My Anthem

Friday, December 21, 2007

midnight mindset for a price

it's the midnght hour
and the year is waning
have i achieved my heart's yearning
my mind wanders

into the soul of man
saying things he doesn't mean
being mean of others he knows not well

nincopoops usurp my terrain
chicken shit

insisting they represent the silent majority
and I am one of the many

chicken king
go back to where your mother's bowels first
received your shitty cries
you aren't born to represent me

opposition leaders offer medicine
like roadside pedlars promoting their wares
good on the ears
but the drugs don't shine

it's all like a sleigh of the hand
tricking the shallow for their votes
i have my nice nest, and a mistress to boot

their mindset is still like the incumbent government
let's safeguard first our turf
hand the king's reins over to our sons
to hell with reform, it's just another song
it's very goode for thee to singalong

it's my midnight
telling me

Life's like that
harsh reality
and fairy-tale interlude
if you choose to believe
it's actually self-deceive

that the Great Leader meant every saintly word he says
he proclaims himself mr clean
and his son-in-law the king,an angel too
he urges the people to walk the talk with Him
smiles inside him you people are are blardy fool'd

is anything diferent what the Opposition Leader dishes
he and his dynasty just echo the supporters' rose-coloured wishes
but you want change -- go away
in dismay

this is just random thought
i wonder if my soul can also be bought
i hear on the grapevine an SA's is worth at least 1million

desi's waiting
just eleven days to the new year
can someone offer me 20mil
i'm yearning

i'm prepared
to sell my soul now
'cos it's the easy way out
if i bargain hard wit' the Devil
he may let me sit by his right side too
i shalt wander no more
in a comfort zone i'll wit' my mate
that's amore

i learn late tonight
when my mind's awefully clear
there's a price on everyone's head

gift me my 20million
to hell if
my mind's is no more free
at least i'd attain
a sort of kingdom come
and a capitalist's ecstasy

Fridae 12.31am Dec 21, 2007


zorro said...

the Catholic Herald
be damned
no KDN.
thou shalt not use the name of my Muslim God in vain,
No Allah,then
just Tuhan

desiderata said...


don't be sad
you lucky bloke ve CZJ by the side of thy bed
no kdn so w'at?
just go on publishin'
Man was BORN FREE, remember
No Allah, then I say:
Almighty bless awe the God-fearing people
A: men/min.
Brother Bernard Khoo,
sleep tight
Cos our angels will sing
and showers of blessing
descend like a song
here, there, everywhere
VVe belong

Anonymous said...

Allah is God in Arabic
God is Allah in English
Tuhan is God in Bahasa Malaysia
There is no Muslim specific name for God.
So what's the fuss about.
Allah, God, Tuhan, or whatever the term is in hundreds of other tongues, semua sama mah!
The government in Malaysia are looking through the wrong end of the telescope!
Bloody fools, that's what they are in UMNO.

desiderata said...


fully support your view
VV bloggers and ER may be few
but as one Oz writer says
There is a nu'e child born todays
Who'd rise up and lead plain men
To topple the Oppressor to free
the suppressed
God bless that childe not yet here
but he will appear
I say: dear God, dear Allah,
Bles us then,
A: men/min.