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Monday, December 17, 2007

I don't have problems with the Lees

Whether Lee Hsien Loong,
Robert E Lee,
or Ju Lee.

I don't have problems with the Chongs either.

Whether Chong Ah Long
Singh A Long,
or Johnny-Silver Long.
Even Y L Chong.

But I do have problems with some enigmatic Lees and Chongs.

Today I qute from The STar.
No, I have relented or repented.
I still boy/girl-cott the MSM except for the 30sen one or the free wan which you stingy poker line up at 7ELEVEN at 6am to get one pile (then flee, you thing this chong don't no, ah?:(. You here of CCTV, NO!

Home from digression, YL is now into aggression terrortry.
Please don't use
A: men on me,
I swear I am
loving and
abiding though I dont have PM as my papal-in-law.


Surf to
and weaknurse his necklaced LEE-go-4-sumthing like
being chicken king and deballing some. In Bukit Bintang.

Hear's Desi's
LEE-good-4-sumMOREthings like
carrying aMore balls and ferryMOREballs. Also in Bukit Bintang.
Ex-Star. YL is also an ex-Star.
Fame or Notoriety by aRsEsociation.

Page N10, and I assure you I did not pay RM1.20
to extract this item. I copied it "long" (living up to
part of my name:) hand at a friendy LEE who
teaches Music in Furong music
as simple as A-B-C
rimes with Do-Re-Mi:)
to serve thee, my Esteemed "Brat-spoilt" Readers
on blues Monday, when many Oz came hear to die:(

'Alow grouses
to be heard'

Lee: Set up panel to study key issues

DESI: If you expect Desi to provide thee wit' aMore than
the headline and opening para, you don't know me!
There's such a thingy called a limit to charity
And no such thingy called a FreeLunch, see, cc:
Lazy-BUMmers 2007 and 2008-2B

This FACE of NS wannts another panel to be set up
He wanna serve on another glorious social activist committee
A recent 3-man set up he was told to shut up, but still hardup
Nyet this I-ing the tonneship has BB eyes but no see, dan si.......

PS: IF you no understand what YL has writ
Jest say that he's still drunk on puerh tea
Maybe you buye a kopi of Midnight Voices and Pther Poems by Desi
You may be badder informed, okay treat that RM15 as doing charity
Soemtimes a poet-asspirant hi on beer or w'ine writHe shit
Cos Desi is dying of lack of Vitamin M, an author on Mondae mousey.


Maverick SM said...


Hope you don't mind...but I'm struggling to read and understand this article. I'm sorry, but you have a lot of readers and I think it's nice if you help us. We love to know what's it about.

desiderata said...

dear mGf mave:

you are the smart one
yet you don't read Desi?

I therefore reprise what I wrote in verse the day before
In answer to thy query
FIRST please visit zorro wit' his missy
You have to read in between the lines
IF you are still not comprehending
The fault,I repeat, is wit' Desi!

""a chicken meal with nu'e and olde friends"

Maverick SM said...
You ...only poem; everywhere!!!LOL

11:59 AM

desiderata said...
dear mave:
these are challenging or interesting times
i need to rest at my haven
hence my verse
i hope it'snot averse
thanks for thy concern
i thought my station you'd discern
I am on a sort of self discovery
or recovery
if you don't understand desi
it's my fault not yours
please bear wit' me
as i bare my soul wit' thee

10:15 PM

Awe my troubles sem'd so
far away
NOW it looks as if they are here
Oh please beli've me
I'm still LOST in yerterdae:)

Anonymous said...

An Ode to Malaysia

As you are all aware, we are going nowhere!
The ministers always say ‘Semuanya*” OK! (* All is well)
The people will soon teach ‘em a lesson or two
When you piss into the wind
It blows back on you!!
Don’t shit in the nest
Lest you’ll be kicked out by the rest
The people have power
We are awaiting the hour
Those who have sinned better get ready to cower!