cost district, and that qualified as "small"! Wonderful fairy tail spinning indeed...

I wonder if MSM editors and some politicians have that indefinable God's-gift called CONSCIENCE?

And Mr Prime Minister, Do You Hear The People Sing?

And my parting APpeal to the PM, plaese monitor your Malay dailies daily:
They add oil to fire!

And also remember, please send the silent majority's best regards to keris wavinf UMNO Youth chief and his deputy, also to SA Zakaria Mad Deros, and MP Said Yusof, models for the rkayat to promote peace and harmony and prosperity.
PS: Dear EsteemedReaders, excuse Desi for not writing that piece on PetronasDec 5's announcing about 7% jump in profits for the half-year to September -- I AM STILL GATHERING aMORE INFORMATION, donwan to be hauled up and be questioned on my writHing authenticity eh!

APpeal to ER: Those who have any information related to Petronas financials,pls forward to, can? I won't disclose your identity, Scout's or GGuide's pledge!

I also promise thee endless rounds of tehtarik, or limited rounds of PU-ERH cha:)

UPDATEd @2.12pm:

the NST put himon the RHS of the PM!

Wah, another clone of VIP stature called
Datuk Denision Jayasooria
Social Strategic Foundation
executive director

Partially extracting the NST quote:

Hindraf leaders claim
to be followes of
Ghandian principles,
the act of throwing
stones and opposing
authority would not
have come about.'

DESI borrrows from a Y&A, my fave palindrome, Nat Tan, in his Post as his was a fantastic rationale, Desi claims to be his mentee, as I often promote "Role Reversal"~~~~~~~:)

O_O ?!

I’ll concede that perhaps Hindraf leaders have yet to fully internalise the teachings of Gandhi.

But “opposing authority would not have happened”?

This demonstrates an ignorance of history that borders on imbecility.

This is the guy who coined the term “civil disobedience,” fool.

If Gandhi did not oppose unjust authority, exactly as we face now, India might still be the crown jewel of the British Empire, and Malaysia probably no different.

The suggestion that the Mahatma was some subservient guy who took authority lying down shocks and disgusts me.

Second Update
@8.57pm -- SEE how hard Desi's working for thy benefit, dear ER, be gratefool and write me that check-n-balance for 20million, K!:)

The following news on page 6, of theSUN -- (hey,I paid 30sen for the copy Okay unlike you stingy pokers, lining up at 7ELEVEN at 6.00 in the dark and rainy moUrn to save 30sen! OR did the CCTV capture thee taking away multiple kopis?:( -- lifted Desi's heart more than a byte:)

theSun is nly English
daily to grow circulation

PETALING JAYA: English daily
newspapers in te country saw
growth of 10.5% in circulation for the
12 months from July 1, 2006 to June 30
this year, but the growth was largely
driven by the big increase in the
circulation of the free paper, theSun.

Desi giveth thee the first para -- you wanna read the item in full?
Track Desi down in hazey,mazey and lazey Furong and I'lll part with it for
60sen (Yes, 100% ROI!) as tis copy for a media man is a collectible! AND
Who wants my Morris Minor/Major for 20million?

Other facts gleaned from the sunny paper:

* Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) figures showed
theSun rising from 174,179 copies a day to256,486 copies
for a growth of 47% or 82,307 copies.

** The Star's circulationdropped 0.3% to 309,181from 310,008.

*** The New Straits Times' (NST) circulation was virtually unchanged at 139,763 copies;
while The Malay Mail's plunged 40% to 19,828 from 33,496 copies.

DESIDERATA: So the nST is best qualified to representthe "silent majority"? Yes/NO?Undecided/F*** it, it doesn't matter. Multiple choice for my EsteemedReaders, as easy as ABC!


Anonymous said...

The "Surat Khabar Lama" man will be doing a roaring trade, there must be tens, if not hundreds of thousands of unsold copies of the NST, Star, BH and the rest of the worthless MSM printed media every day.
Wheras once it was difficult to find a copy of a newspaper late in the day, nowadays they are seen on every news-stand.
The boycott is becoming effective.
It has become obvious to many that there is not point reading lies, spin, distorted news, and contrived and concocted stories which have no substance or merit.
If not for the many thousands of copies of the NST / Star dumped on hotel guests, their circulations would be far lower than they already are.
Bullshit doesn't fool the Malaysia public.

desiderata said...

hey ANON, the ABC came forward to support your contention, and Desi's2 -- so let's celebrate with VVe goblets of tehtarik, eh? Do I know you so thoroughly -- inside oouch! -- that thou art shy to reveal thy ID?
Nah mind, I'll let you in. Nice time I'll have to :()

nstman said...

I have this simple message for the NST - ENOUGH. I have this simple message for the Malay papers - ENOUGH. Forgive them, for they know not what they are doing. Let It Be.