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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Manufacturing News -- 2

YL Chong the semi-retired newshound plays the field in following up on "Manufacturing News" by The Star (read-lah my post Yesterday, when all my troubles seem'd so far away, but for the Merdeka Centre, it seems trouble is blowing its way!

I sent the following Email to the Director of MC late evening yesterday (hey, see this Journalist works for thee, my dear ER, free and on overtime. Can you spare me a dime for tehtarik then, buddy? *Badder steal, write Desi a cheque for 20million!

*This is part of Da Desi Code, come back on Sunday to know aMore:)


The Director,
Merdeka Centre,
Kuala Lumpur.

Dear Sir/Madam/Miss,

I am a Blogger and had blogged on Dec 18, 2007 about
an issue in which your Merdeka Centre was mentioned by
the Star in its report dated Dec 17, 2007.

The news report has serious implication on your
esteemed organisation and I seek your official Comment
or Clarification as to the claims made by The Star
regarding your Centre'sinvolvement in the said survey.

The Post is copied here for your attention.
The name of my Blog is
My HPnumber is 012-9702285 in case you feelit urgent
to contact me sonest.

Fellow Bloggers who also blogged about the same Issue
are and
and I have taken the liberty to CC: this Email to them

Thank you, and looking forward to hearing from you.

YL Chong aka Desiderata

8.55pm Tuesday Dec 18, 2007

____________________ Post ____________

Tuesday, December 18, 2007
Manufacturing News

And being caught with the pants down!

The Minister of Propaganda-ganda Wang Anda, a lonely
datuk, would have been mighty proud yesterday to read
a page N3 item and that he had a well-trained disciple
in a double datuk who surpassed the sifu himself in
manufacturing nu'es. And the nudity exposed by mGf and who
achieved a sort of ecstasy I think in seeing the
emperor wearig his new(s) clothes. I believe Bloggers
also act hand-in-hand just as the MSM act
hand-in-glove with the said Minister.

This should have been uploaded yesterday, but since
Desi was away in B'g, B'd Wolfish Koala Lumpuh for
most part of te wickedend,my counsellor Mr Coww
insisted he help wash away my wayward ways so that I
do not stray too far away from the heavenly path. I
quietly appreciate his good intentions, though I also
quietly whispered to myself that "The path to Heaven
is strewn with lots of good intention."Okay, this
quote is not Desi, so don't take me to court, royal or

So this B'G, B'd Wolf in Section 16, Petaling Jaya did
not escape the slaughter house. Desi 'invested' RM1.20
to get hold of a copy of the Print Edition last
evening as hard copy evidence -- yeah, in the steal of
twilight! Lest I be caught varying my boycott pledge

Monday December 17, 2007

‘No’ to street protests
Majority support use of laws to preserve harmony

PETALING JAYA: A large majority of Malaysians are
against street protests and have backed the
government’s decision to use the laws to stop anyone
from threatening racial peace and harmony.

This was revealed in a survey conducted by the Merdeka
Centre from Dec 17 to 21.

Eight hundred and sixty one respondents from
throughout the country, who were randomly selected
along the lines of state of residence, ethnicity,
gender and age (21 and above) were interviewed over
the telephone for the survey.

To a question on whether the Government should use all
the legal means it has to stop individuals and groups
from threatening racial peace and harmony, 73% agreed
to such a tough stance.

However, 15% of those surveyed disagreed with such

The survey also showed that 52% of Malaysians
supported the Prime Minister in the strong action
taken against the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf)
while 25% disagreed.

Fifty-two percent of the respondents felt that street
demonstrations were unacceptable for voicing one’s
views while 43% said it was acceptable.

Fifty-nine percent said that demonstrations were not
an effective way to achieve the objectives of the
protesters but 29% felt otherwise.

The respondents said that street protests not only
affected business in the country but also gave
Malaysia a bad name overseas.

Eighty-two percent of the respondents felt that
demonstrations disrupted business activities and
traffic in the city.

Seventy-three percent said it would affect the economy
while 80% of the respondents said the country’s image
would be tarnished by such activities.

To another question on whether they believed the
allegations by Hindraf that the Government carried out
ethnic cleansing and extremists-backed marginalisation
of the Indian community, 72% said “No”.

Fifty-six percent of the respondents felt that street
demonstrations or illegal public gatherings would
likely turn violent but 27% disagreed.

However, the response was almost evenly split on the
question of who or what was likely to be the main
cause for some demonstrations to turn violent.

While 32% said violence was caused by unruly
demonstrators, 29% believed instigators or
provocateurs in the crowd were to blame.

Twenty percent cited the actions of the police as
being the likely cause of violence.

When the respondents were asked if they were aware of
the two illegal demonstrations in Kuala Lumpur – 54%
said they were aware of Bersih’s protest on Nov 10
while 77% were aware of the illegal Hindraf gathering
on Nov 25.


This sole report alone vindicates the stand taken by
many members of the Fifth Estate to boycott several of
the MSM -- such as The Star, the NST, Utusan Malaysia
ad nauseum -- because it confirms again that these
Fourth Estate residents, especially the chief editors,
are not ashamed in distorting news (4,000 people
gathring when it was closer to 40,000 in the strets of
Kuala Lumpur -- are they blind during daylight?),
crimes of omission of coverage (e.g BERSIH Walk as if
it did not happen...these GEICs saw only the Police
roadbloacks and blamed the traffic jams on the
marchers instead!), et cetera.

So the eVidence:

The second paragraph reproduced, focused on the parts
highlited (BOLDED THUS):

"This was revealed in a survey conducted by the
Merdeka Centre from Dec 17 to 21."

The news report was written by the Reporter, processed
and approved by several levels of editors(Desk, Asst
News, Chief News, and finally GEIC...) the day before,
i.e. Dec 16, to appear the following day (Dec 17).

But Merdeka Centre is still in progress conductingthe
survey -- until Dec 21, which is THREE DAYS away!

So who was the seer in the news room with futuristic
The double Datuk is indeed blessed with such talent of
forseeing the future.
Or as Dr Say Yee How of howsy.BC says: Someone at the
People's Paper invented the TIME MACHINE?

Will Merdeka Centre explain itself whether it acted in
cahoots? OR it should sue for 20million (Remember Desi
wit' a 30% cu, eh? The idea came from Desi:)

Someone had committed a capital crime in Journalism of
"Manufacturing News".
In a socity truly practising news ethics, the GEIC
would be given a Show-Case letter.
But in BolehLand, he might be gifted a pat on the
That Minister may even nominate the responsible GEIC
for a Tan Sri-ship next.

This Blogger Desi, knotty as usual,is waiting to see
more lapdogs exposed, as "running" dogs. I prefer my
obedient, stationary laptop.He is not responsible for
the many "typos" at Desi's Place okay, the galloping
hoRst is. And I must apologise to my ER, especially Dr
SM Yeoh, for this less-than-capital sin! Tehtarik as
punishment Okay!:):)

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____________ Post ends _________________

DESIDERATA: I just leanrt that TOMORROW is a public holiday, so I'll gift the Merdeka Centre -- in the spirit of goodwill of Hari Raya Haji and coming Christmas -- the benefit of at least 48 hours to respond; failing which on ThursdayI will make a more comprehensive COMMENTARY.

Come back-lah for Manufacturing Neews -- 3.

Seeya,lazy-bummers! And now paraphrasing Raja Petra in his Post reprised hear today preceding this Post, if you don't stand up and ask some Hard Questions, you most probably deserve what you get -- a half-past-6 Government and ball-carrying Fourth Estate acting in cahoots with 395 NGOs!


Maverick SM said...


Ibrahim Suffian, Director - Programs
Merdeka Center for Opinion Research had replied. Did you receive it?

Here's what he said:

Dear Yen Long,

Thank you for writing to us about this matter and your concern over the
quality of reporting by our mainstream media - something that we too share.

I wish to clarify that The Star made an error while reporting about the
survey results. The survey was actually carried out between 7 and 12
December 2007 and not, 17 and 21 December 2007 as contained in the
report. We have since written to them requesting that a statement be
placed in the newspaper to state the correct dates that the survey was

I hope that you could post this message on your blogs so that your
readers may have a better understanding of the situation.

Again, thank you for getting in touch with us, please do not hesitate to
contact me if you have further inquiries.

With warm regards

Ibrahim Suffian
Director - Programs
Merdeka Center for Opinion Research

Howsy said...

That's exactly what I wanted to tell you earlier. No time to post this. Sorry. :P

desiderata said...

Dear Brother Mave:

Thanks for playin' Missinger - art thu related to that hairy Kissinger? -- kambing in the steal of the nite! 1.20am, aren't you aware it is NO amore secure to venture ouuch so late, or iszzit early?

I think for your effort,it deserves FRontpage treatment todie, Dec 20, got SPAce:)
no spa!:(

desiderata said...

brother Howsy: I here on the humour gripewine you and Mave are acting in concert ah? Or in cahoots ah, ah?

And art thou still using semi-valued's bullockkart mail serbis ah, ah, ah?

PS: Can 'rite about the abenchas wit' Blondie/s ah ah ah AH? And is johnleemk also acting hand-n-glove wit' ttee in this depa(O)rtment?
He he he he HE!:):):):):)