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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

G7 Bloggers Meet Moves Out of Wolfish KL!

DESIDERATA, fool of Errataas well as nicked by a fan Desi-Merata-rata is indeed going places. He's decided to call for a mini G7 Symmit away from Big, Bad Wolfish Koala Lumpuh wit' no agenda set, but an ulterior motif to ferret out one AnakMerdeka from his/her hyding place.

Date&Time: Thursday, Dec 27, 2007 at 3.30pm
Venue: Lingam's Curry House, Paul Street, Furong
Attendees confirmed: Moses Foo wit'out the Ale but wit' pardner
"V" who may bring along a 'hole contingent, plus Ancient Mariner
who may bring along a 'hole fleet. The wan and only poet-asspirant fool of erostica.

Potential attendees: Drs Mave and Howsy said they make just make it if Tony F gifted Xmas AA tics; Awe of Helen is still looking for the semi-value lembu service:); johnlemk is steal trying to get away from Ms Blondie at the US Conquest Library. Anyone who is an important Blogger or ER at Des's Place, feel free to gatecrash Jest My fave palindrome Nat Tan and pardner Polytikus can creep in-lah! That is if Mob1900 lets thee in!

Desi will assuredly bring along a barrel of Tehtarik, but is not sure if the barrels have a 'hole in it. I will also forget bringing along that Card which most early arrivals won't leave home wit'out It!:(

Agenda: you say it, it's on the table, after we have finished all the roti chinnai and miss naan and monkk, and rendang lamb:) minus blardy Mary.

Special Invite: Furongknight AM, please show thy prety face. I have a seven-month-old kopi of Midnight Voices (geeting hoarse!:( waiting for thee to pick up. You never no, it could be worth 20million now, having "fermented and matured ike good French wine and PuErh tea!:):)


PS: If you are waylaid on the way, call 012-9702285, the saiko of Seremban
whose pic was allo'ertown three years ago like Jesse James in the 19th century on an uncertain WANTED list.


Primrose said...

Merry Christmas! Have a good meet-up, Desi and thank you for card and call. :)

Joshua3 said...

Hey Desi.. Where is Paul Street, Furong??

desiderata said...

primrose n joshua:

Meeeerrrrrr Chriostmas!

The many Es and Rs are for AWE my EsteemedReaders,
Come-lah todie 3.30pm, Thursday Dec 27, 2007 :)

Paul Street is one of 3 main roads of SEREMBAN, whose Mandarin nama is Furong where there are many peacefool Burung-burung unlike wolfish Koala Lumpuh!


Desi fool of Errrata , or wan new fan says, full of Merata-rata!:)