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Saturday, December 22, 2007

We Sometimes Stray

Alley cats do it
Top and other dogs do it
Baboons do it
And someone claimed babs were our ancestors
So we can blame it on our genes
Humans sometimes -- or is it often? -- stray
Unless you strive to be a Saint, it's okay with Desi
Just remember to pray after play
Just don't become entrenched in that Ecstasy

Why do we stray?
Cos we are human
and some wise men say
Desi didn't
"To err is human..."
You've got thy rationale for thy wandering eye
I won't quote the second part
(To forgive divine)
It's such a burden
Let's today leave out the women
Just sing the song lifting
and taste the wine sublime

We sometimes stray
It's okay
Just assuring some ER who knoweth not Desi
He came back from that midnight moment of ecstasy
Was tempted to stay
No, it's a ***momentary stray

The dogs and cats do it
The monkeys and donkeys do it
Men and women are just like animals
on two legs
So we all stray
You're okay
I'm okay
Let's go karaoke.

PS: *** the poem above was inspired at another wandering following some
Thinking Allowed at midnight ... and Desi was a mite worried that some of my Esteemed Readers could be influenced by my knotty verses to "stray". As implied by Desi's wandering ways confess'd at
*midnight mindset for a price*

" me my 20million
to hell if
my mind's is no more free
at least i'd attain
a sort of kingdom come
and a capitalist's ecstasy

Fridae 12.31am Dec 21, 2007"

PPS: Also coincidentally, I just heard via email from a nu'e(s) friend from Down Under whom I met at the recent Sunday stroll in the concrete Park wit' fellow Bloggers in the Big, Bad, Wolfish city that defines Koala Lumpuh -- to mark World Human Rights Day, remember?
I will write aMore about the "conversation"; meantime, I just intimate that he's a fair-dinkum bloke of a journalist, and he deemed it apt and appropriate to quote from YL Chong's ('Who the hell is this bloke?')Midnight Voices and Other Poems ...

Just to whet thy aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaPPPPPPPPPPPPPPetite,I shalt quote a little extract from the Oz bloke's latest write, which in my email reply, I told him:

"I like this, striking a chord wrt to NegaraKu (my

"Somewhere, right now, a child is being born that will
one day rise up and go toe to toe with an oppressor.
She or he will stand in the face of power and
challenge it to try and keep them silent. The
confrontation may not end well but in that one act of
defiance, others will be inspired. The revolution
proceeds slowly. We need to be patient.

Since humans first discovered that raw power overcomes
the limitations of the flesh, those who seek to create
a better world have struggled to do just that. For
millennia humans have engaged in a battle with their
base desires for sex, resources, shelter and food and
their higher moral and spiritual being. The first is
based on the ‘quick fix’ response while the other
strives to negotiate and understand the eternal.

Somewhere, right now, that child who I mentioned a
moment ago, will also do battle with their base
instincts and the higher realms. Like all of us that
child will grow to adulthood and come to realise that
the ‘quick fix’ might be pleasurable for a short time,
but it, like a federal election, passes all to
quickly. That child will come to realise that the
legacy he or she leaves behind will be all that

"An extract from my poem -- whisper'd hope -- was used to conclude his piece (it's such a hi-honour, mate!) and I believe, we have a mutual wavelength coincidence with each other's composition, and I assure thee: that's a Heavenly High you don't achieve even Straying into a mistress' chamber!"

To show I've not soul'd out nyet -- cos nobody came forth with 20million offer for Desi's Place! -- I reprise that quote as intimation:

"then there is yet hope
in the midnight whispers of
a babe's cries
a young lass' smile
a young man's bosom void of guile".

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