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Friday, December 14, 2007

Conning Around Wakil(L) Rakyat in BB

It's now 8.17am as I start writing this short Post as soon I have to join some buddies in eating B&B with plain kopi-kau -- no tehtarik as the weather is a byte cold so they say kopi-kau-kau warms up the body better than a mate's, you esteemed readers tell me!

As I ran off to Petaling Sreet, I saw this attractive Blogger's news summary ("attractive refers to both the Blogger plus the Post, see Desi is teaching you goode English although I think one M son of M is not benefiting from my lecture. He prefers RPK's, I heard!:)

Lulu Thinks Lee Chong Ming Should Run For Bukit Bintang Again

With 1.5 million members backing him, considering that our population is 27 million, and if 50% of our population is of voting age, and that the NGOs are mainly concentrated in the Klang Valley, that means he would have the backing of more than 30-40%...

| What A Lulu December 14, 2007 08:04 AM

DESIDERATA amplifies on this sharing-and-caring fella Blogger's (Go read her in full and that's an order!:)

I started in DAP politics in the late 1970s or early 80s (hey, Even the Einstein clone (yrah, I hear some1 whisper "fake"!) sufers memory blogs once a w'ile, OK!) with another Lee.I won't mention the name for that may make my BF input fly oouch onto the neighbouring table's at Men Kee, and we don't want to start a riot, don we?)

Question: Why are Bukit Bintang wakilL Rakyat so expert in killing off the spirits of their constituents, also party members.
I believe that MP for several terms -- now turncoat-greatest Social Activist NegaraKu has birthed -- dareth NOT pay any return visits to Bukit Bintang because constituents and ex-DAP members like Desi would throw rotten eggs, yes,inclduing centrury-old wans, at theat "r.....l" MP sho soul'd out.

For ....millions, I heard. Did you hear?

After this guy who was once an esteemed an Opposition leader has now-self-APpointed-BN-spokesman getting more press coverage (almost daily!)than the MCA chief himself. Yes, for once the MSM is free -- to report on all the sycophantic mouthings of a soul'd out ex_MP but still a wakilL rakyat on the chicken-run. Or is it the money rampage like all those UMNOputras with their APs?

Beacuse of this blardy Lee's letdown,Desi took a "long" hiatus from DAP politics, went back to Desiderata.English writHings.
Enjoyed an Awakening in 1999 with Anwar Ibrahim's sacking as DPM and UMNO Deputy chief, and here's where I am a decade later, joining Lulu in her rantings.

But dear ER and fellow Malaysians
"V"ote Opposition!
"V"eni, "V"idi, "V"ici!

PS: Desi's to write this ranting/raving Post, and I controlled myself from using F*** words! --FOR THE RECORD -- as a warning to the BB folks NOT TO GET CONNED AGAIN by another Lee -- yeah, doctor, so wat!-- in the forthcoming General Elections. This doktor ayam "conned" his way into the Parliament House (taking the crown away from Sdr Wee Choo Keong...Let's wait if the lawyer could "win" it back via due process in the Malaysain courts as great turmoil and Newton's forces are now at work to speed REFORMS in the emasculated Judiciary...)


Klaw | said...

I would very much like to see him run, if he's got the guts about him. Put the money where the mouth is.

desiderata said...

hi "klaw" aka darndmalaysia:

get to know aMore of thee, mGf of Blogsworld.
Hope you join my intiated G7 meet sext time:)

Meanw'ile, BB folks must learn to "discern" the s=miling tiger who led a bunch of NGOs to kiss some arses cos they a'lady LOST their own B**Ls.

)) this is a 5-letter word, so not foul! otherVICE, ZAM our purist Information (Mr Or MIS?)miniSTER may come after Desi -- I am runnig sked:(