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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Sorry, someone's chicken!

But Down Under, some one's a lion. Dissociates with Deputy Sheriff role in Southeast Asia.

Today Desi is saddened to read theSun frontpage news headed:

MP says sorry,
no action
to be taken

KUALA LUMPUR: S.K. Devamaney is a relieved
man. After admitting that he regretted the re-
mark he made in the Dewan Rakyatlast week,
which was seen by some as breaking ranks
with Barisan Nasional (BN), no action will be
taken against him.

I only gave you, my dear ER, just one para, you know why?
You can actually write the rest of the script -- just put on the mindset of
BN taikor UMNO deputy chief lecturing an MIC dwarf and you morre or less, get it!
GOT IT? And that mGf, is a rhetorical Q! Unless you want a mouthfool from Desi. And Desi's not beyond swearing. F*** off! As I said earlier, ***stands for a night bird:)

Desi was the first to say "SYABAS" to this MP (CAmeron Highlands) when
he spoke up for Hindraf Rally two Sundays ago, also citing the figure of 40,000 Ralliers.
Today I say, Sorry I spoke too soon. I now call you "Chicken". "Sorry" to Kentucky Flied Kithen2...

But it seems this MP from MIC has not only chickened out, following a pep talk -- maybe some tongue lashing, or is it wagging? -- by DPM Najib Razak. "He (Najib) was very nice to me. I told him I regretted the statement," he said. Yeah, "nice" to be assured as candidate for GE... Any AP promise?

Some politicians -- from both BN and Opposition, go read about one ex-Speaker who just passed away, jumping ship from DAP to Gerakan, so God help him, but the people in Penang cannot celebrate like Ijokians, NO bye-election! Came 4 years to late, but still better late than never... -- don't have balls. That is, they sell even their mothers after losing their own souls. So Hindraf, you now know you did the RIGHT THNG not going to MIC!

You can visualise at an earlier heart2heart counselling2 by the semi-valued-and-long-overstaying-his-welcome minister that quiet as a mouse/chicken, no MP would have been lashed: IF YOU WANT TO BE BN CANDIDATE FOR COMING ELECTIONS, Devil -- Ooops, Deva -- you know what to do-lah!?
Also, BN cheap Pak Lah is vely de angly, wat!

Now here's what a POLITICIAN OF PRINCIPLES can teach us Malaysians, from one of my fave countries, yes still Lucky Country!

theSun page 15 ran a short version. Desi is kind hearted today giving you the Ori -- because he gets lifted that there are still some politicians worth emu-lating -- even if they come from foreign shores. Hey, this is the world of Globalisation. As a fellow journalist THOMAS FRIEDMAN -- fame by aRssociation! agin -- preaches: "The world is flat". Yes, I'm reading this bible of the global village, you badder do if you wanna keep pace wit' Desi!:)

Monday December 3, 09:10 PM

Australia ratifies Kyoto pact

CANBERRA (Reuters) - Australia's new prime minister, Kevin Rudd, took the oath of office on Monday and immediately signed documents to ratify the Kyoto Protocol, ending his country's decade of opposition to the global climate agreement.

The move isolates the United States, which will now be the only developed nation not to ratify the agreement which sets binding limits on developed countries to curb the carbon emissions blamed for global warming.

"This is the first official act of the new Australian government, demonstrating my government's commitment to tackling climate change," Rudd said in a statement.

Climate scientists said the development was a major step for Australia and sent a clear message to Washington.

"This has given America no excuse now. They are now the only country who won't ratify Kyoto, they are the ones most responsible for the problem and they are not living up to their responsibility," said Barry Brook, professor of climate studies at Adelaide University.

Rudd, 50, led the centre-left Labor party to victory at the November 24 election, ending nearly 12 years of conservative rule, by promising a new generation of leadership and committing to sign the Kyoto pact.

The former conservative government refused to ratify Kyoto, saying it would unfairly hurt the Australian economy with its heavy reliance on coal for energy and export income, while countries like India and China were not bound by targets.

But a new report from the environment think tank the Climate Institute, written by government and university scientists, found that Australia's economy could easily cope with strong cuts in greenhouse emissions.

It said growth would fall by only 0.1 percent of gross domestic product annually if Australia set a target of 20 percent cuts in emissions by 2020 and aimed to be carbon neutral by 2050.

"Leading the way on climate is an affordable, prudent and achievable investment," Climate Institute chief executive John Connor said on Monday.

Shortly after Rudd was sworn in, the Kyoto decision was approved by Governor-General Michael Jeffery, who represents Queen Elizabeth in Australia's constitution and who must approve all international treaties.

Under U.N. guidelines, full ratification takes place 90 days after the United Nations receives the formal Instrument of Ratification, meaning Australia will be a full member of the Kyoto club by the end of March.

The way is now clear for Rudd to play a stronger role at the U.N. climate talks in Bali, which opened negotiations on Monday on new carbon emission targets for beyond 2012. He is to lead a delegation of four Australian ministers at the conference.

The previous government said Australia would meet its Kyoto targets, despite not ratifying the pact, but Rudd said the latest advice suggested it would miss its target to curb greenhouse emissions growth to 108 percent of 1990 levels by 2012.

"We are currently likely to exceed, or overshoot, our target by one percent," Rudd said, adding that Australia faced penalties under new targets beyond 2012.

Rudd has set a long-term target of cutting carbon emissions by 60 percent of 2000 levels by 2050, but has yet to announce an interim target for emissions by 2020.-- Reuters

DESI: I note for the record that John Howard became the latest victim playing second fiddle -- sheriff to US Marshall Bush? -- to the American President, after UK's Tony Blair and who else?

I pray whoever the Visionary Leader Malaysia would get as the next Prime Minister would amend legislation to limit the PM's term to maximum of TWO Parliament terms (i.e. 5X 2 years), which translates itno 10 years or less if the incumbent PM calls for early elections. Even the US Marshall of the wolrd gets the max of eight years, and you can see the havoc (Iraq conquest that failed; now pondering Iran adventure? as lusty farewell to gift the successor?) how a war-inclined chief can wreak on the Injuns of the universe, and we may see the Last of the Mohicans, whether Up Over or Down Under.

But come on fellow Malaysians, VVVVVVVe
will not only survive, vvvvvvve Will "V"ENI, "V"idi, "V"ici:).

See you on Sunday at the World Human Rights walk with the Bar Council, again!

7.33am Dec 6, 2007 on The Sunday Walk, here's something I C&P from

"9/12 Walk ON?

Lawyers to walk despite Bar's decision. I was with some lawyers last night. They weren't happy with the Bar Council's decision to cancel the People's Freedom Walk. Lawyers have walked for the last two years to mark the World Human Rights Day (celebrated on Dec 10 every year) so they don't see why the Bar should cancel the walk just because the Information Minister said so.

These lawyers said they and others will walk on December 9. "It is important, more now than ever, that we walk this Sunday."

I got an assurance from mGf over cups of tehtarik in PJ yesterdae, zorro, he'd BE THERE to rock2! Any SerembanKnight goin' dare, Desi needs a lift!


moo_t said...

I bet drought in Australia play some roles on kicking Howard out of office.

If 15 hurricanes land on US-A next year, Bush will have not choice but sign the Kyoto treaty.

desiderata said...


art thou joining the fun-D for Morningtown Rides todie?
See Post jest uploaded:) -- Desi @7.48am wedNURSEdae,
knot fool of woe:(